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3 Tips to Make Your Ecommerce Pinterest Page More SEO-friendly

Pinterest Ecommerce SEOPinterest is a unique ecommerce-valued social media site because of two things: 1) Pinterest pages are highly authoritative in Google search and often rank highly in the organic search results for ecommerce SEO keywords. 2) The majority of users on Pinterest are women who are looking for creative ideas or interesting products.

To take full SEO advantage of your Pinterest page, you can apply some simple SEO techniques to make your page more SEO-friendly. As a result, your ecommerce Pinterest page can indexed better in Google search.

1. Apply Basic Ecommerce SEO to Optimize Your Pinterest Page

First off, when you create a Pinterest page, you can benefit from using your primary keyword as part of the name of the page. It is preferable that you use your company name as part of your Pinterest account name. This will help identify your account and the products and services you offer.

For the Pinterest pinboard, use a keyword related to each of your products or services as the name of the board. Post specific pictures related to the product or service on a regular basis to these boards. Provide ecommerce SEO-centric descriptions to your pins. If your pins are connected to other sites, provide hashtags and labels as well.

Make use of Pinterest's main feature, that of linking the pin to another page. The link will appear as a button below the pin. This will allow you to connect each pin to a marketing page or a landing page on your website.

2. Create Pinboards for Specific Ecommerce Keyword Markets

Aside from keywords for product pinboards, you should also use other keywords in naming pinboards for specific target markets. In some instances, a pin might be in both the product and the target market pinboard. This focuses pins towards the followers with a specific need. Knowing your followers and segregating them according to their reasons for following your pins would mean that you might post pins for both levels.

Think of it as a sub-leveling for your pins. This creates a matrix for your Pinterest ecommerce social media marketing strategy. This also allows having a product marketed in different ways for different market segments. For marketing persons, this market segmentation allows for different approaches, marketing copy and blurbs. This approach has been shown to be an effective ecommerce marketing strategy, which results in a significant sales increase.

3. Stay Active & Update Your Boards

Keeping a pinboard active and updated is not that hard. Like other methods of online marketing, you have to keep things updated. This keeps your followers updated of your products. It also keeps your Pinterest presence live and indexed on search engines.

If you have a posting flow, you should connect your Pinterest account to other social networking sites. Keeping things alive, your followers would keep on checking your boards for new pins. When posting to Pinterest, it should be second nature to share your pins. This will allow more coverage, and it would reach a wider audience. If you have posts in Instagram, Flickr or Tumblr, you can post these on Pinterest and then link to your website's product page. This linking would make your website more visible on search results.

Even if you don't have a new product or service, you can still post new pins. If you have a blog, you can have a screen capture of a snippet or excerpt and post this on Pinterest. Or you can have old pictures posted on your blog's latest post, and then link this to Pinterest. It is up to you how you want to update your boards. But keep them updated.


How to Leverage Press Releases for SEO & Inbound Marketing

PRWeb Press Release for SEOThe question still remains: Do press releases still work for SEO?

Late last year, Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Webspam team, announced that using press releases to improve a website’s Google search rankings do not work anymore.

However, there are some companies that are still generating SEO value from press releases, particularly press releases. We've done a little research and exploration, and it's true. With the help of, press releases can still have value for SEO and inbound marketing.

Authoritative, Keyword-Relevant PRWeb Press Release are Still a Win for SEO press releases are solid tools for many online marketing initiatives. Despite the changes in search engine algorithms and decline of search engine rankings of most websites in the past few months (which were caused by Google Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird,) using press releases still work for SEO. is a high authority website with a PageRank of 7. It is still considered as a high quality and newsworthy press release site by both search engines and Internet users. This means that a keyword-relevant press release itself has the potential to rank highly in Google.

Considering PRweb’s high PageRank, links that stem from a great press release can still provide some degree of “link juice” to a website. Although Cutt's claims this is not the case, it's pretty apparent for some websites.

