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3 Absolute Essentials for SEO-friendly Mobile Websites

SEO-friendly Mobile WebsitesThere's no doubt that mobile-based search is taking storm. In fact, analyst project mobile search to exceed that of traditional PC and laptop-based search in coming years.

So in addition to ensuring your website is SEO-friendly, it should also be mobile-friendly. In this post, we share three essentials to ensure your website is well-suited for mobile SEO.

1. Retain a SEO-friendly Web Design

A mobile web design needs to be as simply and user-friendly as possible. This often entails the use of more buttons and graphics (as opposed to text-heavy pages, which is preferred for SEO.)

This a major trade-off for SEO. It's critical to have the website as user-friendly as possible given the limited screen space. But it's still important to make the website keyword relevant (which is traditionally achieved via text-based content.)

To ensure your mobile web design is SEO-friendly and keyword relevant, you'll want to keyword optimize the images and graphics you use to make the site more efficient for users. These optimization process takes place before actually uploading media to the mobile website.

For instance, you'll want to name the image or graphic with respect to your keyword targets. In addition, open-up the image properties and keyword optimize the tags, sub-title, description, and comments. This will help you retain the SEO value of your mobile website when precious text is sacrificed.

2. Make Use of Custom Mobile Apps

Although mobile apps are not crawled and indexed by search engines, they can provide an exceptional user experience and can facilitate conversions.

The fact of the matter is conversion rate optimization (CRO) is equally important as SEO. In short, getting traffic to your mobile website is only half the battle. Converting traffic is the other half.

By developing a custom mobile app for your mobile website, you can leverage an interactive platform that takes SEO out of the equation. Yes, you read that correctly. Take SEO out of your CRO strategy with a mobile app. This will enable you and your marketing team to focus your SEO efforts on the mobile home page (and inside pages) without stressing about CRO.

This can be very advantageous when doing ecommerce SEO for a mobile website. Because ecommerce sites can have hundreds and thousands of product pages, it can be cumbersome to ensure each of these pages is SEO-friendly for mobile. A mobile app can be your shopping center, while the mobile site is itself is the hub to funnel traffic to app.

In addition to offering ideal ecommerce SEO solutions, custom mobile apps can beneficial for local businesses too. Take some time to brainstorm, and get creative with you marketing team. A mobile app can be costly, but the returns can be wealthy.

3. Integrate Social Media Icons

Integrating social media icons might not seem like an SEO-friendly tip for your mobile website, but it truly is. Social signals (e.g. +1's, likes, shares, tweets, pins, etc.) are now an important ranking factor that can add significant SEO value to your content.

For this reason, you should not only include social media icons on your website (to promote more followers,) but also include "social sharing" icons on you articles, blog posts, and/or products to make it more efficient for users to share and socially engage with your content (racking-up the social signals.)

Having a strong social media following is a powerful asset for SEO. Social media marketing and engagement should be a top priority for both your standard website and your mobile website. Integrating social media icons into your company's mobile web design is surely an essential step in the right direction.


Top 9 Mobile SEO Apps for iOS and Android

Mobile SEO Apps With the number of mobile users always increasing, it's important to ensure a website is properly optimized for mobile devices.

In this blog post, we highlight nine mobile SEO apps which are divided into two categories: iphone (iOS) mobile SEO apps and android mobile SEO apps. These apps can help you with the mobile optimization of your website.

iOS Mobile SEO Apps

Raven tools

This is one of the most popular mobile SEO apps and it is commonly used for Apple products. It is very advanced and detailed which is why it is quite popular. This application can be obtained by paying for an account with the Raven or downloading the free version. The free version has limited features but you can still be able to enjoy analytics to measure your ROI and track your performance on social media.


This mobile app is perfect for people who want to know how other web pages are ranking across the web. The Apple app which costs $1.99 will help you to analyze the competition and different web pages so that you can maximize on guest blogging opportunities. The good thing about this app is that it gives results in a very SEO-friendly mobile design. You can send all these results to your colleagues through email.


