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New Google Local "3 Pack" Prominently Owning Search Real Estate

Google LocalThe former "7 pack" refers to the local search results in Google that are accompanied by the map and red push pins (often ranked from letters A-G). These listings, which appear above the organic listings and below the PPC ads, are now modified by the Google.

The common 7 pack of business listings, which includes the business name, address, phone number, and other relevant information when they are hovered over, has now been reduced to the 3 pack.

This change has been favorable to the Google in two ways. The local 3 Pack will be more conducive to the mobile environment. Secondly, the "carousel" 7 pack will be dropped out owing to its poor connections and relevance with the rest of the results in the search page.

How Local Search Marketers Can Adapt to the 3 Pack?

In the current trend, it is important for the local search marketers and SEO's to adopt various strategies in their marketing that will comply with the new change of local packs by the Google. The three main steps involved to get appeared in the local pack includes, owing the Google+ business page, optimizing the Google+ page and building a location page on the website where readers can land at.

Google Local 3 Pack

With the new change by the Google, it cannot be assured that the local internet marketers may find a place in the 3 packs during the search even when they are relevant. So, the local SEO's are required to make their websites optimized for local searches in order to sustain in the competing world. This is also important to get enough online traffic to the website. Some of the strategies of tackling with the new Google local 3 pack has been discussed in the next section.

Does Local PPC Have Greater Potential?

The option of PPC will be helpful in that they are proven strategy to increase the online traffic for the local marketers websites. This is useful especially in the cases where the business websites need to find a place in the top sections of web search results. It is obvious that the local SEO would not be able to find a place in the limited 3 packs of the Google.

Local PPC may be the best alternative option for the local marketers to progress in their business. It is also worthwhile to note that the top search result that will be seen by the users will be the PPC ads. The 3 pack is supposed to be the second to be viewed. The organic results come third in the order in which the browsers see the results.

This order is unaffected even if the keyword makes the local website eligible to be placed in the top organic position. So, PPC is sure to help in the business progress for the local marketers and SEO's. If that doesn't shake things up for you local search marketing strategy, then scope some other non-traditional strategies and tips below.

Other Considerations About The Google 3 Pack

The star ratings will play an important role for the local business people to boost their website traffic. Google has provided the option of selecting the businesses that are above certain ratings. The searchers are exposed to those businesses that have received high ratings from the customers. This could be the best strategy for the local marketers to grab more traffic to their websites.

If they are able to receive more ratings from the current customers, this can pave a way for their development. The sponsored results are also being considered as an alternative solution for displaying about the local businesses by the Google. These results will show up the various local marketers associated with a particular field.


Local Maps SEO: The Big Picture Behind Maps Optimization

Local maps SEO has become a major marketing boon for locally-based businesses. Both enterprise-level companies and small businesses alike are optimizing their search presence in the local maps listings (otherwise known as the Google 3 pack.)

The Google 3 pack is most valuable form local search marketing real estate, as it's often shown near the top of the SERPs and is reserved for only 3 entities. However, there's more to local maps SEO and embracing the big picture behind Google Maps marketing and optimization process.

Ranked Google Maps Search Results

When a Google user doesn't have location data enabled on his or her device, the ranked Google Maps search results are typically displayed. Additionally, Google Maps is available on a global scale without any geographic boundaries. As a result, the ranked Google Maps results are sometimes shown instead of traditional, local 3 pack results.

Viewable upon clicking the "More places" link below the 3 pack, these search results appear on the Google Maps interface (or mobile app) for specific types of businesses in a given location. For example, see the screenshot below of the ranked Google Maps results for “orthodontist” in Seattle, Washington:google local maps SEO

The rankings behind these local maps search results use different variables and signals compared to the 3 pack. Notably, citations are less influential (compared to 3 pack SEO) and Google My Business (GMB) pages are perhaps the most influential. As a result. It's important for local maps SEO to claim, verify, and optimize a business's GMB page to maximize it's ranking potential in the Google Maps search results.

Google Maps Ads

Dovetailing on our last example, Leone & Vaughn Orthodontics are the only orthodontists in Seattle leveraging Google Maps ads. Combined with their organic Google Maps listing (shown just below the ad), Leone & Vaughn Orthodontics are doubling their search exposure while occupying a significant chunk of search real estate.

Google Maps ad

While this is more search marketing than it is local maps SEO on semantic level, it's still an underutilized opportunity worth mentioning. Google Maps ads can be created through AdWords when synced with a business's GMB page or local listing. In a competitive search market, these ads offer valuable platform to improve search exposure and generate quality, in-market traffic to a site.

Getting Started With Local Maps SEO

The first step to local maps SEO to claim or establish a new GMB page for your business. Once claimed, the next steps are to:

  • Select the most relevant categories that describe your organization (making the primary category the most relevant top pick.)
  • Populate your GMB page to 100% completion. This includes every detail, such as hours of operation, images, contact information, etc.
  • Define your business's primary service areas (i.e. names of nearby cities or towns, or a defined radius from your location.)
  • Add a link from your website to your GMB page (and vice versa.)
  • Verify your GMB listing (via phone verification or postcard submission)

For more help getting started with local maps SEO, there are many reputable local SEO agencies in Atlanta that specialize in Google Maps marketing and optimization. To ensure your investment offers the greatest returns, work with a certified Google Partner who has the credentials you can trust with your business.


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