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5 SEO Business Models to Diversify Your Company's Revenue Streams

SEO Business ModelsThere is no doubt that search sends more traffic to your website. In fact, it is about 300 percent more than the social media site. Due to this reason most companies are accepting the importance of SEO.

SEO gives your website and business the opportunity to reach out to the potential customers. Here are some of the top five models for you.

1. In House SEO

In house SEO is mainly for those people who are looking for a full time position in one company. Your work will involve both maintaining and managing the company’s SEO. You will work for one company and handle all the work related to SEO.

Apart from this, you will also look after the strategies and implementation. In fact, this is your one and only responsibility within the company. You will also work such a company that understands the importance of keyword optimization. It is a good start off job for any SEO professional to learn and acquire the knowledge.

2. Agency SEO

The agency SEO business model is suitable for those who don’t want to take this as a full time profession, but want variety of clients as well as work. It is quite similar to in house SEO, the only difference is that work will be through an agency. This means you don’t need to deal with everything on your own.

Agency SEO involves a huge variety in client type as well as work. Since the agency involves a lot of people, you will work only as a team and lean more about SEO practices and trends. If you are looking to get more knowledge about SEO or specialze in a specific area, such as ecommerce agency SEO, this model is just for you.

3. SEO Consultant

People who love variety in their work, but still look for independence should consider following the SEO consultant business model. Like the agency, a consultant also works with a different client and deals with a wide range of SEO services.

As a SEO consultant, you will be in your own charge that means you can take up any projects that suits you best. It will also give you a huge investment return since it involves low investment. As an individual, you also get the chance of building your brand and starting your own company.

4. Rental SEO

Professionals who like flipping websites just as flipping houses needs to consider rental SEO. It works like buying a house for a low price and selling it a higher price. Even though you work as an individual you don’t actually provide services to businesses.

Your work involves offering products that other businesses need to buy. Those who are good at writing and designing their own website, the concept of renting website is a good idea. Interestingly, these websites are not created for any particular business, but for a profitable niche. If one client bids goodbye, you surely get another to pay the revenue.

5. SEO to SEO

Professionals who have good depth of knowledge regarding SEO and have time to give this knowledge back to the SEO community need to try out this business model. If you are into this business for a long time and have sufficient knowledge about it, you can give it back to those who are new.

Apart from this, you can also give back information that you feel the newbies in this field needs. Since it is about SEO to SEO you can skip working with companies and try to become an SEO expert or professional.


5 Old SEO Practices That Now Do More Harm Than Good

Good SEOSearch engine optimization is the turning point of marketing. However, a marketer needs to be vigilant on how they approach SEO when incorporating it into their marketing plan. One can do everything wrong and right when it comes to SEO.

If one takes the essential steps and market their business well by observing some of the critical areas of SEO, then they can beat the most difficult areas of SEO as they will care for themselves. Perhaps, SEO is an iterative process that requires strategizing, measurement and improvement.

SEO keeps advancing and changing on a regular basis. This, therefore, throws serious challenges to marketers to get updated and adopt the new algorithms. There are certain SEO tools and tactics that worked initially but do not work at the moment. They can make someone get punished. Some of these factors are discussed below.

Keyword-Optimized Pages

Initially, people used to target keywords on the kind of content that they place online. Narrowly focusing on a keyword in a page used to kill years back. The higher keyword-focused pages used to rank high than those that did not.

Nowadays, following the introduction of Hummingbird update, Google, and other search engines are looking for how certain keywords have represented various ideas. There are billions of pages that Google analyzes. The pages that perfectly represent certain keywords get ranked high.

This does not mean that marketers need to shun the use of keywords when seeking to improve their Search Engine Optimization. It is a challenge to marketers to keep updated and present content that perfectly represents keywords.

Take the instance of 'sports'. There are millions of pages that talk about sports. Content with highly repeated keyword 'sports' does not guarantee it to appear at the top. Ideally, what matters is how exhaustively that content has been presented. The secret is 'focus much on the topic about the client's needs'. This can often be reveal through an SEO site audit, which you can learn more about here.

Optimized of Anchor Text

Anchor texts used to be popular in signaling the relevance of internet pages. Anchor texts aid in understanding what the whole site is about without necessarily having to read everything. SEO secures a large amount of links for a specific target keyword. Few people now can link a page by the use of anchor text. When used nowadays, it can raise warning regardless of how one spreads them.

