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Google HummingbirdLast month, Google launched a new search algorithm called as the "Hummingbird." The introduction of this new algorithm update marked the end of a 12-year hiatus wherein the updates of Panda and Penguin showed only minor changes in search results.

Hummingbird, however, is not only an update, but rather a completely new manner in which the search engine will now process a query. Furthermore, this new algorithm update will reshape how organic SEO experts and companies view thier SEO best practices.

What is New in Hummingbird?

With the previous algorithm, a Google search for some specific query or keyword generated results that were a literal translation of the typed words. Using this method, the Google search engine skimmed through billions of pages of data to bring out results most closely related to the keywords.

With the new algorithm, Google now attempts to understand the intent of the query typed to produce more specific results. The search engine is now focusing more on the individual intent rather than individual words or search terms. The algorithm, which is semantic based, pays more attention to every word in the query and tries to ensure that the whole meaning and intent of the conversation is taken into account. Thus, the results that are then obtained are better because the pages match with the meaning or intent of the query.

One of the major reasons why this new algorithm will work is because it is attempting to be in tandem with the way queries are now posted. People looking for information via a Google search through voice searches in mobile phones tend to ask more sophisticated and also complicated questions. Hummingbird is aimed to target such long and dense questions. In simple words, the focus is now more on answers to a question rather than just results.

Hummingbird's Influence on SEO's

As many organic SEO experts have noted, search marketers will be directly influenced with the new algorithm, although maybe not so immediately. With the focus now shifting on user intent, the typical organic SEO company or independent search marketing expert will now have to form content for user engagement (which is not based completely on keywords like the past.)

Now, SEO's best practices should focus more on:

  • Queries, needs and problems posed. Focus on delivering the answer and provide solutions.
  • To identify the intent of the user, engaging with them on social media platforms will provide valuable clues.
  • Understand the idea behind the new Google algorithm and align themselves with new process of handling queries and searches.

Google officials say that SEO experts need keep a few things top of mind, such as: high quality content that is original, shareable, linkable and engaging have nothing to worry about. The basic signals that were important in the past continue to retain their importance.

In short, based on the way Google will now handle queries and data, organic SEO experts will have to focus more on the intent and less on the keyword.


A Review of Matt Cutts Keynote Speech at PubCon 2013

Matt Cutts, head of Google's webspam team, has been in the headlines lately in regards to the latest Penguin 2.1 update. It was at Las Vegas' PubCon 2013 that Cutts brought us all up-to-date on Google's plans for further development.

There are some fresh changes and updates that Matt Cutts proudly unveiled. Among the most important were the use of Knowledge Graph, Voice Search, Conversational Search, Google Now and Deep Learning.

Google is developing its knowledge on not just what we search but how we search. For example, Deep Learning concentrates on the relationships between words and tackles conversational questions used when searching.

Matt Cutts also spoke about the core quality changes to Hummingbird, Panda Softening, Detecting Boosting Authorities and Smartphone Ranking. Hummingbird will develop to concentrate on the content of a search request whilst Panda Softening will continue to be developed to bring some sites and content back.

Detecting/Boosting Authorities will be of interest to webmasters as this will recognise sites that have deep and specialised knowledge in other words become authorities within their fields. One disappointing feature of Smartphone ranking is that it still doesn't have flash but no mention from Matt regarding if this would change in the future. Whilst there has been quite a bit of discussion on the web regarding the effects Penguin 2.1 have had for webmasters it does look as though there will be further updates to Penguin to come.Whilst the aren't functioning that greatly right now, Query Algorithms will be targeting porn and payday loans sites to achieve better results. 

Advertorials and Native Advertising also came under the spotlight with Google cracking down on those selling adverts that blend with content and 'dofollow' links. Whilst they may have their work cut out Google's monitoring of Spam Networks is progressing and they will be going through a list of spam networks listed that they will be investigating.

In the way that Google communicates with webmasters, Matt Cutts is pleased that Google continues to increase communication with helpful videos to show webmasters examples and methods to prevent malware and hacking and setting out best practice guidelines.

Google's main aim has always been to provide information for the globe and they will continue to give answers to specific queries. They are not going to ignore the growing mobile searchers either and encourage those that haven't already, to develop their websites for mobile users.

It certainly seems that Matt Cutts and the team at Google will continue to move things forward and with many developments on their way there should be a more content relevant search facility for all users.


How Google's Hummingbird Will Soon Resonate With Social Signals

Google HummingbirdThe look of search engine optimization, or SEO, started out being heavily dependent upon keywords and the research of the effectiveness of the keywords. However, the effectiveness of SEO is taking an industry and user-friendly turn for the better (for users, that is.)

