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3 Powerful Strategies for Ecommerce PPC

Here at Increase Your Rank, we typically write about organic SEO and related strategies. However in the context of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, there are ways you can increase the rank of your paid ads without having to spend more money.

Strategies for Ecommerce PPC

Improving the cost-effectiveness of your PPC ads centers on quality score. In this blog post, we are going to share with you 5 powerful strategies for ecommerce PPC - several of which can help bump up your quality scores and minimize the expenditure of ad spend. So let's dive right in.


Ad copy is an often overlooked aspect to optimizing a Pay Per Click campaign. The copy in your ads can influence not only quality score, but also how search engine users respond to your ads. It is thus important that you split-test several ad variations per ad group.

When you include the keywords in which you are bidding on in the copy of your ads, the relevancy factor helps to increase the quality score. Because of this, it's wise to use all or some of the keyword in the copy. Ecommerce PPC campaigns can have tons of ad groups with hundreds of ads, so sometimes testing more systematic PPC strategies is ideal.

One approach is using Dynamic Keyword Insertion. Using this strategy will help improve the keyword relevancy of you PPC ads by having the headline of your ads to replicate what the users searches. When using dynamic keyword insertion, you include a unique string in the headline like so:

Ad Headline = {KeyWord:Hair Loss Treatment}

The headline of the ad will be whatever the search engine user submits in Google. If a user's search query is more than 25 characters long (exceeding the headline character limit,) the alternative phrase "Hair Loss Treatment" will be displayed.

This ecommerce PPC strategy is effective in improving both CTR (click-through rates) as well as quality score. It will help to ensure that your ad is very targeted and relevant to whatever users are searching. You'll just want to be careful using this strategy if all of you competitors are using it too. This can be quite common for competitive, ecommerce/product-related keywords. Use dynamic keyword insertion wisely and avoid blending in with the ad clutter.

Try running 2-5 ad variations, depending on how many impressions a certain ad group is receiving. If you ads are getting a lot of exposure in little time, it makes more sense to split-test 3-4 ads, as opposed to just 2. Here you can try number of awesome strategies in you copy.

One cool approach is partial use of dynamic keyword insertion. For instance, we might write the headline to appear like:

Ad Headline = Premium Leather {KeyWord:Jackets}

So if someone searched "leather coats" or "leather jacket," our ad would display the headline "Premium Leather Coats" or "Premium Leather Jacket."

Ad Extensions

Another powerful and cost-effective technique to improve the CTR of your ads is using ad extensions in Google AdWords. Ad extensions are tools that you can use to enhance the presentation of your ads, and there are many of them.


One of the most effective ad extensions is Site Links (shown in the image.) Here you can include links in your ad that direct users to specified inside pages of your website. Not only does this help facilitate conversions and overall usability, but using the Site Links ad extension can help make your ads more prominent and outstanding in the search results. This can be very effective for competitive keywords in an ecommerce context.

Another great ad extension for ecommerce PPC is product extensions. This will display an image for the specific product being advertised, which can really make your ads stand out from the clutter. For product-specific ads, testing the product extensions feature in Google AdWords is an effective strategy.

Keyword Bidding

Another technique to make your ecommerce PPC efforts more efficient is applying keyword bidding strategies like modified broad match. Unlike broad, "phrase," or [exact] keyword matching, modified broad match uses a "+" symbol in front of any keyword that must be included in the user's search query for your ad to appear.

For instance, if we bid on the keyword phrase +kids +organic +clothing, those three words must appear in the users search query for our ad to show up. (So "organic cotton clothing for kids" would trigger the ad, however "childrens organic clothes" would not.) This strategy can help ensure that you ads are being shown when users search long-tail keyword phrases with greater detail.

Another benefit of using modified broad match bidding is that the cost per click (CPC) for some keywords is significantly lower. You can try using creative bidding strategies like kids +organic +clothing. By leaving "kids" as a broad match, your ad can display for searches like "childrens organic clothing" because "childrens" and "kids" are related, with respect to Google's broad matching standards.


Ecommerce PPC advertising can be a complex endeavor, depending on the size and nature of the online store. Developing effective strategies for ecommerce PPC is essential to thrive amongst the competition. We suggest you employ these three strategies and start realizing greater PPC ROI.


