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Ideal Internet Marketing Tools For SEO Success

Many websites fail to attract the amount of visitors they desire. This is often because the preliminary keyword research of the SEO process was insufficient and viewed from the wrong lens.

For the best direction leading to SEO success, there are many elements that must be analyzed. Most of these stem from using the right Internet marketing tools.

To help you become more successful with your SEO efforts, we outline four essential tools that the best Internet marketers use.

The Google Keyword Tool

Google provides a keyword research tool intended for Pay Per Click advertisers that displays the number (or volume) of people per month that are searching a given phrase. The data provided by the Google Keyword Tool helps to determine both the worthiness and the competitiveness of certain keywords. These two factors may be interrelated, because often a keyword that appears worthy of optimization lacks heavy competition.

Traffic Travis

Traffic Travis is a software platform that comes in both free and paid versions. It offer a fantastic competition analysis tool that provides a “difficulty rating” for a website's ability to rank on select search terms. In essence, Traffic Travis enables you to analyze how difficult it will be to rank and get traffic.

SEO Spyglass

Backlinks are the most powerful indicator of a strong site, especially for SEO. The link analysis provided by SEO Spyglass allows you to see where a site's backlinks are coming from. Spyglass will also provide statistical analysis on the pages containing those links, such as the Google Page Rank and anchor text. The information provided by this tool allows marketers to gauge how strong their websites are as well as their competitor’s. 

Google Website Optimizer

Conversions are key for SEO, and if your landing pages are not converting, your efforts are going nowhere. The Google Website Optimizer allows you to test different versions of a page to analyze which aspects of the page contribute to greater conversions.

Making decisions based on the factual statistics that these tools collect is likely to improve a website’s SEO efforts. By using these Internet marketing tools, you can give your website the SEO TLC it needs to move in the right direction.


GeoSurf for Internet Marketing

Surf the Web from anywhere in the globe with GeoSurf. Well, sort of...

What is GeoSurf

GeoSurf is a convenient tool that enables users to view web content as it is displayed in many areas throughout the globe. Once installed, the GeoSurf toolbar can be seen on the user's web browser, allowing for easy selection of the desired geographic region.

GeoSurf ranks as one of the best proxy server networks with dependable severs in eighty major countries. This means people can browse the Internet as if they were in one of the eighty different locations. This offers a number of great advantages for Internet marketers.

Internet Marketing Advantages of GeoSurf

Internet marketing is often global endeavor for many businesses. GeoSurf allows marketers to view and analyze their marketing efforts on a per country basis. This can be ideal for troubleshooting poor ad performance in specific global markets.

For instance, if one ad is working in China, but is not working in France, one might tweak or drop the ad to save on impression share. In addition to analyzing a user's own marketing efforts, GeoSurf is a great tool to assess competitors’ global marketing efforts.

Some of the greatest insights can come from the competition. With GeoSurf, users can see what exactly their competitors are doing in order to cater to their target markets around the world. Perhaps a certain tone of ad copy works better, or maybe certain regions are turned-on by images and colors that reflect their culture. The opportunities to analyze in make adjustments are powerful with GeoSurf.

Affiliate Marketing & Website Content

Aside from online ads, GeoSurf provides information that allows marketers to make simple yet crucial adjustments to their affiliate marketing efforts. Here, getting a read on the target market, and assessing the ROI based on potential impressions and/or click-throughs is key.

In addition, GeoSurf enables affiliate marketers to gauge their ad effectiveness in specific global marketers. Ineffective ads can be easily dropped and dollars can be saved thanks to the features of GeoSurf.

Also cool about this handy tool is the ability track campaigns, affiliates, as well as competitors. GeoSurf offers many additional resources to give your global Internet marketing efforts at huge boost.


Six Online Tools to Help Improve Customer Website Engagement

Customers who are loyal to a specific brand are loyal for a reason. They know that the product they are using works and will not let them down. On top of this, they know that the company that the product comes from is going to listen to their suggestions and even their complaints.

When it comes to online marketing, one of the best things that you can do is make sure that you are able to engage your customers. This is why there are a number of tools out there on the Internet that will allow you to do this with relative ease.

Web EngageWebEngage

WebEngage is great tool offers you a number of opportunities to allow customers to voice their views. You can set up surveys and then, using this application, gather up the different suggestions that the customers offer you.

