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How to Find Quality SEO Services Amidst The Global Marketplace

Find SEO ServicesOnce you have created a website for your business, you need to understand that you've only just began. There is more to websites after creating it – you will be required to make it rank higher within the search engines. Otherwise, it will be needless having a website because internet users (some of whom are your potential customers) won't be able to visit your site.

Now, there are a number of reasons as to why SEO services are important to any kind of business. For example, with quality SEO services you will be able to stay on of the search results top once you are highly ranked within search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. This will generate more traffic to your website, which will in turn generate leads and profits for your business.

The other reason to consider investing in SEO services is the chance to explore new things. This simply means that your business will be able to attract new breed of customers, most of whom you wouldn't have tapped without SEO services. For instance, if you own a shopping boutique and have ecommerce capabilities on your website (for online sales,) you could invest in ecommerce SEO services to get search exposure and new traffic to your site and generate online sales, beyond the traffic that walks through the door. Certain SEO companies, like Click Centric SEO and TOFU Marketing, offer services specific to ecommerce SEO and social media marketing.

So, as a business, how can you find quality SEO services amidst the global marketplace?

There are a number of factors to look for in SEO companies. Let's take a look at the 3 most important characteristics of such SEO companies.


You should know that SEO isn't a one-time contract. No, it involves a lot of things (backlinking, on-page SEO, HTML optimization, off-page SEO, social media, and brand building) that have to be maintained and continuously monitored. Therefore, when looking for the best SEO services, the company should be very responsive. This is an extremely vital factor such that when something goes wrong (with the website) the company should readily be available.

Up to Date

One thing with SEO is the fact that it keeps on changing. That is, search engines such as Google keep on updating the way they rank websites. For instance, Google's latest update was in April 2013 where Google Penguin Update came with new changes. The right SEO company should be up to date with such kind of changes. Just a tip: as a customer, it is also advisable that you are well accustomed of such changes too. A great company will inform you appropriately!

Expertise and Skills

This is the most essential aspect of all when seeking SEO services, especially for ecommerce. Before picking the right SEO company, it is imperative that you choose a firm with the right expertise and skills. The company is supposed to have a team that possesses the right dexterity to handle all SEO requirements. Since SEO services involve quite a lot of things, the best SEO company needs to be All-rounded. That is, don't go for a company which is specialized only in a certain area and lags in other areas.

You should instead settle for a company that posses all kinds of SEO skills. For example, a company is required to Understand Technical SEO tactics like great content writing and good HTML Optimization for the best SEO-friendly website. As one of their tactics, the SEO company has to understand and respect the importance of social media and online branding.


Tips for Writing Awesome PPC Landing Page Copy

In short, the primary purpose of landing pages is to attract users and increase conversions. In order to write successful landing pages, you have to test different styles, monitor specific metrics, and make changes accordingly. If you are managing a PPC campaign, it can be quite frustrating if you work hard to drive traffic to your website, but don't see any conversions. This is why writing (and testing) awesome landing pages is so important.

Before you start writing a landing page, you need to set some goals. You need to understand what you're trying to accomplish from your landing page. The next step is to test a wide rage of metrics and styles to see how each one performs. If you don't notice any positive changes, it's time to re-invent or modify your landing page. Here are some useful tips that can help you increase click-through-rate of your PPC campaign.

Remove Any Unnecessary Details

You should try to convey your message in a concise and simple way. There's absolutely no need to clutter up your landing page with unnecessary text or writing. When a new visitor lands on your page, he just wants to know what you're offering. Nobody wants too much information that seems overwhelming. Landing pages should be written and designed to get your message across in a very concise and simple manner. In order to increase your conversion PPC rates, you need to draw attention to what you're offering.

Make Headlines Stand Out

Most of the people click on something once they notice a catchy and interesting title. The headline or title is the selling point of your text. It draws a reader towards what's been written. Headline makes a visitor check out the entire page. A headline should be bold, unique, interesting and impactful. You need to consider it to be the first line of a book. It should be able to capture attention.