The use of anchor text, however, should not be thrown out when it comes to SEO. The secret is 'do not use similar words'. Use sentences that revolve around the keyword instead of using plain keywords to avoid being punished.

Link Sculpting

The 'no-follow' tag that was created by search engine earlier to block spammers does not work now. Google now sees such pages as not preventing any link from flowing out of a page and that it just prevents from leading to a page that is linked to. The best solution to curb this is to eradicate hyperlinks from such pages.

Thin Content

Earlier, it used to be said that content is the king, prince and queen of everything. Marketers and other websites thus rushed for more and more content to attract visitors. Nowadays, it is not content anymore but the quality of it. Good quality, conversion-oriented SEO copywriting increases and improves the reputation of a site.

Buying links

Search engines that came before Google used on-page optimization in ranking pages. When Google was introduced, it changed the tricks of the game and introduced the use of links. Currently, the use of links in manipulating algorithm is greatly penalized implying that the idea of link buying does not work. If links can be used only for advertising purposes, they can still work the magic. But if one needs to use links, they can contact the owners of the site first.

Techniques used by some of the best ecommerce SEO companies are never static but keep on changing day in day out. Marketers should remain flexible and updated to beat the fast-paced trends.


Could Structured Data Be a Future Ranking Factor in Google?

Google Strictired Data Ranking FactorCurrently, Google denies any claims that it could be using structured data to rank websites on the World Wide Web. The search giant’s denial contradicts with most an SEO professional’s beliefs that structured markup does affect how well a website ranks.

So, even though Google is currently in denial, will it give in in the future? We cannot be sure but there is enough evidence to support a positive for the hypotheses. Below is information which keeps you in the light of what is going on.

Google Hints

As Google puts it, structured data is all about helping its engines better understand your content, which is imperative to actual ranking. Although using Schema and structured data markup does not have a direct correlative effective on how well your site ranks, you may want to anticipate this to change in the near future.

Although informally, Googler John Mueller said that structured markup is something that might be integrated into Google’s ranking algorithm could be in the near future. He continues in the company’s assertion that it is currently not using it for ranking purposes but there is a high likelihood of that Google has an intention of using it in the future. See more about this at Search Engine Land's post on this topic. Or see the video Google Hangout below on his thoughts about this.

Avoid Google Guessing What Your Site Is About

So how would structured data improve the experience of people who use Google to search for information on the Internet? In Mueller’s view, structured markup is integrated into a website to make it easier for their search engines to understand its content.

If someone is browsing for information about a car on the Internet and Google happens to 'know’ pages which are marked up with data for the same car, it will bring up these pages assuming that they will be useful to the querying user. Unlike what they currently do, structured data markup eliminates chances that the search algorithm will guess that a certain page is about the car for which a user needs information.

Better Answers to Search Queries

Mueller however continued to assert that they will not favor pages with great markup technicality at the expense of pages which carry useful content. You might want to recall that useful content in Google’s perspective points out to that which gives the best answer to a web visitor's queries.

All in all, it does not hurt to be in the light. If they are going to throw in structured data, you would better begin tuning up your pages else you will be caught unawares. Think about your competitors; if they have got wind about this development, they are probably adding structured markup to their pages or planning about doing it soon.


Creative Ways to Embrace Local SEO Link Building

Local SEO Link BuildingNow that it is feasible to develop a website at a fairly low cost, established companies as well as the start-ups have a tremendous amount of competition when it comes to selling their services and products on the Internet.

In a saturated market like this and Google placing the organic search results further down the search page in order to favor their paid listings, it has become increasingly difficult for the small/medium local businesses to have a notable presence without having the need to pay Google for that.

The algorithm that Google follows, which calculates the rankings of all the websites seems like an enigma, has been changing well over a few hundred times a year. Even with this kind of situation, the biggest factor that regulates the Google rankings is based on something that most of us SEO savvy individuals know and don't even care about - the links that we observe on all of the websites.

Consider Google as the polling station across the Internet, counting the votes from all the different links that it finds on the web. But unlike our classic democracy, where every vote from a person is treated to be equal, Google follows a different approach. It gives more weight age to the votes that are polled by the relevant and authoritative websites.

Creative Ways to Approach Link Building

Here are a few creative ways to build links for your SEO efforts. These work best for small/medium scale companies, while established companies need something larger than this.

