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A Few Ideas To Promote Video Marketing Success

Humans are visually oriented by nature. And with most online forms of content being text, video marketing on the Web offers immense possibilities.

However most Internet users are now accustomed to seeing videos on the web, and possess a set of expectations when it comes to viewing. If a video doesn’t do it its job in the first few seconds, it is destined to fail. Here we outline a few ideas to help you on your way to better video marketing.


Achieving success in any Internet marketing endeavor requires a sense of empathy and perspective of the consumer. With video marketing, the most significant word to keep in mind is relevancy. A presentation that offers relevancy to the product or service and the audience establishes the base for your video.

Many video marketers fail because they focus too much on the product or service, and not enough on the interests of the audience. From a marketer’s perspective, a video might be interesting, captivating, and on-target. However, it is important that the marketer takes into consideration the extent of knowledge or background of the audience. This may take some research and exploration as to whom the target audience exactly is.

The overall goal is to produce relevant videos that the audience will benefit from. Put yourself in the shoes of a viewer, and then start planning the pieces of your video.

The Investment

A lot of video marketers are under the belief that projects of this nature require a hefty investment. Fancy equipment to make videos attractive and more desirable is misperceived requisite.

The most basic video equipment can be used to start your video marketing efforts. Heck, you can even use a digital camera that has video features. The real investment comes down to time and editing. Sometimes good video editing software comes in handy when branding your videos with logos and calls to action. But even without such software on hand, there are ways to get the job done, such as visiting your local library computer lab.

While planning and filming your videos, remember that most people have short attention spans, even with high quality filming. Online videos, especially those that are geared for marketing, should last only a few minutes. Some may be shorter or longer, depending on the topic, product or services, and level of engagement. 

Expand You Exposure

Savvy video marketers understand that it takes a lot of effort to succeed in video marketing, and making videos work to your advantage doesn't stop with just a single video. YouTube can feature as many as 12 related videos from your account, so take advantage of it!

Regularity in uploading new marketing videos increases your exposure and should be maintained like you would your blog content. This enables you to spread out your video topics into short, highly specific productions. Additionally, more videos enable you to distribute your links more efficiently, enhancing your overall local SEO optimization efforts.

Video marketing on the web is becoming a critical aspect to almost any business marketing plan. Not only are videos a great way to showcase your organization and the products or services it offers, but videos are popping up the search results, making them a significant tool for search engine optimization.


New YouTube Analytics Serves Ideal For Video Marketing

On the heels of the much improved analytics for Facebook advertising called Facebook Insights, YouTube has launched YouTube Analytics, replacing an Insights tool that allows users to view data through their channels. What improvements are to be expected from the new YouTube Analytics? Here's a peek:

New Look, More Efficiency

The new YouTube analytics page offers all the essential data in one screenshot. Previously featured in YouTube Insights, a summary of videos, views, demographics, and video popularity are still displayed, but with YouTube Analytics, the dashboard also displays overall channel performance, engagement, plus data about how viewers found your video. More detailed information is available if you click the report option.

YouTube Video Analytics
Detailed Data & Information

Starting from the overview page, you have access to various reports from the left navigation. Over all, the reports provide better understanding of how the audience responds to your content. A data filter for content, location and dates allows you to get specific details depending on the chosen category. Charts are able to display daily, weekly and monthly data and allows for comparison of two metrics in a single chart. Additionally, you have the option to toggle from Line Chart view and Map view. Hovering over the map if it is available in your report, allows you to get more detailed information about the area.

Viewer Interest Percentages

YouTube sets the number of views at 300 for new videos and 600 for older ones for statistical significance. The Audience Retention report was formerly known as Hot Spots in YouTube Insights. The report indicates viewer interest on your video and how long before they decide to move on. It is based on absolute and relative retention with absolute retention showing up as a percentage from the start of the video. The graph will most likely fluctuate as viewers stop, fast forward or replay the video. If the viewer decides to replay your video, the graph goes up but if he decides to fast forward or stop playing it, the graph goes down. Your video's ability to retain viewers during playback as it compares with other videos of similar length is shown in the Relative Audience Retention report.  A high percentage means more people are viewing your videos over others at the same moment during playback. 

The information that can be gathered through this is at what point in your video your viewers get bored. This allows you to pinpoint the exact moments viewers lose interest as YouTube allows embedding of the video in the report. This means you have the necessary data to start improving your content on the moments when your audience starts to lose interest.

