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The Importance of Google+ Reviews for Local SEO

Google one of the most powerful marketing tools that you can use to help grow your business online. If you would like to give your business a boost, it is recommended that you sign up with Google+ Local. This being a local listing, you get a chance to reel in targeted traffic from your area. Another benefit of using Google+ is the local SEO benefit. Since Google Places pages have been replaced with Google+ Local pages, the search exposure can be invaluable.

Like Google Places pages, attaining a wealth of Google+ Local reviews can help promote your business's search engine listing. However, not many businesses understand how to attract more reviews from their customers. Before we get into reviews, first lets talk about how Google+ Local can enhance your business.

Be a Local Leader via Google+

What is Google+ Local Reviews? Before getting into the local reviews bit of it, it is pertinent that you first understand how Google+ local works. Essentially, this is an extension of the popular feature Google Maps. It is a way of fostering interactivity with Google Maps. Google Maps is made up of locations globally. Each location will link back to a Google+ Local page. Thus, anyone can learn all they need to know about a business in brief by clicking on the business’ local page.

Google+ Reviews for Local SEO

The information that can be gleaned on this is not simply about what the business offers though. You can get a wide range of information including directions to the physical address of the business, videos pertaining to the business and more. With Google+ Local Reviews, customers get a chance to post about the experience that they had with a particular business.

Generating Google+ Reviews

There are a number of ways that reviews can be generated. For one, a business can request their past customers to post about their personal experience with the company. This is a great way of getting positive reviews especially if you strive to provide excellent services. However, you should keep in mind that you cannot dictate what type of reviews will be posted. Another way that reviews can be generated is through Google itself.

Google has taken it a step further by aggregating reviews from third party sites that specialize in reviewing businesses. Thus, you will find that a wide range of reviews will come up for different businesses on Google+ Local reviews. This will give potential clients a chance to see what type of business they will be dealing with. For instance, if you operate a Michigan SEO firm, you may want to encourage your clients to offer reviews so that you're perceived as a credible Michigan SEO expert.

Can the reviews be edited or removed? As aforementioned, a business has no power over the type of reviews that will be posted about them. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find that negative reviews will also be posted as these reviews are largely based on a matter of personal opinion. Although a business’ first option would be to get rid of negative reviews, this is not an acceptable practice with Google.

It is always best to get two sides of a coin since everyone will have their own opinion. However, in the event that a review was illegal, was incorrect, or perhaps it was irrelevant, you have the opportunity to flag the review. Google will then investigate it and decide on whether or not it should be pulled down.

To learn more about the importance of integrating Google+ with you local SEO strategy, visit SEO Illinois experts, Online Innovative Creations. The provide free SEO and web assessments for all types of businesses.


Tips for Creating Your Business's Google Plus Page

Business Google Plus PageIt is important for a business profile in any social networking page to stand out for the right reasons. Google Plus is one social networking platform that's highly important when it comes to proper creation and optimization.

The initial stages of creating your Google Plus profile will involve proper planning. Every business has specific needs which can be considered when creating a profile on Google Plus. It explains why Google Plus has five categories which you can choose from.

Depicting the Google Plus Categories

The category for local businesses and organizations was designed for those businesses with a distinct physical address. It is the perfect category for hotels, restaurants, or any brick and mortar establishment since you are allowed to enter the location, phone number and even hours of operation to allow clients locate the business easily.

The brand or product category is ideal for businesses which sell apparel, cars, electronics as well as financial services. It is recommended in case your business has a number of products which require separate pages. If you sell different items in multiple locations then this category will allow you to market your products using the right features.

The company, institution or organization category is ideal for businesses which do not sell specific products to consumers directly. It is recommended if the Google Plus business page relates to the entire business. On the other hand, it is advised to consider the category for arts, entertainment or sports if the Google Plus page is for football clubs, artists or even bands. Ideally, such businesses host multiple events from time to time and will need to update posts on a regular basis.

In case you feel like your business page does not fit in any category mentioned above, you can still select the ‘other’ option. This option is recommended for businesses which have just started out and do not know exactly what they are.

Populating the Google Plus Page

After choosing the ideal category, it is important for you to enter content on your profile with much consideration. Every element in Google Plus is there to give clients an impression of your business. To begin with, selecting the right profile or business name is important since it is what other people will be tagged whenever your business is mentioned in their posts. Bear in mind that there are certain policies to guide your choice of name and how often you can change it.

