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5 Masterful PPC Optimization Tips for Adwords Advertisers

PPC Optimization TipsAlthough we focus a lot about SEO and social media here on Increase Your Rank, there's always a place for Pay Per Click advertising to increase your brand's online exposure.

In order to get great results from PPC advertising, there are various strategies and PPC optimization tips used to give high performance while using a reasonable budget. Below we share with you five masterful PPC optimization tips to dial-in your AdWords account.

1. Utilize vital data in a search query report: This report gives a detailed list of all the impressions generated by your ads. Whenever you get your search query report, you should keenly go through it and find out what works for you and what does not yield any benefits.

For instance, you may realize in your report that there are a good number of keywords in your website that give the wrong impressions about your ad. This means that, you end up attracting the wrong audience and therefore the clicks do not amount to any sales. When doing PPC optimization, these are the kind of terms you should set as negative keywords. There are other terms, which you will realize have generated into clicks that do convert. Use these terms to add new keywords to your site and even include specific ad text to boost them.

2. Make sure your ads, landing pages and keywords are relevant to the searcher: It is always important to focus on relevant content in your PPC keywords, ads and landing pages. Will all this information address the needs of your searcher?

If you are willing to focus on the requirements of your target audience, then you should be ready to optimize your keywords, ads and landing pages using very relevant content. This is what will give you a high quality score. To attain a high quality score, you must maintain relevancy so that customers click through one page after the other. The higher your click through rate, the higher your quality score, which means you pay less money on PPC campaign.

3. Obtaining plenty of data for analysis: One of the things you should make sure you obtain when doing PPC optimization is sufficient data for analysis. You can use this data to analyze your conversions. You should know how much each conversion costs and the kind of value its bringing in. You can optimize your ads in a bid to increase the rate of conversion. Bear in mind that certain niche markets may have a small search volume so obtaining significant statistical data can be a great challenge.

4. Create many, highly specific ad groups: When it comes to PPC optimization, you should aim to split-up ad groups so that each group can focus on keywords that are very closely related. If you have a number of strong keywords then do not include all of them in one ad group. Form separate ad groups for each keyword and then include other keywords that are tightly related.

5. Focus on the main strategies that work for you: When you go to Google Analytics, you can keep close track of the changes that you made which increased organic traffic. It could have been a change of AdWords that led to spikes in organic traffic. However, you should find a good PPC campaign management solution to keep track of all these changes you make so that you can know their impact. Make use of the comments function within the adwords editor to summarize such changes.

Learn more PPC optimization tips by checking out this PPC optimization blog post by the Web Presence Group. They offer a wealth of insights for search marketers of all calibers.


Why SEO Is Going To Have Massive Changes This Year

Search engine optimisation over the past 2 years has changed drastically. The best practices which people had have completely changed.

2 years ago, anchor text distribution was something that no one had heard of, those that were proactive with there SEO would realise that they are simply putting too much attention towards one keyword, this has become known as over optimisation.

The one thing search engines have not been able to get rid of this year is the many black hat tactics still being implemented by many. 2013 is going to be the year when these tactics simply do not work anymore according to prominent search engine optimisation team GMG SEO. The many tactics still being used today which will hurt businesses include layered link building which the big G will soon find all the foot prints left by companies adopting this SEO strategy.

It is only a matter of time before all those manipulating the search engine to build authority links will get found out.

The best remedy for this is for people to adopt co-citation link building, you may ask what is co-citation link building?

It is basically a technique where by the content surrounding the anchor text is what will give the link more weight rather than the anchor text itself.

Eg- if you are trying to rank for online marketing, all the text around the link (which can be either your brand name or a generic word) is related to online marketing.

This tactic has proven to be quite effective for many SEO’s so I suggest all in the industry to research about this new tactic for 2013.

John Vlasakakis is an SEO specialist in Australia with over 8 years experience in SEO, he can be found on Google+.


How to Promote Professional Services Using Social Media

Social MediaSocial Media is a key tool in promoting businesses online, since it can reach a market of millions of people all over the world. Each social media outlet offers its own features that can help a business gain exposure, and build their clientele. Here are some tips on how to promote a professional business, using the more popular social media sites.


This social media outlet is still in the lead, for having the largest member base. A business can use Facebook to reach over 500 million people, and help expand their global market. A key tip for using Facebook is to consistently have promotions or contests, through the business page. This will entice users to follow and like the business page, thus making your business gain popularity. If you are just starting on Facebook, a great approach to gain popularity fast is to give a product or service away, to the first few viewers that like your page. This will have your business spread rapidly, among users on Facebook.


This picture-sharing outlet was just recently purchased by Facebook; therefore it is quickly growing a large user base. Instagram is generally a mobile application, but users do have access to the site by computer, as well. The best ways to promote a business through Instagram is to upload a picture pertaining to your business, and then choose relevant hash tags to upload the image with. Hash tags help group together pictures of relevancy, and will help you in showcasing your picture to your relevant market.