Monetary Estimates

The Estimated Earnings tab allows analysis for earnings based on YouTube presence. The Total Estimated Earnings report shows net earnings realized through Google advertisements. AFV Earnings display revenues through Adsense for Video while YouTube Earnings provides data for earnings made via Doubleclick advertising and other YouTube affiliates.

Marketers engaged in video advertising will be able to get better insights as to video performance and make improvements using the data made available by YouTube Analytics. Allowing for informed decisions to be made, the improved YouTube Analytics allows for optimization of video marketing for your target audience. YouTube's goal for launching YouTube Analytics is for video marketers to "earn more money" which, hopefully these improvements will help materialize.  

Learn more about the analytics features of Youtube by watching this video: Youtube Analytics Tutorial


Content Marketing Ideas for SEO

The approaches to content marketing offer virtually endless options to promote your ideas as well as your business. Marketers can create and distribute content in various forms and through many different channels. The challenge is pairing the type of content (e.g. video, text, images, etc) with the ideal online channels to promote it.

Content Marketing for SEO

Content marketing hold immense potential for SEO. Sharing quality content can result in the content become popular and authoritative. This natural form of "link bait" can offer a powerful source for you as the SEO to build outbound links to your money site.

Additionally, great content can be optimized and found in the search engine results. If the content is compelling and leads visitors to acknowledge or learn more about the source, those individuals can find their way to your website. We call this inbound marketing which is one of the primary benefits of content marketing.

When creating a content marketing strategy, pinpoint the types of content are going to be the most relevant to your audience as well as most effective for your SEO efforts. This may take some research to determine the best techniques to connect with your target market. In addition, you'll want to take into consideration your overall SEO strategy. Are you pursuing local SEO, ecommerce SEO, or global SEO?

These factors will influence the nature of the content you produce. For instance, a local SEO strategy might call for content marketing ideas that have community or city focus. Below we share three examples of how content can be used to progress SEO.

Creating a Factual Infographic

Creating a solid infographic requires a combination of the right ideas and the right skills. A stellar infographic is outcome of interesting content that's presented in a well-organized visual fashion. The development of these compelling graphics combine the skills of graphic artist with the minds of marketing strategists, idea makers, and creative copywriters. The result of a good infographic can provide a number of benefits, including greater inbound traffic and link popularity for SEO.

When promoting an infographic, it is important to always include some attribution text, along with a link that points back to your site. The true hurdle in marketing such content is pinpoint the ideal social media sites to promote the infographic. The immediate platforms that are a must include Tumblr, Google+, Facebook, and StumbleUpon. Another creative idea for SEO is quest blogging your infographic. Guest blogging can offer tremendous SEO link building potential if the blog is a high authority domain with a high PageRank (PR).

Developing a Business Video for Local SEO

After the video is finished, the initial step is to ensure the video has been keyword optimized to maximize its local SEO potential. This will include properly establishing a YouTube channel as well as uploading the optimized video with proper geographic settings. The majority of this keyword optimization is done through the video's properties, along with the advanced settings feature on YouTube.

The actual marketing side of the video should emphasize social media with a more local approach. In many cases, local business websites, directories, and online resource sites with industry or topical relevance are ideal. Membership fees or payment may be required for some quality directories, however the SEO benefit of getting your video published on a credible, locally-relevant domain could be well worth the investment. Lastly, marketing the video via social media platforms like Vimeo, Google+, and Facebook can further increase its search visibility.

Writing a Hilarious Comic

The primary goal for you comic is to get it in front of as many people as possible. Anyone who may find the comic interesting or funny are prone to share it, depending on the social media marketing platform. In essence, a hilarious comic has immense link bait potential for search engine optimization. The outcome of a comic becoming very popular in social-sphere can naturally increase its PageRank, or link authority. For this reason, it critical to include supplementary content or author/creator attributions that include a link back to your website.

Be relentless when promoting any content with comical nature. That is, utilize all options to get the content out there. Social media platforms like Tumblr and StumbleUpon are ideal to release the true potential of the comic to go viral.

Well, that wraps up our three ideas for content marketing and how to use them for SEO. Do you have any questions, comments, or ideas that you'd like to share about content marketing? Let us know in the comments section below.


Video SEO: How to Optimize Videos the Right Way

Business serious about search marketing will expound on every aspects of SEO services and strategy to ensure that they get the most out of it. It is then obvious that SEO companies offer these services to clients. The site needs to be ranked as the top most to get more visitors giving it a competitive edge.

Video SEO

It is not a surprise to find out one of the most important tools of implementing an optimize site is being ignored by even renowned SEO companies. This is none other than using Videos as a marketing tool that can improve a site visibility.

