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6 Ways Social Media Signals Influence SEO

Social media is an essential part of search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Consider the following six questions to better understand on social medial influences SEO:

What is your definition of social linking?

Social Media Influence Social media is one of the best channels through which you can get maximum traffic through links to your website. This is because there is a huge congregation of raw traffic as well as interested users that you can attract through links. Social linking refers to placing a link in a forum or piece posted in a social website such as Twitter or Facebook. Using social media as a location for placing links is not only a way of attracting a lot of traffic to your site but also a way of improving your search visibility on a focused content.

What are the key social link types that you have identified?

There are various characteristics that social links can have and they are identified depending on their target purpose. Links can be evaluated by how much they can be shared within the social site and whether they pass PageRank. Other links can be evaluated by how much SEO traffic or shares within a particular time especially if they are focused on creating awareness among users. Other links can be defined as temporary or permanent, social links or links within feeds among others. You should choose social links that directly appeal to your situation. For instance, if you use temporary links, it should be for a product or service that is temporarily on offer.

The No-follow attribute is a common feature in many social sites, are you getting any benefits of sharing your information on such sites?

No-follow attribute prevents users in some social media sites from directly accessing your landing pages through links. It is a measure that has been used for both securities as well as controlling the amount of links placed on such sites especially because social media is considered extremely fertile grounds for these. Although you can control SEO policies on no-follow by social media sites, you can invest in this area as the information you are sharing influences users to act on it and find their way to your website.

Are the aims of social linking in impacting on search engine algorithms for non-logged and non-personalized user effective with the links you have made?

There are so many social shares that these links receive for search engines to ignore. These links are for interested people to share with other people of interest. If the turnover rates for sharing these links is high, the search engines as well will be able note this. However it is important to remember that it's social media engagement that prompts people to get talking about your product.

Is there a difference between traditional links and social links?

Traditionally, social links were places on blogs and social media forums where bloggers would place the links within their posts. Interested individuals who read the posts follow this links to the landing page of your website. However the speed at which such traditional links spread through various user sharing on the Internet cannot to be compared to the rapid rate at which a Facebook status can be shared. This is because these links involve many more users and the sharing capabilities are much more flexible as compared to blogs.

Are your social links only used for achieving high Internet visibility as in link building or is there a return on investment (ROI)?

The only way to determine this is to review whether your social links are achieving the SEO goals that had been planned for. Social links should not only be limited to a means of achieving higher Internet visibility since there is a lot of underlying value to them. There are many things that social links can do other than creating high visibility including driving direct traffic and creating waves of awareness. There is so much that can be elicited for new content through social linking.

Learn more about the social media influence of SEO by visiting Click Centric SEO, a leading resource for search engine optimization and social media marketing.


How Social Media Will Influence Your Organic Search Marketing Strategy

There is no question that social media will be a dominant player in your organic search marketing strategy. Social signals, such as likes, tweets, shares, and +1's, are starting to impact SEO and Google's organic search results. As a result, smart organic search marketers are integrating social sharing icons in their blog content and inside web pages to make it easier to earn social authority.

Social Organic Search Marketing

Social media sharing and engagement will be directly parallel to your content marketing strategy and how you plan to share your ideas. In essence, this is because much of the content that you generate will be promoted and shared via social media. This is an effort to leverage your content to engage with your target audience.

In a nutshell, this is the new form of organic search marketing (SEO).

So instead of thinking of social media as a channel to market your business's products or services, (inward thinking) visualize of social media as a means to engage with your target audience (extrinsic thinking).

Social media engagement all about leveraging the potential of your followers. The more people who find value in your content, the better chances it has in earning a high search rankings.

Plan a Purposeful Social Engagement Strategy

It's important to keep you social engagement strategy highly focused on your target audience. Don't assume that your business needs to be present on all social media networks. Instead, pinpoint social networks that are most relevant to your target audience, business, and organic search marketing efforts. This may or may not include social media sites like Pinterest, LinkedIn, or Facebook. But two social sites that are definitely worth pursuing for organic search marketing are Google Plus and Twitter.