3 Big Questions to Ask Prospective Ecommerce SEO Companies

Ecommerce SEO CompaniesWhen it comes to ecommerce SEO, it's not easy for companies to compete for top search rankings. Product-related keywords are often highly competitive with some of the biggest online brands owning the top spots (e.g.,, and a few others.)

This makes it absolutely critical for online retailers to work with ecommerce SEO companies that know what they're doing. There's a wide spectrum of SEO companies that claim experience in ecommerce, but only a handful of these SEO companies are click centric to the complexities of ecommerce SEO.

If you own or do marketing for an online retailer, then be sure you pinpoint the right ecommerce SEO companies for the work. To help you narrow down your prospects efficiently, without having to jump through a bunch of hoops before learning about each ecommerce SEO provider, there are three quick questions you can ask to help weed-out the weak.

How Does Your Ecommerce SEO Company View & Integrate Social Media?

Search engines have drastically evolved the ranking algorithms over the last year. One emerging ranking factor that's having a huge impact on the search results is social media.

The importance of social media in any ecommerce SEO program must never go overlooked. In most cases, the social media marketing efforts should work parallel to the company's ecommerce SEO objectives. In addition to other social media platforms that help supplement ecommerce SEO success (e.g. Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook,) as more individuals embrace Google+, the social media potential for SEO further ignites.

It's thus very important that you get an idea of how a prospective ecommerce SEO company views and integrates social media into its programs. If they're quick to say the don't handle social media (or don't even communicate with the team that does,) you should be quick to move on to other options.

Does Your SEO Company Have the Capabilities to Product Content?

The top ecommerce SEO companies will understand the importance of producing quality, audience-driven content for their clients. Smaller SEO firms that handle ecommerce sites might outsource content, or work with in-house members of the ecommerce marketing team, to get the quality they need. But all in all, you need to be well aware of how content is acquired, as well as how it's being utilized.

Although few ecommerce SEO companies provide video and audio production services for content development, most proficient firms will staff at least one copywriter to fine-tune and optimize on-site content, as well as make the most of articles/blog posts, press releases, and transcriptions.

When inquiring to prospective ecommerce SEO companies, be sure to a get clear understanding behind the content creation process. This helps signify just how proficient a firm really is at delivering quality ecommerce SEO services.

In Addition to Ecommerce SEO, Does Your Company Provide CRO Services?

It's one thing to drive traffic to a website. But in an ecommerce context, traffic is not enough. Online stores must also be optimized for higher conversion rates. For this reason, CRO, or conversion rate optimization, is often an integral aspect to many ecommerce SEO service providers.

CRO testing is critical to maximize the value of traffic earned via SEO. Ecommerce SEO companies that truly care about their clients' bottom line will typically offer CRO services within, or in addition to the SEO program. Such services focus on developing specific conversion goals while testing various conversion elements, like calls-to-action, promotional images/graphics, product videos, and other forms of content that inspire visitors to add products to their shopping cart.

Content development and utilization, social media marketing, and conversion rate optimization are critical elements to the success of an ecommerce SEO strategy. The latter three questions should help your online store hire the ideal ecommerce SEO company that will provide meaningful services and profitable results.


[AdWords Ninja Trick:] Get Valuable Insights for PPC Advertising (and SEO!)

AdWords Ninja TrickHere I will share with you an advanced PPC ninja trick to help you hone in on your target market for PPC advertising, as well as organic SEO. Some of the elites may be familiar with this PPC ninja trick, but for many, it's a hidden tool that offers invaluable insights.

So whether your an ecommerce PPC advertiser or local search marketer doing both PPC and SEO, the data you can gain from these tips can empower your search marketing efforts.

Open A World of New Dimensions

Advanced PPC Moves That Only The Elites Know About

The starting point to this trick begins from the Campaigns tab of the Google Adwords interface. In Campaigns, there is tab toward the right side called Dimensions. This tab reveals a world of information about the user activity associated with your campaigns and ad groups.

Open up one of your more popular campaigns or ad groups can click Dimensions.

Explore The Different Views

Some Views Are Just Eye-Opening From Here!

The Dimensions tab in AdWords enables search marketers to understand the nature of their audience how its reacting to their online advertising efforts. Spanning from Search Terms to Times of Day, here you can get an idea how your impressions are truly panning out.

From Dimensions, you can find profitable opportunities to expand into new ad groups, learn when to run and pause certain campaigns, and pinpoint keywords that simply do not fit (negative keyword research.) This is particularly advantageous for ecommerce search marketers who have tons of campaigns and ad groups to work with.