For example, ecommerce SEO firm, Click Centric SEO, has realized success with The Neon South, an custom tank top ecommerce store that recently announced a new product offering of pocket tank tops. The ecommerce SEO company consulted The Neon South on how to properly optimize the press release, and as a result, the press release ranks near the top of Google for "pocket tank tops." Additionally, the website ranks on page one for pocket tank tops

Benefits Beyond SEO

Aside from improving your webpages’ search engine ranks and increasing your website’s link juice, submitting press releases to can give you other benefits. It is a well-known fact that press releases have big tendencies to go viral and this alone can help you get more visitors to your website and that eventually gets converted into leads.

Making your press releases go viral can help create a “buzz” about your company which often leads to more recommendations to your site and even more links from other relevant websites. To take advantage of this, all you have to do is write a catchy press release that people will consider to be worth sharing and submit it to To help ensure that your press releases go viral, you can always subscribe to PRweb’s Advanced option since it provides more premium options that are necessary for your SEO campaigns.

Whether or not you get high search engine ranks, can still help you get more visitors to your site through referral links. People still read press releases and they prefer reading press releases that are posted on high authority websites like Once people read your press releases on and click on the link you have included in each of your press release, you will get an instant visitor.

Since gets a lot of readers, you will surely get your products and services exposed to these readers and get the chance to convert them into customers and earn more money. has the capability to distribute your press releases into a large network of influential news sites.

Suggestions for Using Press Release Packages

As a conclusion, press releases still work. You can get the most out of press releases by submitting them to, a high authority press release site that gets a lot of visitors. Including your links in press releases you submit to PRweb can help you acquire more link juice which can help you in your SEO campaigns.

To get the best SEO result, it is recommended to avail of the “Advanced” option offered by PRweb for more options and functions. If you are trying to find ways to get more visitors and earn more profit then using press releases is a good way to go about it.


How Creative Content Fuels Successful SEO Strategies

Creative SEO StrategySEO is a science that is here to stay. Successful SEO strategies still feed off metrics, data, research and analysis. However bsed on the 2013 trends of successful SEO strategies, digital marketers must be more creative if they want to rank atop Google.

For most search marketers, creativity in connection to SEO is a little bit daunting. A lot of people don’t think about creative, user-focused content while producing content for SEO; however, if you want to grow your online business with SEO, the creativity that comes with content creation is most definitely essential.

This article looks at some of the changes that took place in the search industry in 2013 and why creativity is critical for digital marketers in 2014.

Semantic SEO Condiserations

Search engines such as Google nowadays look at the entire content as opposed to just keywords. The idea of semantic SEO came into force in 20013, you will rank well on Google not based on keyword but on content creativity. For instance, if a person types in car the results of automobile will also appear. It is generally about understanding the bigger picture as well as the intention of the searcher, not simply the keywords.

Keyword-focussed content is simply dying and therefore content developers must become more creative. They must understand synonyms for the keywords and use those alternatives throughout their content to help Google get a picture of what the content is all about. Since some terms have several meanings, using synonyms helps categorize your content correctly.

Google Encrypts Data

Google announced recently that they were encrypting all the search activity. This announcement means that whether you are signed in or not you will not be in a position to see most of the search data on your website pages. This simply means that you will not see what keywords a person typed in the search box that led him or her to your site.

This makes SEO more difficult and calls for a different and more creative SEO strategy. For instance, you may start by looking at what data other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing provide. The keyword trend you notice here is more likely going to be similar to that of Google. You can also look at your entire organic traffic to identify what pages are getting most clicks and look for relationships.

Google+ Integration with YouTube

Google announced a couple of weeks ago that your Google+ information would be linked to You Tube. With a Google+ profile you not only watch videos, but allows you to comment. Such comments are sorted by their relevance as opposed to the time it was posted. This is one of the SEO strategy that should be implemented to allow people start conversations. Google will gain lots of information through this incorporation which will help businesses target their adverts better.