Let's get started.

1) Gather Your Votes

More than often it happens that the owners of the website do not realize that and are perceived as two different pages by the search engines. As a result of this, the resulting votes from these two different sources dilute the position your page is entitled to.

This is similar to a political party splitting up into two different entities and the votes being split amongst them. This does no good to both the branches.

The solution for this problem is to notify Google that both the links are owned by a single entity and that you want to count all the votes from under This can be implemented easily by permanently redirecting the user from one of the pages to the other. (known as a 301)

2) Offer Writing Testimonials/Guest Articles

Every company has ties with some other company or business to supply products and services. Sit down and list out all the businesses that you use for your website and offer these businesses testimonials from your site. Generally, all the companies have a separate page dedicated entirely for this purpose as the testimonials act as proof for future customers.

So, the company grasps the opportunity with both hands and will be more than happy to provide a hyperlink that directs back to your site from their testimonial page. A win-win for both and this promotes healthy relationship amongst the businesses. This is cornerstone to in-house web presence management services for your company.

3) Detect Existing References Without Links

Locate the web pages that have a mention of your website or business but without a link. Google does not count this as a vote as this doesn't have a link that directs back to your website. This keeps your SEO efforts top of mind with your on-site optimization.

So, how to identify these cases? Try using Google for this purpose. Search Google for "[keyword] inurl:links". By doing this, Google displays all the results where the keyword has been mentioned but on common links pages that are easy wins. Once you get the list of the locations, contact the concerned web page owners and replace the keyword with a hyperlink that redirects to your website.

4) Create a Better Product or Service

Finally, the best way to earn Links. Create a version 2.0 of your product/service that stands high in quality and release it with grace. This helps create a buzz in the market and adds value to your business.

A valuable and credible product/service automatically earns you the required links. This also attracts media attention and follow the previous step and replace every place where your business is mentioned with a link.

Unfortunately, there are no easy and agile methods to ramp up your website's local SEO and rank to the top of the Google's first page. But by following the above-mentioned steps, you can build a sea of links online that can boost your business.


3 Models of Consultative Content Marketing Strategies

Content MarketingContent marketing has become a very specialized and creative business. To practice it effectively, it’s necessary to explore the many forms that it takes. Here are some of the more popular and effective types of content marketing which companies are currently following.

1. The Magazine Model

This is probably the most popular model with customers and devotees of a company’s website. The magazine model has a number of different permutations and applications, designed to fit the specific product line or customer demographic the company is trying to reach.

Some examples of companies that have excelled in the magazine model of content marketing are:

  • Herschel Supply - Herschel Supply is a manufacturer of quality backpacks, travel goods and accessories. In addition to laying their website out to highlight images of their collections, they feature well-written travel articles about locations around the world.
  • Qualcomm - The Qualcomm website provides a link to their newsroom which they call their Spark platform. This is a collection of new articles and videos revolving around their B2B customers and their interaction with Qualcomm.
  • Net-A-Porter - Most brands lean towards the visual model when it comes to content marketing. But Net-A- Porter sees the value in having articles concerning the fashion world and emerging trends bolster its presentation of images.
  • John Deere - John Deere have done something very clever. They have emphasized the history of their company in the continuation online of a magazine that the company had started back in 1895. The magazine, called ??The Furrow’, is available online or in print.
  • BMW - For the London Olympics and Paralympic games, BMW launched a magazine encompassing everything about the games, and their location. With subtle advertising thrown in, the magazine was wildly popular with browsers.

2. The Visual Model

Visual models work very well for lifestyle type products and companies. And companies that want to present a fresh, colorful and vibrant image in conjunction to their brand.

Some examples are:

  • Intel - This was the perfect campaign for this company. In making products that end-users didn’t use, they needed to be able to connect with the public. There website shows an understated and attractive collection of photos of the applications of their products.
  • Red Bull - Red bull has made action sports their trademark, by heavily sponsoring these types of sports. The visual style of their website supports this aspect.
  • General Electric - G.E. has built a website showing well-composed, interesting, behind-the-scenes shots of their various projects. The photos will appeal to their primary client base engineers.
  • Starbucks - The coffee chain is using Instagram in order to create a lifestyle mosaic-type presentation of the starbucks world. It is clever and visually sophisticated.
  • Coca-Cola - Like Starbucks, the Coca-Cola company is positioning their products as being lifestyle products. They have utilized Tumbler to make an interactive website that is fun for people to look through and discover certain areas.

