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How Running a SEO Campaign is More Like Web Presence Management

Web Presence ManagementIn short, SEO keeps evolving. If you have been following the successes of the businesses who have put in a lot of effort in SEO, you would already be aware of the fact that there's a good amount of impact delivered by "social" factors.

In addition, search engine's algorithms are getting better at determining the social value of your website by computing various elements that point how "social influenced" it is. Keep in mind that this is a long-term transition, and Google is going to get better at it over time. So, what's the right strategy to ensure great results with integrating social ranking factors?

The Answer

The best strategy for keeping up with the "social" ranking trend is not to focus solely on social media - it would be to concentrate on managing a solid web presence. Having said that, your primary goal should always be to maximize your visibility online, rather than pushing your social media profiles without getting the expected results.

There are many elements that contribute to online presence, including wider audience reach, your presence on every important social media channel, easy accessibility and higher visibility.

Why focus on web presence management?

Building and managing your online presence might be a challenging task, but certainly has significantly more rewards in the long-term when used effectively with on-page / off-page SEO. You should regard your social media presence as the SEO best practices to building a reputable web presence.

What this means is that a well established web presence gets you better rankings, brings in more traffic and eventually lead to an enhanced online presence - adding momentum to your online marketing efforts. But, what elements are being increasingly used by Google to analyse the credibility of your site?

What's changing?

The "relevancy" factor is being redefined by giving more weightage to trust and authority. Your presence online isn't related to re-purposed unique content anymore - it's about what users actually think about your content. For focusing on managing a cohesive web presence in a more effective way, you will need to prove the search engines that you are actually "liked" by the users. Basically, this will point towards your credibility being higher than other search results, and get you a thumbs up.

Latest developments in the world of SEO

Google's search results have always been influenced by social signals by some measure. But, after the release of "Google Search Plus Your World", they have become more important than ever before. Now, individual search results will be highly influenced by your Google+ circles.

Thus, there's no search that isn't impacted by social signals, regardless of how tiny or big that impact is. It's not a surprising move by the search engine giant, considering that personalized results would be favored more and the fact that social signals are quite valuable in determining what's useful and what's not.

Final thoughts

Needless to say, by expanding your online presence, you are also expanding your reach. But, quality and credibility matters a lot! It's clear that search engine algorithms are getting better at finding which piece of content sounds more conversational, then just being contextually relevant. As a result, serious SEO initiatives will need to catch up with these changes soon, in order to take the benefit of new opportunities that are coming up.


Ecommerce SEO Site Audit: What to Expect

 Ecommerce SEO Site AuditOne of the issues with SEO and Internet marketing is a lack of standards around the scope and quality of work. Different SEO and Internet marketing consultants and agencies use similar words to describe different processes, but quality and outcome of their work can be vastly different.

An ecommerce SEO site audit falls in this category as well. To help ecommerce business owners set proper expectations of the ecommerce SEO audit process, we will discuss what this should include in order to be useful. Business owners need to understand what they can expect from an SEO audit in order to protect their investment.

Defining the Opportunities & Overcoming Weaknesses

Usually an ecommerce SEO audit has the goal to identify the opportunities and challenges faced by the client’s website for improving the SEO performance in order to drive more visits, brand impressions, and conversions. The input in a SEO audit is a client’s access to search tools such as SEOmoz or Webmaster Tools, web analytics, and the search results themselves. These data are used in combination with SEO knowledge and experience in order to analyze the website and design a SEO strategy to improve organic search performance.

A complete ecommerce SEO audit will usually include three sections:

  • (a) Analyzing keywords and content
  • (b) Analyzing the opportunities and challenges for a website’s technical aspects
  • (c) Link authority

All these three areas are interconnected and no ecommerc site SEO audit is complete without covering them all. Sometimes these three sections are split into separate ecommerce SEO audit documents, such is the case for SEO site audits provided by companies like However, not all ecommerce SEO site audit reports cover these sections, and when they don't, you as the ecommerce site audit should be skeptical of the people prodiving the information.

Assessing the Primary Components of Ecommerce SEO

In a search engine algorithm are combine hundreds of ranking factors and as a result, decisions come together across those three main areas of SEO: authority, content, and technical. According to the search engine algorithms these decisions impact a website’s organic search performance.

For example, a website’s content relies on technical elements such as architectural structure and platform configuration in order to boost rankings by amplifying keyword signals. In the same manner, it has to be some sort of keyword signals to amplify for link authority as well. As we can see, ignoring one area has as a result leaving the other areas weaker.

