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Pinterest for Business Blogging

Social media gained prominence in 2006. It has transformed how people interact and share content, as well as how businesses market over the Internet. One of the newest players in the social media world is Pinterest.

Pinterest for Ecommerce Business Blogging

Pinterest is attracting people of all ages, socioeconomic levels, and education levels. The visual bookmarking tool allows people to create theme-based boards where they 'pin' images of things that they find interesting (thus the name). These virtual pin boards become bases around which conversations can revolve.

Pinterest is similar in the sense that it is a bookmarking tool with tagging being the major feature to Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon, and Reddit. This can be beneficial for all types of companies, from retailers to providers of web design. It is changing Peoria web design in a big way in that it is now possible to browse content in a visual, minimalist way. Additionally with Pinterest, it is now possible to meet like-minded individuals and connect with them through the common interests we share.

The Art of Pinterest

The pin boards you create are divided into several themes namely Music & Books, Art, History, Cars & Motorcycles, Architecture, Design, DIY & Crafts, Food & Drink, Gardening, Geek, Education, Film, Hair & Beauty, Holidays and Home décor. Others are My Life, Humor, Kids, Women's Apparel, Outdoors, People, Men's Apparel, Pets, Wedding & Events, Photography, Products, Science & Nature, Print & Posters, Sports, Travel & Places, Technology and Other. Pinterest also features infographics and notes for people to better understand the content that is viewable.

Women are particularly well suited for Pinterest. They can share pictures and form friendships and conversations around such themes as Women's Apparel, Kids, Hair & Beauty, Wedding & Events, Health, Home Décor, Design, DIY & Crafts and Food & Drink. As of January 2012, 70% to 80% of Pinterest were women.

Pinterest has several advantages for ecommerce stores. Being a social bookmarking site, any ecommerce blog that has Pinterest will be optimized for search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) is important in that it leads to a higher ranking in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Being a social media site, Pinterest can help attract a niche market that shares the same interests as your blog. This is particularly important if you are using your blog for ecommerce marketing purposes. Pinterest is easy to use and those who visit your blog will not have a hard time signing up and viewing images.

Human beings are visual creatures and you could therefore use the images to pass your message across a lot better. You can have do-follow links in your images. These will bring you targeted Web traffic and they will help in your SEO campaign. You can include an 'about' page in the website and you can place a link to your blog for greater inbound marketing potential.


How to Promote Professional Services Using Social Media

Social MediaSocial Media is a key tool in promoting businesses online, since it can reach a market of millions of people all over the world. Each social media outlet offers its own features that can help a business gain exposure, and build their clientele. Here are some tips on how to promote a professional business, using the more popular social media sites.


This social media outlet is still in the lead, for having the largest member base. A business can use Facebook to reach over 500 million people, and help expand their global market. A key tip for using Facebook is to consistently have promotions or contests, through the business page. This will entice users to follow and like the business page, thus making your business gain popularity. If you are just starting on Facebook, a great approach to gain popularity fast is to give a product or service away, to the first few viewers that like your page. This will have your business spread rapidly, among users on Facebook.


This picture-sharing outlet was just recently purchased by Facebook; therefore it is quickly growing a large user base. Instagram is generally a mobile application, but users do have access to the site by computer, as well. The best ways to promote a business through Instagram is to upload a picture pertaining to your business, and then choose relevant hash tags to upload the image with. Hash tags help group together pictures of relevancy, and will help you in showcasing your picture to your relevant market.


Pinterest is the new social media outlet, which is quickly gaining popularity among businesses. To use Pinterest for marketing purposes, a business will have to create an account, and post pictures of their products, thus being able to link it back to their online site. To succeed at Pinterest in the marketing sense, it is vital to be social, and comment and like other people’s photos. This is the easiest way to gain followers, and it is important to follow them back as well.


Twitter allows for companies to write a small blurb, which will deliver pertinent information to potential clientele. Twitter also allows for members to make use of the hash tags, hence delivering their blurb to their target market. A tip with Twitter is to be social and follow individuals, who follow your competitors or other businesses, in the same niche. This will help you reach out to your target market, which is interested in your particular product or service.

Google Plus

Google Plus is a new social media outlet, which is quickly on the rise as well. Companies should link all their social media platforms to Google Plus, thus being able to easily find their other followers on Google Plus. Doing this will save much time in trying to build up your fan base on this platform.

About the Author: This guest post is contributed by Zara, a guest blogger from UK. She has written many articles on SEO, Health and finance. Apart from blogging she does research on ppi claims. Catch her @financeport.


3 Tips to Make Your Ecommerce Pinterest Page More SEO-friendly

Pinterest Ecommerce SEOPinterest is a unique ecommerce-valued social media site because of two things: 1) Pinterest pages are highly authoritative in Google search and often rank highly in the organic search results for ecommerce SEO keywords. 2) The majority of users on Pinterest are women who are looking for creative ideas or interesting products.

