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Google+ Local Pages Merge with Google+ Business Pages (FAQ)

Some people may know that Google Places Pages are now referred to as Google+ Local Pages. In addition to this, these pages are now integrated into Google’s new social media network.

However, most businesses do not know that they can now merge their Google+ business page to the local listing that they already had. Here are some of the things that you should know about these changes.

1. Google+ business page vs. Google+ local page: What is the difference?

The Google+ business page is technically a social media profile for your company. It is interactive with customers as you can post content and updates which can be viewed by people that follow your business. This content can also turn-up in search results performed by people who use Google+.

The Google+ Local page is a listing that is integrated into the search results. Not only does it carry basic information about the company, but it also includes its physical location, contact information, hours of business and more.

2. Which types of businesses can merge these pages?

All local businesses that previously had a local listing can now choose to either merge their Google+ business page or create a new classified page and merge that with their Google+ listing. It is important to note that these business pages are classified into the following: product, brand or company; arts, entertainment or sports; institution or organization. Non local business pages do not have the capability of currently merging their pages.

3. Is it necessary to merge the pages?

It is not mandatory to merge your pages but by doing so you have a variety of new tools that will enable your Google+ listing to be all the more dynamic. This makes your page much more engaging to people who visit it. In addition to that, merging the pages ensures that your listing shows up in Google search results as well as in Google+ searches. This increases your online presence and also provides a lot more information to current as well as potential clients.

Google+ Local Pages Merge with Google+ Business Pages

Users will get to see information about your business, as well as the content that you post. Merging your pages is also a convenient option for you as you now get the chance to monitor these pages from one location which is known as the Google+ Pages admin page.

4. So how do I get started?

To begin with, you would require a personal profile on Google+ that is associated to your email address. This profile is what will be used in the creation of your Google+ business page. Once this is done, log into the account and select “pages”. You will then get to a section named “manage your pages”.

Here you can choose to create a new page or choose the page you would like to manage. Next you should follow the prompts that come up to either create a new business page or to begin merging the existing pages that you have. Once you have verified everything, you will receive a postcard from Google for you to confirm the address on the listing. After confirmation you can then begin setting up the new page and updating content.

Whether or not your company is fully engaged with social media marketing, it's important (at least for SEO and general web marketin purposes) that you business respects Google+. Read our blog post on how to attract more Google+ followers to learn more.


Tips for Creating Your Business's Google Plus Page

Business Google Plus PageIt is important for a business profile in any social networking page to stand out for the right reasons. Google Plus is one social networking platform that's highly important when it comes to proper creation and optimization.

The initial stages of creating your Google Plus profile will involve proper planning. Every business has specific needs which can be considered when creating a profile on Google Plus. It explains why Google Plus has five categories which you can choose from.

Depicting the Google Plus Categories

The category for local businesses and organizations was designed for those businesses with a distinct physical address. It is the perfect category for hotels, restaurants, or any brick and mortar establishment since you are allowed to enter the location, phone number and even hours of operation to allow clients locate the business easily.

The brand or product category is ideal for businesses which sell apparel, cars, electronics as well as financial services. It is recommended in case your business has a number of products which require separate pages. If you sell different items in multiple locations then this category will allow you to market your products using the right features.

The company, institution or organization category is ideal for businesses which do not sell specific products to consumers directly. It is recommended if the Google Plus business page relates to the entire business. On the other hand, it is advised to consider the category for arts, entertainment or sports if the Google Plus page is for football clubs, artists or even bands. Ideally, such businesses host multiple events from time to time and will need to update posts on a regular basis.

In case you feel like your business page does not fit in any category mentioned above, you can still select the ‘other’ option. This option is recommended for businesses which have just started out and do not know exactly what they are.

Populating the Google Plus Page

After choosing the ideal category, it is important for you to enter content on your profile with much consideration. Every element in Google Plus is there to give clients an impression of your business. To begin with, selecting the right profile or business name is important since it is what other people will be tagged whenever your business is mentioned in their posts. Bear in mind that there are certain policies to guide your choice of name and how often you can change it.

The tagline is important since it describes your page whenever someone shares it. Make sure that these 10 words or less, will give the right impression to your visitors. It is important to keep the tagline relevant with proper choice of keywords. When you are filling out the ‘about’ section, it is important to ensure that you communicate clearly what your business does.

When you are adding photos which are related to your business, make sure you get the best ones since people are very visual. You can hide the photo tab if you do not have any photos since it really looks naked when there is no photo. You can also hide the video tab. However, it is good to connect some of your business videos on Youtube or any other videos you might have. If you are active in any other social profiles or blogs then make sure you add links to them.