Fan PlayrFanPlayr

With FanPlayr, you can create what are known as ‘gamified coupons’. These will help you to add campaigns to your website in order to see what the customer response is.


NeedleWith Needle, companies will be able to communicate with customers. In order to make this communication all the more effective, you will be able to use Needle to direct customers to those who are experts in a specific field. This will give your customers a better answer and one that answers their questions.

User VoiceUserVoice

With UserVoice, you will be able to let customers air any complaints that they have. It does this by harnessing the ideas that customers give you. You will then be able to enjoy a much wider range of ideas and suggestions from your customers. They in turn will be able to suggest new things to your company, and help you on your way to improving both your website and your brand, tailoring it to their needs.

Live Programs

Offering ‘live help’ programs is a good idea, and there are a number of different ones available on the Internet that you will be able to incorporate into your website. Doing this will ensure that you get the best response from your customers.

Testimonial Pages

Offering a testimonial page will ensure that customers get to voice their opinions. They will be able to offer new suggestions for your company. This will also help to improve your reputation if you manage to get a number of positive reviews.

Engaging with customers is important and these are just a number of ways of doing it.

This post was curated by Brandchats, who offer an excellent Social Media Monitoring Software.


Top Technologies to Help Advance Your SEO Efforts

SEO TechnologyWhether you're a beginner or an advanced practitioner of search engine optimization (SEO), utilizing the right resources is key to becoming more efficient and successful. Fortunately, there are a number of technologies that have been developed to help streamline your SEO efforts.

SEO is not as complex and complicated than you might think; however, some tasks can seem quite cumbersome and overwhelming. Once you learn the proper skills and astute knowledge on how to handle the basics of SEO, you can then leverage the power of the following SEO technology platforms to your advantage.

Below are three of the top technologies we've found that can help advance your SEO efforts.

SearchEnabler: An All-in-One SEO Software Platform

According to online reviews, SearchEnabler is an online SEO tool that is very helpful for every start-up. This platform will also help you identify the problems in your keyword optimization and discuss the possible solutions to achieve greater search rankings. This will assist you in optimizing your sites with the proper utilization of best SEO practices. Plus, SearchEnabler promises to increase the incoming traffic for your keywords.

BrightEdge: An Intelligent Platform that Paves the Way to Higher Ranking

Regarded as an encompassing and highly developed grade platform that carries off an inconceivable number of keywords and inbound links, BrightEdge affords you the capability to get complete and comprehensive details regarding your SEO strategy. This impeccable platform offers customizable dashboards, updated reporting, and reliable forecasting.

According to experts, one of the best features of BrightEdge and of the group that instituted this technology is the undeniable truth that these people are truly SEO adepts. When it comes to innovation, the team that created BrightEdge makes sure that you will only get the best results for your gratification.

SEO PowerSuite: An Outstanding Software Platform

Probably one of the most effective SEO tools, SEO PowerSuite is complete, efficient, reliable, consistently updated, and very flexible. With this technology, you have all the tools you need for a successful presence in the world wide web. This SEO software allows you to accomplish and keep top traffic generating rankings in any search engine. Also, it personally aids and guides you in promptly doing every search engine optimization task required to achieve the top ranking. Furthermore, SEO PowerSuite tools are tested and recognized by SEO experts and various website owners.

Today, this technology is used by more than 500 companies and a wide range of smaller businesses. All of these institutions can testify that this software supported them in getting the top 10 Google rankings. And to give you a more pleasurable treat, SEO PowerSuite is frequently modified so you can always get along with the trends in Google. Ultimately, this outstanding platform features high flexibility because it works on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. SEO PowerSuite operates well for Win PCs or Macintosh computer users.

So whether you're an SEO expert or IT support specialist who also serves as a SEO-savvy webmaster, using the right technology can help you become far more efficient with your SEO practice.


Tips for Using Google's Disavow Tool

It is about three weeks since Google's Penguin 2.0 went live. Unlike the 1.0 version that was released last year, the Penguin 2.0 looks at more than just the homepage for over-optimized backlinks.

If your website has a backlink portfolio that heavily uses exact phrase match anchor text (of your target keywords,) you may have noticed that you have lost your search engine ranking as a result of Penguin 2.0.


In the event you have been victim of Penguin 2.0 and you need to recover, your best recovery strategy is to use Google's Disavow tool. Below we share some tips for using the Disavow tool and to help you recover your keyword search rankings.