Enter: Search Terms

Find New Opportunities and Ways Increase Your CTR's

Particularly advantageous for ecommerce PPC advertisers who use broad and modified-broad phrase match bidding, the Search Terms view from the Dimensions tab offers wonderful insights. Search Terms tells you the precise search phrases that are triggering your ads and how well each phrase is performing. If you spot words that are wasting impressions, add them to the appropriate Negative Keywords field (found at the bottom of the Keywords tab.) On the flip side, if you see certain keyword phrases that are producing great results, seek opportunities to dedicate those keyphrases to their own ad groups.

All good PPC advertisers will agree that the more targeted you can get with your ad groups, the better they will perform. This is particularly true for banner and display advertising. The Dimensions tab offers the insights to fine-tune any PPC advertising endeavor. As a result, you can realize more qualified clicks and lower cost per conversions.

Want more insights for PPC optimization and campaign management? Stay tuned for more ninja tricks for SEO, PPC, and other specific niches of search marketing.


3 Tips to Make Your Ecommerce Pinterest Page More SEO-friendly

Pinterest Ecommerce SEOPinterest is a unique ecommerce-valued social media site because of two things: 1) Pinterest pages are highly authoritative in Google search and often rank highly in the organic search results for ecommerce SEO keywords. 2) The majority of users on Pinterest are women who are looking for creative ideas or interesting products.

To take full SEO advantage of your Pinterest page, you can apply some simple SEO techniques to make your page more SEO-friendly. As a result, your ecommerce Pinterest page can indexed better in Google search.

1. Apply Basic Ecommerce SEO to Optimize Your Pinterest Page

First off, when you create a Pinterest page, you can benefit from using your primary keyword as part of the name of the page. It is preferable that you use your company name as part of your Pinterest account name. This will help identify your account and the products and services you offer.

For the Pinterest pinboard, use a keyword related to each of your products or services as the name of the board. Post specific pictures related to the product or service on a regular basis to these boards. Provide ecommerce SEO-centric descriptions to your pins. If your pins are connected to other sites, provide hashtags and labels as well.

Make use of Pinterest's main feature, that of linking the pin to another page. The link will appear as a button below the pin. This will allow you to connect each pin to a marketing page or a landing page on your website.

2. Create Pinboards for Specific Ecommerce Keyword Markets

Aside from keywords for product pinboards, you should also use other keywords in naming pinboards for specific target markets. In some instances, a pin might be in both the product and the target market pinboard. This focuses pins towards the followers with a specific need. Knowing your followers and segregating them according to their reasons for following your pins would mean that you might post pins for both levels.

Think of it as a sub-leveling for your pins. This creates a matrix for your Pinterest ecommerce social media marketing strategy. This also allows having a product marketed in different ways for different market segments. For marketing persons, this market segmentation allows for different approaches, marketing copy and blurbs. This approach has been shown to be an effective ecommerce marketing strategy, which results in a significant sales increase.

3. Stay Active & Update Your Boards

Keeping a pinboard active and updated is not that hard. Like other methods of online marketing, you have to keep things updated. This keeps your followers updated of your products. It also keeps your Pinterest presence live and indexed on search engines.

If you have a posting flow, you should connect your Pinterest account to other social networking sites. Keeping things alive, your followers would keep on checking your boards for new pins. When posting to Pinterest, it should be second nature to share your pins. This will allow more coverage, and it would reach a wider audience. If you have posts in Instagram, Flickr or Tumblr, you can post these on Pinterest and then link to your website's product page. This linking would make your website more visible on search results.

Even if you don't have a new product or service, you can still post new pins. If you have a blog, you can have a screen capture of a snippet or excerpt and post this on Pinterest. Or you can have old pictures posted on your blog's latest post, and then link this to Pinterest. It is up to you how you want to update your boards. But keep them updated.


The Advantages of Ecommerce SEO Services for Online Store Owners

Ecommerce SEO ServicesInvesting in professional ecommerce SEO services can significantly increase the likelihood that your online store website will rank higher in search engines (link Bing, Yahoo and Google). Creative ecommerce SEO strategies are particularly important after implementation of Google hummingbird which has killed many common practices offered by SEO service providers.

How has Google Hummingbird Shaped Ecommerce SEO Services?