The results on the query page for using search engines will now be impacted heavily by social signals. It is not often that technology and the users are completely on the same page; however, when it comes to the impact of the proper social signals on the results of search engine queries, the public will be thrilled with the technological advancements with the use of Google’s hummingbird algorithm.

Social Signals' impact on SEO

Hummingbird is a tool that is going to take social media signals and their positive impact on SEO to the next level. People will be able to benefit greatly from the convenience of more logical results, the better relevance of the items that are populated on the front page of the results from the SEO, and even the time saving effects of not having to sift through irrelevant results based on keyword stuffing.

If you are getting tired of irrelevant results due to keyword stuffing on articles, then you are going to love the way the future looks with the implementation of Google’s hummingbird and its optimization of SEO with social signals. The social signals that people give when sifting through results will help to add points to pages that are populated on the results page of a search engine inquiry.

Now users will be able to view a more logical presentation of results on the page that is populated from performing a search engine inquiry. This means that there will be a complete annihilation of the potential for users to sit and click on each and every link that is presented in an unsure attempt to hopefully find a solution for the inquiry.

Optimizing Search Quality and Searcher Efficiency

This can be an extremely difficult waste of time for people to have to suffer through. Furthermore, while this is an inconvenience for people who are searching on his or her own personal time, it is even more difficult for companies that utilize the search engine results as a part of operations.

Companies can end up wasting a significant amount of money on the time that is spent sifting through the results page of a search engine inquiry. With Google’s Hummingbird solution, the algorithm will help to stop companies and websites from providing poor information and results through the soul use of keyword stuffing, and start leveraging social media for SEO.

Now with Google’s Hummingbird solution, companies and individuals are going to be able to take advantage of the fact that there is convenience of more logical results, the better relevance of the items that are populated on the front page of the results from the SEO, and even the time saving effects of not having to sift through irrelevant results based on keyword stuffing.

The consideration of social signals will help to make the results on the search engine results more streamlined, effective, and efficient for companies and individuals alike.


The Advantages of Ecommerce SEO Services for Online Store Owners

Ecommerce SEO ServicesInvesting in professional ecommerce SEO services can significantly increase the likelihood that your online store website will rank higher in search engines (link Bing, Yahoo and Google). Creative ecommerce SEO strategies are particularly important after implementation of Google hummingbird which has killed many common practices offered by SEO service providers.

How has Google Hummingbird Shaped Ecommerce SEO Services?

Google Hummingbird is essentially tailored to help users easily find exactly what they are looking for by diminishing the rankings of over-optimized websites (that have used ecommerce SEO techniques that have once been quite effective.)

Although many argue that this marks the death of SEO, one only has re-shaped the approach of quality ecommerce SEO services. By using and understanding the rationale behind successful SEO service program, your online store can most definitely thrive by working with a credible ecommerce SEO company.

The Primary Advantages of Ecommerce SEO Services

If you're an online store owner or marketer interested in working with an ecommerce SEO company, you can realize the following advantages of quality services.

  • Ecommerce SEO services enables you to strategically position your online store's products niche(s) for long term performance. Once you put in place a well designed and appropriately SEO optimized online store in place, you can better convert organic search traffic.
  • Targeted traffic - if you are looking for a great and cost-efficient way to build a new customer base and increase the number of visitors from your already existing markets, ecommerce SEO services can be the ideal key to success. With good ecommerce SEO practices and strategies, your websites ranks high on the search result page. This means your business is visible to the billions of customers across the globe.
  • Target traffic – well-meditated ecommerce SEO strategies enable you to bring in traffic that is genuinely interested in your products. For example, by incorporating social media optimization strategies, you are able to reach out to millions and millions of people who are actively looking for the products you are offering.
  • Increase your profits – As we have already said, SEO gives way to increased traffic. By using appropriate strategies such as content creations, promotions and contests, you can easily turn these individuals to actual customers. This has a thrilling effect on your ROI.
  • Increased sales – of course, if you are the type of people who get thrilled by making sales; ecommerce SEO is for you. It ensures that your products are visible to the entire global population meaning your will enjoy more sales.

With quality ecommerce SEO services from reputable companies like Click Centric SEO you immediately commence seeing positive results within just a matter of days. However, optimal effect will be witnessed commencing the 3rd month. So, the wait is actually not that long. What more, most organic SEO strategies are behind the scene activities and so, nothing noticeable happens on your existing website.

If you're interested in an ecommerce SEO audit search for certain service providers who offer these great programs. You can then learn the strengths and weaknesses of your online store and how to best construct your company's ecommerce SEO strategy.


Precise Keyword Targeting No More for AdWords PPC Advertisers?

