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How Social Media Will Influence Your Organic Search Marketing Strategy

There is no question that social media will be a dominant player in your organic search marketing strategy. Social signals, such as likes, tweets, shares, and +1's, are starting to impact SEO and Google's organic search results. As a result, smart organic search marketers are integrating social sharing icons in their blog content and inside web pages to make it easier to earn social authority.

Social Organic Search Marketing

Social media sharing and engagement will be directly parallel to your content marketing strategy and how you plan to share your ideas. In essence, this is because much of the content that you generate will be promoted and shared via social media. This is an effort to leverage your content to engage with your target audience.

In a nutshell, this is the new form of organic search marketing (SEO).

So instead of thinking of social media as a channel to market your business's products or services, (inward thinking) visualize of social media as a means to engage with your target audience (extrinsic thinking).

Social media engagement all about leveraging the potential of your followers. The more people who find value in your content, the better chances it has in earning a high search rankings.

Plan a Purposeful Social Engagement Strategy

It's important to keep you social engagement strategy highly focused on your target audience. Don't assume that your business needs to be present on all social media networks. Instead, pinpoint social networks that are most relevant to your target audience, business, and organic search marketing efforts. This may or may not include social media sites like Pinterest, LinkedIn, or Facebook. But two social sites that are definitely worth pursuing for organic search marketing are Google Plus and Twitter.

Google Plus and Twitter are two of the most influential social media networks for organic SEO. We suggest you get on these networks, not only to stay top of mind with your target audience, but also to help improve your organic search marketing efforts.


Why Small Businesses Should Take Advantage of Google+ Local

Google+ LocalIn essence, local search marketers should take full advantage of Google+ Local. This socially-integrated search platform can be especially valuable for local small businesses. This is due to the fact that Google+ Local is geared specifically for geo-specific keyword queries (e.g. "dry cleaners in San Francisco") of which certain small businesses can rank for in Google.

The first step to rank highly in local search is to be active on Google+. That is, make consistent posts (like you would on Facebook or Twitter,) and promote your Google+ presence via other means, like in-store business cards (to promote reviews,) a graphic on your website that links to your Google+ page, or use other social media platforms to spread the word.

Local search rankings are based on a number of factors: such as the number of reviews on the Google+ page (as well as the quality of those reviews;) the amount and quality of citations found on other websites; and the number and quality of links pointing to your Google+ page and website.

It's important to maintain a quality Google+ Local page and engage with customers. Your local business can utilize the people in your circles to deliver targeted messages to the desired audience. This marketing strategy can be used to direct traffic to your company's site or a specific page that's promoting an offer.

Like all social media platforms, Google+ offers some incredible opportunities for SEO and search marketing. The difference is Google+ is an asset of Google search, and the work put into building a quality Google+ presence can directly influence a business' website in Google's search rankings.

In a digital era that's continuously shaped by Google's search algorithms and overall results, it would be foolish for any online marketing strategy to discount the value of Google+ Local.

Visit Web Presence Group to learn more about Google+ Local SEO strategy

and small business solutions.



The Pillars of Integrating Video SEO in Your Search Marketing Strategy

When building an SEO strategy, there are various tools that can be used to your advantage. One of the most effective is video SEO.

Videos are loved by audiences for their entertaining and convenient nature, and they're loved by search marketers by their engaging appeal and immense potential for SEO. When you are creating a video for the purpose of SEO and inbound marketing, there are a few key guidelines you should abide by. Below we describe these pointers in great detail.

Have Quality Content

The content in the website should be really relevant. When someone watches a video on a particular topic, they have some expectations, which if not fulfilled will leave them disappointed, and they will probably not want to hear anything about the product that you are making known to them.

Grab the Attention of the Viewer

You must entice whoever comes across the video SEO to watch it. You can achieve this by using very catchy titles to the video. The title should contain some of the keywords that most of the users will use when looking for content. It also helps to have some screenshots of the most interesting parts of the video, so that it sparks the curiosity of anyone who comes across it.

Use Keywords

The basis of video SEO is keyword usage, so keep this in mind during the making of the videos. Conduct some research and get the words that are mostly used, and try to add these as tags in the video, so that when one is searching for the keywords, they can get a link to your video.

Write a Compelling Description

Give a short description of the video so that whoever wants to watch the video might have a clue on what to expect. If you write a good description, it will entice the user to watch the video.