The application only costs $1.99 and it can be used to collect data from different sources. However, if you currently use different services for data collection then this could be a wise investment to make.


This Apple app also costs $1.99 but is a bit more complex than most of the ones mentioned. It is highly recommended for people who have prior knowledge in SEO because of this complexity. The good thing about it is that it has lots of information about specific webpages. You can get information regarding the backlinks, authority and anchor texts of different webpages by just typing in their URLs.

SEO Automatic

The most unique thing about this mobile App is that, other than offering information regarding your site, it also gives you recommendations on what needs to be done using the info you just gathered. It is a great product for business or firm owners who have little or no experience in SEO apps.

Android SEO Apps


This mobile app can really help you in keyword research. If you type in a phrase or word, the application will give you a list of search results and the competing keywords or phrases.

SEO SiteRank and SiteRank Lite

This kind of app can be obtained at a fee or you can get the free version. The unique thing about it is that, it allows users to get valuable details about Pagerank and/or Alexa rank whenever you are browsing.

SEO keyword checker

This mobile application is absolutely free and helps you to conduct a complete analysis of the keywords you use on your webpage. You can learn about the keyword density and placement on your webpage with the help of this app.

SEO stats

Was one of the most common mobile apps for SEO, you can know your current position on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. It gives you a lot of information regarding your place on social networking pages.

Do you use any certain mobile SEO apps for your website optimization? Let us know in the comments section below.


5 Benefits of Local Small Business SEO

Peoria SEO CompanyLocal Small Business SEO offers a wealth of benefits beyond the obvious of earning higher rankings and getting more leads and customers. If you're unsure about the value that local SEO has for your small business, here is a list of some benefits of local small business SEO.

1. Local Brand Building/Greater Visibility

When local SEO properly used, can easily attract so many people from various local areas, hence rank very fast and high up the results of search engine for that given area. If you decide to optimize for Washington DC, for instance, then you are definitely competing with the rest of other business in Washington DC in terms of search engine results. Typically, since real estate offered to the local results, especially in Google at the best level, deciding to use traditional PPC and SEO simply means missing this real estate benefits. You can get an amazing traffic to your small business by well placing local rankings.

2. Authenticity

The majority of users view the local listings in Facebook and Google+ pages as very authentic compared to traditional organic results. This is because of the address verification, map, videos, images, and customer reviews, which usually accompany small business pages. In fact, trust comes at a premium online, which is an avenue, where most small businesses fail to make it since it requires a lot of determination, dedication, and patience.

3. Immediate Conversions

This is yet another advantage of local SEO for small businesses. Conversion rates for those prospects searching on the local terms can tend to be much higher than the national terms. The geographic proximity randomly increases the odds, which a local searcher will easily click through to access the business’s site.

4. Use of Mobile App

The most convenient new yellow page currently is the Smartphone. For those businesses who want to be easily located by potential visitors can use local map listings. Ignoring local SEO and then using a traditional SEO services can altogether keep you in the mobile game. As upcoming and small business, paying more attention to the upcoming launch of Apple Maps and having a mobile friendly version of your site, which is more readable on most of small factor gadgets. You can also consider the value of mobile app development has for you business.

5. Ease of Use/ Attracts more Qualified & Potential Visitors

Generally, local SEO is the easiest and cheapest method for small business to use in order to secure their presence on the world of internet. With it, you can begin by claiming it, then verify it and finally, build up your presence in Yahoo, Bing, and Google+.

Also, engage the audience in the social media who are already discussing or searching for your category within your geographical area. Most people really love supporting local business, particularly the small ones and it’s therefore important to capitalize on this great opportunity. Whenever possible, you can direct individuals to your local pages and even ask for customer reviews about it. There are many local small business SEO resources available, so educate yourself on what to look for in a service provider.

Conclusively, several small business owners seem to be intimidated by the internet marketing. However, the online rules changes quickly and rapidly and to some extent, the barriers to your entry may become high as well. Lastly, local SEO is the only option for all small businesses that are looking for an easy and cheap path on the internet.


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