Cracking the Code to Web Presence Optimization

Are you starting a business or have had a business but want to spread the word in an effective way? Your work doesn’t get cut out any finer than the ongoing task of getting social and optimizing your web presence.

 Web Presence OptimizationSince the start of this century, the Internet has positioned itself as the center of the modern world — your business belongs among this hub of instant data. Whether you operate a local business or something on a larger scale, effectively building and optimizing a web presence will only further the reach of your business.

What owner wouldn’t want that? With the merge of SEO and social media marketing, the opportunities in web presence optimization offer a lot of potential to market your business. In this article I’ll go over three action items which can change your business's marketing game.

Being Social is FREE

Traditionally, advertising and free rarely are used in the same sentence. But with the breakthrough of Facebook, followed by Twitter and Google Plus, there’s never been a more comprehensive way to reach a group of people. And the best part’s free!

Sure, options for premium service exist, but you don’t need that fancy stuff. Some solid web presence optimization practices will do just fine. So, if you haven’t done so already, create accounts on each of the major platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Google Plus is especially important to get involved with because of its direct impact on search engines. With features like personalized search results based on social media, Google Plus can be vital in getting your businesses’ name out into the vast arrays of the web.

Make sure to thoroughly complete each of your social media profiles so users can learn as much information about your operation as possible. Attention spans diminish with each over-stimulating minute on the web. So make sure each visitor can understand what you’re about easily—you’re businesses’ overall reach depends on it.

Earn Your Links, Don’t Build Them

In the old ways of SEO, marketers simply built links on a variety of web pages (a lot of them empty and worthless) to make their money sites rank higher. With the evolution of search engine algorithms, this is no longer as effective (nor ethical). In fact, your site or page may even be buried or receive the death penalty by Google if you attempt to build links from irrelevant sites (meaning you will never be found in search.)

The solution to this problem is simple in theory, a bit more challenging in practice. The most effective way to rank high in search nowadays is to post quality content on a regular basis. Posting content on your site with a focused target audience will undoubtedly build and expand your reach if done well enough. By staying active and interacting with your desired community or market, people will identify with your business more.

Always Add Some Flavor

If you can add some personality and voice to your content then you’ve just hit for the cycle in terms of branding your business. People will only take the time to read when the content sparks an area of intrigue. This could be witty insights, humorous multimedia, engaging stories, important issues, etc.; it doesn’t really matter what avenue you choose, just make sure to post things you think have a value to your community.

The likes, shares, and +1’s will eventually start pouring in and Google will recognize this when it comes to the ranking of your site in the search engines. Posting dry, uneventful, obvious content won’t win anyone’s loyalty when it comes to following your business. This is the evolution of SEO combined with social media, which is being coined web presence optimization.

These practices don’t cover everything a prospective web marketer needs to know, however they will surely get a successful campaign started. Whether you’re new to social media, the internet marketing scene, or someone who has tried and been unsuccessful time and again — these easy-to-follow methods will help get you results.

The biggest challenge will be to keep coming up with interesting content. Once you have an audience, you can’t leave them hanging and go MIA, you will have given up everything you worked to attain.

Kyle Blasco


This blog post was contributed by Internet marketing blogger, Kyle Blasco.


Review of the

The most effective practices of local search engine optimization (SEO) are drastically changing as we near closer to 2013. In a nutshell, local SEO is growing to become more like actual marketing.Traverse City SEO

In a great blog post by Tyler Tafelsky of Top of Mind, a local Traverse City SEO company, he underscores the evolving standards of local SEO, and how small to medium business (well, actually any business) can adjust it's 2013 SEO strategy accordingly.

About the "Local Traverse City SEO Guide for 2013"

The fact of matter is, the changes in the SEO ecosystem are making the practices of search engine optimization less of a technical mystery. In Tafelsky's blog post, he mentions SEO as marketing engagement project that can be done in-house with the proper knowledge, understanding, and direction.

In the "Local Traverse City SEO Guide for 2013," Tyler highlights five primary components that local businesses need to address for optimal results. These include:

1. On-Site Content - focus your copy more on your visitors and less on your SEO keyword targets
2. Content Marketing - producing and publishing compelling content will help build your company's online brand while helping to promote its SEO efforts
3. Content Diversification - to get a one-up on the SEO practices of 2013, start generating new forms of content like video, audio, and imagery
4. Google Plus - although a social network, Google Plus will directly impact the local SEO efforts for all types of companies
5. Establish Local Connection - reaching out to local organizations will open the doors for guest blogging and quality relationships beyond SEO

To engage in the complete article, check out the Local Traverse City SEO Guide to learn more. The potential to capitalize on local SEO, not only in Traverse City, but in all metropolitan areas are wide open. With changes taking place, the SEO playing field is being leveled, and more companies can take advantage of the local SEO benefits.