Write & Test Compelling Calls to Action

This is one of the most important aspects of writing landing pages. You should use a call-to-action to encourage people to signup and stay connected with your business. For instance, you can offer a discount or free trial period. It is very important to make it easier for people to connect with you. Therefore, your PPC landing pages should include a form or signup to motivate visitors to get in touch with you instantly.

Give Yourself Some Credit

One of the easiest ways to grab attention is to provide information about your accomplishments and success. You can mention some of the companies, clients, and/or individuals who have utilized your service satisfactorily. If there has been some news about your products or services, you should write about it on your PPC landing pages. You should let your audience know that you stand out from your competition.

Last but not the least, you need to be very patient while writing landing pages. All the changes you make and text you add will not increase your conversion rate instantly. You need to give them some time and regularly analyze and optimize important metrics relevant to your website. You should look for certain things which aren't working in your favor. It is important to understand that PPC campaigns are fruitful only when you're willing to keep making changes until you get something that works perfect for you.


Expert SEO Insights on Google's New

Google HummingbirdLast month, Google launched a new search algorithm called as the "Hummingbird." The introduction of this new algorithm update marked the end of a 12-year hiatus wherein the updates of Panda and Penguin showed only minor changes in search results.

Hummingbird, however, is not only an update, but rather a completely new manner in which the search engine will now process a query. Furthermore, this new algorithm update will reshape how organic SEO experts and companies view thier SEO best practices.

What is New in Hummingbird?

With the previous algorithm, a Google search for some specific query or keyword generated results that were a literal translation of the typed words. Using this method, the Google search engine skimmed through billions of pages of data to bring out results most closely related to the keywords.

With the new algorithm, Google now attempts to understand the intent of the query typed to produce more specific results. The search engine is now focusing more on the individual intent rather than individual words or search terms. The algorithm, which is semantic based, pays more attention to every word in the query and tries to ensure that the whole meaning and intent of the conversation is taken into account. Thus, the results that are then obtained are better because the pages match with the meaning or intent of the query.

One of the major reasons why this new algorithm will work is because it is attempting to be in tandem with the way queries are now posted. People looking for information via a Google search through voice searches in mobile phones tend to ask more sophisticated and also complicated questions. Hummingbird is aimed to target such long and dense questions. In simple words, the focus is now more on answers to a question rather than just results.

Hummingbird's Influence on SEO's

As many organic SEO experts have noted, search marketers will be directly influenced with the new algorithm, although maybe not so immediately. With the focus now shifting on user intent, the typical organic SEO company or independent search marketing expert will now have to form content for user engagement (which is not based completely on keywords like the past.)

Now, SEO's best practices should focus more on:

  • Queries, needs and problems posed. Focus on delivering the answer and provide solutions.
  • To identify the intent of the user, engaging with them on social media platforms will provide valuable clues.
  • Understand the idea behind the new Google algorithm and align themselves with new process of handling queries and searches.

Google officials say that SEO experts need keep a few things top of mind, such as: high quality content that is original, shareable, linkable and engaging have nothing to worry about. The basic signals that were important in the past continue to retain their importance.

In short, based on the way Google will now handle queries and data, organic SEO experts will have to focus more on the intent and less on the keyword.


What Truly Defines a Top SEO Company

Top SEO CompanyAccording to a survey carried out by "over 380 enterprise search marketers and SEO professionals" and published at Search Engine Land, the success of an SEO company will depend on few select variables.

The survey analyzed and evaluated common behaviors in the market of SEO companies. Various behaviors played an important role in the success or failure of a company that offers SEO services. The survey brought to light the following aspects:

Areas of Success

The survey identified three main areas where top search marketers and SEO experts thrived. The areas identified are content reporting excellence, evangelism, and internal creation. Best practice was very important in each of the three areas. In identifying the success of a firm, the survey distinguished "best in class" from the "laggards". A top SEO company used advanced reporting techniques. The company was also involved in the content creation process right from the beginning. Best practice behavior reporting specifically included the following:

  • Determining a strategy by use of reporting data
  • Early and frequent reporting
  • Varying reporting according to stakeholder requirement
  • Freeing precious time by automating reporting
  • Combining data from many sources to come up with meaningful insight
  • Using hidden data to draw insights

Budget Influence on the Success of an Organization

The survey also made a rather interesting discovery. Contrary to what most people might think, the amount of money spend on search engine marketing had a great influence on the Company’s success. The people carrying out the survey realized that 43% of the "top in class" had spent more than 10% of their budget on marketing. 57% of the "laggards" had spent less than 10 percent of their total budget.