Google Plus and Twitter are two of the most influential social media networks for organic SEO. We suggest you get on these networks, not only to stay top of mind with your target audience, but also to help improve your organic search marketing efforts.


Increase Your Google Rankings by Leveraging Social Media

Social MediaGoogle has recently made social media essential for businesses today. If you want to increase rankings, keeping up with changes in SEO will help you use social media to your business's benefit. Google's algorithm has placed more value on social signals and valuable content when determining a website's search rankings.

A social signal is any action that would indicate a user as engaged with your content (i.e. a Facebook "Like" or Google "+1"). In simple terms, social signals are actions like users tweeting your link on twitter or liking your website on your facebook profile. Real social signals are indicators that your content is worth consuming and a clear indicator that your target audience finds it relevant and valuable

Today search engines focus mostly on the value of content and reputation of the publisher when ranking websites.

Social media provides many opportunities to business owners, from attracting target customers, advertising products online, reaching new markets among others.

How to use social media to increase Google rankings

  • Keep up with recent trends - Google will rank your website based on the relevancy of your content. The more relevant and recent it is the better for your business. The market is constantly changing and keeping up with the pace will ensure your customers find you relevant.
  • Create valuable content - It's better to have fewer quality pages than many low quality pages. Ensure that your content answers your potential customer's questions and is relevant to your industry. Use the right keywords, proofread your content, and make it enticing to read. Also ensure the content is up-to-date to help you rank higher on Google
  • Website link building - The more popular your website is or the more links that link back to your site, the more likely you are to appear on Google search results. Google robots are more likely to find your site if there are many relevant links linking back to your site. A few ways you can increase your link popularity include article submission, forum or blog commenting, link exchange among others
  • Get active on social media - Use the various platforms including facebook, twitter and linkedin. Social media is a great way to advertise your brand to a larger audience, interact with potential customers, and attract potential customers.
  • Make content more social friendly and sharable - Users are more likely to share valuable content with their peers. Make your content sharable by adding attention grabbing images, using attractive titles, adding sharing buttons and providing quality content

Importance of social media when creating an SEO strategy

Below are some of the marketing benefits of using social media when creating your SEO strategy

  • Social media will help you get to a larger audience to market your brand
  • Helps you stay informed on current trends in the industry. It provides a platform for sharing and discussing various issues. You can keep up by following other market players
  • Helps empower and educate both your current and potential customers about your products. This makes sure your customers are more informed when buying your products
  • Feedback - Customers like airing their views about their experiences using certain products. This information can help a business know whether the products are satisfying target customers needs and what improvements can be done to meet this goal

    The benefits of creating valuable content and sharing it on social media

    • The more people that like and share your content, the more popular your website will become, this will not only help you rank higher in Google but will promote your brand
    • Reputation building - Posting valuable and relevant content will help your reputation online. Customers are more likely to trust in your products if they can trust in you and your reputation.
    • Good content is more likely to be shared on social platforms
    • Brand promotion using social media will help improve rankings on Google giving you a competitive edge

How Google's Hummingbird Will Soon Resonate With Social Signals

Google HummingbirdThe look of search engine optimization, or SEO, started out being heavily dependent upon keywords and the research of the effectiveness of the keywords. However, the effectiveness of SEO is taking an industry and user-friendly turn for the better (for users, that is.)

The results on the query page for using search engines will now be impacted heavily by social signals. It is not often that technology and the users are completely on the same page; however, when it comes to the impact of the proper social signals on the results of search engine queries, the public will be thrilled with the technological advancements with the use of Google’s hummingbird algorithm.

Social Signals' impact on SEO

Hummingbird is a tool that is going to take social media signals and their positive impact on SEO to the next level. People will be able to benefit greatly from the convenience of more logical results, the better relevance of the items that are populated on the front page of the results from the SEO, and even the time saving effects of not having to sift through irrelevant results based on keyword stuffing.

