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"How Do I Get My Business on Google Maps?"

Many business owners are asking "How Do I Get My Business on Google Maps?" However, it is not so much Google Maps that they want their business on. It's Google Places.

There is intense competition for market share over the Internet since there are many players from all over the world, but a small business can compete with larger businesses by listing on Google Places. Google Places lists businesses, large and small, accompanied a map that is powered by Google Maps.

Most people use Google Places and Google Maps interchangeably, but Google Maps is a mapping software that services several applications, and the Google Places listings is one of them.

How Do I Get My Business on Google Maps? Google Places Optimization!

The Importance of Google Places for Local Businesses

You should strive to attain a top Google Places listing because this is a cost effective way of locally advertising a business. When people search for something using geo-modifier (or city in their seach query,) Google Places almost always appears in the first page of SERPs (search engine results pages). Google has strict criteria for ranking on Google Places and a placement therefore indicates to your customers/clients that you are credible and reliable.

You should, however, note that registering on Google Places does not guarantee appearance in SERPs when somebody searches a keyword you have used. There are two main Google Places optimization methods that you should try to increase chances of placement.

Google Places Optimization

You need to do proper keyword category selection for Google Places optimization. You will typically realize a higher ranking if your categories are very specific and relevany to your business. You are allowed to select up to five categories. Try to keep all of the categories you choose somewhat related. Google Places requires that you have one category from the Google Places hierarchy, and the rest can be customizable to your preferences.

Another way to achieve Google Places optimization is building citations. The Google Places page has a list of citations at the bottom of the page. These go by the name 'More about this place'. These citations are like SEO links, but they list NAP (Name/Address/Phone) information. Just like is the case with link building, the more the NAPs you have, the higher your ranking on Google Places will be.

Citations are your business's listings on different websites and directories, such as,, The most important tip here while building citations on other websites is to ensure that NAP is exactly the same on all websites. This is Google's way of referencing and confirming that your business is a legitimate place.

Also in the Google Places page is a description for your business. Here it is wise to include the keywords that you want to rank for. You may need to do keyword research to come up with the most appropriate keyword. You could use the Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool together with the Traffic Estimator tool for this. When determining traffic amounts, use 'exact match' instead of 'broad match' to get only the results of people who use the exact keyword as is.

Some of the keywords that your find may be useful for optimizing your own website for organic SEO. You may want to include these keywords in the Page Title, Meta Description, and page text of the homepage. Keep in mind, however, that you only want to optimized each page of your website for only a few related keywords. With that said, building out a few additional pages that focus on certain keywords targets may be a good approach for local search engine optimization.


A Goldmine of Citations to Dominate Google Local Search

Depending on your local market, increasing your business's Google local ranking can be a challenging endeavor. In addition to the on-page factors, such as reviews, content, and other elements worthy of Google+ optimization, off-site variables play a huge role in determine Google local rankings.

Google Local Search Citations

The biggest off-site variable is citations. These are simply referrences (or links to be specific) from other websites, such as directories. Submitting your local business to directories (particularly trusted and relevant directories,) is the best way to earn citations to your website.

In short, the more citations your business has on other credible websites and directories, the more value and credibility Google sees in your business. When all things jive, Google will honor your local business listing with a higher ranking in it's Google local search rankings.

This is some seriously valuable advertising exposure. And you can get there with the right direction. But even with minimal direction, you can capitalize on using these directories for quality citations.

The List of Citation Gold


Why Small Businesses Should Take Advantage of Google+ Local

Google+ LocalIn essence, local search marketers should take full advantage of Google+ Local. This socially-integrated search platform can be especially valuable for local small businesses. This is due to the fact that Google+ Local is geared specifically for geo-specific keyword queries (e.g. "dry cleaners in San Francisco") of which certain small businesses can rank for in Google.

The first step to rank highly in local search is to be active on Google+. That is, make consistent posts (like you would on Facebook or Twitter,) and promote your Google+ presence via other means, like in-store business cards (to promote reviews,) a graphic on your website that links to your Google+ page, or use other social media platforms to spread the word.

Local search rankings are based on a number of factors: such as the number of reviews on the Google+ page (as well as the quality of those reviews;) the amount and quality of citations found on other websites; and the number and quality of links pointing to your Google+ page and website.