Size of the Team

There is always a common notion that having more search professionals in a team is always advantageous. However, according to the survey, this is far from the truth. Results indicate that a leaner SEO and search marketing team will provide better results. The study indicates that almost a third of the "best in class" companies have one person in the team, while 68% of the leading organisations use teams made up of only 2 to 4 people. What we can draw from the survey from "Research and Search Engine Land" is that a company is more likely to achieve success by employing two to four people in a team.

In summary, an SEO company looking to succeed and become a leading firm in the industry needs to have the above pointers in mind. The highest chance of success will come through combining the common behaviors and ensuring that they are followed judiciously.


What's Up, Google? No PageRank Update in Over 6 Months?

Google PageRank UpdateAs we all know, the Google PageRank has a very significant importance for all the websites owners and developers, as it measures the importance of their websites and it ranks them depending on their popularity. Usually, the Google PageRank is updated every two or three months, but it has been approximately six months since the last PageRank update occurred.

What is actually happening with the Google Toolbar PageRank Update? Although there were several attempts of contacting the Google team, the team refused to comment about this problem and let everyone confused. Additionally, the search results in Google have lost some of their relevance and therefore some SEO efforts using the PageRank tool have diminshed.

Thus, there are many websites and web pages which have not a higher PageRank although their importance has increased at a very great deal during the last six months. When is it going to be the next Google PageRank update? Although the last one occurred in early February 2013 and the next one was supposed to occur in July 2013, there was no sign of update until the present moment.

Is it anything wrong with the Google PageRank Update? Many web developers thought about a possible bug in the system, but given that the PageRank is verified by a human being and it is not completely an algorithm, this would be impossible. It is said that the next update will come during later September, but what is it going to happen?

Google do not offer any further details about this matter and apparently we will not find out anything regarding it until the next Google PageRank update occurs – the question is: when will it occur? Is it going to be late this month as well or not? What will happen with the millions of websites on the Internet and what will be their future in the end? What should we expect? All these questions will remain unanswered until the Google Toolbar PageRank is updated.


How Running a SEO Campaign is More Like Web Presence Management

Web Presence ManagementIn short, SEO keeps evolving. If you have been following the successes of the businesses who have put in a lot of effort in SEO, you would already be aware of the fact that there's a good amount of impact delivered by "social" factors.

In addition, search engine's algorithms are getting better at determining the social value of your website by computing various elements that point how "social influenced" it is. Keep in mind that this is a long-term transition, and Google is going to get better at it over time. So, what's the right strategy to ensure great results with integrating social ranking factors?

The Answer

The best strategy for keeping up with the "social" ranking trend is not to focus solely on social media - it would be to concentrate on managing a solid web presence. Having said that, your primary goal should always be to maximize your visibility online, rather than pushing your social media profiles without getting the expected results.

There are many elements that contribute to online presence, including wider audience reach, your presence on every important social media channel, easy accessibility and higher visibility.

Why focus on web presence management?

Building and managing your online presence might be a challenging task, but certainly has significantly more rewards in the long-term when used effectively with on-page / off-page SEO. You should regard your social media presence as the SEO best practices to building a reputable web presence.

What this means is that a well established web presence gets you better rankings, brings in more traffic and eventually lead to an enhanced online presence - adding momentum to your online marketing efforts. But, what elements are being increasingly used by Google to analyse the credibility of your site?

What's changing?

