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[SEO Essentials:] Establishing Google Authorship & Preparing for AuthorRank

 Establishing AuthorshipThe first quarter of 2013 has passed, and with respect to Google search and SEO, there's no signs of Authorship slowing its roll.

In short, Authorship is way for Google to recognize content that's been produced by real people. This is achieved via Authorship mark-up, which is entails proper syncing of one's Google+ and the web page containing the content.

Establishing Authorship in your content has incredible SEO advantages. One of the most valued benefits is generating the image rich snippet in Google's search results (see the image.)

Additionally, respecting Authorship now and publishing your content on authority websites (high PageRank sites) can help you build your "AuthorRank". Although AuthorRank has yet to roll out as means to determine search authority and keyword rankings, it's expected to become a powerful mechanism in determining the value and authority of content.

So what can you do establish Authorship and begin growing your future AuthorRank? Below are a few tips to get you started.

Create & Sync Your Google+ Profile Page

If you're not already on Google+, this is your first step. Populate your page as much as you can and connect with people that you know that are already present on Google+.

In the "Contributor to:" section near the bottom of your profile page, include links to the blogs that you write for. This tells Google that you are an author for those blogs (which helps to establish Authorship.)

Link to Your Google+ Page From Your Content

The next and perhaps most important step in establishing Google Authorship is to include a link to your Google+ profile page from content you produce. This is typically best in an author bio toward the end of the article or blog post.

The trick is include a special Authorship mark-up code snippet in the link. At the end of the Google+ URL, it's critical that you add "?=rel=author" (without the quotation marks). For an example, take a look at the URL in my author bio below to see what this looks like.

Even though there are other ways to establish Authorship and generate the image rich snippet in the search results, this Authorship mark-up snippet is the easiest way to do so. It simply tells Google that you are the author of the content. And when Google sees that you are a contributor to that website (based on your profile page) it puts two and two together.

Grow Your Google+ Presence & Content Authority

The tips above focus on establishing Authorship and generating the ever-powerful image rich snippet in the search results. But to start preparing for AuthorRank you'll want to start growing your Google+ presence as well as you content authority.

Growing your Google+ presence takes consistent engagement and interaction with other people and pages on Google+. There are many factors that contribute to AuthorRank, such as # of people who have you in your Google+ circles, +1's/Shares per post, and your overall Google+ engagement.

Growing your content authority centers on publishing your content on authoritative (high PageRank) websites. This helps define the value of your content and thus your credibility as an author. This takes outreach, guest blogging, and other proactive measures to get your content published on various other sites.

There's no doubt that Authorship and the future of AuthorRank will have a momentous impact on SEO and Google search. Whether you are a search marketing professional or small business marketer, there are numerous benefits to getting a jump on these future changes.

About the Author

Tyler Tafelsky is an organic search marketing expert for the Web Presence Group and centers his practice on content marketing and social media engagement. You can learn more about Tyler by connecting with him on Facebook or Twitter


The Evolving Profession of SEO: A New Paradigm and How You Can Benefit

In a dynamically changing world it is only expected that the Internet will change along with it, albeit at a faster pace. Years ago a niche online marketer, commonly known as an SEO expert, simply needed to write quality content, build links, and do other forms keyword optimization.

Nowadays, the role of an SEO specialist has evolved. For better or for worse, we need to understand how the game of organic SEO is changing. From the SEO expert's perspective, new practices should not as daunting as they seem (for it's a similar marketing game, but with some new rules.)

In this article, we will cover some of the key developments of the SEO profession and how you can benefit your SEO practice. These developments center on Google authorship, social media, equivalency score algorithm and link disavow.

Google Authorship

Google is changing the way it ranks your site with a large focus shifting from PageRank to your AuthorRank. In short, AuthorRank and Authorship are changing SEO drastically.

AuthorRank is assigned through a number of variables such as niche experience and domain proficiency. In easy to understand terms, the higher the AuthorRank, the greater chance of being ranked on Google's search engines and having their content shown as premium.