In conclusion, creating creative content is the new SEO strategy that must be implemented by digital marketers who want to rank well on search engines. Keyword focused content is simply dying as Google as well as other search engines implement new strategies that require content to be more creative.


Tips to Leverage Google+ for Your Local SEO Strategy

Google+ SEOGoogle+, the social media platform that ties together multiple Google products, has been growing in popularity ever since its launch in June of 2012. While there's no doubt it hasn't caught on in the same way that Facebook has for personal use, Google+ has quite a few features that make it an asset for any local SEO strategy.

As most SEO-savvy marketers know, Google local search results are displayed in a special pane within the rest of the search results, instantly highlighting relevant information (and the Google Map with red push-pins.) What many marketers fail to realize is that Google+ is directly tied to these local search results, and thus as a significant impact on a small business' local SEO strategy.

How to Make Google+ Work for Your SEO Strategy

From a business standpoint, Google+ works much like Facebook and other social media. There are some tips and tricks to gain followers and be engagingly active, however, getting the most from your Google+ Local page takes a unique approach.

For instance, unlike other social media sites, Google+ requires verification in order to list your business in the local search results. A simple postcard submission and verification process can help to ensure that Google includes your business in relevant local search results.

It's also important to populate your business's Google+ Local page with rich media and content. Adding your hours of business, your menu or services, and an image of your storefront will be reflected in the search results and can provide value to your local SEO strategy. All of this combines to give a local customer the information they need right at their fingertips, whether they're at home or on their smartphone.

Managing the Social End of Google+

It's not all about providing information and managing a local SEO campaign, customer feedback is vital. Google+ features customer reviews prominently and assigns each listed business a rating out of 5 stars. If your company takes the time to carefully manage feedback, respond to concerns, and use Google+ as a platform to engage and support your customers, it will be shown to every user that sees the page.

Google+ comments can be a powerful tool, essentially spreading business word-of-mouth at the time of your potential customer's search. Maintaining a positive customer relationship out in the open will increase business in a way that, for instance a Twitter campaign, never will. OIC Group, an SEO company in Peoria, IL, does this incredibly well. This local SEO not only leverages Google+, but also its reputation on various social media platforms (especially those that contain SEO value.)

Think Beyond Keywords for SEO

Local search results are a bit selling point of Google+, and they are one reason why companies benefit by using the service. Google optimizes its search results, not just by keywords, but by location. In an attempt to provide the most relevant results, search results change depending on where a user lives. This gives growing companies a huge advantage if they can take advantage of the potential that local SEO offers.

Because your company competes for search results primarily with local businesses, local SEO can have a huge impact. By tailoring your search terms and using your Google+ page to reinforce what your business does best you can find yourself at the top of the search results with a relatively small local SEO campaign.

If your business is looking to increase its search engine ranking in a local area, advertise directly to customers in your city or neighborhood, and supercharge your SEO, Google+ is an excellent platform to leverage. The integrated support for mobile devices and customer support and feedback are also great benefits. At the end of the day, however, the main strength in Google+ lies with the fact that so many people already rely on Google for their searches, it only makes sense to take full advantage of the tools that they provide businesses in order to produce high-quality, more relevant search results.


5 Tips to Ensure a Safe SEO Link Building Strategy in 2014

Links for SEOWhether you're doing ecommerce SEO or local SEO, any link building strategy must be designed and executed in a very mindful manner. To help ensure your link building efforts yield a successful SEO strategy, below we share 5 tips to steer you in the optimal direction.

1.) Link Sources: Make certain that every link-building effort is focused on building link sources that are high in quality. If one has been relying heavily on a strategy of link acquisition which focuses on large and easy to acquire quantities, this type of strategy will most likely lead to being devalued. Focus on high quality links and not on spinning articles, guest posts and comments on blogs that are low quality.