The "relevancy" factor is being redefined by giving more weightage to trust and authority. Your presence online isn't related to re-purposed unique content anymore - it's about what users actually think about your content. For focusing on managing a cohesive web presence in a more effective way, you will need to prove the search engines that you are actually "liked" by the users. Basically, this will point towards your credibility being higher than other search results, and get you a thumbs up.

Latest developments in the world of SEO

Google's search results have always been influenced by social signals by some measure. But, after the release of "Google Search Plus Your World", they have become more important than ever before. Now, individual search results will be highly influenced by your Google+ circles.

Thus, there's no search that isn't impacted by social signals, regardless of how tiny or big that impact is. It's not a surprising move by the search engine giant, considering that personalized results would be favored more and the fact that social signals are quite valuable in determining what's useful and what's not.

Final thoughts

Needless to say, by expanding your online presence, you are also expanding your reach. But, quality and credibility matters a lot! It's clear that search engine algorithms are getting better at finding which piece of content sounds more conversational, then just being contextually relevant. As a result, serious SEO initiatives will need to catch up with these changes soon, in order to take the benefit of new opportunities that are coming up.


How To Optimize A Webpage for Greater SEO Performance

Optimize a WebpageSearch engine optimization (SEO) is really not all that difficult when you learn the fundamental. There are two core categories to planning and executing a successful SEO strategy. The first is on-page SEO, which consists of all the optimization tasks that occur on the actual webpage itself. The second component is off-page SEO, which includes all activity that occurs off from the website.


Off-page SEO, such as link building, content sharing, and social media marketing, helps to make a site more popular and credible in the search engines. Although this portion of search engine optimization has become the most powerful and legitimate means to attain higher rankings, on-page SEO is still extremely important to maximize your search engine potential.

In part I of this series, we will focus our attention toward the on-page SEO elements that contribute to greater prominence in the search engines.

A Note Before We Get Started

We will assume that our keyword research has been completed and that we have pinpointed our primary and secondary keyword targets, as well as a couple keyword variations. Our primary keyword target (PKT) will be "house sitters in San Francisco" and two secondary keyword targets (SKT's) will be "San Francsico house sitting" and "experienced house sitters in San Francisco"

Content is the emphasis of on-page SEO. In essence, the combinations of words we choose to use, and the places in which we include those word combinations, is the underlying thesis to optimizing a webpage. Below we break apart each of the areas on (but rather off the visible) webpage that have SEO value, and we show you just how to populate those areas according to your keyword targets.

Keyword-friendly URL's are a Must

An on-page SEO element that has considerable correlation to the keyword relevancy of a webpage is its URL. The URL name should include primary keywords whenever possible, however it is important to include only core keywords and avoid lengthy, drawn-out URL names.

For our webpage on "house sitters in San Francisco," these four words in URL will help make the page relevant on our primary keyword target. We could include the word "experienced" to further hone in on our secondary keyword target, however it's often best to keep URL short and tight. This also leaves the door open if we wanted to write an article about the value in hiring experiened house sitters in San Francisco, or something along those lines.

Writing an Optimized Page Title

The page title shows up in the search engine results page as the main headline. The page title is also an important factor in establishing keyword relevancy and optimizing a webpage. In essence, the title of the page tells the search engines what the page is all about. It also serves as the main headline in the search results.

Always include the primary keyword target in the page title, and preferably in its exact phrase match. Without taking the page title too long (under 70 characters is SEO best practices, include verbaiage from any SKT's that might be logical.

San Francisco House Sitters

{include image "San Francisco House Sitters" Add image Link to: }

A solid page title for our homepage would be "San Francisco House Sitters | Trusted House Sitters: Paloma & Tyler". Here we include both PKT and SKT variations using "San Francisco," "House Sitting," and "House Sitters." The page title is also personalized with two people's names, which might intice an active homeowner seeking trusted house sitters to click the listing. Additionally, the page title is 68 characters long and appears nicely in Google's search results.

Writing Meta Descriptions for Keyword Inclusion & Creativity

The meta description, located just below the page title in the search results, should not only include the PKT (and the SKT if it fits nicely,) but should also be compelling enough to entice searchers to click into your webpage.

