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Leveraging Google Plus for SEO

Are you looking for ways to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts? The emerging social media platform Google Plus, or Google+, is one spot that you'll want to add to your list of SEO strategies

Google Plus is an attempt by Google at entering the social media networking scene. Although there is a lot of debate as to the ability of Google Plus to last, one thing is for sure; you can use Google Plus to help make your presence known and improve your search engine rankings.

Social SEO Strategies

There are several local SEO tactics you can use to improve your rankings through Google Plus. The first is by increasing the number of followers you have. It is important to get as many followers as you can on your Google Plus account. It does not matter if you know them or if they are relevant to you or not. The quantity is what matters and not the quality.

The reasoning behind this is simple. When anyone who follows you on Google Plus performs a search using the keywords you use to optimize your website, your site will come up within the first listings of the search results. This is because Google Plus is tied into the search results (via "Google Search Plus Your World") which is designed to deliver more relevant and personalized search results.

Social SEO Strategies via Google Plus

The advantage to having a strong follower base on Google Plus is that even the friends or 'circle connections' of your followers will be presented like search results with your site potentially at the top. This is Google's way of saying "hey, your friends liked this site for (keyword x) so maybe you will too."

In essence, this is a trust and credibility based system used through social interaction, and it's momentous for search engine optimization.

Attaining a Following & Marketing Your Content

You can get more followers for your Google Plus profile by placing links to it on your website, blogs, other social networking sites and forums. You can also attain a strong following with various promotions and creative incentives, like contests or polls. Many brands employs cross promotional social media strategies which may involve Facebook or other forms of content marketing.

Another way to improve your SEO with Google Plus is by claiming authorship for articles and content you have submitted online. You can simply add authorship connections from the blog posts and other webpages to your Google Plus profile. This can also help build you credibility and potentially improve your search rankings.

The third way of leveraging Google Plus for SEO is by connecting your website directly to your profile. This can be done by adding a simple code in your website. This code will be invisible to users of the website. You can also opt to add a Google Plus badge. This will help followers of your Google Plus profile to get to your webpage. This way of connecting your webpage and Google Plus profile will dominate search results and can he extremely advantageous when it comes to SEO for ecommerce sites.

Encourage your followers to +1 your page. The +1 button in the Google Plus profile is similar to the like button in Facebook. However, the +1 button in Google Plus carries more weight in a Google Plus search. Results of searches will show the number of +1’s you have on your Google Plus profile even when the user is not logged into Google Plus.


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