Disavow Tool Tip 1: Link Audit

Start by conducting a link audit. You do not have to use third party backlink tools since Google Webmaster Tools (also known as WMT) will handle the task efficiently. Mary Haynes, a leading authority in SEO, has stated that she only uses WMT links to get manual penalties removed and they work well. Go to Google Webmaster Tools and select your site. Select traffic, then links to your site, go to more and click on 'download latest links' button. Export to Google Docs or CSV.

The Disavow tool will analyze this data to determine the links that you need to Disavow and keep them in a separate file. Get rid of the links that do not conform to Google's guidelines by deleting them from this file. Make sure you have documentation of the whole process. Log into Google Webmaster Tools, go to the Disavow Tool and choose your domain. When you click on Disavow Links, you will be requested for a file containing the links you wish Disavowed. Upload the file you made (of the files you want removed) and you will be done.

Disavow Tool Tip 2: File Format

In most cases, people fail using the Disavow tool effectively because they did not use the right format for Disavow files they upload. The correct format for uploading a file is the text format (*.txt). When you upload your files in any other format such as *.doc or any spreadsheet file format, the system will reject the file meaning your reconsideration request will not be successful.

Disavow Tool Tip 3: Domain Command

To list sites that you have gotten a lot of bad links from, use the 'Domain:" command. Examples of sites that give a lot of bad links are spammy forums. Avoid trying to list and identify multiple URLs from the same domain. Such a move is ineffective as you are likely to miss out on many links. Remember to use the 'Domain:' command correctly. It should be followed by the domain name, e.g. Domain:

Disavow Tool Tip 4: Separating Files

Avoid describing what is going on in the Disavow links text file. Instead, you should use the reconsideration request report for such a description. Remember to keep both these files separate. If you put in any context in the Disavow links text file, the system may reject it causing your reconsideration request to fail.

To learn more tips and insights about Google's Disavow tool, check out this great post written by Cyrus Shepard. If you're planning to use the Disavow tool, we wish you the best of luck!


What's Up, Google? No PageRank Update in Over 6 Months?

Google PageRank UpdateAs we all know, the Google PageRank has a very significant importance for all the websites owners and developers, as it measures the importance of their websites and it ranks them depending on their popularity. Usually, the Google PageRank is updated every two or three months, but it has been approximately six months since the last PageRank update occurred.

What is actually happening with the Google Toolbar PageRank Update? Although there were several attempts of contacting the Google team, the team refused to comment about this problem and let everyone confused. Additionally, the search results in Google have lost some of their relevance and therefore some SEO efforts using the PageRank tool have diminshed.

Thus, there are many websites and web pages which have not a higher PageRank although their importance has increased at a very great deal during the last six months. When is it going to be the next Google PageRank update? Although the last one occurred in early February 2013 and the next one was supposed to occur in July 2013, there was no sign of update until the present moment.

Is it anything wrong with the Google PageRank Update? Many web developers thought about a possible bug in the system, but given that the PageRank is verified by a human being and it is not completely an algorithm, this would be impossible. It is said that the next update will come during later September, but what is it going to happen?

Google do not offer any further details about this matter and apparently we will not find out anything regarding it until the next Google PageRank update occurs – the question is: when will it occur? Is it going to be late this month as well or not? What will happen with the millions of websites on the Internet and what will be their future in the end? What should we expect? All these questions will remain unanswered until the Google Toolbar PageRank is updated.


Getting Outranked by Your Own Content? Use Google's New Scraper Report Tool

Google New Scraper Report ToolWeb scraping and content theft have much in common. Some people use scraping as a way to make money on behalf of those who write unique and original SEO optimized web content. They do this by republishing the content posted initially by others and literally stealing the traffic of the websites that originally hosted the content.

To make things worse, the search engine ranking of the websites containing the copied content is sometimes higher (often due to a higher domain authority. This means that your own content outranks your...own content. It can be very frustrating. Google is developing strategies to solve this problem, as it causes a lot of problems for people who are creative and talented.

The changes are meant to make original content always rank higher than the republished content and put an end to the nightmare that some people who use SEO in their content could be experiencing. For any legitimate business, scrapping is a continuous threat and this must end as soon as possible.