The Value and Importance of Video SEO

Proven research has clearly established that if an internet user is looking for content in the internet, he/she may find an article or video of the same subject. The reality is that 17% of internet visitors will just peruse the article for 4 seconds while if it was a video, a whooping 2.7 minutes will be allocated to watching it. How does that imply? Video is more captivating than a written document.

A researcher at Forrester Research known as Dr. JamesMcQuivey took the comparison of a picture being worth a thousand words and a minute video to consist of 1.8 million words. Take a look at his findings and the one above. They have some truths in it

As the SEO ideology keeps advancing; there has been an evident of various multimedia results being put across by search engines. This has been referred to as blended search results? and is whereby Giant search engine, Google displays several types of results after processing a search query. It is no longer only the ordinary sentences results but news, images and videos too are included.

Other than just videos helping to increase a site visibility through increasing the ranking, it also the perfect tool to showcase the brand you have to offer. The video is able to give a quick glimpse of your business to a viewer.

How Then Do You Improve Your Video Ranking on Search Engine?

Elements of Video Optimization

Many businesses that do own a site only expect that the site itself needs to be optimized. The video as a marketing tool also needs to get the top most clicks in search engine results

Just like Google, other famous search engines browse common videos websites such as DailyMotion, Vimeo and YouTube for contents that are in video format. The elements that needs to be highlighted (i.e. keyword optimized) are:

  • The real file name of the video
  • The video title on YouTubr or Vimeo
  • The vdieo description
  • The video transcription
  • Any tags associated with the video

Just like the sitemap of contents and links a site, the videos too needs a sitemap. As the search engines spider crawls, it tries to locate the videos by the help of the sitemap. It can easily locate videos that have a sitemap than the others that don"t. This sitemap helps Google by telling it about the meta data that you had already keyword optimized. The advantage of Google is that it has a tool for sitemap generation .You can use it to generate video sitemap and deliver them to webmaster tools. Don"t forget that YouTube and Vimeo do have the same tool also.

You now know why Video SEO is a must have tool when it comes to a solid website optimization and marketing strategy. It is not too late if you don"t one as you can do it too. Explore this massive potential.


The Pillars of Integrating Video SEO in Your Search Marketing Strategy

When building an SEO strategy, there are various tools that can be used to your advantage. One of the most effective is video SEO.

Videos are loved by audiences for their entertaining and convenient nature, and they're loved by search marketers by their engaging appeal and immense potential for SEO. When you are creating a video for the purpose of SEO and inbound marketing, there are a few key guidelines you should abide by. Below we describe these pointers in great detail.

Have Quality Content

The content in the website should be really relevant. When someone watches a video on a particular topic, they have some expectations, which if not fulfilled will leave them disappointed, and they will probably not want to hear anything about the product that you are making known to them.

Grab the Attention of the Viewer

You must entice whoever comes across the video SEO to watch it. You can achieve this by using very catchy titles to the video. The title should contain some of the keywords that most of the users will use when looking for content. It also helps to have some screenshots of the most interesting parts of the video, so that it sparks the curiosity of anyone who comes across it.

Use Keywords

The basis of video SEO is keyword usage, so keep this in mind during the making of the videos. Conduct some research and get the words that are mostly used, and try to add these as tags in the video, so that when one is searching for the keywords, they can get a link to your video.

Write a Compelling Description

Give a short description of the video so that whoever wants to watch the video might have a clue on what to expect. If you write a good description, it will entice the user to watch the video.

Leverage the Power of Links

Place some useful links to your website. These will enable the user to access other websites that have related information. And although most video sites make these links NoFollow (which does not pass link juice for SEO) these links can serve as a great inbound marketing avenue.

Consider Length

There is nothing as boring as a long pointless video. Someone will get bored midway and quit watching, and this might end up in them missing the vital parts of the video. Remember, some people will be accessing the video via their handled devices, and if the video is too long, it translates into higher operator data charges, hence they might prefer not to watch the video at all.

Embedding and Sharing

A good video will not serve much use if it is not seen by the world. Do not be really closed off with your video, you should give the users some method of sharing the video with other users. The best way for sharing (which will also help your search marketing efforts) is by use of social networking sites, so ensure you have ensured sharing compatibility through most of the social sites. You should also allow people to embed their videos to their websites.

The right video describing your business will help you to pull in the traffic that you need for your website, as well as allow you to update the world about the services and products that you offer. If you need a hand, contact Peoria SEO company OIC Group, Inc. for a coaching program. With a great video SEO, you will not need to carry out the cumbersome SEO projects anymore.


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