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A Business Guide on QR Codes Applications

QR codes are modern 2D barcodes that are readable by most smartphones. Their value in modern business applications is high, but their usage is scattered as businesses are yet to understand how well to utilize them. Nevertheless, if you can embrace them effectively, your business would enjoy expandable benefits.

QR codes are essentially links that can take a smartphone user to just about any webpage, coupon or promotion. Below we highlight some of the most effective applications that your business can utilize QR codes.

Curiosity Pull

Since it is a new technology to most people, using them would create curiosity, which might captivate people into scanning them and hence land into your page. You can further spur interest by adding images or using them in multiple applications such as business cards, t-shirts and on other applications. QR code promotions are great way to market that offers endless creativity.

Social Sharing

Since QR codes can be used as links, or URLs, you can utilize them to post special offers to individuals once they scan them on the social networks. This would expand your market, as people would tweet their friends and hence expand your business visibility.

Tracking Print Media Marketing

You can embrace the QR codes to track the effectiveness of your offline marketing. You only need to create a tracking URL and then embed it in the QR code. Although it is not going to be a perfect measurement, it would give you an overview performance of your offline mobile marketing efforts.

You can also utilize the codes to help give your customers get discounts and give away in online store by scanning the code in your offline stores. You can find several tools to create effective codes for your marketing plans. Nevertheless, not all products are effective and worth your efforts.

Email List Segmentation

This is one of the most recent business applications and thus, majority of people who would sign up using this application are highly experimental in email marketing. They are also likely to be highly involved in social media and thus, you can utilize QR codes to drive traffic into your social marketing.

QR Code Software Review: QR Hacker

One of the major QR creator tool is QR Hacker. The tool is available for download from major downloading sites freely. It is compatible with Linux, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 7, and Macintosh OS X. The requirements for this application are internet connection and flash-enabled web browser.

This tool helps you to create Flash based web applications that enables you to encode URL, arbitrary text, VCard, phone number and WiFi access for Android devices. The tool allows you to pick the data that you prefer to use and then fill the data you want the code to contain. Once you input the information, you then click on the large Generate button for your code to pop up on the screen. The tool is designed to ease your creation process and give you flexible options.

The tool further makes it possible to change the background color, foreground color and round off pixels. You can also import logos and place them at the middle of the code. The tool is also designed to ease your code management. This is because you can save the code in PDF or image file. It is however necessary to ensure security of your customers by avoiding risky redirecting websites.


Are QR Codes a Dying Mobile Marketing Tool?

QR Codes Mobile Marketing The Quick Response Code, also known as the QR code, was created in 1994 by Denso Corporation. This is a two dimensional code that is much easier to read than the conventional Universal Product Code. In addition to this, QR codes can store much more information.

For the first fifteen years, these QR codes were mostly used in warehouses as well as factories. However, with the advent of smart phones and applications enabling QR code reading, advertisers saw a way of expanding their use.

Businesses can now embed URLs into these codes enabling users to simply take a picture of the tag then visit the website without having to literally type the address. More text and data has started being incorporated into the codes making them all the more useful in day to day life.

Problems with QR Codes

However, as much as these QR codes are being used by all and sundry, there are some problems that have cropped up with their efficiency. When used in the right manner, these QR codes can segment markets efficiently for businesses. For example, someone dealing in real estate could opt to use a variety of tags so as to establish which mediums are driving the public’s interest.

However, with the QR codes, one will be directed to a mobile web browser, which means the agent loses the most important information of all; the prospective client’s contact details.

This is unfortunate considering that any person using these QR codes has access to a connected cell phone and they are looking to engage with the product that is being sold. A simpler option of sending a mobile message will direct the potential client to text a given code to a particular number, which would be more effective.

Below are just some of the mobile issues with QR codes:

Errors made by users. For a majority of the people that have the ability of doing so, scanning these codes is still not all that easy. Smartphones should have an application installed. The chances that a user will think to install this application the minute they come across a QR code is quite minimal.

Most often, the user will choose to do so later. For those that already have smartphones that have the app installed, scanning the code takes several steps and this can be quite confusing especially if you are not accustomed to doing so. This results in user errors.

Programming errors. With most businesses trying to rake in profits from this technology, you will find that it is being integrated in the most irrelevant places. These will not reach the target audience.

In addition, if a company does not have a mobile friendly website, they may need to invest in mobile web design services. We suggest consulting the central Illinois experts in mobile web design, for they offer highly flexible and affordable mobile web design services.

