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How to Use Sitelinks Ad Extensions in Google AdWords

The playing field for Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is becoming more and more competitive. Even for highly niche keyword categories and geo-local search, the prevalence of PPC ads is growing.

There is one AdWords tool that can help your PPC stand out from the clutter. It is the ad extensions tool, and it can enhance your PPC ads for greater visibility and no extra cost.

Simply put, ad extensions are the expansion or extension of a standard text ad that displays additional information about the business or service being advertised. Ad extension can provide additional information such as a phone number or an address (call extensions and location extensions), product images (product extensions,) and additional links of the website (sitelinks extension).

two sitelinks on this PPC ad extension

The Power of Sitelinks

Sitelinks ad extensions are very becoming increasingly popular for PPC advertisers. These ad extensions allow you to have additional webpage links on a standard text-based ad. The unique aspect about sitelinks is that you can expand the size your ad by implementing these links, without having to pay any additional fees.

In addition to increased ad size and more visibility potential, some of the other benefits of using sitelinks in AdWords are:

* For broad keyword categories, sitelinks adds an extra level of specificity. So when bidding on a keyword like 'military uniform,' advertisers can add a few sitelinks for specific types of uniforms like 'Army uniforms,' 'Navy uniforms,' and 'Air Force uniforms.' This can significantly help for conversion optimization by sending customers to the specific products they are looking for.

* Sitelinks can make your ads more visually appealing (and sometimes more trustworthy.) Creative use of sitelinks to add a layer of credibility may include adding a link for 'testimonials' or 'reviews.' Think outside the box and really empathize what your target market sees value in while searching Google.

* Using sitelinks for local PPC is a great tool, especially if you have multiple locations in rather small geographic radius. Here you can add sitelinks for each of your locations to send users to the respective landing page.

Setting-Up Sitelinks in Google AdWords

So, how do you add Sitelinks ad extensions to your PPC campaigns? Log into your Google AdWords account and click on the campaign you wish to add sitelinks (keep in mind that you can only add sitelinks for campaigns, not specific ad groups.)

Go to the section titled ‘Show additional links to my site’ under ‘Ad extensions’.

where to set-up sitelinks in Google AdWords

Here you can list the URLs and names of up to ten internal links in your website, giving first priority to the most important links. Be sure to click ‘Save’ to activate the sitelinks.

Once a search engine user triggers your PPC ad, Google may include up to four additional website links (typically of the most relevant to the search term) along with the main link to your primary landing page.

It is also important to note that you must bid high enough so that your ad is displayed in the premium listings. This is typically the highlighted section, or the top three results of a competitive keyword category.

Start testing the waters with sitelinks in you Pay Per Click advertising efforts and starting optimizing your ads to be more effective in the SERPs.


Techniques to Improve Your PPC Click-Through Rates (CTR)

Google Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is one of the most effective online advertising techniques. Marketers love PPC because they only have to pay for actual clicks. These clicks lead straight to the landing page, making this a targeted advertising technique for almost any types of business.

Although everything centers on conversion in PPC advertising, click-throughs are still a crucial consideration, especially on a competitive search engine results page. There are several strategies for improving your PPC ad's click-through rate (CTR) - many of which have been tried and tested, and require little investment.

Ad Extensions

One of these easiest ways in which you can improve your ads CTR is by adding extensions. Ad extensions are important because they enable you to provide more information on your ads - which is not only helpful for users, but ad extensions also make your ad more prominent (or standout-ish.) There are a number of PPC ad extensions, some of which include social (such as Google +1's), local extensions that tie in to Google Places, products extensions (that show images), and subscription extensions (that display a 'sign-up' field right in the ad). 

Improve PPC Click Through Rate via Ad Extensions

The most commonly used ad extensions are sitelinks. A Sitelink is a type of ad extension that enables you to have up to four additional, supplementary links in your ad. For ecommerce or deep sites, this can not only help your CTR, but also your conversions rates.

Extended Headlines

Another strategy that has been tried and tested is the use of extended headlines. This is indeed another very easy way of increasing CTRs for ads that are already present in organic search results. To use this strategy, simply end your first line of the description with a punctuation mark (an exclamation mark, a period or any other punctuation mark). The first description line will be added to the heading so that your PPC ad really stands out.

Ad Copywriting

Yet another option is using a display URL that is friendlier than your actual URL. You can have a display URL that is 35 words long and that includes a product name, a benefit or a special feature of the product or any other feature you deem helpful.

Improve your PPC ad's CTR by using seasonal headings. There is increased Internet traffic during the holiday season and during major events such as parades and marathons and you should take advantage of these. Simply reference or add an event in your ad’s heading. This makes your ads look timely and increases their visibility since more people will be searching the keyword.

Many clients/customers want to see brands in ad copies, but you should take note of the legal issues around trademarks if you are using a brand that is not your own in your ad copy. Do not use prices if you do not have the lowest prices in your niche. Instead, talk of any discount/s that you may have. You could also increase your CTR by including any free offer that you might have.