Google Hummingbird is essentially tailored to help users easily find exactly what they are looking for by diminishing the rankings of over-optimized websites (that have used ecommerce SEO techniques that have once been quite effective.)

Although many argue that this marks the death of SEO, one only has re-shaped the approach of quality ecommerce SEO services. By using and understanding the rationale behind successful SEO service program, your online store can most definitely thrive by working with a credible ecommerce SEO company.

The Primary Advantages of Ecommerce SEO Services

If you're an online store owner or marketer interested in working with an ecommerce SEO company, you can realize the following advantages of quality services.

  • Ecommerce SEO services enables you to strategically position your online store's products niche(s) for long term performance. Once you put in place a well designed and appropriately SEO optimized online store in place, you can better convert organic search traffic.
  • Targeted traffic - if you are looking for a great and cost-efficient way to build a new customer base and increase the number of visitors from your already existing markets, ecommerce SEO services can be the ideal key to success. With good ecommerce SEO practices and strategies, your websites ranks high on the search result page. This means your business is visible to the billions of customers across the globe.
  • Target traffic – well-meditated ecommerce SEO strategies enable you to bring in traffic that is genuinely interested in your products. For example, by incorporating social media optimization strategies, you are able to reach out to millions and millions of people who are actively looking for the products you are offering.
  • Increase your profits – As we have already said, SEO gives way to increased traffic. By using appropriate strategies such as content creations, promotions and contests, you can easily turn these individuals to actual customers. This has a thrilling effect on your ROI.
  • Increased sales – of course, if you are the type of people who get thrilled by making sales; ecommerce SEO is for you. It ensures that your products are visible to the entire global population meaning your will enjoy more sales.

With quality ecommerce SEO services from reputable companies like Click Centric SEO you immediately commence seeing positive results within just a matter of days. However, optimal effect will be witnessed commencing the 3rd month. So, the wait is actually not that long. What more, most organic SEO strategies are behind the scene activities and so, nothing noticeable happens on your existing website.

If you're interested in an ecommerce SEO audit search for certain service providers who offer these great programs. You can then learn the strengths and weaknesses of your online store and how to best construct your company's ecommerce SEO strategy.


5 Tips to Make Your Ecommerce Product Pages SEO-friendly

Ecommerce SEOPotential customers are using search engines such as Google when they are looking for products and services. For this reason search engines are one of the most important tools to get traffic and have your ecommerce store findable on the Internet. Using SEO on your ecommerce website can be a powerful way in attracting more potential customers via search traffic. Here are 5 tips that can help your ecommerce product pages become more SEO-friendly.

Offer Intuitive Navigational & Usability

One of the first aspects of SEO is to make your product pages user-friendly and your customers’ experience top-notch. You have higher chances to transform your visitors in happy customers if they have a smooth experience on your website. For this reason you need to provide a clear and topic-based navigation that will make it easier for your users to find the product they are looking for.

For optimal ecommerce SEO, your website's link structure should include clear heading tags such as H1, H2, and H3 etc. Ensure that your product page headers are < H1 > and sub-headers are < H2 >, and try to include at least 50 words of copy. Heading tags are used to give the page structure and through these heading tags the search engines and your visitors can understand what the page is about. You need to optimize titles and headings and include your best keywords.

Using the individual product name in H1 tags, is one simple way to achieve this, and can be easily and quickly programmed by your website developer. These practices of SEO-friendly web design will help improve customer satisfaction as well as boost your ecommerce website ranking in the SERPs.

Leverage the Power of Social Media

Social media has also impact on search engine rankings and any social media link is a signal telling search engines that your content is relevant for a user query. For this reason it is recommended to provide social media plug-ins integration that refer to specific products and to your shop, for better user experience.

Social media brings the personal element into ecommerce and you have to make sure that your online business has an active social media account. Alongside global social media networks such as Google+, Facebook, and Twitter, Facebook you can also include other social media sites such as Instagram, Line, Pinterest, Tumblr, and WeChat. By media buttons on your ecommerce site, you encourage your visitors to share your content.

As advocated by most ecommerce SEO companiesthis social integration can provide you with valuable word-of-mouth advertising. Ecommerce merchants should make sure that those social sharing buttons are in a perfect place on their sites so that potential customers find it easy to share information to boost your brand awareness.