If you are getting tired of irrelevant results due to keyword stuffing on articles, then you are going to love the way the future looks with the implementation of Google’s hummingbird and its optimization of SEO with social signals. The social signals that people give when sifting through results will help to add points to pages that are populated on the results page of a search engine inquiry.

Now users will be able to view a more logical presentation of results on the page that is populated from performing a search engine inquiry. This means that there will be a complete annihilation of the potential for users to sit and click on each and every link that is presented in an unsure attempt to hopefully find a solution for the inquiry.

Optimizing Search Quality and Searcher Efficiency

This can be an extremely difficult waste of time for people to have to suffer through. Furthermore, while this is an inconvenience for people who are searching on his or her own personal time, it is even more difficult for companies that utilize the search engine results as a part of operations.

Companies can end up wasting a significant amount of money on the time that is spent sifting through the results page of a search engine inquiry. With Google’s Hummingbird solution, the algorithm will help to stop companies and websites from providing poor information and results through the soul use of keyword stuffing, and start leveraging social media for SEO.

Now with Google’s Hummingbird solution, companies and individuals are going to be able to take advantage of the fact that there is convenience of more logical results, the better relevance of the items that are populated on the front page of the results from the SEO, and even the time saving effects of not having to sift through irrelevant results based on keyword stuffing.

The consideration of social signals will help to make the results on the search engine results more streamlined, effective, and efficient for companies and individuals alike.


The Social Influence On Search: Insights From SMX London

SMX LondonThere's a great deal of speculation in the SEO community on the influence that social media has on the overall ranking/indexing on search engines. Most SEO experts believe that though Google and Bing have both denied any impact on the “natural selection” algorithm, there is great likelihood that social media has a part in the process.

The number of likes, tweets, pins, +1's, and shares should, to an extent, influence the indexing. John Mueller (Google) and Duane Forrester (Bing) recently responded to these uncertainties during the London SMX that took place on the 13th May 2014. Although their explanations still maintained social media activities are not part of the ranking reckoning, they did provide useful insights on possible influence. This is how they broke it down:

Definite Reasons for Likes/Tweets/Pins/+1's/Shares

Both Bing and Google explained that there has to be a definite reason why people would share, tweet or like a given page in larger numbers. This naturally attracts the search engines attention which they maintain is purposefully for evaluation meaning; the system will be interested in the content in these pages.

If the content is relevant, there is a great chance of a higher ranking for the pages. This is a basic explanation to address how social media can influence ranking. It is acceptable that where there are more shares, likes, pins, tweets and related socail activities, people must be to some extent realizing usefulness and search will close down on the same. In simple terms, more social activities combined with information relevance may increase your rankings.

Links & Socail Signals: Evaluation Mechanism

Usually Google and Bing rank sites that have been evaluated and determined to provide useful and relevant information according to the search. The two greatest search engines explained how social indicators are used in link evaluations rather than ranking. When webpage content receives a lot of social activity, it should be obvious that some people will make links to that content and include them in their sites/blogs or pages permanently.

This reshapes the idea behind links and introduces a new definition as well as evaluation, which search engines use to evaluate “credibility” and actions taken may include penalization. What this means is that a new content with over 100 links should exhibit correspondence in the number of shares it receives.

If say it only gets three shares, that situation would arguably be very abnormal insinuating less relevance and subsequent low rating. If it receives 1000 social shares on the other hand, that makes more sense and could influence indexing although this was not proclaimed in the event.


For any keen SEO expert, social indicators certainly do have an indirect influence on indexing which is entirely aimed at providing the most relevant and informational result as per the search. Search engines use social media to some extent in determining how quick content is indexed and whether the permanent links pointing to such content are valid.

However in conclusion, social media does not form part of the search engine algorithm, bet rather content relevancy and links still remains the strongest consideration.