The tagline is important since it describes your page whenever someone shares it. Make sure that these 10 words or less, will give the right impression to your visitors. It is important to keep the tagline relevant with proper choice of keywords. When you are filling out the ‘about’ section, it is important to ensure that you communicate clearly what your business does.

When you are adding photos which are related to your business, make sure you get the best ones since people are very visual. You can hide the photo tab if you do not have any photos since it really looks naked when there is no photo. You can also hide the video tab. However, it is good to connect some of your business videos on Youtube or any other videos you might have. If you are active in any other social profiles or blogs then make sure you add links to them.


Top 3 Ways to Build Links for Local SEO

Local Atlanta SEO CompanySEO has greatly influenced the way local businesses approach their marketing efforts. One aspect of local SEO that often gets overlooked is building links. Although many argue on-site SEO and creating citations on local directories is most important, links are still the primary driver to better rankings.

Links can come from many sources, whether from blog posts and articles, directories, advertisements, and various other listings (such as Chamber of Commerce listing.) The following three strategies will help you find link building opportunities which can help empower your local SEO campaign.

1. Guest Blogging for Local SEO Link Building

Blogging is still an effective method in getting links, specificall guest blogging on other relevant sites. Guest blogging for SEO has been an approach used by many local business organizations and rightfully so. Blogging is a good way to create and distribute high quality content about your business, products, and services. Also, blogging is a platform that can encourage users to engage with a business's social media profiles such as Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram to name a few.

2. Business Directories for Local SEO Link Building

Another highly effective local SEO link building strategy to get your business registered in authoritative business directories and local business databses. Some of the sites where you can post your business organization’s profile and offerings are:,,,, and among others. is one of the best resources to find locally-relevant link building opportunities.

Lastly, see if your local chamber of commerce offers a business listing page. Sometimes investing in a membership can be well worth the high-authority link back to your website.

3. Content Aggregators for Local SEO Link Building

Certain types of content aggregators can be utilized to maximize your SEO potential to get local links. By submitting your best content to aggregators your helping to spread your business’s name over the Internet and helping people discover your business. Among the top aggregators used by many businesses are Yelp, Superpages, City Search, Urban Spoon, and Angie’s List to name a few. In addition to links, many of these sites provide a quality citation of your business, which also contributes to local SEO empowerment.

There is a myriad of ways to earn and build links for local SEO. Those mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. Get creative and start explore all possibilities to build relationships and establish your company's web presence in many places throughout the web. The potential to generate link to your site is vast and seemingly endless.


5 Pillars that Define the Future of Inbound Marketing Agencies

InboundThe world of digital inbound marketing moves fast. Decades ago, there were a handful of online marketing channels that would enable businesses to thrive. Today, there's a wealth of ways to generate quality inbound traffic to a web property.

With continual changes in this digital marketing world, below we highlight five ways in which inbound marketing agencies are out-doing their competitors, providing exceptional service to clients, and attracting new clients to support their business.

1. Know the language

As a marketer, speaking the client's language is key, in today's fast paced world, companies have to speak multiple languages in order to compete. Serving the Americas, Asia, Europe, and other world markets, you must speak various languages in order to compete. More than 1/2 of the top 20 on the list of Fortune's Global 500 are non-English speaking. If you don't modify your business, you won't compete and draw in the clientele.

2. Know the culture

There are many cultural differences you have to account for. Sure, you speak different Asian languages, but cultural differences can mean insulting a client and losing them, or drawing them in and attracting new ones. Ethnic, religious, and linguistics can get in the way; therefore, it is critical to learn the culture, and ethnic differences, in order to prevent offending clients and getting into trouble in your business structure.

3. Quick pace

The 48 hour task only takes 24 hours today; the fast paced, non-stop digital world won't stop for you, so your business has to speed up to keep up. New systems and processes should be put into place, on-call consultants, the right software, and the right people, will all go a long way to keeping your business relevant. If you can't keep up, you won't see the new clients coming in, and are sure to lose some clients over time.

4. Work, work, work

Learning how to pro-source, allowing your agency to work 24 hours a day, rather than a 16 hour day, will keep you relevant in the world of inbound marketing. Have a team of experts, in different regions, who can work around the clock. Outsourcing and crowd sourcing allow you to provide the 24/7 service, which is not only desirable, but is expected by most clients in today's busy world as well.