Pinterest is the new social media outlet, which is quickly gaining popularity among businesses. To use Pinterest for marketing purposes, a business will have to create an account, and post pictures of their products, thus being able to link it back to their online site. To succeed at Pinterest in the marketing sense, it is vital to be social, and comment and like other people’s photos. This is the easiest way to gain followers, and it is important to follow them back as well.


Twitter allows for companies to write a small blurb, which will deliver pertinent information to potential clientele. Twitter also allows for members to make use of the hash tags, hence delivering their blurb to their target market. A tip with Twitter is to be social and follow individuals, who follow your competitors or other businesses, in the same niche. This will help you reach out to your target market, which is interested in your particular product or service.

Google Plus

Google Plus is a new social media outlet, which is quickly on the rise as well. Companies should link all their social media platforms to Google Plus, thus being able to easily find their other followers on Google Plus. Doing this will save much time in trying to build up your fan base on this platform.

About the Author: This guest post is contributed by Zara, a guest blogger from UK. She has written many articles on SEO, Health and finance. Apart from blogging she does research on ppi claims. Catch her @financeport.


The Importance of Reviews as a Local SEO Ranking Mechanism

Local SEO ReviewsContrary to popular belief, customer reviews are not just meant to give your potential customers the right impression regarding your brand. They can also be considered as a great way of enticing popular search engines to rank your site higher.

Google loves companies with great customer reviews. One thing that you should understand is that local SEO is basically done to market your site to famous search engines like Google.

On the other hand, Google’s main agenda is to offer quality content for its users, and quality reviews are great ranking mechanism to achieve this. There are a number of ways in which you can ensure customer reviews have a positive impact on your local SEO campaign. These are mentioned below:

1. Increasing the number of customer reviews on your website: So long as you keep your website in proper order and avoid cluttering, having a high number of customer reviews is always a good thing. You should have at least few reviews on your Google Plus if you want to appear in the top rankings of the Google Local search results search engine results pages (SERPs). This is because Google prefers websites with a good number of customer reviews.

2. Earning high quality customer reviews: While you want to maintain a good number of customer reviews, it is important to check on quality. The quality of your reviews will be measured by the actual ratings they receive. All your reviews do not have to be perfect since customers want credible information. Just keep in mind that your ratings are a measure of quality and this is one thing Google really considers when ranking sites.

3. Keeping an eye on competitor’s reviews: It is highly likely that your competitors will also have their own customer reviews on their websites. This means that, some form of competition is created in the local SERP. You can be able to step up to your competitors regardless of whether they currently have the highest ranking on Google. If you come up with the right strategy, you will soon outrank your competitors.

When it comes to local SEO, or "geo-local SEO," there are a number of things you can do in order to get a good number of customer reviews. For starters, make sure you ask your customers to write a review of your product or service immediately instead of waiting to ask for it later on. You should also make sure that the method of reviewing is made as easy as possible to the customer.

For instance, you can send an email with an attached survey that is simple to fill. If this email is not responded within certain duration, be sure to follow up on that customer a few days later. However, never force a customer to give you a review. If you feel the need to force them, it is likely that there is something in your business that needs to be worked on so you need to check on that.


The Future of Link Building: SEOmoz Whiteboard Friday Recap

In a February 8th SEOmoz Whiteboard Friday, Cyrus Shepard presented some empowering points about link building for SEO.

The thesis of his WBF is to help you (as the SEO) prepare your link building strategies for future changes anticipated by Google based on trends and historical outcomes from its algorithm updates.

In essence, SEO's need to be very conscious of their link building practices and avoid techniques that may soon become penalize-able in the future. A few examples of these are:

  • Using exact phrase match anchor text in author bios of guest blog post
  • Publishing infographics on multiple blogs with the same anchor text
  • Building links from press releases to money sites (instead of other "linkable assets")

Take a moment and watch this wonderful WBF below:


Impactful Intricacies to Fine-Tune Your SEO Practices

Search Engine LandI recently came across a popular article at that delved deeply into the minute details of SEO.

Although we typically feature more big picture and long-term SEO strategies and tips here at Increase Your Rank, it's the small moves that can make a big impact.

In Tom Schmitz's post, "9 SEO Quirks You Should Be Aware Of," he highlights several intricacies involved with on-site optimization. These "quirks" represent the the small details that SEO's don't really think about, but do have an impact.

Schmitz breaks down each of these details as follows:

1.In Subfolder & File Names, Use Dashes, Not Underscores
2. Avoid Dashes In Domain Names
3. In Subfolder & File Names, Use Only Lower Case Letters, Numbers & Hyphens
4. The Great Subfolders Vs. Subdomains Debate
5. Be Careful With Parameters
6. Use Flash Or Silverlight To Insert Multimedia Elements, Not For All Content
7. Pick Only One Per Page, HTTP: Or HTTPS:
8. Make Sure The Markup & Visible Text Matches
9. Using The Vertical Bar In Title Tags

In essence, it's important to keep things consistent when performing SEO services on a website. You'll want to respect these quirks and keep them top of mind when optimizing your website.


Website Optimization Tips: 5 Essential Elements of Optimizing Your Website

Website optimization, also known as on-site SEO, is the process of optimizing your website for better keyword rankings AND conversion potential.