3. The Website Optimization Model

The third model is more of a mechanical treatment of the content being marketed on a respective website. In posting the content and then using analytics to tweak it and make it more responsive to the Google ranking algorithms. Companies can get the most out of the content that they post. Some companies that specialize in offering website optimization services are:

  • The Web Presence Group - They offer the "The Web Presence Optimization Strategy Guide" that will guide you through their highly capable list of services. Learn more by visiting the official site of this website optimization company
  • TC Top of Mind - Their "Traverse City SEO Guide for 2015" also offers a guide to website optimization services specifically designed for Traverse City.
  • Screaming Frog - This is a UK based company that offers website optimization services for the UK market. Screaming Frog put togetha a creative content marketing programs to showcase the importance of website optimization.
  • Scribendi - This is a website optimization service that takes more of a content focused approach to optimization.
  • Boostability - Finally, this is one of the largest website optimization companies in the world with over $10 million in annual revenue.

Embracing a Socially-Oriented Ecommerce SEO Strategy

Social SEO Ecommerce StrategyIt's been about 2 decades since marketing agencies started offering SEO services to different clients in order to help their visibility in the search engines. This is not a news to anyone working online and it became pointless writing repetitive blogs.

A lot has changed over quite some time, and if you're following updates coming from Google, then you'll realize your ecommerce SEO strategies are constantly evolving. Of course, if you are running a business that needs online attention, you'll first seek help from a SEO expert. But regular optimization is becoming outdated.

If you want to compete with big companies that have a brand to support their product your ecommerce business will be ruined if you don't look a bit outside of the box and find a new way to expand a bit more into their turf. You won't forget and throw away everything you did so far, you'll just need to upgrade your system a bit more and the results will be there for sure.

Adopting Social Strategies to Facilitate SEO Outcomes

If you consider yourself a serious entrepreneur with a strong desire to success with your ecommerce business you have to be present on well-established social media platforms. Social media goes hand in hand with SEO and just as marketable web presence optimization can affect your visibility in search engines. The quality of content on your page should be the same just as what you are currently doing with your SEO, but on the social platform this content can be made more striking.

When you are just depending on keywords, tags, and links, you can't be sure is your website visible at all and how high is rated in the search engine, but with help of social media you can aim more precise to your future customers. When you get enough attention with social media you'll get it on Google as well.

Establishing The Foundation to Your Ecommerce SEO'cial Strategy

First and basic thing you need to pay attention to when cultivating social ecommerce SEO strategies is a number of followers you have on your page. A number of followers can be picked by a simple campaign without any spam-like invitations. Other, a bit trickier tactic is using external links that are channeled through your social media.

Your social SEO strategy mission should be getting unique and relevant content from different sources leading back to you in some point. Using hash tags can be quite handy as well spreading the word even more. The more external links you have the bigger you get on Google's radar.

Another way to increase your size on the online map is also provided by social media which all have like, share, favorite, etc. options. The bigger engagement you have on every of your posts the bigger is the chance you'll be noticed by your search engine. In order to get more interaction, you can organize a giveaway which requires all of the options mentioned above.

Last but not least strategy you should try is local social media action and strategy. Of course, you would want a global success, but it's good to start with smaller steps through your community or region first. Targeting options provided by social media can be quite handy for this kind of approach. Once you gain trust from customers physically closer to you there is a good chance you will attract the attention of the outside world as well.


New Google Local "3 Pack" Prominently Owning Search Real Estate

Google LocalThe former "7 pack" refers to the local search results in Google that are accompanied by the map and red push pins (often ranked from letters A-G). These listings, which appear above the organic listings and below the PPC ads, are now modified by the Google.

The common 7 pack of business listings, which includes the business name, address, phone number, and other relevant information when they are hovered over, has now been reduced to the 3 pack.

This change has been favorable to the Google in two ways. The local 3 Pack will be more conducive to the mobile environment. Secondly, the "carousel" 7 pack will be dropped out owing to its poor connections and relevance with the rest of the results in the search page.

How Local Search Marketers Can Adapt to the 3 Pack?

In the current trend, it is important for the local search marketers and SEO's to adopt various strategies in their marketing that will comply with the new change of local packs by the Google. The three main steps involved to get appeared in the local pack includes, owing the Google+ business page, optimizing the Google+ page and building a location page on the website where readers can land at.