Mindfully Optimize Content

Content optimization is of equal importance for ecommerce as on any other website. Properly crafted content will help your website to become relevant to the product query. It is important to eliminate any duplicate content from your website in order to avoid that Google treats your ecommerce store as a spam site.

On an ecommerce website with many product pages, lack of content as well as duplicate content can be source of problems for organic rankings. Try to use unique product descriptions and avoid copy paste descriptions from the manufacturers. That is essential in order to avoid being banned by Google.

Using rich media on your ecommerce website, such as quality images and video, will help improve your SEO and also capture more customers and increase your conversion rate. When using different images in your ecommerce website, it is important to include an ALT tag within the IMG tag in order to provide a clear text alternative of the picture and show search engine what is the image about.

Use Extremely-targeted Keywords

You can use Bing keywords research tool or Google's keyword planner to find relevant information about the keywords search popularity and the competition in advertising using each of these keywords. You refine results and by searching in the targeting section of the keyword specifically on regional markets by adding your choice of language and country.

Hummingbird algorithm in Google recognizes three types of queries: informational, navigational, and transactional. Make sure you develop content on your ecommerce website that covers each of these three type of queries. In order to achieve this you can use the most common conversational phrases that your clients might use when searching for your products or services.

Integrate Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics to monitoring and track your ecommerce website’s effectiveness. This tool can be helpful because it provides statistics about the visitors on your website and the number of page views. Google analytics is completely free and can work well, no matter if you have a big or a small online business.


Need Ecommerce SEO Help? Seek Services That Encompass CRO

Search engines determine to a great extent to how much your online store will be located by online clients. Most online clients engage with search engines like Google to seek specific products and brands. ecommerce seo

If your website is not doing well on search engines, it is obvious that the profits will not be as good as they could be. To ensure that you gain a lot from your ecommerce store, it is good to think about investing in ecommerce SEO services. These are specialized SEO services designed to help your ecommerce store bring in more money at the end of the month.

Look for More Than Just "SEO Services"

Remember that driving traffic towards your website is not enough. In fact, it is possible to have a lot of traffic, but zero buyers. This is because there are many things that prospective clients look at before committing their money. In order to get good results therefore, you need to target both the traffic and the conversion rate. The traffic rate increases the number of visitors while the conversion rate ensures that people visiting your website take the action you need.

It’s obvious therefore that you should focus more on conversion rate optimization to ensure that your website converts as many clients as possible. This strategy though is tricky sometimes as it requires professional help. It is good therefore to consider hiring a good ecommerce SEO services company to jumpstart your business big time.

A good ecommerce SEO company will enable you to tailor your ecommerce website in a manner that clients love. For instance, the company will help you create a secure shopping cart, arrange web content well, initiate call for actions and create appropriate links. In addition, the ecommerce SEO company will ensure that your clients will get an easy time when accessing important information, making purchases and paying for goods. As reinforced by ecommerce SEO firm,, these simple aspects make the difference between million dollar businesses and struggling ones.

It is important though to entrust your ecommerce SEO services to the best company. This is because only the best ecommerce SEO companies have the capabilities, resources, and skill-sets to deliver high quality services. Do not therefore make a mistake of hiring any company as this can compromise your income.

Tips to Find Quality Ecommerce SEO Companies

In your quest to hire the best company, it’s important to consider certain things. One of the things you need to consider has to do with reputation. Good companies have an impeccable track record. Such companies have been offering high quality services over the past years. This means that they can equally produce good services even now. You therefore need to establish through online means how the company has been fairing on during its existence.

You also need to consider technology relevance. It is no doubt that ecommerce SEO services are changing from time to time. The best company to handle your situation is the one that updates itself with the current technology. Such a company undertakes constant training to its experts so as to be at par with the current technological demands.

Finally, you need to look at the website of the ecommerce SEO services company you intend to hire. It’s ironical for a company to promise you good results when it cannot even organize its website. The best company is the one that has organized its website well and ranks well in Google search. You therefore need to visit the website of the company and see how it is arranged. If the website is arranged well and tempts you to take action, then you can commit your money. If the website though is not lovely, you should run away from such a company.


Investing in an Ecommerce SEO Site Audit: What to Expect

Ecommerce SEO Site AuditOne of the most common issues when it comes to Internet and SEO marketing is the lack of standards, specifically with the quality and scope of work. Likewise, there are a number of SEO and Internet marketing consultants, as well as agencies that utilize similar words when describing a certain process. However, the quality and outcome of their work aren't usually the same.