More About Top of Mind in Traverse City

Top of Mind is more than just a Traverse City SEO and search marketing company. Top of Mind also provides services and consulting for paid search advertising and social media engagement services. The company provides individually tailored solutions for all types of local business. Top of Mind also provide free SEO consultations for Traverse City companies.

Tyler is also the founder of which is now accepting new students for its Online Google Ads Training Online

. continue...

3 Gangster Tips for Local SEO Domination

In this article, I show your three ways to dominate your local SEO competition like a gangster. These local SEO tips are actually quite simple, but also provide a lot of momentum in helping to increase your rankings.

1. Get Social with Google+

Local SEO TipsEven though Google+ is a social network, the activity conducted on Google+ can directly impact the local search results. After you have created and populated a Google+ page, there are two SEO moves you can make in order to help increase your rank. These are:

* including a link on your Google+ page that directs to your website. There's a designated place for this on the Google+ page under the About tab.

* including a link on your website that directs to your Google+ page. The specific code for this link is provided on your Google+ page (while you're in edit mode.)

This cross-linkage is somewhat of a verification tool for Google that you're website is one with their network. It's essentially a credibility measure that can help you gain a nice jump in Google local listings.

2. Establish Local Connections for Links

Building and earning links is still a powerful technique for SEO. However for local SEO, rather than seeking only high authority sources for links, scout for local connections that offer local relevancy in being a link source.

One of the best places to begin is with the local clients and connections you already have established. In some cases you may be able to simply ask for the link directly, or perhaps you can write a guest article for their blog. Website with local relevancy are just as good for local SEO as high authority links with a decent PageRank.

3. Create and Share Brilliant Content

You may be familiar with the term content marketing, which is simply creating and sharing brilliant content with the focus of inbounding traffic to your website. In a sense, this is a practice that helps feed SEO.

Some of the best forms of content are informative and educational content that enlightens your target audience. By inducing an "AH HA" from your readers, you earn some degree of credibility as the the author, which not only helps with inbounding direct traffic, but also helps you build a trusted brand, beyond local SEO.

Also with content marketing, you can earn opportunities to generate link popularity back to your website. This is a great tactic use in conjunction with guest blogging, which is the new rave for off-page SEO.


Why Social Media is Essential for Your SEO Strategy

Social Media SEO StrategyThe SEO profession is drastically changing. In short, your SEO strategy needs to focus on connecting with real people (social media,) and less about attaining top keyword rankings.

To best adapt to these changes, your SEO strategy must include social media (with a great deal of focus on the Google+ community.) Below are three reasons why, along with some tips to help you succeed.

Social Indicators Correlate to Better SEO

There's really no better way for Google to determine the value and popularity of webpage (ranking signals) than social indicators. Social indicators likes, shares, tweets, pins, +1's, etc. that a page receives from various social media platforms.

The more social indicators a page can earn, the more potential that page has to rank in the Google search results. Earning social indicators depends on the quality of your content and how well it's respected among your social media audience. So not only do you need to share and promote your content on various social media networks, but you need to produce brilliant content that gets liked.

Google+ Popularity Empowers Your SEO Strategy

In short, businesses and brands that have more Google+ social users in their circles can attain greater search visibility in their follower's results.

This all comes down to Google's personalized search model called "Google Plus your World." Some SEO's think SEO is dying because of this, however smart SEO's are adapting and becoming more social.

The takeaway is this: the more users you can gain on Google+, the more control you'll have over their search results.. Pretty simple concept.

Content Marketing is Reshaping SEO Best Practices

The practices of content marketing are reshaping the SEO strategies for all types of businesses. The purpose of content marketing is to create and share exceptional content with the intention of earning appreciation from a targeted social audience.

Think of content marketing as a powerful social engagement tool. The content you produce can help to build your social following, and indirectly, your website's search visibility. The trick is to optimize your content for better SEO strategy potential when it does get social indicators.


How to Promote Professional Services Using Social Media

Social MediaSocial Media is a key tool in promoting businesses online, since it can reach a market of millions of people all over the world. Each social media outlet offers its own features that can help a business gain exposure, and build their clientele. Here are some tips on how to promote a professional business, using the more popular social media sites.