Google's New Scraper Report Tool

The majority of businesses are familiarized with scrapping, knowing that others may have already copied their content. But, they do not know the full extent and implications of this negative practice. Google's new scraper report tool was first announced on Twitter by the head of the web spam team at Google, Matt Cutts.

The tool is actually a form that you can complete in case you notice that some of your content was used elsewhere. You will have to input the URL that corespondents to the involved content along with the search engine results that show the higher rank of the copied content in comparison to the original.

Before this tool was available, the only way you could report stolen content was through Google's DMCA system. This system is difficult to use and consumes a lot of time.

Completing the form does not ensure a removal of the links containing the copies, but Google's spam team is constantly monitoring the reported links for finding better ways to improve the search algorithm, so that the original content can always rank higher. Just removing links may not have the best results in the long run, but Google is trying to overcome this problem in a smart way. The benefits for content creators and their SEO are obvious.

The following domains are affected by republished and copied content: digital publishing, social media, e-commerce, forums, travel companies, airlines and different directories and classifieds. With the Google's new scraper report tool available to content creators, people who use scrapping may have to think twice before trying this strategy again.


Bing Ads Intelligence: New Tools That Take Keyword Research Deeper

BingWhen Bing introduced their first keyword research tool, it received low appreciation and Google’s keyword tool was the bee's knees. However, this meant a great room for improvement and they have now launched a new tool that meets all the user friendly faults.

The new Bing Ads Intelligence allows users to perform keyword research for all their accounts held on Bing. It is an add-on for Microsoft Excel and exhibits customization of keyword lists according to the search trends derived from the Bing search engine.

Features of Bing Ads Intelligence

Keyword research is basically used to identify the common search patterns that users type in the search engines. This information can then be used to perform search engine optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) optimization, among other search marketing strategies.

Some of the features of the Bing Ads Intelligence include the campaign button that allows users to import keywords from existing websites and create extension versions of higher performance. Others include the bulk sheet that offers additional evaluation for an already existing analyzed worksheet. This tool works when the user is logged into an account and requires internet connectivity to use.

Benefits of Bing Ads Intelligence

The main advantage of using Bing Ads Intelligence is that it was designed using information derived from search patterns in Bing search engine. This makes it more appropriate in performing keyword research for the Bing clients.

Some benefits of Bing Ads Intelligence include the following:

Ease of installation – This tool does not require any technical skills to install and immediately introduces a tab in Excel. This application does not affect other functions of the original Excel and can be easily used in keyword researches. 

Easy usage – The Bing Ads Intelligence tool can be used by anyone with basic PPC knowledge and houses enhanced GUI features to help direct users. The descriptions are vivid, links easily navigable and the generated display in a clear readable format. 

Profound research options – The traffic, keyword performance and “more research” options allow users to ponder further on how keywords are typed on the search engine. With Bing Ads Intelligence, one can access a list of keywords relevant for a given webpage. Additionally, one can select a single keyword and request further expansion and ideas in order to facilitate online campaigns. 

Robust menu – The functionality of Bing Ads Intelligence is enormous with several features on the menu such as the campaign button. This allows users to import from other keyword campaigns and use it to formulate better efficient campaigns.


Bing has finally produced an excellent keyword research tool that can be used by online companies to optimize their words thus become more visible. This tool is easy to install and the user friendliness is incredible. It is configured to blend with Microsoft Excel and carries out speedy research as well as analysis.

This feature also helps to monitor keyword campaigns and how other established sites are succeeding in their approaches. Keywords can be mapped and extensions formulated intelligently to create better versions that will be optimized in Bing’s engine. Additionally, relevant keywords from existing sites can be extracted making this tool very efficient in research and online campaigns.

To get started with this new and awesome platform, download it here.


5 Advanced SEO Tools for Ecommerce Marketers

SEO Tools EcommerceEcommerce marketers can take advantage of various SEO tools to make it easy for them to gather and interpret data to better actualize their marketing objectives.

There are various ecommerce SEO tools available but it is advisable to use the most advanced and relevant to your needs and goals. To help you pinpoint the best SEO tools to incorporate in your ecommerce SEO arsenal, here are five advanced ecommerce SEO tools to consider.


This software is specifically designed to offer information required for website traffic and competitive link analysis, reputation management, and link building. Majestic is one of the most powerful SEO tools when it comes to developing highly regarded link building strategies and backlink exploration.