To take full SEO advantage of your Pinterest page, you can apply some simple SEO techniques to make your page more SEO-friendly. As a result, your ecommerce Pinterest page can indexed better in Google search.

1. Apply Basic Ecommerce SEO to Optimize Your Pinterest Page

First off, when you create a Pinterest page, you can benefit from using your primary keyword as part of the name of the page. It is preferable that you use your company name as part of your Pinterest account name. This will help identify your account and the products and services you offer.

For the Pinterest pinboard, use a keyword related to each of your products or services as the name of the board. Post specific pictures related to the product or service on a regular basis to these boards. Provide ecommerce SEO-centric descriptions to your pins. If your pins are connected to other sites, provide hashtags and labels as well.

Make use of Pinterest's main feature, that of linking the pin to another page. The link will appear as a button below the pin. This will allow you to connect each pin to a marketing page or a landing page on your website.

2. Create Pinboards for Specific Ecommerce Keyword Markets

Aside from keywords for product pinboards, you should also use other keywords in naming pinboards for specific target markets. In some instances, a pin might be in both the product and the target market pinboard. This focuses pins towards the followers with a specific need. Knowing your followers and segregating them according to their reasons for following your pins would mean that you might post pins for both levels.

Think of it as a sub-leveling for your pins. This creates a matrix for your Pinterest ecommerce social media marketing strategy. This also allows having a product marketed in different ways for different market segments. For marketing persons, this market segmentation allows for different approaches, marketing copy and blurbs. This approach has been shown to be an effective ecommerce marketing strategy, which results in a significant sales increase.

3. Stay Active & Update Your Boards

Keeping a pinboard active and updated is not that hard. Like other methods of online marketing, you have to keep things updated. This keeps your followers updated of your products. It also keeps your Pinterest presence live and indexed on search engines.

If you have a posting flow, you should connect your Pinterest account to other social networking sites. Keeping things alive, your followers would keep on checking your boards for new pins. When posting to Pinterest, it should be second nature to share your pins. This will allow more coverage, and it would reach a wider audience. If you have posts in Instagram, Flickr or Tumblr, you can post these on Pinterest and then link to your website's product page. This linking would make your website more visible on search results.

Even if you don't have a new product or service, you can still post new pins. If you have a blog, you can have a screen capture of a snippet or excerpt and post this on Pinterest. Or you can have old pictures posted on your blog's latest post, and then link this to Pinterest. It is up to you how you want to update your boards. But keep them updated.


10 Awesome Places to Make Your Content Marketing More Impactful

Content Marketing TrafficThe Internet has become a boiling pot for content and there are many ways for you to leverage the content you create in your website. Through the use of engaging copy, rich snippets, link bait, and creative images, let's see the top 10 places that will help make a tsunami of web traffic flood to your site.


You can build traffic easily with a free account at Pinterest. You can post relevant and attractive pictures to your industry and make possible readers come to you. Pinterest is very intuitive and you can post pictures which will entice users that seek your products or your type of content to click through to your website.

This service allows companies and websites to create infographics which offer an amazing visual appeal. make these shareable across the web and cause visitors to become interested in knowing who the creator of a particular infographic was. This is where your chance for extra traffic comes in.

Blog Engage

Blog Engage site allows you to share your content through blog posts. Simply select a category of interest, and post it so that it is found by your target audience.


This is an amazing service which you can use PowerPoint or any other slideshow presentation software to turn your content into live presentations. You can either include all of your content in them or just some very interesting parts in order to make users click through to your website or product page. The best of all is that creating an account on SlideShare is free.


This social site was already a powerhouse even before Facebook bought, now imagine after that. Just like Pinterest, Instagram users are able to share amazing pictures of anything they like. They also offer an image editing software that's top of the industry. You can cause your users to click through amazing pictures you post, they can comment on them, re-share them and most especially, click through to your website.


This is another social network, where you can create a free account to share your content. Leverage your site's presence by increasing the number of followers, sharing content and having it re-shared and much more. StumbleUpon is a powerful social network to boost your Internet traffic.

LinkedIn Groups

Within the LinkedIn social networks, it is possible to leverage your internal connections through the use of groups. Website owners share content that is relevant to their niche and see how their user base engages the content and clicks through to their website. LinkedIn Groups is an amazing way to create free content to your website.


Triberr is another place for you to increase your social presence. You can quickly have your content shared by many bloggers and people that like it on Triberr.


This site is free to use and functions more like a newsfeed type of site. Share content on Reddit that is relevant to news topics and find a way to link to your main topic or niche.

Google+ Communities

For all those that remember what it was to have a group at Orkut, and for all major Facebook Page and Communities users, Google+ Communities is another similar product which packs a strong punch. Easily share your content, have it re-shared, commented and bring a lot of traffic into your website.

These are the top 10 sites we have found and that we hope you can use to hone your online presence, bring in a lot of free traffic and increase your website's power.


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