This social media outlet is still in the lead, for having the largest member base. A business can use Facebook to reach over 500 million people, and help expand their global market. A key tip for using Facebook is to consistently have promotions or contests, through the business page. This will entice users to follow and like the business page, thus making your business gain popularity. If you are just starting on Facebook, a great approach to gain popularity fast is to give a product or service away, to the first few viewers that like your page. This will have your business spread rapidly, among users on Facebook.


This picture-sharing outlet was just recently purchased by Facebook; therefore it is quickly growing a large user base. Instagram is generally a mobile application, but users do have access to the site by computer, as well. The best ways to promote a business through Instagram is to upload a picture pertaining to your business, and then choose relevant hash tags to upload the image with. Hash tags help group together pictures of relevancy, and will help you in showcasing your picture to your relevant market.


Pinterest is the new social media outlet, which is quickly gaining popularity among businesses. To use Pinterest for marketing purposes, a business will have to create an account, and post pictures of their products, thus being able to link it back to their online site. To succeed at Pinterest in the marketing sense, it is vital to be social, and comment and like other people’s photos. This is the easiest way to gain followers, and it is important to follow them back as well.


Twitter allows for companies to write a small blurb, which will deliver pertinent information to potential clientele. Twitter also allows for members to make use of the hash tags, hence delivering their blurb to their target market. A tip with Twitter is to be social and follow individuals, who follow your competitors or other businesses, in the same niche. This will help you reach out to your target market, which is interested in your particular product or service.

Google Plus

Google Plus is a new social media outlet, which is quickly on the rise as well. Companies should link all their social media platforms to Google Plus, thus being able to easily find their other followers on Google Plus. Doing this will save much time in trying to build up your fan base on this platform.

About the Author: This guest post is contributed by Zara, a guest blogger from UK. She has written many articles on SEO, Health and finance. Apart from blogging she does research on ppi claims. Catch her @financeport.


5 Quick Tips to Leverage Google+ for SEO Authority

Google+ for SEOBy now you should realize the power that Google+ has in establishing greater search authority for SEO. If you haven't realized the SEO potential of Google+, then check out this insightful blog post.

The purpose of this post is to show you five foundational ways in which you can leverage Google+ for greater SEO authority. So let’s dive right in:

  • Create the proper Google+ page for your business (local business or brand,) and populate the page with informative, accurate content. Also ensure that your profile image and banner are well-branded to your business.
  • Join communities on Google+ that are relevant to your business. Engage with community members and be active by sharing good content (particularly strong content that your team creates.)
  • Conduct some out-reach and encircle key influencers (people who are authority figures in your niche or industry.) Also encircle related businesses and brands so you can see and spread the good content that they post.
  • Make frequent Google+ post of quality, relevant content that educates, informs, or inspires your Google+ audience.
  • Promote your business's Google+ page on various web properties, particularly your website and other social media platforms.

Want more about insights about Google+ optimization? Visit the Web Presence Group for a free strategy assessment.


Why Small Businesses Should Take Advantage of Google+ Local

Google+ LocalIn essence, local search marketers should take full advantage of Google+ Local. This socially-integrated search platform can be especially valuable for local small businesses. This is due to the fact that Google+ Local is geared specifically for geo-specific keyword queries (e.g. "dry cleaners in San Francisco") of which certain small businesses can rank for in Google.

The first step to rank highly in local search is to be active on Google+. That is, make consistent posts (like you would on Facebook or Twitter,) and promote your Google+ presence via other means, like in-store business cards (to promote reviews,) a graphic on your website that links to your Google+ page, or use other social media platforms to spread the word.

Local search rankings are based on a number of factors: such as the number of reviews on the Google+ page (as well as the quality of those reviews;) the amount and quality of citations found on other websites; and the number and quality of links pointing to your Google+ page and website.

It's important to maintain a quality Google+ Local page and engage with customers. Your local business can utilize the people in your circles to deliver targeted messages to the desired audience. This marketing strategy can be used to direct traffic to your company's site or a specific page that's promoting an offer.

Like all social media platforms, Google+ offers some incredible opportunities for SEO and search marketing. The difference is Google+ is an asset of Google search, and the work put into building a quality Google+ presence can directly influence a business' website in Google's search rankings.

In a digital era that's continuously shaped by Google's search algorithms and overall results, it would be foolish for any online marketing strategy to discount the value of Google+ Local.

Visit Web Presence Group to learn more about Google+ Local SEO strategy

and small business solutions.



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