5. Reach globally but keep local control

Keeping local control over your remote teams is imperative for your agency to run smoothly. However, outsourcing, having the right resources and software, and using the right tools, gives you the global reach you need to attract new clients, and keep up with online competitors. The agency of the future not only does it well, but maintains control of their teams to provide the best service to client.

The SEO and inbound marketing services of yesterday won't compete in the fast paced, continually changing world of online marketing today. As an agency providing inbound services and marketing services, using the right tools, the right people, and keeping up with the continual changes in every industry is key. Consider these factors to ensure you not only maintain your clientele, but also keep up with competitors in this extremely competitive world of online marketing services.


3 Models of Consultative Content Marketing Strategies

Content MarketingContent marketing has become a very specialized and creative business. To practice it effectively, it’s necessary to explore the many forms that it takes. Here are some of the more popular and effective types of content marketing which companies are currently following.

1. The Magazine Model

This is probably the most popular model with customers and devotees of a company’s website. The magazine model has a number of different permutations and applications, designed to fit the specific product line or customer demographic the company is trying to reach.

Some examples of companies that have excelled in the magazine model of content marketing are:

  • Herschel Supply - Herschel Supply is a manufacturer of quality backpacks, travel goods and accessories. In addition to laying their website out to highlight images of their collections, they feature well-written travel articles about locations around the world.
  • Qualcomm - The Qualcomm website provides a link to their newsroom which they call their Spark platform. This is a collection of new articles and videos revolving around their B2B customers and their interaction with Qualcomm.
  • Net-A-Porter - Most brands lean towards the visual model when it comes to content marketing. But Net-A- Porter sees the value in having articles concerning the fashion world and emerging trends bolster its presentation of images.
  • John Deere - John Deere have done something very clever. They have emphasized the history of their company in the continuation online of a magazine that the company had started back in 1895. The magazine, called ??The Furrow’, is available online or in print.
  • BMW - For the London Olympics and Paralympic games, BMW launched a magazine encompassing everything about the games, and their location. With subtle advertising thrown in, the magazine was wildly popular with browsers.

2. The Visual Model

Visual models work very well for lifestyle type products and companies. And companies that want to present a fresh, colorful and vibrant image in conjunction to their brand.

Some examples are:

  • Intel - This was the perfect campaign for this company. In making products that end-users didn’t use, they needed to be able to connect with the public. There website shows an understated and attractive collection of photos of the applications of their products.
  • Red Bull - Red bull has made action sports their trademark, by heavily sponsoring these types of sports. The visual style of their website supports this aspect.
  • General Electric - G.E. has built a website showing well-composed, interesting, behind-the-scenes shots of their various projects. The photos will appeal to their primary client base engineers.
  • Starbucks - The coffee chain is using Instagram in order to create a lifestyle mosaic-type presentation of the starbucks world. It is clever and visually sophisticated.
  • Coca-Cola - Like Starbucks, the Coca-Cola company is positioning their products as being lifestyle products. They have utilized Tumbler to make an interactive website that is fun for people to look through and discover certain areas.

3. The Website Optimization Model

The third model is more of a mechanical treatment of the content being marketed on a respective website. In posting the content and then using analytics to tweak it and make it more responsive to the Google ranking algorithms. Companies can get the most out of the content that they post. Some companies that specialize in offering website optimization services are:

  • The Web Presence Group - They offer the "The Web Presence Optimization Strategy Guide" that will guide you through their highly capable list of services. Learn more by visiting the official site of this website optimization company
  • TC Top of Mind - Their "Traverse City SEO Guide for 2015" also offers a guide to website optimization services specifically designed for Traverse City.
  • Screaming Frog - This is a UK based company that offers website optimization services for the UK market. Screaming Frog put togetha a creative content marketing programs to showcase the importance of website optimization.
  • Scribendi - This is a website optimization service that takes more of a content focused approach to optimization.
  • Boostability - Finally, this is one of the largest website optimization companies in the world with over $10 million in annual revenue.

5 SEO Business Models to Diversify Your Company's Revenue Streams

SEO Business ModelsThere is no doubt that search sends more traffic to your website. In fact, it is about 300 percent more than the social media site. Due to this reason most companies are accepting the importance of SEO.

SEO gives your website and business the opportunity to reach out to the potential customers. Here are some of the top five models for you.

1. In House SEO

In house SEO is mainly for those people who are looking for a full time position in one company. Your work will involve both maintaining and managing the company’s SEO. You will work for one company and handle all the work related to SEO.