The practices of solid SEO and website optimization have changed drastically over the last couple years. To honor a powerful web presence, your site needs to be respectively keyword relevant and conversion optimized for incoming traffic.

To learn more, explore the five website optimization tips highlighted in the video below.

Want more?

Visit the Web Presence Group blog for a wealth of website optimization tips and strategies from some of leading experts in the profession.


A Goldmine of Citations to Dominate Google Local Search

Depending on your local market, increasing your business's Google local ranking can be a challenging endeavor. In addition to the on-page factors, such as reviews, content, and other elements worthy of Google+ optimization, off-site variables play a huge role in determine Google local rankings.

Google Local Search Citations

The biggest off-site variable is citations. These are simply referrences (or links to be specific) from other websites, such as directories. Submitting your local business to directories (particularly trusted and relevant directories,) is the best way to earn citations to your website.

In short, the more citations your business has on other credible websites and directories, the more value and credibility Google sees in your business. When all things jive, Google will honor your local business listing with a higher ranking in it's Google local search rankings.

This is some seriously valuable advertising exposure. And you can get there with the right direction. But even with minimal direction, you can capitalize on using these directories for quality citations.

The List of Citation Gold


Why Social Media is Essential for Your SEO Strategy

Social Media SEO StrategyThe SEO profession is drastically changing. In short, your SEO strategy needs to focus on connecting with real people (social media,) and less about attaining top keyword rankings.

To best adapt to these changes, your SEO strategy must include social media (with a great deal of focus on the Google+ community.) Below are three reasons why, along with some tips to help you succeed.

Social Indicators Correlate to Better SEO

There's really no better way for Google to determine the value and popularity of webpage (ranking signals) than social indicators. Social indicators likes, shares, tweets, pins, +1's, etc. that a page receives from various social media platforms.

The more social indicators a page can earn, the more potential that page has to rank in the Google search results. Earning social indicators depends on the quality of your content and how well it's respected among your social media audience. So not only do you need to share and promote your content on various social media networks, but you need to produce brilliant content that gets liked.

Google+ Popularity Empowers Your SEO Strategy

In short, businesses and brands that have more Google+ social users in their circles can attain greater search visibility in their follower's results.

This all comes down to Google's personalized search model called "Google Plus your World." Some SEO's think SEO is dying because of this, however smart SEO's are adapting and becoming more social.

The takeaway is this: the more users you can gain on Google+, the more control you'll have over their search results.. Pretty simple concept.

Content Marketing is Reshaping SEO Best Practices

The practices of content marketing are reshaping the SEO strategies for all types of businesses. The purpose of content marketing is to create and share exceptional content with the intention of earning appreciation from a targeted social audience.

Think of content marketing as a powerful social engagement tool. The content you produce can help to build your social following, and indirectly, your website's search visibility. The trick is to optimize your content for better SEO strategy potential when it does get social indicators.


Tips to Optimize the Images of Your Blog Posts

 Blog Image OptimizationIn the current world of Internet marketing, many businesses and individuals maintain blogs. Blogs are a great way of marketing your business and also involving your target customers and keeping them updated on all the developments in your business. One of the best ways of ensuring that your blog is SEO effective is to ensure that the images of your blog posts are well optimized.

There are various tips that should be applied in optimizing the blog images. This well help promote the keyword relevancy of your blog post for better SEO performance.

It is important to ensure that your image is the right size. It does not matter whether you are dealing with pixels or inches. You should ensure that your photos are not so large as they may be hard to be displayed on the computer screen. Advanced software helps you adjust and resize your photos appropriately.

Ensure that your images are the smallest size possible. However, as you resize the images, you should ensure that you do not compromise the quality of the image. Use the image resizing software to ensure that your image is of the right size. A small size image will also enhance the loading speed of the web page. Very large images may slow the loading speed of the webpage and this can be a major turnoff for the blog readers.

One of the tips for optimizing the images of your blog posts is by making use of alt text. The search engines may not easily understand images, hence, make use of alt texts to help the search engines understand the images. The image alt text is the text that describes an image and it can be easily recognized by the search engine spiders.

As you upload your images, it is important to come up with a descriptive file name. The file name should be keyword relevant, as it will enhance your SEO rankings. The file name should feature relevant keywords that can be easily traced by the search engines. It is also advisable to use image captions. Captions are descriptions of what the image is all about. This will help other blog readers to understand your images better.

The relevance of the images incorporated into your blog posts matters a lot. Whenever you are selecting an image for your website page, ensure that images relate to the blog content. No matter how good an image may be, it may not make sense if it is unrelated to the blog content. A relevant image will help to visually relay the intended message to the readers without directly or literally relating to the blog content. The image can also be symbolic, as this will help generate curiosity of the blog readers.

It is recommended to maintain the right image to text ratio in your blog. Ensure that your blog posts and web pages are not cluttered with images as this may make them appear vague. As much as it is good to use images in your blog, ensure that you use some descriptive text. Your blog should be in such a manner that even though the images are not visible, the text would still make sense.


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