Basic SEO Tips for Chiropractors

SEOWhether it's budding entrepreneurs, local SMB's, or large corporations, every type of organization can benefit from SEO. This is particularly true for chiropractors, as local SEO can provide a valuable marketing avenue to generate quality leads and earn new patients.

Below we share several basic SEO tips for chiropractors, and how to lay the foundation for a higher ranking website.

Conduct Targeted Keyword Research

If you're already doing chiropractor SEO, you may already know what your primary keyword targets are. Usually the primary keyword target for chiropractors is "chiropractor," "chiropractors," or "chiropractic," along with a geo-modifier to specific the location you're targeting like "Berkeley chiropractor," "chiropractors in Berkeley," or "chiropractic Berkeley, CA,". Pinpoint a handful of primary keywords (2-4), and optimize your homepage for these core terms.

You can also pinpoint specific chiropractic services to optimize pages of your website. For instance, if you're a chiropractor who offers "laser therapy" or "spinal decompression," then create pages on these services and ensure the on-page SEO and content (more below) is aligned with these pages.

One chiropractor who is making a great example of doing target SEO for specialized chiropractic services is Dr. Tim Bly of Bly-Hillman Chiropractic in Bloomington, IL. Ranking well in Google for many strong keyword searches, Bly-Hillman Chiropractic has been successful at optimizing his website for various chiropractic technologies and services that are rare throughout the Bloomington, IL area. As a result, he has gotten several new patients who are interested in these specific chiropractic services.

Respect Social Signals

With the increasing popularity of social networking websites, social signals have become even more important. They can help you in two different ways. First, they can be used for personalizing Search Engine Results Pages. Second, they can be used as authority measures. Some authority measures include shares, like, comments, favorites and so on.

Social signals tell search engines that your content is high-quality and reputed. This can get a chiropractor higher ranks on search engines. Basically, social signals act as a measure of your reputation and content’s quality on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Most search engines like Google use social signals to validate your content as genuine, original and high quality. Social signals indicate that you are appreciated by internet users. Thus, they can help you rank higher and drive more traffic.

Product Quality Content

Content is one of the most important aspects of SEO for chiropractors If you want more traffic, you need to create genuine, high quality and exclusive content. Your content should be grammatically correct, valuable to readers, and relevant to your practice and keyword targets.

Moreover, it should not be stuffed with keywords. You also need to make sure that your content is relevant to your website. You should use around 2-3% keywords in your site’s content. Many tools like Google Trends and Google AdWords help you search relevant keywords for your website. Quality content is the best way to rank higher in popular search engines.

Generating Backlinks

Backlinks are considered to be the best way to generate more search engine authority to a chiropractor’s website. High quality backlinks can easily help ignite a chiropractors SEO efforts and overall keyword rankings.

Finding good link generation opportunities is not always easy. One of the best places to start is major directories, like DMOZ, Google+, Yelp, Yahoo! Local, Yellowpages, and other credible online directories. You can also do guest blogging on other related websites and blogs to publish you content (and links) on other websites that will allow you to link back to yours. Backlink building takes credibility and resources. Get creative in how you approach this aspect of chiropractor SEO.

Performing On-page SEO

Chiropractor BerkeleyMost business organizations don’t realize the importance of on-page SEO. Every page on your website should be optimized individually. With on-page SEO, your website gets easily recognized by search engines. Some important factors affecting on-page SEO include page structure, domain name, page load, page aesthetics, page title and so on. On-page SEO ensures better visibility for your website.

SEO for chiropractors plays a very important role to achieve marketing success online. In the last few years, the scope of SEO has significantly increased. You need to integrate targeted SEO strategies with your overall marketing campaign. If you want to know how to rank your site on popular search engines, understanding SEO will be the answer you’re looking for.

These were some effective ways that can help a chiropractor’s website achieve better rankings. There are also some other ways to drive more traffic and increase sales. It is always better to hire professionals for optimizing your website and achieving a competitive edge in the market. With patience and constant efforts, your hard work will pay off good results.