Leverage the Power of Links

Place some useful links to your website. These will enable the user to access other websites that have related information. And although most video sites make these links NoFollow (which does not pass link juice for SEO) these links can serve as a great inbound marketing avenue.

Consider Length

There is nothing as boring as a long pointless video. Someone will get bored midway and quit watching, and this might end up in them missing the vital parts of the video. Remember, some people will be accessing the video via their handled devices, and if the video is too long, it translates into higher operator data charges, hence they might prefer not to watch the video at all.

Embedding and Sharing

A good video will not serve much use if it is not seen by the world. Do not be really closed off with your video, you should give the users some method of sharing the video with other users. The best way for sharing (which will also help your search marketing efforts) is by use of social networking sites, so ensure you have ensured sharing compatibility through most of the social sites. You should also allow people to embed their videos to their websites.

The right video describing your business will help you to pull in the traffic that you need for your website, as well as allow you to update the world about the services and products that you offer. If you need a hand, contact Peoria SEO company OIC Group, Inc. for a coaching program. With a great video SEO, you will not need to carry out the cumbersome SEO projects anymore.


Bing Ads Intelligence: New Tools That Take Keyword Research Deeper

BingWhen Bing introduced their first keyword research tool, it received low appreciation and Google’s keyword tool was the bee's knees. However, this meant a great room for improvement and they have now launched a new tool that meets all the user friendly faults.

The new Bing Ads Intelligence allows users to perform keyword research for all their accounts held on Bing. It is an add-on for Microsoft Excel and exhibits customization of keyword lists according to the search trends derived from the Bing search engine.

Features of Bing Ads Intelligence

Keyword research is basically used to identify the common search patterns that users type in the search engines. This information can then be used to perform search engine optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) optimization, among other search marketing strategies.

Some of the features of the Bing Ads Intelligence include the campaign button that allows users to import keywords from existing websites and create extension versions of higher performance. Others include the bulk sheet that offers additional evaluation for an already existing analyzed worksheet. This tool works when the user is logged into an account and requires internet connectivity to use.

Benefits of Bing Ads Intelligence

The main advantage of using Bing Ads Intelligence is that it was designed using information derived from search patterns in Bing search engine. This makes it more appropriate in performing keyword research for the Bing clients.

Some benefits of Bing Ads Intelligence include the following:

Ease of installation – This tool does not require any technical skills to install and immediately introduces a tab in Excel. This application does not affect other functions of the original Excel and can be easily used in keyword researches. 

Easy usage – The Bing Ads Intelligence tool can be used by anyone with basic PPC knowledge and houses enhanced GUI features to help direct users. The descriptions are vivid, links easily navigable and the generated display in a clear readable format. 

Profound research options – The traffic, keyword performance and “more research” options allow users to ponder further on how keywords are typed on the search engine. With Bing Ads Intelligence, one can access a list of keywords relevant for a given webpage. Additionally, one can select a single keyword and request further expansion and ideas in order to facilitate online campaigns. 

Robust menu – The functionality of Bing Ads Intelligence is enormous with several features on the menu such as the campaign button. This allows users to import from other keyword campaigns and use it to formulate better efficient campaigns.


Bing has finally produced an excellent keyword research tool that can be used by online companies to optimize their words thus become more visible. This tool is easy to install and the user friendliness is incredible. It is configured to blend with Microsoft Excel and carries out speedy research as well as analysis.

This feature also helps to monitor keyword campaigns and how other established sites are succeeding in their approaches. Keywords can be mapped and extensions formulated intelligently to create better versions that will be optimized in Bing’s engine. Additionally, relevant keywords from existing sites can be extracted making this tool very efficient in research and online campaigns.

To get started with this new and awesome platform, download it here.


5 Pillars of a Web Presence Management Strategy

Web Presence Management PillarsSince the search algorithm updates in Google the old school SEO techniques have become obsolete. Today, brands can build a very successful online presence only by focusing on the power of great content creation coupled with the influence of social media. This new approach is called Web Presence Optimization. Online companies need to base today on the value of investing in comprehensive web presence management services as a complete solution to help them thrive online.