One of the best features on Majestic is its easy-to-use interface. All you have to do is enter your URL to get all the details customized for your site. Majestic also downloads data and is able to generate reports that contain all the essential information.

Link-Assistant's SEO Powersuite

SEO PowerSuite brings together Link Assistant’s leading software products including LinkAssistant, SEO SpyGlass, Website Auditor, and Rank Tracker. This tool can help ecommerce SEO marketers to manage the most essential components of their SEO programs.

Link-Assistant's SEO Powersuite provides resources to allow you to optimize keywords, build links, and analyze your competition. All this information is provided in comprehensive reports. Its platform is also quite simple. This tool is a good choice for small businesses that are in search of ways to boost SEO on company websites.


This SEO tool has been identified as one of the best in the market for many years. SEMRush allows you to quickly adapt to the dynamic online world. It gives websites greater visibility in terms of paid and organic search results. It provides live updates, keeping you aware of any progress on your websites. Ecommerce marketers can use SEMRush to obtain real-time reports on keyword performance. With this tool, it is possible to learn about the amount of traffic a keyword is getting.


This is a web-based SEO tool. SEOMoz offers keyword research that is limited to 200 keywords for each website. With this tool, you get to find out your present Google ranking for every keyword and the specific number of visits the site gets through the keywords. The tool also provides on-page optimization that allows you to get reports on notices, warnings, and errors.

SEOMoz allows you to determine the optimization rate of the top 50 website pages. You also get recommendations on how you can fix any issues that arise on your site. The tool offers link building and you get individual statistics on linking domains. You are allowed to compare about 5 websites with this tool.

Ecommerce marketers and SEO professionals alike can also use the tool to determine where their sites rank based on the target keywords and the specific URLs that show when a user is looking for information.


This tool brings together various research tools that are available for a monthly subscription. Ahrefs provide link research through its Site Explorer. One of the best features is its ability to give you updated information after every half an hour. Its interface is quite impressible and the tool is also quite useable.


10 Awesome Places to Make Your Content Marketing More Impactful

Content Marketing TrafficThe Internet has become a boiling pot for content and there are many ways for you to leverage the content you create in your website. Through the use of engaging copy, rich snippets, link bait, and creative images, let's see the top 10 places that will help make a tsunami of web traffic flood to your site.


You can build traffic easily with a free account at Pinterest. You can post relevant and attractive pictures to your industry and make possible readers come to you. Pinterest is very intuitive and you can post pictures which will entice users that seek your products or your type of content to click through to your website.

This service allows companies and websites to create infographics which offer an amazing visual appeal. make these shareable across the web and cause visitors to become interested in knowing who the creator of a particular infographic was. This is where your chance for extra traffic comes in.

Blog Engage

Blog Engage site allows you to share your content through blog posts. Simply select a category of interest, and post it so that it is found by your target audience.


This is an amazing service which you can use PowerPoint or any other slideshow presentation software to turn your content into live presentations. You can either include all of your content in them or just some very interesting parts in order to make users click through to your website or product page. The best of all is that creating an account on SlideShare is free.


This social site was already a powerhouse even before Facebook bought, now imagine after that. Just like Pinterest, Instagram users are able to share amazing pictures of anything they like. They also offer an image editing software that's top of the industry. You can cause your users to click through amazing pictures you post, they can comment on them, re-share them and most especially, click through to your website.


This is another social network, where you can create a free account to share your content. Leverage your site's presence by increasing the number of followers, sharing content and having it re-shared and much more. StumbleUpon is a powerful social network to boost your Internet traffic.

LinkedIn Groups

Within the LinkedIn social networks, it is possible to leverage your internal connections through the use of groups. Website owners share content that is relevant to their niche and see how their user base engages the content and clicks through to their website. LinkedIn Groups is an amazing way to create free content to your website.


Triberr is another place for you to increase your social presence. You can quickly have your content shared by many bloggers and people that like it on Triberr.


This site is free to use and functions more like a newsfeed type of site. Share content on Reddit that is relevant to news topics and find a way to link to your main topic or niche.

Google+ Communities

For all those that remember what it was to have a group at Orkut, and for all major Facebook Page and Communities users, Google+ Communities is another similar product which packs a strong punch. Easily share your content, have it re-shared, commented and bring a lot of traffic into your website.

These are the top 10 sites we have found and that we hope you can use to hone your online presence, bring in a lot of free traffic and increase your website's power.


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