Google Local 3 Pack

With the new change by the Google, it cannot be assured that the local internet marketers may find a place in the 3 packs during the search even when they are relevant. So, the local SEO's are required to make their websites optimized for local searches in order to sustain in the competing world. This is also important to get enough online traffic to the website. Some of the strategies of tackling with the new Google local 3 pack has been discussed in the next section.

Does Local PPC Have Greater Potential?

The option of PPC will be helpful in that they are proven strategy to increase the online traffic for the local marketers websites. This is useful especially in the cases where the business websites need to find a place in the top sections of web search results. It is obvious that the local SEO would not be able to find a place in the limited 3 packs of the Google.

Local PPC may be the best alternative option for the local marketers to progress in their business. It is also worthwhile to note that the top search result that will be seen by the users will be the PPC ads. The 3 pack is supposed to be the second to be viewed. The organic results come third in the order in which the browsers see the results.

This order is unaffected even if the keyword makes the local website eligible to be placed in the top organic position. So, PPC is sure to help in the business progress for the local marketers and SEO's. If that doesn't shake things up for you local search marketing strategy, then scope some other non-traditional strategies and tips below.

Other Considerations About The Google 3 Pack

The star ratings will play an important role for the local business people to boost their website traffic. Google has provided the option of selecting the businesses that are above certain ratings. The searchers are exposed to those businesses that have received high ratings from the customers. This could be the best strategy for the local marketers to grab more traffic to their websites.

If they are able to receive more ratings from the current customers, this can pave a way for their development. The sponsored results are also being considered as an alternative solution for displaying about the local businesses by the Google. These results will show up the various local marketers associated with a particular field.


Cultivating A Socially-Integrated SEO Strategy

Social MediaIn the ever changing world of SEO, the on-site and off-site factors that contribute to a website's ranking has been constantly up for debate.

For example, while many people proclaim that EMD or Exact Match Domain may hurt your rankings, many believe that it helps it, and while many people believe that PBNs or Private Blog Networks are dead, some proclaim that it is alive and well.

However, there are a few on-site and off-site factors that can clearly increase a site rankings. One of those are social signals.

How Social Media Is Beginning To Have A Greater And Greater Impact On SEO

Google has always proclaimed, that as long as you provide valuable content to your visitors, your rankings will elevate. As such, they proclaim that the factors that effects a site rankings, are things that indicate that a website is providing value to its visitors.

This was the reason why link building had such a huge impact on a website's ranking back in the early 2000s. Essentially in their eyes, the amount of links that a website had coming in as well as the relevance and authority of those links, indicated that a website provided some value to its customer.

Social Signals

While it may be true that links still play an integral part in the SEO ranking process, many SEOs are realizing that Google has been viewing social media signals in the same light. Said in simple terms, social signals (i.e. Google +1's, Tweets, Facebook Likes, Shares, etc.) are similar to the role that inbound links played back in the early 2000s. In this sense, these signals defining quality content and websites as being valuable and the reason why it was so popular.

In short, Google is beginning to view the amount of social signals that a website has, as being another indicator that demonstrates the value that the website has to offer as to the reason why the content of that website is being shared.

Content Marketing

Due to this fact, many SEOs have come to realize that they need to create high quality content that gets shared. Said in simple terms, content marketing is not only a great way for SEOs to engage with their customers, but it's also a great way for them to provide expert knowledge which in essence can lead to a higher amount of conversation and retention rates.

By serving your visitors with great content, it can help to increase your CTR as well as to reduce your bounce rate, both of which are two additional factors that influence a website's ranking.

By updating your site with frequent and relevant high quality content, when keyword research has been conducted correctly for each content piece that you have on your website, it has a higher chance of occurring within the search results.

As far as social media goes, by providing great content to your audience, it has a higher chance of being shared by people which not only helps to raise the amount of social signals that your website receives which will furthermore help to increase its rankings, based on the fact that your content will be shared by people, it will help to allow for a higher amount of people to discover and ultimately visit your website.


What to Know Before Hiring a Website Optimization Company

Website Optimization Hiring ProspectingUnlike SEO (which focuses on attain higher keyword rankings in search engines,) website optimization is continuous process of improving a website performance for both users and search engine spiders.