Google AdWordsGoogle has recently announced that starting late September 2014, PPC advertisers using AdWords will be left with no ability to de-select close variants for keyword targeting. Previously, PPC advertisers could opt-out from having their ads displayed with close variant searches, but it seems that all campaigns will now include them.

One of the advantages of exact and phrase match was the ability to track when a searcher used a specific phrase that triggered an ad. This will not be possible anymore in the new all-variant AdWords.

What Close Variants Means to PPC Advertisers

Close variants are a feature of Google AdWords that allow matching of keywords on close iterations or on misspellings. The tool is useful for those who want to save time, not miss important queries, and gather more coverage. Until now every advertising campaign with Google AdWords has this setting on by default, but it was possible to be turned off on the campaign settings page.

Some campaigns have currently this setting turned off in order to save some money on PPC advertising. They prefer to know on what keywords they are spending their ad budget on. If their budget is constrained, by turning off the setting for close variants advertisers have an opportunity for a lower cost click.

The problem with automatic close variants is that many matches may be only close in spelling, but very different in meaning. For advertisers who enjoy having full control over their campaigns the announcement of Google is not good news. It will not be possible anymore to know exactly where the ads are displayed by Google.

No More Precision Keyword Targeting

That option for precision will be unfortunately removed in late September. Removing the ability to opt out of close variants affects the ability of strict targeting. Advertisers will lose the possibility to instruct Google to spend on specific terms.

The consequence of this change in the way Google AdWords will work from September is that those users who preferred to not use close variants will likely have more work to do. They will have to cut analyze the keyword ?details’ reports in order to evaluate the spending on variants.

PPC advertisers will also have to add many more negative keywords and they will not be able to use anymore those old exact match ad campaigns. Those advertisers who will want to bid differently on singular versus plural will need to create multiple ad groups and negative out the opposite plurality.

However, the change will also have some benefits. Those who used to opt off from close variants will be forced now to stop chasing exact matches with lower efficiency and start focus on the big picture. They will migrate from tactics to strategy. And it is well known that it is the strategy that can drive the bigger profits.

For example, just from landing page optimization the gains can be three or even five times more. A top ad copy can bring six times more gains. The change in AdWords will force advertisers to focus on these strategic means of driving up profits instead of basing their advertising campaigns on exact matches and compiling excessive keyword lists. The recent Hummingbird Google update already pushed a shift towards a "keywordless" world and a more object based advertising campaigns.


The Future of Keyword Optimization for SEO in 2015

Website Optimization CompanySearch engines like Google are still punishing websites for the obvious overuse of keywords, and this does not seem to be ceasing. The future of the SEO, in turn, appears to continuously be moving toward punishing sites that sacrifice exceptional content for redundant keyword usage (still thinking keyword stuffing will yield better rankings.)

Over the past decades, SEO has become an increasingly popular form of Internet marketing, but the tide seems to be turning towards incredible content being a better marketing tool in the upcoming year.

Signs that Keywords are Losing Significance

Google’s one two punch that has been delivered by Panda and Penguin updates has brought some changes to SEO. Panda, in particular, has “cracked down” on low quality content as well as “content farms”. Whereas Penguin waged war on keyword stuffing, scheme links and other tactics. This is forcing marketers to provide valuable and useful content instead of a visual vegetable soup of keywords.

The in-depth article search has also chipped away at SEO. This type of search is geared towards bringing longer-form, high quality content to the surface of search engines. This has been around since 2013 and has yet to go away. Higher quality content has its place, and it appears to be grower as the New Year approaches.

Also released in 2013 was Hummingbird, which essentially made Google searches more human. No longer were inquiries based on single [keywords] but by sentences. Just as a human would ask a question and require its answer, Google could search based on that as well. No longer did a person have to rely on the luck of choosing the right word query to find what they were looking for.

Google itself has also decided to hide keyword data from its Analytics. Even Google knows that keywords are not that important in order to determine keyword content for clients.

Search Intent

Through the years, Google has made adjustments to its search engines due to the habits and wants of the public. That is why, currently, Google tries to match the intent of the search instead of keywords. This doesn’t necessarily mean the end of SEO, but it does indicate a decrease in the need of heavy keyword usage.

Until search engines can read minds, there will be a place for keywords, but only when combined with quality content. Moving forward into the New Year, SEO marketers should shift their focus to creating better content. Now better content does not mean that a keyword or two cannot be added, it just means that keywords do not have to be the only thing that consumers read. The focal point is changing from thin content to meaty and worthwhile.

Be prepared for the upcoming changes in the world of SEO. It’s not important to have one word listed 8-10 times, it is now important to give people something worth taking time out of their day to read.


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