This is your chance to communicate to your target market before they take action. For this reason, good meta descriptions include a balance of keywords (which will be in bold) and deliver a message that captures a searcher's interests.

Most SEO professionals will agree that including the PTK as early as possible in the meta description is best practices. Some will even place the PTK as the first sentence for that reason, however there are creative ways to achieve this without simply keyword stuffing.

An example of an optimized meta description based on our keyword targets is "Seeking someone for house sitting in San Francisco? Paloma & Tyler are experienced, dependable, trustworthy pet and house sitters serving the Bay Area."

Notice in this example how we immediately include the PTK early in the meta description, and later include a couple keyword variations. Additionally, this example hints at what the webpage is about and offers an enticing lure (e.g. not only are they "experienced, dependable, trustworthy pet and house sitters," but they are also "pet sitters," too.)

This sums-up the major off-page elements of on-site SEO. As you can see, the URL, Page Title, and Meta Description of a webpage is all very aligned with respect to the primary and secondary keyword targets. The next phase centers on writing content that describes the page. In addition to writing page copy that's somewhat keyword-rich, is helps to properly use headers, strong tags, internal linking, and other aspect.

Creative SEO companies and service providers will stay aligned with these practices. Stay tuned for Part II of How To Optimize A Webpage for Greater SEO Performance" in the coming days!


[AdWords Ninja Trick:] Get Valuable Insights for PPC Advertising (and SEO!)

AdWords Ninja TrickHere I will share with you an advanced PPC ninja trick to help you hone in on your target market for PPC advertising, as well as organic SEO. Some of the elites may be familiar with this PPC ninja trick, but for many, it's a hidden tool that offers invaluable insights.

So whether your an ecommerce PPC advertiser or local search marketer doing both PPC and SEO, the data you can gain from these tips can empower your search marketing efforts.

Open A World of New Dimensions

Advanced PPC Moves That Only The Elites Know About

The starting point to this trick begins from the Campaigns tab of the Google Adwords interface. In Campaigns, there is tab toward the right side called Dimensions. This tab reveals a world of information about the user activity associated with your campaigns and ad groups.

Open up one of your more popular campaigns or ad groups can click Dimensions.

Explore The Different Views

Some Views Are Just Eye-Opening From Here!

The Dimensions tab in AdWords enables search marketers to understand the nature of their audience how its reacting to their online advertising efforts. Spanning from Search Terms to Times of Day, here you can get an idea how your impressions are truly panning out.

From Dimensions, you can find profitable opportunities to expand into new ad groups, learn when to run and pause certain campaigns, and pinpoint keywords that simply do not fit (negative keyword research.) This is particularly advantageous for ecommerce search marketers who have tons of campaigns and ad groups to work with.

Enter: Search Terms

Find New Opportunities and Ways Increase Your CTR's

Particularly advantageous for ecommerce PPC advertisers who use broad and modified-broad phrase match bidding, the Search Terms view from the Dimensions tab offers wonderful insights. Search Terms tells you the precise search phrases that are triggering your ads and how well each phrase is performing. If you spot words that are wasting impressions, add them to the appropriate Negative Keywords field (found at the bottom of the Keywords tab.) On the flip side, if you see certain keyword phrases that are producing great results, seek opportunities to dedicate those keyphrases to their own ad groups.

All good PPC advertisers will agree that the more targeted you can get with your ad groups, the better they will perform. This is particularly true for banner and display advertising. The Dimensions tab offers the insights to fine-tune any PPC advertising endeavor. As a result, you can realize more qualified clicks and lower cost per conversions.

Want more insights for PPC optimization and campaign management? Stay tuned for more ninja tricks for SEO, PPC, and other specific niches of search marketing.


Google AdWords Update: Now See Organic and PPC Query Data Side-by-Side

Google AdWords UpdateThe most recent Google AdWords update has brought about a new angle in search marketing and advertising. As a well-liked update amongst the community of Google AdWords users, this new feature provides side-by-side keyword query data from both organic search and paid search (PPC advertising) exposure.