An ecommerce SEO site audit falls in the same category, where it allows the ecommerce business owners to come up with proper expectations in regard to how the ecommerce SEO audit process would work. To give you a better idea, we're going to discuss what you can expect in SEO ecommerce, as well as the important things to be included, in order to guarantee success. Aside from that, it's also important to be familiar with the things related to it in order to protect your future investments.

What to Expect with Ecommerce SEO

Before anything else, it's essential to be aware that a thorough and comprehensive ecommerce SEO site audit could improve the overall ranking of your website, and help you determine the things that are needed to be addressed in order to attain overall success.

For this, several resources should be utilized during the process. This would help in determining the strengths, as well as the weaknesses of the website together with the SEO objectives. After that, the SEO experts would be able to analyze the health of the website and give specific insights about optimization.

On-Page Ecommerce SEO Audit

Despite the fact the on-page ecommerce SEO seems to be really important, it only affects 30% of the SEO algorithm. Nonetheless, ecommerce SEO companies like provide very detailed on-page SEO audit reports for areas that pose strengths and weaknesses throughout the site.

Off-Page Ecommerce SEO Audit

Just like what has been mentioned earlier, there are a number of factors that could affect the keyword rankings. Thus, it's important to have a strong and stable ecommerce SEO campaign that would place a high degree on the following aspects, such as social media and backlinks.

Social Media Presence

Recently, the social media is gaining popularity, especially in the SEO practice. An ecommerce SEO marketing audit would assess the strength of a social media and see if it has a number of following and has the potential to improve a website's ranking.

Backlink Portfolio

As you conduct the SEO audits, advanced software are often used to scan the website or its backlinks, as well as inbound links that would point the domain from a different site. If you're not aware, backlinks are similar to votes that would help in determining the legitimacy and credibility of a certain website. Which only implies that it has a great impact on a website's ranking potential.

Furthermore, the quality of a website's backlink portfolio is quite important. Most search engine rank websites depending on their natural backlinks, which means that those who came from quality sources would have a better standing.

Final Words

Overall, a thorough and comprehensive ecommerce SEO site audit could be of great help, especially in finding the overall ranking of a website as well as determining its future success. There are several things that should be taken into consideration under the on-page and off-page SEO. However, the navigation, usability, and website structure of an online store also play a vital role in the conversion rate optimization.


5 Fail-Proof Ecommerce SEO Tips & Strategies

EcommerceEcommerce websites present loads of products under myriad categories making it increasingly hard to attend to the SEO needs for particular pages. Although some automated SEO strategies can help increase the SEO value of all pages, most of the pages require manual effort to develop great, unique content.

Given the vast numbers of pages that ecommerce websites bear, webmasters need fail-proof tips that build the authority and trust of the overall site. For example, a webmaster could create a strategy for the distinct category pages of the on-page SEO, and then modify this technique every so often to replenish it with trendier keywords. The following ecommerce SEO tips detail what webmasters can do to improve web pages.

1. Integrate Product Schema Markup

You can compare including schema micro-data in ecommerce web pages is comparable to eating healthily, exercising, or having enough rest. In other words, it is vital, but following through can be tougher than it appears. However, a healthy ecommerce SEO requires product schema, which essentially gives search engines an easy time parsing and interpreting the information contained on the web pages.

Product schema markup is essential as it enables practical parsing and interpretation giving users results that are relevant to their search queries. Product schema markup helps to identify a product’s information, which includes price reviews, product identification, as well as manufacturer’s information.

2. Do Not Neglect SEO Copywriting

The work of an SEO should not be to develop novel content – more and new content no longer translates into more success in eommerce SEO. It just implies excessive content. Instead of focusing on content creation, which is essentially the work of content development specialists, eommerce SEO should focus on getting the best rankings.

Copywriting serves as an excellent means of creating great content that can afterwards go through optimization for search. Copywriting, for this reason, allows SEOs to concentrate on optimizing web pages for search, and the actions and methods that achieve the goals of ecommerce SEO. Although creating high-grade content may prove beneficial for SEO in many ways, great work can simply come out from copywriting.

3. Build Segmented Sitemaps

Sitemaps are significant elements of all SEOs, but they are especially important for ecommerce websites. Search marketing experts consider SEO-friendly sitemaps as the second most essential page of a website, after the homepage. The sitemap is to a Webpage what a reference point or index is to a book.