In essence, website optimization involves testing, marketing, and analyzing a site in order to achieve specific goals and offer a good user experience. Additionally, these processes can help influence fluid crawling and indexing of a website, which in turn can accelerate SEO.

Most businesses, whether they actually know it or not, need the solutions provided by a full-service agency that offers both website optimization and SEO to get the best value from their investment. So before making your first payment with an SEO company, or "web marketing company," understand a few essential pillars in hiring a website optimization company

The Basics

Most website optimization professionals often overlook critical elements that shape the new form of SEO and website optimization, including mobile optimization, review generation, citation optimization, etc. While these terms might be confusing to the layman, they are things to ask your prospective website optimization firm. Here is what you need to know before hiring a website optimization company in order to avoid confusion and inconveniences:

  • Past Clients & History of Success - A good and reputable website optimization should be in a position to freely share their past clients and the products and services they deal in. This will help you analyze their performance based on how their clients appear in search engine results. They should also give you their clients' contacts for verification that they truly did the work.
  • Website Optimization Strategies Employed - A good website optimization company will be able to share with you some of the strategies it uses and the duration it will take to achieve the goals. A good proposal should include your website's technical review, how the technical experts will improve the site's performance for better usability (i.e. faster load speeds, calls-to-action, easy of information absorption, etc.) as well as better search engine rankings (better crawling and indexing, minimized HTML code, etc.)

Links & Social Media?

A comprehensive website optimization strategy should also focus on link generation and social media. These approaches need to be taken very mindfully and with respect to Google's webmaster guidelines and overall best practices.

  • Adherence to search engines' webmaster guidelines - The optimization company should strictly adhere to the search engines' guidelines. Lack of adherence may lead to low search results or ban from search results altogether.
  • Web property ownership - Make sure you are the one who will own the site and not the website optimization company. The domain name should be yours. You should also ensure that you have website's username and passwords.

Honest, Communication, & Working Relationship

Honest website optimization consultants should also share with you the changes they make to the site (e.g. of addition of new pages, HTML code modifications, and re-designing of the site's navigation. )

  • Measuring the success of website optimization - The optimization company should have a means of tracking the site's performance after optimization i.e. increase in search results ranking keywords used to find your site etc. They should then share the data with you and use it to improve the site more.
  • Communication and reporting - You should agree on the means of communication with the consultant since you will be working together for some time.
  • Payments - You should find out the amount your website optimization consultant will be charging you and the criteria used.
  • End of contract - Make sure you retain the website when the contract ends. Ensure nothing changed in the website is altered or removed in the event of the contract termination too.

Search engines are a vital aspect in today's marketing world. Having a well-optimized website will be a major boost to an organization in achieving its goals. The website should be able to reach its target SEO objectives while performing optimally from a user perspective. All things combined, this is what cultivates a sound website optimization strategy.


5 Prove SEO Tips for Local SMB's

Local Small Business SEOMost local SMB's are starting to realize the importance of SEO to be competitive in their local marketplace. However, few of the companies are taking the proper approach to generate sustainable rankings and lead-generating results.

Whether or not you're working with a local SEO company or handling all optimization in-house, below are proven SEO tips that you (or your local SEO company) can employ for better results.

1. Do Localized Keyword Research

Keywords are the phrases that customers submit on major search engines while looking for your type of business or service. The trick to doing keyword research is to keep it locally-specific to your area, so instead of research keywords like "chiropractor," you can try researching keywords like "chiropractor in Berkeley CA".

By signing up for a free Google AdWords account, you are accessible to the Keyword Planner tool where you can easily explore the number of average monthly searches a keyword phrase gets. From this information, you can optimize your content appropriately.

In addition to researching localized keywords, such "Berkeley chiropractor" or "chiropractors in Berkeley CA," try adjusting the Google AdWords Keyword Planner to your local area (i.e. so it only show's data reflective of search volume in Berkeley, the Bay Area, or the entire state of California,) and see how often general or broad keywords are searched per month, such as "chiropractor" or "chiropractic". Get started by visiting the Keyword Planner on Google AdWords.

2. Implement a Content Marketing Strategy

You probably have a nice looking website for your business, congratulations for that, but is that enough to bring you clients? The bad news is, NO! There is more to be done. A well laid strategy to generate quality and consistent content and get it out to the world is your only bet for success. Increased ROI, increased authority and brand awareness, lead generation, backlinks and greater traffic are some benefits of this strategy.