The Emergence of Social Signals in the SEO Scene

Social SignalsWhen it comes to optimizing your website to increase its online presence within the search engine's index, there's an abundance of factors that you need to take into consideration. Some of the factors that affect the ranking potential of your website are: inbound link, similar keywords, anchor text and meta descriptions for example.

But one of the factors that has been increasingly gaining more weight than the others pertaining to SEO, are social signals. To understand why, lets look at what social signal indicate in the eyes of Google.

1) Indicates Quality

Google has always proclaimed that when it comes to SEO, content is king. Content within itself, plays a major role when it comes to your website's ranking potential. But with an abundance of content that's being continuously uploaded on millions of websites on a weekly basis, how does Google determine the quality of content on an individual's website?

Simple said, one of the factors they use to determine quality are social signals. Many SEO experts will tell you that receiving an abundance of links, re-tweets or shares are similar to receiving an inbound link. The more that you receive, the more it demonstrates that your website is providing some level of value to your audience. And if you really look at it, there is a strong correlation between a large volume of social shares and great content, such as the ones that eventually go viral.

2) Indicates Credibility

Another factor that plays a major role in your website's ranking potential is credibility. Statistics demonstrate that 92% of people trust the recommendations of their family members and friends. No one is going to share a malware infested website link to the people within their network. Whenever people share content within their network, they are basically saying that the content provides value and that it is worth their time.

Based on this fact, Google will not only see a website that has an abundance of shares as being able to provide quality content to their audience, but in their eyes, it will also indicate credibility or essentially demonstrate that the website is not just providing content for SEO purposes but is in fact trustworthy and that quality content is being given.

How To Leverage Social Media For SEO

When it comes to increasing your social signals for SEO endeavors, you need to ensure that you establish a variety of internal and external elements. Some prime examples of internal elements are:

  • Utilizing share widgets such as the opportunity for someone to recommend, like or tweet a page on your website.
  • Establishing a variety of social profiles connect icons, such as follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page for example.

Some prime examples of external elements are:

  • Establishing a variety of social media profiles and lets your audience know when you release new content on your website.
  • Interacting with your audience to ensure that you receive a higher level of engagement, which equates to a higher chance that if someone shares your page, that it will show up in their network's news feed.
  • Implementing the 80/20 marketing strategy, which is 80% genuine value, 20% pitch.
  • Establishing a YouTube account with the intention or acquiring Facebook fans and/or Twitter followers.

For more information, we encourage you to visit the professional SEO website optimization company There you can find a wealth of resources about SEO, social media, website optimization, and other approaches to expanding your company's web presence.


3 Types of Specialists That All SEO Companies Should Have on Staff

SEO Companies HireNo matter how you look at it, the world of SEO is continuously changing. The old tactics that use to work before, are no longer valid. As such, it is imperative that SEO companies stay on top of their game, by ensuring that they have a diverse portfolio of different experts that specialize in a particular field.

In this overview, well take a look at the 3 types of specialists that all SEO companies should have on staff if they intend to remain a viable competitor in this highly competitive and equally lucrative business sector.

Social Media Managers

One of the most essential specialists that every SEO company should have is a social media manager. Social media managers are professionals that specializes in developing a content strategy and developing brand awareness on a variety of social networks, that ultimately generate inbound traffic.

But the benefits that social media managers have to offer aren't just limited to that alone as the whole process of SEO continuously changes, social media authority, has a stronger influence on a website's ranking more so than ever before. To put things in retrospect, lets take a look at how, social media impacts rankings.

Link Potential

Social media activity can help to increase awareness about a website or brand. This increase in familiarity can ultimately lead to an abundance of high PR links. For example, lets say a social media manager develops a strategy that focuses on spreading awareness, via a video of a feature that the brand wishes to promote.

If the video gets repeatably re-tweeted on Twitter, one of those tweets may be seen by a Twitter user, who may decide to write about that feature and ultimately links back to the brand's website and video.