It's important to maintain a quality Google+ Local page and engage with customers. Your local business can utilize the people in your circles to deliver targeted messages to the desired audience. This marketing strategy can be used to direct traffic to your company's site or a specific page that's promoting an offer.

Like all social media platforms, Google+ offers some incredible opportunities for SEO and search marketing. The difference is Google+ is an asset of Google search, and the work put into building a quality Google+ presence can directly influence a business' website in Google's search rankings.

In a digital era that's continuously shaped by Google's search algorithms and overall results, it would be foolish for any online marketing strategy to discount the value of Google+ Local.

Visit Web Presence Group to learn more about Google+ Local SEO strategy

and small business solutions.



Best Backlink Sources for Local SEO

Google Local SEOA crucial part of any SEO campaign is generating high quality and relevant backlinks to your website. However, for local SEO it is most important that your backlinks come from local sources.

There are a few important differences between local backlinks, but they are usually all closely related to citations. A citation refers to a mention of your business's information elsewhere on the Web, which also commonly contains also contains a link to your website. As a results, backlink sources that also provide citation offer greater value for local SEO. And when these citation and backlink sources are locally-relevant (e.g. local chamber of commerce business profile page vs. directory listing on they offer even more for SEO.

Seek Locally-Relevant Backlink Sources

The most valuable citations and backlinks for local SEO are those which come from authoritative and respected resources. They must come from locally-orientated websites and directories. The current location information and the exact name of the business should appear in a citation. This is all vital to properly manage the web presence of your business, beyond just SEO.

SEO Traverse City MI

This proves to search engines that the contact information is correct and that your business actually exists. Google’s TOS interdict buying backlinks, so you need to focus on white hat SEO techniques to get them.

Backlinks play an important role in determining keyword relevancy, domain authority, and overall ranking potential of your website. Among good sources for local backlinks are trusted local directories, press releases, and locally-relevant blogs.

Common Types of Backlink Sources

Among the techniques to earn quality backlinks to your website are included:

1. Blogging: You may create and maintain your own blog on a separate domain from your main website and use it in order to direct links to your website. For this purpose you need to build the blog around a relevant niche topic that relates to your main website and regularly publish content with backlinks to your website.

2. Guest blogging: Guest blogging on high authority blogs is another effective way to build backlinks. You need to find some good local blogs and inquire their owners about writing guest posts on their blog and the links you are allowed to include.

3. RSS Feed: You can also include on your blog a RSS feed, which is easy to set up and free. A RSS feed generates greater popularity of your blog by allowing you to syndicate your content. This can have the result that other webmasters will provide links back to your webpages.

4. Press Releases: It is important for your local SEO to regularly write and distribute press releases. When you publish press releases through distribution sites, you are allowed to add backlinks in the copy.

5. Link to Other Relevant Blogs: You may try linking your blog to other related blogs. This can often times generate link reciprocity because some blog owners will likely return the favor.

6. Create Visual Content: You may also consider diversifying your content from text to visual content, such as cartoons, images, charts, and info graphics. These techniques usually attract more viewers but also can earn and retain backlinks.

7. Social Sharing Widgets: By providing social sharing widgets on your blog posts and webpages you can propagate your content and generate link popularity.

8. Write Reviews: By writing positive reviews of other services, products or companies, chances are that the website owner will also link back to your website.

9. Offer Free Tools: You can also offer free resources and tools and resources. This can attract new business as well as quality backlinks.

For more information on generating backlinks for local SEO, stay tuned on Increase Your Rank for local SEO and Google local optimization techniques.


New Year SEO Tips for Local Small Businesses

New Year SEO Tips LocalTo actualize top search engine rankings for your local business website, performing a comprehensive local SEO audit and implementing new best practice strategies is a good place to start the new year.

Studying your website's strengths and weaknesses as well as finding out opportunities for making improvements is the essence behind a quality SEO audit. This year, expand your local business' visibility and attract more targeted visitors to your site by evolving your SEO practice to the next level. Below are some significant and effective new year SEO tips to maintain an authentic local business website.

Conduct a Backlink Profile Audit

Perform a backlink audit to find the strengths and weaknesses in the backlinks pointing to your business website. As the focus of most SEO strategies, building or earning backlinks to your website improves its rankings and authority. Various web sources including blogs, videos, directories and social media profiles contribute to the backlinking. Focus on getting high quality links as poor quality backlinks can lead to deindexing from Google.