Apart from this, you will also look after the strategies and implementation. In fact, this is your one and only responsibility within the company. You will also work such a company that understands the importance of keyword optimization. It is a good start off job for any SEO professional to learn and acquire the knowledge.

2. Agency SEO

The agency SEO business model is suitable for those who don’t want to take this as a full time profession, but want variety of clients as well as work. It is quite similar to in house SEO, the only difference is that work will be through an agency. This means you don’t need to deal with everything on your own.

Agency SEO involves a huge variety in client type as well as work. Since the agency involves a lot of people, you will work only as a team and lean more about SEO practices and trends. If you are looking to get more knowledge about SEO or specialze in a specific area, such as ecommerce agency SEO, this model is just for you.

3. SEO Consultant

People who love variety in their work, but still look for independence should consider following the SEO consultant business model. Like the agency, a consultant also works with a different client and deals with a wide range of SEO services.

As a SEO consultant, you will be in your own charge that means you can take up any projects that suits you best. It will also give you a huge investment return since it involves low investment. As an individual, you also get the chance of building your brand and starting your own company.

4. Rental SEO

Professionals who like flipping websites just as flipping houses needs to consider rental SEO. It works like buying a house for a low price and selling it a higher price. Even though you work as an individual you don’t actually provide services to businesses.

Your work involves offering products that other businesses need to buy. Those who are good at writing and designing their own website, the concept of renting website is a good idea. Interestingly, these websites are not created for any particular business, but for a profitable niche. If one client bids goodbye, you surely get another to pay the revenue.

5. SEO to SEO

Professionals who have good depth of knowledge regarding SEO and have time to give this knowledge back to the SEO community need to try out this business model. If you are into this business for a long time and have sufficient knowledge about it, you can give it back to those who are new.

Apart from this, you can also give back information that you feel the newbies in this field needs. Since it is about SEO to SEO you can skip working with companies and try to become an SEO expert or professional.


The Odd Similarities of SEO & Medical Billing Companies

Medical Billing Company StrategyIt is striking yet odd how similar SEO companies are to medical billing companies. In addition to helping support the underlying financial health of their clients, both medical billers and SEO's are vast common business professionals. Below we underline the odd similarities of SEO companies and medical billing firms.

The Use of Advanced Software

SEO companies utilize advanced software in many of their processes. They need it to keep track of activities, to note the performance of competitors and to improve their own performance, among other functions.

In like manner, medical billing companies have very advanced software to ensure that they are able to track client information and manage the entire billing system and processing of data within their industry.

Constantly Adapting to New Changes

Because search engines are always changing technology, a company that deals with search engines and the way they operate naturally has to adapt. The survival and success of SEO companies depends greatly on adapting to new changes.

Equally so, medical billing companies will always adapt new changes especially in the world of technology to ensure their information is up to date and their processes run smoothly. There are also new diagnostic codes come out from the government in how medical professionals can claim patient billings.

Diverse Client Rosters

If you ever took a look at the client rosters of SEO companies, you would be amazed by the diversity of clients. Different kinds of people need SEO services and SEO companies welcome all types so in the end they have a very diverse clientele.

Medical billing companies also handle the billing process for various companies offering medical services, it could be hospitals, doctors, surgeons, chiropractors, and even insurance companies that can make up make up a client roster. There are also specialized providers like FQHC billing companies focus on maximized revenue for FQHC and health centers, as well as medical billers that serve clients from other countries. The thing about SEO and medical billing companies is that advanced firms will often provide their services to a global clientele.

The Application of Custom Strategies

Because of the diverse client rosters of SEO countries, you will find that one solution or strategy will not work for all the clients needs so customized strategies are needed to ensure success of these strategies. Careful study is done to assess the exact need and then the tailored strategy is applied.

In the same way, medical billing companies will always inform their clients that they will employ customized strategy to ensure that they have the right billing process for particular clients and situations. In both cases, this is very important to ensure the success of the business.

Both Can Offer Incredible ROI

SEO companies and medical billing companies offer return on investment to their clients as well as to the owner of the company. SEO companies make millions for themselves by helping companies and individuals optimize their websites and blogs, at the same time these companies and individuals can benefit a lot from using the services of SEO companies as they get more visitors to their websites and can earn from advertising as well.

Medical billing companies also make millions by handling the billing process for medical service providers and at the same time their clients benefit a lot from a more efficient billing system that ensures money is not lost in poor accounting and record keeping, in the long run it is a win, win situation for client and company.


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