In short, this update enables search marketers to better perform keyword analysis for ongoing improvements. Additionally, this update allows users to better employ other Google Tools like the Keyword Planner and Traffic Estimator.

This new update in Google AdWords can be best employed by opening a specific ad group. Under the "Dimensions" tab, view the "Paid & organic" option in the drop down list.

This Google AdWords update is also important when it comes to estimating costs and performance based on search exposure. As a result, marketers can aid in preparation of trial budgets before making your final budget. This gives advertisers the ability to see organic and PPC keyword query data (side-by-side) for the purpose of analysis. Another use for this Google AdWords update is that it makes it possible to use imported data in your account without entering it manually from other search tools.

In order to use this keyword analysis, you need to have a Google AdWords account. However, it does not require you to be continually running ads as your organic keyword planning will continue displaying. Organic data is pulled from Google Analytics or Google Webmasters Tools, so a given AdWords campaign needs to be properly linked with one of the latter platforms.

As a result, the non users of Google Analytics can benefit from the keyword planner. To make this active for use, you need to link the Google AdWords update with the accounts of the webmaster tools. This will enable the AdWords to work effectively. It does not matter what your budget is, you can still display ads on Google whereby you only pay when people click on the displayed ads.


Tips to Build a Successful Website Optimization Campaign for Your Company

Website optimization has a much broader scope than simply search engine optimization. This online marketing strategy surpasses SEO in many ways. In essence, website optimization provides greater search engine exposure to your website, as well as enhances the overall functionality and usability of your website performs. One the biggest differences that can be defined is that website optimization focuses on certain aspects of CRO or conversion rate optimization.

Besides search engine optimization, there are a lot of important things that need to be included in your company's website optimization strategy. Some of these include exceptional website usability, an intuitive interface, and smooth website performance (primarily in the back-end.) With a perfect mix of these components, you are able to further maximize the potential and value of your website's traffic.

A complete and comprehensive website optimization strategy allows you to include both CRO and SEO. However, you need to understand that every website optimization strategy is different from another. A team of employees from your company needs to determine the strength and weaknesses of your company's website. This will allow you to come up with a perfect website optimization strategy per your company's specific needs and requirements.

User Interface & Usability

As mentioned earlier, user interface and usability are the most important elements in website optimization strategy. In fact, they lay the foundation for your website's success. When you optimize usability and user interface, your visitors are able to have a memorable and meaningful experience on your website.

User interface includes the complete layout and design of your website. All the elements including graphics, color scheme, images, logo placements and more should be parallel to your company's brand image. Moreover, these elements should also perfectly align with other advertising and marketing campaigns.

On the other hand, optimizing website usability places an emphasis on psychological as well as more logical or intuitive aspects of how visitors interact with a website. Thus, usability is always an on-going project including A/B split testing, multivariate testing and eye-tracking studies.

Calls-to-Action & Conversion Funnels

If you want to convert more traffic, you need to define certain calls-to-action with specific conversion funnels. For instance, if there is a specific page on your website which generates a lot of traffic, you will have to define an appropriate call-to-action and conversion funnel to make sure visitors convert to sales.

Usually, this depends on the nature of your business and type of products or services offered by you. For instance, if you run an ecommerce store, you need to put a ??Buy Now' button with incentives and offers like free shipping, discount and price. On the other hand, if you are offering consulting services, your conversion funnels will include content like articles, case studies and research papers.

Performance of Your Website

Most business organizations tend to overlook this factor while optimizing their websites. It is very important to improve the performance of your website. If your pages load slowly, it leads to high bounce rates and poor usability. Thus, your website may lose potential customers.

Most of the time, slow website speed stems from complex HTML codes and robust media files. Some examples of elements which may slow down your website include robust nestled tables, huge video files and Flash media. An experienced HTML web developer or website optimization company will be able to understand these issues and present viable solutions.

For more tips, strategies, and solutions on how to develop the optimal website optimization strategy for you company, visit the Web Presence Group. They employ some of the leading experts to make-up one of the strongest website optimization companies on the web.


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