Brand Signals

With the rise in popularity of sites such as Twitter and Facebook, both Bing and Google alike, are starting to take into account the amount of social signals a website has to help when it comes to determining their rankings. Some of these include:

  • Amount of tweets or retweets.
  • Authority of the individuals that are tweeting the specific URL.
  • Amount of Facebook likes and shares a URL has.
  • Amount Of +1s A URL has.

Technical Experts

It's a well known fact, that proper SEO consists of implement a variety of on-site and off-site factors. Meaning, besides the fact that you need to have an abundance of relevant incoming High PR links, for example, you need to conduct technical SEO as well.

One of the most overlook aspects of a website that get ignored are the technical aspects of it. To put things in retrospect, lets take a look at a few common issues that can make it particularly difficult for each engine spider to crawl through and how a technical expert can help to alleviate those problems.

  • Spiders like Googlebot, have been notoriously known for having strong issues when it comes to crawling links that are embedded in javascript based menus. A technical expert can create navigation elements with search engine friendly CSS code instead.
  • In some instances a website may need to have an abundance of irrelevant outbound links, as a necessity. However, a technical specialist can provide search engines with an XML map list of all the specific URLs that you like to be crawled, as opposed to irrelevant links that can hurt your rankings.

Content Strategists

Google has always proclaimed that content is king. As far as the foreseeable future goes, this will always be the case. Now, more so than ever, Google is taking a close look at the bounce rate that a website has when it comes to determine relevance in retrospect to a specific keyword.

As such, every reputable ecommerce SEO company needs to have a professional, who specializes in providing fresh, informative and engaging content, which which can help to lower the website's bounce rate as well as to raise the level of interaction it receives, which equates to more relevant links as well as social signals.


Cultivating A Socially-Integrated SEO Strategy

Social MediaIn the ever changing world of SEO, the on-site and off-site factors that contribute to a website's ranking has been constantly up for debate.

For example, while many people proclaim that EMD or Exact Match Domain may hurt your rankings, many believe that it helps it, and while many people believe that PBNs or Private Blog Networks are dead, some proclaim that it is alive and well.

However, there are a few on-site and off-site factors that can clearly increase a site rankings. One of those are social signals.

How Social Media Is Beginning To Have A Greater And Greater Impact On SEO

Google has always proclaimed, that as long as you provide valuable content to your visitors, your rankings will elevate. As such, they proclaim that the factors that effects a site rankings, are things that indicate that a website is providing value to its visitors.

This was the reason why link building had such a huge impact on a website's ranking back in the early 2000s. Essentially in their eyes, the amount of links that a website had coming in as well as the relevance and authority of those links, indicated that a website provided some value to its customer.

Social Signals

While it may be true that links still play an integral part in the SEO ranking process, many SEOs are realizing that Google has been viewing social media signals in the same light. Said in simple terms, social signals (i.e. Google +1's, Tweets, Facebook Likes, Shares, etc.) are similar to the role that inbound links played back in the early 2000s. In this sense, these signals defining quality content and websites as being valuable and the reason why it was so popular.

In short, Google is beginning to view the amount of social signals that a website has, as being another indicator that demonstrates the value that the website has to offer as to the reason why the content of that website is being shared.

Content Marketing

Due to this fact, many SEOs have come to realize that they need to create high quality content that gets shared. Said in simple terms, content marketing is not only a great way for SEOs to engage with their customers, but it's also a great way for them to provide expert knowledge which in essence can lead to a higher amount of conversation and retention rates.

By serving your visitors with great content, it can help to increase your CTR as well as to reduce your bounce rate, both of which are two additional factors that influence a website's ranking.

By updating your site with frequent and relevant high quality content, when keyword research has been conducted correctly for each content piece that you have on your website, it has a higher chance of occurring within the search results.

As far as social media goes, by providing great content to your audience, it has a higher chance of being shared by people which not only helps to raise the amount of social signals that your website receives which will furthermore help to increase its rankings, based on the fact that your content will be shared by people, it will help to allow for a higher amount of people to discover and ultimately visit your website.


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