First, do thorough research of your client industry. Get enough information help plan for your blogging and the general marketing piece. Secondly, together with your team, brainstorm and get solid campaign ideas. Next, create relevant content to include videos, written posts, quizzes and reports. Finally, do a strong willed campaign on social media. Relentlessly plaster this content on every social platform.

3. Create Offline Review-Generation Strategy

60 percent of clients will discover your business through your online profile. Even you depend on offline referrals, most of these prospective customers will do an online research of your business before making a deal. With that in mind, lack of reviews or negative reviews will plant a seed of doubt in prospective clients.

Creating an offline review-generation strategy will go a long way into feeding your business with great links. Enlist incentivizing and creative ways to solicit for reviews from happy clients. Having a reputation marketing strategy will also build a strong name for you.

4. Get Listed On Industry-Specific Directories

This is a very simple and effective manner of attracting clients to you. It is an effortless way of ensuring you do not spent your entire day leafleting at the local area but rather in the therapy room doing what will really fill your bank account. It is an invaluable way of exposing yourself in places sought by prospective customers hence building your brand in the industry.

Looking at it from a technical perspective, industry specific directories have a higher chance of appearing on top search engine searches hence boosting the number of would be clients clicking through your profile. The quality of the increased SEO rankings and citation is undisputable.

5. Create a Google+ Local Page

Creating a Google+ Local page offers many benefits to local SMB's. In doing this, you give Google the correct information about your business. When a client does a search, it is easy for Google to show your business directly on both the Google search and Google maps. This also serves as a citation and social media platform that can also help supplement your local SEO and inbound marketing efforts.

Without marketing strategies like SEO, a business would be hard pressed to survive in today's digital age. SEO is the bloodline of digital marketing a the power of search engines connects customers actively seeking a certain business, service, or solution with the brands that can provide these services. Start implementing these proven SEO tips today to increase your Google ranking tomorrow.


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This is a direct link to Yisoo's Google Ads training course, a great value for beginner and advanced advertisers.

SEO Book: Great SEO Resources

An extensive offering of cutting-edge SEO tools, tips, news, and more.

Google's Matt Cutts Blog

Learn Internet marketing and SEO tips and trade secrets from Google insider Matt Cutts.

Wolf Howl Digital Marketing Resources

Graywolfs SEO blog from industry professional Michael Gray

Warrior Forum & Blog

Join the conversations on the #1 Internet marketing forum on the Web.

Digital Marketing & Business Blog

See how some of the most successful companies do business.

SEO & Website Optimization Company

A trusted provider of organic SEO, Pay Per Click advertising, content marketing, link building, and other services pertaining to website optimization and Internet marketing.

Click Centric SEO Services for Ecommerce Site

Specialists in ecommerce SEO services, Internet marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and more.

Ecommerce SEO Link Building

Read this great article about the best practices of link building for ecommerce SEO.

Top of Mind SEO Traverse City

Educational-based local SEO consulting in Traverse City, Michigan

Organizing Pages for Website Optimization

Very enlightening article on how to organize the pages of your site for the maximum SEO impact.

A nationall-recognized SEO company based in Atlanta that provides full-service digital marketing.

SEO Friendly Web Design Blog

A great blog that contains a wealth of information about SEO friendly web design. 

SEO Tips for Ecommerce Websites

Explore beginner to advanced SEO tips solely for ecommerce websites. This blog covers all kinds of areas like link building, content, social media, and more.

Captivate Search Marketing

Full-service Internet marketing company in Atlanta that advocates a "search first" framework in providing services for brands.

Web Presence Strategy Guide

Find trusted house sitters and pet sitters in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area of California.

Google Maps Marketing

Local SEO strategies and news to help businesses craft successful Google Maps marketing campaigns.

Local SEO Peoria IL

Get local expertise for Peoria search engine optimization services. These guys know the in's and out's of local SEO, social media, and Internet marketing.

Ecommerce SEO Site Audits by

Receive a free SEO audit, specialized services and consulting for ecommerce SEO, link building, social media marketing, and more.

Epic Entrepreneur Blog

An insightful blog that offers creative ideas for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Captivate Search Marketing

Full-service Internet marketing company in Atlanta that advocates a "search first" framework in providing services for brands.

Best Books to Grow Your Business in 2019

Explore 100 must-read branding books for building your business in 2019.

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