Perform a Local Directory Listing Audit

The audit will allow you to find out your business listings on the web and also their opinions about your business. Check out top local directories for any mentions of your business. Study what information they display about your business including important NAP data (Name, Address, Phone number), business description, photos, reviews and star ratings.

Run a Citation Audit

Structured citations and links help in getting listed on the authoritative local business indexes and directories. Being included on industry-relevant sites with the help of informative and resourceful content will improve your rankings. Conduct a citation audit and check whether your information such as the Name, Address, Phone and other data for your business across all listings is consistent.

Create a Content Strategy

Commit to a content strategy as the top-most factors playing a role in getting good search engine rankings is a good quality content that is updated regularly. Post updates, videos, images as well as well structured articles and nicely written blog posts. Emphasize on writing content specific to your local area. Connect as many people as possible including local forums and organizations to boost the chances of their visit to your website.

Improve Your Local Places Pages

Get your local business pages optimized (i.e. Google+ page, LinkedIn page, etc.) and polish them up at regular intervals to keep them updated with your business activities. Also, you must showcase all essential business information through that page such as the location, contact info and other similar details.

Integrate LocalBusiness Schema Markup

Schema markup is one of the newest and most effective approaches to on-site SEO. Schema markup better communicates what the content of webpage is all about in a better way that's more definitively interpreted by Yahoo, Google and Bing. With LocalBusiness Schema, you can make your SEO thrive as search engines can understand the semantics of your site in a easier fashion. Try integrating LocalBusiness Schema markup on a few specific pages and you may be surprised with the search engine results that follow.


5 Prove SEO Tips for Local SMB's

Local Small Business SEOMost local SMB's are starting to realize the importance of SEO to be competitive in their local marketplace. However, few of the companies are taking the proper approach to generate sustainable rankings and lead-generating results.

Whether or not you're working with a local SEO company or handling all optimization in-house, below are proven SEO tips that you (or your local SEO company) can employ for better results.

1. Do Localized Keyword Research

Keywords are the phrases that customers submit on major search engines while looking for your type of business or service. The trick to doing keyword research is to keep it locally-specific to your area, so instead of research keywords like "chiropractor," you can try researching keywords like "chiropractor in Berkeley CA".

By signing up for a free Google AdWords account, you are accessible to the Keyword Planner tool where you can easily explore the number of average monthly searches a keyword phrase gets. From this information, you can optimize your content appropriately.

In addition to researching localized keywords, such "Berkeley chiropractor" or "chiropractors in Berkeley CA," try adjusting the Google AdWords Keyword Planner to your local area (i.e. so it only show's data reflective of search volume in Berkeley, the Bay Area, or the entire state of California,) and see how often general or broad keywords are searched per month, such as "chiropractor" or "chiropractic". Get started by visiting the Keyword Planner on Google AdWords.

2. Implement a Content Marketing Strategy

You probably have a nice looking website for your business, congratulations for that, but is that enough to bring you clients? The bad news is, NO! There is more to be done. A well laid strategy to generate quality and consistent content and get it out to the world is your only bet for success. Increased ROI, increased authority and brand awareness, lead generation, backlinks and greater traffic are some benefits of this strategy.

First, do thorough research of your client industry. Get enough information help plan for your blogging and the general marketing piece. Secondly, together with your team, brainstorm and get solid campaign ideas. Next, create relevant content to include videos, written posts, quizzes and reports. Finally, do a strong willed campaign on social media. Relentlessly plaster this content on every social platform.

3. Create Offline Review-Generation Strategy

60 percent of clients will discover your business through your online profile. Even you depend on offline referrals, most of these prospective customers will do an online research of your business before making a deal. With that in mind, lack of reviews or negative reviews will plant a seed of doubt in prospective clients.

Creating an offline review-generation strategy will go a long way into feeding your business with great links. Enlist incentivizing and creative ways to solicit for reviews from happy clients. Having a reputation marketing strategy will also build a strong name for you.

