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Best Directories for Quality SEO-friendly Backlinks

Backlinking is an important and integral part when it comes to matters related to SEO. For your website to be competitive, you need quality backlinks. For this reason, the process of creating good backlinks is not child’s play. There are various limitations and risks involved.

'How do you overcome these hurdles?' The classic solution is to utilize directories. For you to be able to build proper backlinks for your SEO needs, directory submission is definitely the way to go!

You must practice caution when you are submitting your site to different directories. Not all directories are genuine and safe. You do not want Google penalizing your site for being in league with fraudulent directories. You want (and need) to use a credible, reliable, and functional directory.

Below are some of the best directories for quality SEO-friendly backlinks.

The DMOZ Directory

DMOZ is a well-known directory that has been up and running for a long time. This means that they have experience and expertise many new directories do not posses. This particular directory is viewed as the classic SEO directory. When you visit, you will be directed to the directory homepage (with a PageRank 7 rating).

There are numerous categories listed on the DMOZ directory. All you have to do is select which category your website falls under. Once this has been accomplished, you can “submit site” and begin to reap the benefits of being on this directory. As time passes, you will have a backlink for your website that is functional, SEO friendly and simply splendid.

The International Directory

Whether your an ecommerce site or an epic entrepreneur, this is a high PR directory that delivers on all your SEO related needs. has three main forms of submission. They are Basic, Express, and Sponsored. For those who are looking for additional links for their website profiles, the Sponsored submission is the best option.

You can have up to five additional backlinks when you use this option. Nothing good is free, so you have to pay some fess for all three options above. The first thing to do when you go to is to select the category that perfectly suits your website. You will also have to Find and place your website in the right location spot. After this is done, you can now begin journey of building your directory listing. You will be provided with the "Add URL" link to assist you in your backlinking activities.

The Yahoo! Directory

Who does not know Yahoo! Directory? Practically no one. This directory is renowned for being professional and of impeccable high quality. This directory can assist your site when it comes to things like keyword ranking on other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Google.

Jumping on the bandwagon is however not a cheap affair. The cost per annum is $299. If you can manage to wiggle this amount out of your budget, then this directory is the right partner to have. On the directory’s retail section, there is the "suggest a site" option, which you can use to get the services of this directory. Your website will definitely benefit from being included in this directory. Just visit to jump on board.

Now, the decision rests solely on your hands (or the specialties of an SEO expert.) There are many options out there, but practicing caution in your selection is the best way forward. Do not fall victim to sketchy directories. Use the best to get the best backlinks and SEO outcomes.


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