Technologies that are more efficient. One of the biggest mobile competitors of QR codes, which stands the chance of replacing it is Augmented Reality Codes. Others include Near Field Communications as well as Radio Frequency Identification.

These hold much promise, as they do not require a line of sight while the QR codes should be read. Retro Voice option is another technology that is gaining a following as all one has to do is speak directly to your handset to perform a voice activated search. This mobile app development project might seriously change the ways of how QR codes function.


Tips to Prepare Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

Mobile MarketingMobile marketing has become extremely valuable due to the ever-rising number of mobile users. Additionally, many people are now doing their online shopping and price comparing on mobile phones.

Whether your a local service provider or an enterprise-level ecommerce store, mobile marketing can offer a number of benefits for all types of companies. Below are some tips to help you get started on creating a mobile marketing strategy.

Understand your current mobile presence

Before you even decide to channel your finances into mobile marketing, it is important to find out your current mobile web presence. What does your mobile search traffic look? How well do people engage with your website on a mobile device?

In addition to these elements, you also need to know about the potential traffic that is generated through mobile devices. Having these figures will help you to determine the amount of resources you should invest in the mobile marketing campaign and the kind of returns to expect.

Devise a suitable budget

Secondly, you need to know how much you will allocate to this mobile marketing campaign. As soon as you know your search volume, you can easily prioritize on the most critical aspects of the campaign that need a proper budget. Remember that the kind of money you set aside for mobile marketing should be realistic. Make sure it is in line with the number of mobile users you are targeting.

Come up with a proper campaign structure

You also need to structure your campaign well so that it becomes easier to evaluate performance and control your budget. For instance, you can divide the mobile marketing campaign into different campaigns based on the type of mobile device being used. For instance, you can have different campaigns for tablet users and other smart phone users. When you divide your campaign based on the device used, you will be able to concentrate on the needs of different mobile users.

Integrate the distinct demands of the mobile user

When establishing your mobile marketing campaign, you have to keep in mind that the mobile user has very distinct demands. For instance, the mobile user is always in transit. It can be impossible to capture the zip codes or city names of this user. As a marketer, you must ensure that there are additional features on the site that make it easier to close a sale.

For instance, you can decide to be sending your mobile users some coupons or quotes directly to their phones. These considerations will help you determine the level of mobile website optimization you need to invest in to cater to your users' needs.

Consider the position of ads which appear on mobile devices

Remember that, unlike the desktop or laptop computers, mobile phones have a smaller interface and ads may not appear in the same order. For instance, when performing a Google search on mobile, you will realize that only 5 ads appear. Two of these ads will appear on the first page above the organic results. You must try and bid very important keywords on these two ads.

With the increase in use of mobile devices, you must ensure that you invest in an effective mobile marketing strategy. You should take your time to decide on the amount of resources you need to invest in this campaign. The tips mentioned above will help you to kick start your search and succeed.


Next-Level Mobile Advertising: AdWords Unveils "Call-Only" Ads

AdwordsA new type of ad known as Call-Only ads has been included in the Google AdWords user interface. In short, the new Call-Only ads are a giant step toward making mobile-specific PPC ad creation simpler.

AdWords Call-Only ads have been crafted specifically for smartphones and mobile devices in order to let advertisers create a text ad that only allows for a phone call. It is just like an update to the old Click-to-call mobile ads that required to be set up through a call extension.

Implementing Call-Only Ads into Your PPC Strategy

These ads can be chosen during the ad creation process. To create a Call-only ad, the user is required to provide a Business name, Phone Number, a descriptive text, a display URL and according to Google, a new feature, i.e an optional verification URL. One can choose to use their own number or a Google forwarding number. Also, an option to count calls as conversions is available.

After entering all the ad information, the URL and phone call tracking, the user will have an ad that will drive calls instead of driving traffic to their site. URL’s will help to show which users are calling, and when the ad is clicked, the number is loaded on the smartphone of the searcher. The advertiser is charged whenever a click occurs. This new version is undoubtedly a great time saver for the advertisers.

Effectiveness of Mobile Advertising

Call Only Mobile AdsMobile search and mobile advertising has become an integral part of everyone's life. According to Google Mobile Ads, about 61% smartphone users make searches on their phones every day and are increasingly willing to share their location to get relevant services and prefer mobile devices to desktop for viewing content.

With the ability of businesses and advertisers to deliver their word to the location or requirement of the consume, mobile ads have a huge impact on the click patterns of mobile consumers, specially in order to generate responses to promote their local business and build customers.


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