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Google AdWords Update: Now See Organic and PPC Query Data Side-by-Side

Google AdWords UpdateThe most recent Google AdWords update has brought about a new angle in search marketing and advertising. As a well-liked update amongst the community of Google AdWords users, this new feature provides side-by-side keyword query data from both organic search and paid search (PPC advertising) exposure.

In short, this update enables search marketers to better perform keyword analysis for ongoing improvements. Additionally, this update allows users to better employ other Google Tools like the Keyword Planner and Traffic Estimator.

This new update in Google AdWords can be best employed by opening a specific ad group. Under the "Dimensions" tab, view the "Paid & organic" option in the drop down list.

This Google AdWords update is also important when it comes to estimating costs and performance based on search exposure. As a result, marketers can aid in preparation of trial budgets before making your final budget. This gives advertisers the ability to see organic and PPC keyword query data (side-by-side) for the purpose of analysis. Another use for this Google AdWords update is that it makes it possible to use imported data in your account without entering it manually from other search tools.

In order to use this keyword analysis, you need to have a Google AdWords account. However, it does not require you to be continually running ads as your organic keyword planning will continue displaying. Organic data is pulled from Google Analytics or Google Webmasters Tools, so a given AdWords campaign needs to be properly linked with one of the latter platforms.

As a result, the non users of Google Analytics can benefit from the keyword planner. To make this active for use, you need to link the Google AdWords update with the accounts of the webmaster tools. This will enable the AdWords to work effectively. It does not matter what your budget is, you can still display ads on Google whereby you only pay when people click on the displayed ads.


Precise Keyword Targeting No More for AdWords PPC Advertisers?

Google AdWordsGoogle has recently announced that starting late September 2014, PPC advertisers using AdWords will be left with no ability to de-select close variants for keyword targeting. Previously, PPC advertisers could opt-out from having their ads displayed with close variant searches, but it seems that all campaigns will now include them.

One of the advantages of exact and phrase match was the ability to track when a searcher used a specific phrase that triggered an ad. This will not be possible anymore in the new all-variant AdWords.

What Close Variants Means to PPC Advertisers

Close variants are a feature of Google AdWords that allow matching of keywords on close iterations or on misspellings. The tool is useful for those who want to save time, not miss important queries, and gather more coverage. Until now every advertising campaign with Google AdWords has this setting on by default, but it was possible to be turned off on the campaign settings page.

Some campaigns have currently this setting turned off in order to save some money on PPC advertising. They prefer to know on what keywords they are spending their ad budget on. If their budget is constrained, by turning off the setting for close variants advertisers have an opportunity for a lower cost click.

The problem with automatic close variants is that many matches may be only close in spelling, but very different in meaning. For advertisers who enjoy having full control over their campaigns the announcement of Google is not good news. It will not be possible anymore to know exactly where the ads are displayed by Google.

No More Precision Keyword Targeting

That option for precision will be unfortunately removed in late September. Removing the ability to opt out of close variants affects the ability of strict targeting. Advertisers will lose the possibility to instruct Google to spend on specific terms.

The consequence of this change in the way Google AdWords will work from September is that those users who preferred to not use close variants will likely have more work to do. They will have to cut analyze the keyword ?details’ reports in order to evaluate the spending on variants.

PPC advertisers will also have to add many more negative keywords and they will not be able to use anymore those old exact match ad campaigns. Those advertisers who will want to bid differently on singular versus plural will need to create multiple ad groups and negative out the opposite plurality.

However, the change will also have some benefits. Those who used to opt off from close variants will be forced now to stop chasing exact matches with lower efficiency and start focus on the big picture. They will migrate from tactics to strategy. And it is well known that it is the strategy that can drive the bigger profits.

For example, just from landing page optimization the gains can be three or even five times more. A top ad copy can bring six times more gains. The change in AdWords will force advertisers to focus on these strategic means of driving up profits instead of basing their advertising campaigns on exact matches and compiling excessive keyword lists. The recent Hummingbird Google update already pushed a shift towards a "keywordless" world and a more object based advertising campaigns.


3 Powerful PPC Optimization Strategies to Boost Conversions

PPC Optimization WinOne the biggest misconceptions that many PPC advertisers believe is that the higher they bid for higher ad positions, the more an ad will convert. As such, they spend an abundance of money on trying to bid higher so they can retain a higher ad placement, believing that they will receive a good ROI (because they're living a fallacy that higher position equates to a higher conversion rate.)

In all actuality, statistics demonstrate that ads in various positions convert just about the same as a higher ad position. Fortunately, there are a few powerful PPC optimization strategies that you can utilize to actually increase your conversation rates and CRO efforts.

1) Write Unique Ads to Standout from the Crowd

Take a step back for a moment and visualize the type of ads that appear for the typical search query such as "payday loans" for example. As you may have already realized, all their ads are basically the same and on top of that, most of them are promoting the same type of offers.

If the keywords that you are targeting contains an abundance of ads that are all similar, this is what you call the Adwords jackpot. The term is coined as a jackpot because this represents a unique opportunity for you to stand above the competition and be different.

How? Simple. By creating click bait ads that trigger specific emotions. For example, lets say that someone searched for the term "payday loans" around Christmas season and all they see are the same boring ads proclaiming that they should click here for fast and simple payday loans.

Imagine how high your conversation and click through rate would be, if you introduced a click bait ad such as" Buy your kids that new Xbox One for Christmas with a payday loan." or "Not able to buy that Xbox One for your child? Maybe you can with a payday loan." Using these strategies is key for better PPC campaign management and performance.

2) Leverage Different Ad Formats

Another ingenious PPC optimization strategy you can utilize, are relatively new innovations that entice people into converting, before they even click the ad. Here are 3 prime examples of how to do just that.

Shopping Ads

If you are doing anything that is remotely close to e-commerce PPC optimization, you can use Google AdWords shopping ads to increase your conversion rates. This is because the image and price information of a shopping ad, is already sowed in the minds of the searchers before they even click it. What this means is that you will essentially weed out, curious clicks, that may click the ad only to find out that they either don't like the image or price of the product itself.

Add Customizers

Even if people intend to make a purchase, in a large variety of cases, they may put it to the side and do it at a later time. However, if you utilize ad customizers, you can tap into your targeted demographic's mind by triggering a fear of missing out on a good deal, by infusing a sense of urgency within your ads, such as a countdown on sales, limited availability or increase in price per sale for example.

Keyword Selection

Another thing you can consider when it comes to creating higher converting ads is your keyword selection. Typically keywords fall under 3 categories. The first of which is navigable, such as "Home Depot" or the name of a specific brand. People who use keywords like these are searching for a specific site.

The second of which is informational, these types of keywords, indicate that the searcher is trying to gain knowledge about a specific subject such as, "golf lessons." The last of which are as transactional keywords. People use transactional keywords when they are ready to buy, such as "laptops free shipping."

3) Use Remarketing Tools As a PPC Ad Optimization Tool

Statistics demonstrated that as much as 70% of all shoppers, abandon their cart and leave the website before they make a purchase. Now imagine if you could send those specific visitors back to your site? Even though many PPC marketers don't consider remarketing as a PPC optimization tool, remarketing is an opportunity for you to turn people who abandoned your site, back into leads, so in essence it is.


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