A successful web presence management strategy should be based on 5 pillars. You can promote and optimize your online brand for recognition, awareness, and better visibility only by focusing on SEO, website optimization, search engine marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing. Therefore the 5 pillars of web presence management should include: Search Marketing (Organic SEO & PPC Advertising); Social Media Marketing; Content Marketing; Reputation Management; Analytics, Performance Tracking & Reporting.

Search Marketing (SEO & PPC)

Most often the web presence management is too complex for a small business to deal with by itself. Hiring the specialized services of a SEO agency is recommended, because only they may have the skills and resources to evolve your online brand presence to the next level.

Unlike traditional forms of web marketing and SEO, web presence optimization and management require a combined synergy of all digital touch points and online marketing channels that have an impact on brand awareness and visibility. Optimizing a brand’s web presence consists, in essence, in building meaningful connection that have the ability to promote lasting exposure in search engine results and sustainable social relationships with existent and potential customers.

Think Big-Picture Web Presence Brand Building

Developing a web presence strategy encompasses much more than just PPC advertising and organic SEO, since it is an evolved approach of web marketing. This new SEO focuses on a more strategic approach to building a strong brand and touching a large online audience. A specialized agency will develop a unique web management program for your company, based on a number of various services.

Each web presence management program includes a rich blend of services that are relevant to the particularities of your business, including conversion rate optimization, search engine optimization, mobile web presence optimization, pay per click optimization, social media marketing, and content marketing and optimization.

Crafting a Uniqe Web Presence Management Program

Your unique web presence management program should focus on creating a content marketing strategy, reach out and establish valuable connection, diversify your content portfolio, produce reader centric content, grow your social following, and engage your audience. This web presence management program will be based on the premise of the target audience, not just the target keyword.

Since your website, even if you are not direct engaged in ecommerce, is a virtual showroom opened 24/7, effective website design and unique content will reflect your brand in a better light. Your audience should engage through on-brand easy to scan style and tone that compels action.

Social media integration is an important aspect of modern marketing that supports your brand. Your website should incorporate social media buttons for the most popular platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Your views engagement and sharing of your content will boost your search engine rankings.

As staple for most web presence management companies, analytics and tools for performance tracking and reporting will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your web presence management strategy and make the necessary corrections if needed. This final pillar is a must for proper web presence management and ensuring all efforts are invested in the right means for adequate returns.


Google Ditches Side Column Ads: Search Marketing News

Among the biggest news that broke a few days ago was Google's adjustment to ditch side column ad placements in its search engine results. The change was initially just a speculation, but Google has now confirmed the change, and it's raising a lot of confusion and question, primarily to search marketers.Google Ditches Side Column Ads

Usually, Google ads are shown on all over a page, i.e., top, bottom and right-hand position depending with the query, which now means that after this move, Google ads will now be shown at the top and/or the bottom of the page.

No More Side Column Ads in Google Search

According to a Search Engine Land post, Google AdWords, the company’s online advertising service, will now be displaying four ads just above organic search result and three additional ads below the search results. However, there are two exceptions, i.e. the PLA (Product Listing Ads) and ads in the knowledge panel which will still be utilizing the right-hand space.

What does this Move mean to search marketers, businesses, and users?

For normal users, there will be no much difference considering that PLAs and Knowledge panels will be utilizing the right-hand space. But for Google Ads consultants, educators, and agencies, there is a lot of speculation on what this might mean, with a lot of postulatinsg that the top paid search is now going to be more expensive and that organic listing will be pushed further off the first SERP.

This decision from Google is commercially driven, and it would be naive to have a different perspective of the move. Their decision comes as a result of continuous testing, and this move is a way of Google trying to provide more relevant results for users and better performance for advertisers, but the question is at what cost?

Impact on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

If you base your PPC advertising strategy on the law of supply and demands, it means that there will be many advertisers competing for fewer positions which mean that the AdWords auction will be more competitive, so expects CPCs (cost per conversion) to go up. If you are brands that value PPC impressions, then this is high time to adapt.

We are more likely going to see increased click through rates as a result of fewer ads and fewer distractions from users, which means, reviewing closely the CTR for your website is now not an option.

Final Thought

Google move to Ditch Side Column Ad Placements means that there is a lot that needs to be done by advertisers. Some may choose to diversify their advertising programs across channels to maintain CPC levels. While this is a sensible action, more focus should also be placed on better advertising moving forward.


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