Do you have any ideas on how to improve the CTR of your PPC ads? Let us know in the comments section below.


3 Powerful Strategies for Ecommerce PPC

Here at Increase Your Rank, we typically write about organic SEO and related strategies. However in the context of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, there are ways you can increase the rank of your paid ads without having to spend more money.

Strategies for Ecommerce PPC

Improving the cost-effectiveness of your PPC ads centers on quality score. In this blog post, we are going to share with you 5 powerful strategies for ecommerce PPC - several of which can help bump up your quality scores and minimize the expenditure of ad spend. So let's dive right in.


Ad copy is an often overlooked aspect to optimizing a Pay Per Click campaign. The copy in your ads can influence not only quality score, but also how search engine users respond to your ads. It is thus important that you split-test several ad variations per ad group.

When you include the keywords in which you are bidding on in the copy of your ads, the relevancy factor helps to increase the quality score. Because of this, it's wise to use all or some of the keyword in the copy. Ecommerce PPC campaigns can have tons of ad groups with hundreds of ads, so sometimes testing more systematic PPC strategies is ideal.

One approach is using Dynamic Keyword Insertion. Using this strategy will help improve the keyword relevancy of you PPC ads by having the headline of your ads to replicate what the users searches. When using dynamic keyword insertion, you include a unique string in the headline like so:

Ad Headline = {KeyWord:Hair Loss Treatment}

The headline of the ad will be whatever the search engine user submits in Google. If a user's search query is more than 25 characters long (exceeding the headline character limit,) the alternative phrase "Hair Loss Treatment" will be displayed.

This ecommerce PPC strategy is effective in improving both CTR (click-through rates) as well as quality score. It will help to ensure that your ad is very targeted and relevant to whatever users are searching. You'll just want to be careful using this strategy if all of you competitors are using it too. This can be quite common for competitive, ecommerce/product-related keywords. Use dynamic keyword insertion wisely and avoid blending in with the ad clutter.

Try running 2-5 ad variations, depending on how many impressions a certain ad group is receiving. If you ads are getting a lot of exposure in little time, it makes more sense to split-test 3-4 ads, as opposed to just 2. Here you can try number of awesome strategies in you copy.

One cool approach is partial use of dynamic keyword insertion. For instance, we might write the headline to appear like:

Ad Headline = Premium Leather {KeyWord:Jackets}

So if someone searched "leather coats" or "leather jacket," our ad would display the headline "Premium Leather Coats" or "Premium Leather Jacket."

Ad Extensions

Another powerful and cost-effective technique to improve the CTR of your ads is using ad extensions in Google AdWords. Ad extensions are tools that you can use to enhance the presentation of your ads, and there are many of them.


One of the most effective ad extensions is Site Links (shown in the image.) Here you can include links in your ad that direct users to specified inside pages of your website. Not only does this help facilitate conversions and overall usability, but using the Site Links ad extension can help make your ads more prominent and outstanding in the search results. This can be very effective for competitive keywords in an ecommerce context.

Another great ad extension for ecommerce PPC is product extensions. This will display an image for the specific product being advertised, which can really make your ads stand out from the clutter. For product-specific ads, testing the product extensions feature in Google AdWords is an effective strategy.

Keyword Bidding

Another technique to make your ecommerce PPC efforts more efficient is applying keyword bidding strategies like modified broad match. Unlike broad, "phrase," or [exact] keyword matching, modified broad match uses a "+" symbol in front of any keyword that must be included in the user's search query for your ad to appear.

For instance, if we bid on the keyword phrase +kids +organic +clothing, those three words must appear in the users search query for our ad to show up. (So "organic cotton clothing for kids" would trigger the ad, however "childrens organic clothes" would not.) This strategy can help ensure that you ads are being shown when users search long-tail keyword phrases with greater detail.

Another benefit of using modified broad match bidding is that the cost per click (CPC) for some keywords is significantly lower. You can try using creative bidding strategies like kids +organic +clothing. By leaving "kids" as a broad match, your ad can display for searches like "childrens organic clothing" because "childrens" and "kids" are related, with respect to Google's broad matching standards.


Ecommerce PPC advertising can be a complex endeavor, depending on the size and nature of the online store. Developing effective strategies for ecommerce PPC is essential to thrive amongst the competition. We suggest you employ these three strategies and start realizing greater PPC ROI.


Tips for Using Ad Extensions to Maximize Your Web Presence

Google AdwordsHave you ever noticed those PPC ads that really standout in the SERPs? You know, the ads that are taking up precious real estate with additional links or business contact information?

Those are known as Ad Extensions, and they are effective tools that you can leverage for your Google AdWords campaigns that allow paid search (PPC) advertisers to improve the overall appearance and click-through rates of their ads.