Published content will automatically synchronize with the Author's Google+ account and will be used as a data pool for SEO rankings. The success of your site will depend on your ability and expertise within a certain niche with an emphasis on social media.

Social Media

Social media will be a major catalyst in SEO success driven by social network development and the proper implementation of social media presence. The importance of content syndication across different social media sharing websites will be amplified. For business marketing, the major social networks to consider include LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon and etc.

It is better advised to focus on a specific niche and target that audience with precision through these social media sites. Although not confirmed, it is believed that the weight given to social media derives from the belief that it is a better determinant of your contents relevance. Either way we suggest placing significant emphasis on Google+ for SEO, as this appears to be a step that Google is trying to influence.

Google Equivalency Score Algorithm

This update will be introduced in 2013 and will mirror the effects of Google Adword's quality points in which keywords are assigned different values of importance based on different variables. The endowment of individual keywords will be used in conjunction with the advertisers bid amount that will in turn determine how ads are ranked.

If this update is applied there are several benefits to reap from this for more niche SEO professionals. Dominant sites will be cut down and a more competitive landscape will be introduced where the quality of keywords becomes a major concern. Google may display similar results for a specific search query in varying order as they appear on the results screen.

Link Disavow Tool

This tool will make it increasingly difficult to receive backlinks from sites. The main focus was to limit the backlinks from spam blog and forum posts to ensure that quality links were being used in place of fillers. In conclusion, we hope this article gives you a better idea of the new paradigm to be set in motion, and how you can benefit from it by adjusting your SEO activities and working with the right expert.

For more quality and reliable articles like this in the future, be sure to bookmark and visit Increase Your Rank again in the near future.


How Increase a Website's Search Engine Rankings, Naturally

The former techniques of SEO (e.g. relentless link building and on-page keyword optimization) are simply losing their touch. To effectively increase a website's search engine rankings, you need to implement natural strategies that encourage sustainable, top search placements.

In this short post, we share three of the most essential cornerstones to increasing a website's rankings in the most natural, Google-accepted manner.

Respect Keyword Relevancy (but Don't Obsess About It)

Keywords are definitely still important when it comes to SEO (but not as much as they used to be.) You will still want to include keywords on your optimized pages, but in a natural way that makes logical sense.

Be sure to reference your keyword target in the page's title, Meta description, and on the page in header and at least once or twice in the copy. If possible, it also helps to include your keywords in a page's URL. This process of making your page "keyword relevant" sets the stage for better ranking potential to come.

Delve Deeply Into Content Marketing & Blogging

With emerging elements like "Google Authorship" and author "Rich Snippets," being a content marketer is an essential supplement to SEO and increasing a website's search rankings. In addition to learning more about Google Authorship, you should develop a content marketing startegy that centers on a consistent blogging schedule.

Your content marketing strategy should focus on problems and solutions that your target audience faces. However naturally, many of these topics will coincide with your SEO keyword targets. From blog posts, you can link to other pages of your website to generate greater SEO value (in addition to the direct traffic you can earn form these post via social media.)

Build a Trusted Social Media Presence

Have a trusted (and preferably authoritative) social media presence is a must to empower your SEO efforts. Like mentioned above, social sites are a platform to share your content with your audience. Not only can this result in direct traffic to your website, but the "Likes, +1's, Pins, and Shares" (Social Signals) that your content earns will seriously ignite its SEO potential.

Social signals are huge when it comes to increasing a website's search engine rankings. Think of these as votes of credibility and legitimacy that real people have made (not a manually generated mechanism to manipulate search rankings [e.g. link building]).

It's thus important that your content marketing strategy is legit. That is. produce and share awesome content that truly resonates with your audience, and naturally garner social favor as a result. When combined with some respect of keyword relevancy, content marketing and social media can cultivate a successful SEO outcome.


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