4. Get Listed On Industry-Specific Directories

This is a very simple and effective manner of attracting clients to you. It is an effortless way of ensuring you do not spent your entire day leafleting at the local area but rather in the therapy room doing what will really fill your bank account. It is an invaluable way of exposing yourself in places sought by prospective customers hence building your brand in the industry.

Looking at it from a technical perspective, industry specific directories have a higher chance of appearing on top search engine searches hence boosting the number of would be clients clicking through your profile. The quality of the increased SEO rankings and citation is undisputable.

5. Create a Google+ Local Page

Creating a Google+ Local page offers many benefits to local SMB's. In doing this, you give Google the correct information about your business. When a client does a search, it is easy for Google to show your business directly on both the Google search and Google maps. This also serves as a citation and social media platform that can also help supplement your local SEO and inbound marketing efforts.

Without marketing strategies like SEO, a business would be hard pressed to survive in today's digital age. SEO is the bloodline of digital marketing a the power of search engines connects customers actively seeking a certain business, service, or solution with the brands that can provide these services. Start implementing these proven SEO tips today to increase your Google ranking tomorrow.


SEO Company Carves Niche in Providing Internet Marketing for Surgeons

As a medical professional in the plastic or cosmetic surgery profession, there are a number of things to ensure you keep in check in order to be more competitive in the market, and having a good online presence is definitely one of those things in this age and day. SEO or search engine optimization is the marketing approach that involves promoting the online presence of a website in order to reach out to more of your target market.

Especially when in a competitive profession in the healthcare and beauty industry such as a surgeon, one of the best business decisions you can ever make in terms of online marketing, is choosing the right company for your SEO. Specialization is an important factor to consider when looking for a search marketing firm for your business or profession, but finding a firm that specializes with SEO purely for surgeons might be a daunting task. The good news however, is that there are a few good companies you can hire to help with your surgeon SEO efforts.

Optimized Surgeons

Optimized Surgeons is one of the good companies, a highly reputable plastic surgeon SEO company that offers a specialized number of Internet marketing services for surgeons. Some of their online marketing solutions for surgical professionals include organic SEO and search marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, web design, branding, and PPC advertising all for surgeons.

The company provides an opportunity for surgical professionals seeking to gain a big brand name online through website promotion, with a number of resources geared to increase the search engine ranking of surgeon websites and increase web traffic.

Organic SEO & PPC Advertising

While organic SEO is designed to promote viewership and ranking on search engines for surgeon’s websites, other approaches such as PPC Advertising and link building are geared to increase traffic to the site, and to promote client enrollment. Both of these elements are integral to Optimized Surgeon's Internet marketing services.

Web Design for Surgeons

With a user-friendly website that is fast and easy to navigate; and one that can be accessed using mobile devices from different types of browsers, clients don’t find it hard to come back to your website for more content or information. This is achieved through website design that looks professional, yet helpful and enticing to the user looking for surgical assistance or information, which is one of Optimized Surgeons’ specialties.

Social Media Marketing

Your surgical clients and target market also need to be engaged through the social media platforms. Here, you can share links, content, surgical product and service updates, while responding to their queries and comments. Also, the content posted on your website is a major asset that should either sell your business or not.

Interesting, correct, and informative content will always be beneficial to any business website and if professionally done to suit the needs of your clients and target market, they will gain more trust in you and see you as a professional or organization they can trust and rely on.

Content Marketing & Branding

Also, some surgical procedures may not be an everyday affair, meaning that referrals from your previous or current clients are crucial in getting more clients. A proper content marketing approach combined with social media marketing can achieve this.

Apart from just offering content marketing solutions for surgeons, this company also provides their clients with the opportunity to link to a huge network of blogs that are related to surgery and publishing websites with authority links. This serves to increase traffic, promote brand awareness and increase search engine rankings while generating citations.

Link & Citation Building

Links can be outbound, where your site has website links that point to other sites, or inbound where links pointing to your site originate from other websites. The same applies with citations, but in this case, it is your work that is mentioned (cited) instead of links to your site being provided. Both links and citations inform search engines about your niche, and help increase the trust as well as quality of your website. This in turn helps promote ranking on search engines.

Due to its prime focus in offering internet marketing services for surgeons, Optimized Surgeons has continued to display an impressive growth to become one of the most reputable search marketing firms. You can check out more of their services and additional information about them on their site at


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