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3 Foundational Tips to Make Your Business Blog Successful

Tips for Business BloggingCreating a blog on your business' website is becoming essential for many reasons. A quality blog can help educate your audience and target market, support your company's SEO efforts, and establish your brand as a credible resource for information and insight.

In this short post, we highlight three foundational tips to help make your business blog successful. These tips are essential to help ensure your blog earns the respect (and benefits) it deserves.

Carve a Very, Very Fine Niche

All too often, businesses build a blog around many different topics. Sure, we respect that a business is involved in many different industries and sectors, but when it comes to blogging, you need to be very specific in terms of the topic you cover.

Define the niche in which your business is most adept. Be extremely focal by also defining the target audience and characteristics of your readers. In short, carve a very, very fine niche with your blog. And if you want to cover another niche, then simply build another blog.

For instance, a personal injury attorney may want to have a blog about personal injury law. However, this professional can generate better results by further narrowing the topic of the blog to medical malpractice, wrongful death, or auto accident/injury legal practices. Although this may limit the amount of articles for the given blog, the quality and specificity of each post will generate greater value, both for readers and search engines (for SEO.)

Integrate Social Media

Now more than ever, it's paramount to be active on social media. The three most essential social media platforms are Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. These offer the most widespread and high-volume populations.

Beyond simply being active on Facebook or Twitter is leveraging these social media platforms for blogging and SEO. As more people share, like, +1, or Tweet about your blog post, the greater SEO value your content has in the search engines. The fact of the matter is, these "social signals" are becoming an influential variable in determining valuable content that's worthy of higher rankings.

So reach out, re-tweet, encircle influencers, and make your social presence known. The larger the audience you can build on social media, the greater SEO potential you'll have with your blogging efforts.

Optimize Your Blog Posts

There a couple easy ways you can optimize your blog posts for great SEO potential.

This first technique is write your blog posts around specific keyword targets. For instance, after doing some keyword research, the criminal defense attorney might find huge search volumes for the phrase "how to beat a DUI?". This might inspire an insightful blog post that can be appear in Google search for those keywords.

The second optimization technique is to integrate social sharing icons on your blog and blog posts. These are the little buttons that make it easy for readers to like, share, +1, pin, or Tweet about your content. In essence, this makes earning social signals more effective.

In conclusion, you want to build you business blog around a very focal niche and try drive as much qualified traffic to your blog via social media and search. By employing some of these foundational tips, you'll be well on your way to creating a successful business blog that empowers your brand in more ways than one.

To learn more about business blogging, visit the Here you'll find a wealth of insights to further develop your blogging efforts as well as overall business marketing strategy on the web.


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