The SEO analysis documented in an ecommerce site audit is critical for several reasons. One of these reasons is trust. A detailed SEO analysis builds trust between the client and the SEO professional. Because SEO is a combination of development and marketing disciplines, the client needs to understand the underlying issues with a strong impact on the SEO performance. An SEO audit has also an educational aspect. Based on the audit it is possible to implement a strategy to improve ecommerce SEO service quality, or the overall general direction of the program.

Therefore, in addition to analysis an ecommerce site audit will also contain a SEO improvement strategy and the steps to implement that strategy. This SEO strategy will address authority, content, and technical opportunities in proportion to their value, focusing on those areas that can have the largest SEO impact.

Providing Insights That Encourage Greater Conversion (Not Just Rankings)

A thorough ecommerce SEO site audit should help finding the overall ranking potential of a website, as well as the means to realize success. The SEO professionals take into consideration various factors that can be categorized under off-page and on-page SEO. On-page or on-site ecommerce SEO accounts for around 30 percent of most search engine algorithms, while off-page SEO elements carry the most weight in determining keyword rankings.

However, usability, navigation, and website structure of an online store are important not only to SEO but also to conversion rate optimization.

The technical SEO quality of an ecommerce site depends on several components such as crawl ability and website health, website load speed, use of a XML and HTML sitemap, overall HTML coding structure of the website’s pages, and use of internal linking.


Barnacle SEO: What Is It & How To Use It?

Bernacle SEOBarnacle SEO is actually quite an ingenious strategy of leveraging other powerful domains (other than your website) in order to further improve your business' or brand's visibility in the search engines. In short, by using some creative SEO techniques you can boost the positioning of your external web properties (e.g. Yelp page, or other authority domain property) to generate more traffic to your business.

You need to think of this approach to SEO as being similar to the way in which a barnacle attaches itself to something bigger and more powerful. In other words, you allow the other object to do the hard work while you sit and benefit.

What Is Barnacle SEO?

The term "barnacle SEO" is relatively new, but it does make a lot of sense from a search engine or marketing point of view. As we said at the outset you are using the power of other websites and the success that they have had to help you with ranking for certain keywords.

Barnacle SEO is a cheaper form of SEO and even though it may not rank you in the top three results it can still rank you highly enough on ultra competitive keywords to make a huge difference to the number of hits that your website will receive.

When Is Barnacle SEO Used?

This approach is mainly used for those keywords that are seen by many as being far too competitive and expensive to rank for by normal means and methods. For some, they may resort to this approach as they discover that they are just not making the progress that they hoped and if you own a website, then you know how frustrating this can be. So, what do you do?

Well, you look at some of the sites that are ranking highly for your desired keywords and see how you can jump on that particular bandwagon and benefit from being associated with them in some way. In short, by effectively leveraging barnacle SEO you are attaching yourself to them like a barnacle would.

How Does Barnacle SEO Work?

The way in which a barnacle SEO strategy works is easy. Say you have a website dedicated to a particular keyword, but that keyword receives thousands or even millions of searches every single month. Ranking for those keywords is going to be pretty impossible, but what happens with this approach is that you look for those sites that are ranking in the top five, or even ten, places.

If you do a search and see the likes of YouTube or Wikipedia, then you need to think about how you can attach yourself to those pages to try to pick up some hits from the huge number of people that will be reading the link after doing a search. Can you post a reference on the Wikipedia page via a comment or adding something to it? Getting your name associated with this page can only be beneficial and the same goes with comments on the YouTube video that is being seen by millions of people.

In other words, you need to look at the sites that are ranking highly and see if you can find any opportunities to take advantage of at least some of their success. However, there are a whole host of other things you can do that follow the ideas behind this approach.

Barnacle SEO Tips for Search Marketers

1. Look for the likes of Wikipedia and contribute to the relevant page. 2. Think about sharing content with one of the results. 3. Is there an opportunity to get a direct link on there? 4. Can you get onto a news letter or email list via some advertising to leverage their huge following? 5. Buy ads on their page to get your name noticed. 6. Check out their social media and try to get involved.

This approach is all about taking a chance, but when it is done correctly the results can be astonishing. Barnacle SEO is an interesting proposition and it is one that undoubtedly works, so give it a go and see what the outcome is for you and your website.


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