Ad Extensions are simple enhancements that can improve the overall appearance and click-through rates of their ads. In addition to promoting greater visibility of your PPC ads, certain Ad Extensions can aid your campaign's conversion funnels by steering users to more specific landing pages.

There are four main AdWords Ad Extensions that you can easily implement in your PPC campaigns. This include:

* Sitelinks Extensions

* Social Extensions

* Location Extensions

* Call Extensions

It's crucial to know before implementing Ad Extensions is that they influence an entire campaign, not just an ad group. This is very important to take into consideration, because campaigns often times have many unrelated ad groups, making the Ad Extension irrelevant to certain ads.

To start on activating Ad Extensions, open up the target campaign in the Google AdWords interface. Next, open the tab that says "Ad extensions." Under the "view" drop-down option, you can choose to activate any of the latter mentioned Ad Extensions.

Sitelinks Extensions

Sitelinks extensions provide a number of opportunities for web presence management and optimizing the PPC ad exposure in the search results. By using the Sitelinks extension, PPC advertising can add customized links to be included within the ad. This can not only take up more real estate in the SERPs, but sitelink ad extensions can direct users to a certain landing page.

Social Extensions

Social extensions are growing in importance and effectiveness, as they are tied to a brand's Google Plus page. An ad with social extensions activated will simply display how many individuals have "+1'd" their Google Plus page. Similar to the other types of AdWords ad extensions, social extensions will help make the ad stand-out in the SERPS while making the business or brand appear more trusted and credible from a user perspective.

Location Extensions

Location extensions work the best for locally-focused PPC campaigns. Location extensions will always include an address of the business being advertised directly below the ad's copy. If the advertiser bids high enough so that the ad appears in the top listings in the Google search results, the address information will be displayed in the form of a link in which users can click to expand the address information. This will display a detailed map of the business's location.

Call Extensions

For mobile-targeted paid search campaigns, call extensions are a great tool to facilitate easy points of contacts for immediate conversions. Call extensions will include a phone number in the form of the link, allowing Google users to directly place a call by clicking the link.

If you're doing any sort of PPC optimization for a client, one of the first things you should consider is implementing some solid Ad Extensions that relevant to the client and its target market. For any advertiser, these tools can be momentous is driving better click-through rates and more conversions (for no extra charge!)


Basic PPC Campaign Management Tips for AdWords Newbies

PPC campaign management is a tricky subject to handle for even an experienced PPC expert. Things get even more complicated for a person new to PPC campaign management using a campaign management tool such as Google Ad words. If you are one such newbie to Google AdWords, you might feel nervous after reading the first couple of sentences here. But, after going through the tips provided here, you would feel a lot more confident in using Google AdWords for managing PPC campaigns.

 PPC Campaign AdWords

1. Using Ad Extensions in Google AdWords

Ad Extension option is one of the most effective options available for providing a professional look and feel to your Paid Ads. Ad Extensions play a pivotal role in improving the click-through rates achieved. One of the important points to note here is that the Ad Extensions created would be applicable for the entire campaign and hence would apply for all the ad groups. As a new user, you have to be extremely careful in using Ad Extensions for your Ad campaigns. There are two important features in ad extensions that would help in making your ad to be unique in nature. One is Product extension and the other feature available is the Site Link. By using the product Extension feature available in Ad Extension, you would be able to attach an image of the product that is being advertised.

By using product extensions, you can immediately attract the attention of the search engine users. In order to use this feature, you have to set up an account with Google merchant Center and link that account with Google Ad Words account. Site Link feature available within the Ad Extension tab would help you to place a link in the paid ads. The site link would directly lead the incoming customer to the product web site resulting in better conversion rates.

2. Creating tightly coupled Ad Groups

This is extremely important for measuring the performance of different ads within the ad group. By having ads that have related keywords in a group would provide information on ads that are doing extremely well and adds that are not that effective. Based on this information, you can make suitable changes to your campaign as a whole and make all the ads to be high performing ads in that group.

3. Using Modified Broad match option in Keyword bidding

When setting up Keyword bidding, it is more beneficial to use Modified broad match option or the Exact match option than using the Broad match option. The user searching for a particular product has to include a plus sign in front of the search key word for the ad with modified broad match setting to appear. One important benefit of using a modified broad option is the low cost factor. In modified broad search option, Cost per click (CPC) for certain keyword combinations is slightly lesser than the broad search option.

4. Using Ad Scheduling for timing your Ad campaign

By having a look at the conversion data available with Google Analytics, you can very well know the times during which the conversion usually happens. Using this data, you can schedule your ad to run during that particular time period and turn off the ad during other periods of time. Ad Scheduling functionality allows you to schedule the running time of your ads. It would turn out to be extremely cost effective in the longer run.

By using these tips, you would be able to perform PPC campaign management using AdWords in a more professional and productive manner. For information about PPC services and resources continue reading


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