In its very core, a sitemap includes links to all principal pages of any website. Although typical users do not mundanely use the sitemap during navigation, it serves as a critical guide to search engine spiders. It does this by providing direction to all the rank-ready and rich content that need searching and indexing. This is one of the most powerful ecommerce SEO marketing tips that are easy to implement.

4. Conduct a Backlink Analysis

Following Google’s algorithm shifts that aim over-optimized backlinks, it is important to develop only relevant and quality links that present as logical from a user’s standpoint. Conducting a backlink analysis and revealing the effective use of keywords in every page is, for this reason, important. Not only does this act assist in pinpointing real opportunities for SEO, but it also helps in finding pages that may bear duplicate content – a common problem in ecommerce websites.

Powerful tools such as the SEO Spyglass scan and give a report of all the backlinks leading to a particular domain. Additionally, they also offer insightful metrics regarding every backlink. The SEO Spyglass platform is an excellent tool for performing SEO competitive assessment on competitors.

5. Implement a Creative Content Marketing Strategy

Developing a robust content strategy for ecommerce websites is a daunting task from scalability and creative perspective. Regardless of the importance of content to ecommerce SEO, it is not easy to develop great content for large ecommerce sites and their numerous pages, especially of the products involved have short lifespans.

One of the most recommended methods to add significant and user-generated content to ecommerce pages is by employing Q&A content that involves answering questions asked by consumers in a helpful and timely manner. These methods have a huge impact on conversion rates, and a brand is bound to report great numbers.


Why Embrace the GDN for Ecommerce PPC Advertising

Google Display NetworkAs an ecommerce business owner or marketer, PPC ads are one of the many marketing tactics you can employ to draw in new customers (and make repeat customers of those who currently shop with you.) But, why should you integrate the ever-sensitive Google Display Network (GDN) as a part of your PPC ad marketing?

These are a few ways ecommerce sites can benefit from the GDN as an efficient traffic generation tool. So below we share a few insights as to why e-retailers should embrace the GDN in an effort to see a greater return on investment they are making with paid advertising mediums.

Lower Cost Per Click. Better Traffic

With GDN, while clicks may only range from the $2 up to $12 range, this is in comparison to nearly $100 ads used by certain industry leaders trying to get the most per click on an ad. With a good mix or remarketed campaigns as well as general GDN campaigns, these ads will help lead to the targeted traffic your business is looking for, at a more affordable rate than competitor PPC ads.

Non-compete Ad Needs Are Filled by the GDN

Distributors, resellers, and similar industries which use ecommerce PPC advertising services, might have non compete clauses in their contracts; here is where GDN ads can work marvelously. Since you are limited by keywords which can't be used in these industries, GDN based paid ads will help draw in the targeted traffic you aren't getting from certain keyword based searches.

No infringement on non-compete clauses, plus targeted traffic via PPC ads, means your business will still benefit from targeted traffic in your niche.

Quality Is Less A Concern

Low quality scores are something we deal with occasionally, even with high quality ads being put out. One such example is having to sacrifice quality, in order to meet a deadline when putting out an ad.

Turning to GDN ads, you won't see the lag in traffic to your site, simply because of a low quality score elsewhere. With highly targeted GDN ads, not only do they provide specific targeted content for your audience, but help bolster your online marketing efforts as well.

Easy to Measure Effectiveness & ROI

Just like managing keyword search and SEO history, you have to measure the GDN ad placement as well. Look for the clicks for certain ads, in order to determine which ones are working and which ones aren't, in order to remove those which are counter intuitive to your efforts.

Targeting your niche with ads is something you should experiment with as well. Using complementary ads through GDN, in addition to search engine campaigns, will help improve your online visibility, and help bolster the targeted traffic you are receiving on your site as well.

Google Display Network ads can prove extremely beneficial as a part of your paid marketing efforts as a business owner. Even when search engine marketing is going well, and PPC ads are working elsewhere, leveraging your site with targeted GDN ads, can truly help bolster your online presence. And, if quality is lacking elsewhere, or if you are overpaying for ads elsewhere, the low cost of GDN ads can help balance your overall costs, and help create a balanced marketing campaign online as well.


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A variety of software, tools, blog articles, learning resources, and services for SEO.

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