Also, weed out past links that are considered spam. For example, you may have acquired run-off links on topics irrelevant sites and can request to have those removed. If unable to remove them, disavowing the very egregious ones is something to consider.

2.) Quality Content: Put out the highest quality content, which will always attract links and social signals naturally. The best and only way to get a variety of other sites creating high quality and relevant links to your site is by the creation of useful, relevant and unique content which can then gain popularity naturally in the online community. The creation of good, quality content can pay off, reflected in the links which are the editorial votes issued by choice by users.

In essence, the better quality content one has, the higher the chances another person will find such content of value to their own readers and have a link to it. This is definitely one of the most important factors when one is considering success in this regard.

3.) Natural Looking: The current buzzword in the SEO community is "natural." Conduct a link audit on your site to look for manipulative or suspicious looking links. Analyze you backlinks and avoid future bad links by looking out for examples such as: purchased links, swapped links, adult and bad neighbourhood sites, sites overly exposed to only the purpose of SEO, links from sites irrelevant to yours, junk web directory links, over-optimized anchor text and, network blog links.

To make your SEO link building be natural, try and add variations to the link adequately or to the anchor text. Acquire relevant and authoritative links that maintain your site content and is a powerful tool to naturally link building, in an unsolicited fashion. This is especially important for competitive SEO spaces like ecommerce SEO. Companies like Click Centric SEO that specialize in ecommerce SEO services advocate a thorough backlink portfolio audit to ensure a completely natural strategy is put in place.

4.) Beware of Negative SEO: Keep a watchful eye on all of the new backlinks that your site receives. By being aware you can then react swiftly to any negative SEO that is possibly pointed to your site. Surround your site with good content, relevant writing to your theme and topics, which will then work to bring about positive co-citations. Co-citations are a mechanism that allows Google to identity what your site deals with.

Every time a link to your site is mentioned in conjunction with a competitor of yours or a similar site to yours, this becomes a hint to Google that your site or business is related to that competitor or other site. Based on authoritativeness in that business niche, Google then associates the sites; this tip is critical.

5.) Know Your Top Competitors: You can use co-citation to effectively build your links on your site. Ultimately the result of co-citation is to able to identify leading businesses representing in the niche and trusted by Google. Therefore identifying your top competitors and making sure your theme, topics and brand is getting mentioned in the right niche and alongside with the trusted businesses is a smart way to use co-citation.

Here are ways to find and identify your top competitors in your business niche: Perform a search using words like "The top 10 (generic business niche youre in)", "The highest ranked or the best (generic name of your service or product) in 2013", and so on.

If you do not find your business listed there, contact the publisher and request to be added to the list; Do a search for other competitors in your field and find as many existing rankings as you can by using the key words.

This will lead to more citation opportunities; Perform a reverse-engineering search on your competitors' backlinks and you may be able to find additional niche resources which they have acquired links from. Moreover, you can always compare site link profiles of numerous competitors all at once, which lets you see which websites link to other several competitors at one go.


Attract New B2B Leads with a Content Marketing Strategy

When it comes to establishing and maintaining a strong web presence for your business, a great avenue is to create a content marketing strategy. Not just any run-of-the-mill scheme that entails poor content creation and ineffective distribution mechanisms. If you are looking to attract not just Internet users but also deep-pocket businesses, marketing your info-rich content to the right audiences can have a momentous impact on generating B2B leads.

While most content marketing strategies are based on a business to consumer (B2C) approach, a content marketing strategy anchored on B2B is different. Whereas materials and information shared on a business to consumer marketing ploy are rather "general," B2B-focused content marketing is more specific to the delivery of information that's tailored to enhance and maintain sales cycles and generate business leads.

With that said, the rules of content marketing that is focused on business to business design is almost similar to the approaches used for business to consumer marketing. Here are some of the effective tips you could use to make your B2B content marketing very effective in getting the business leads you need and the connection you require to become an authority in your business niche.

Focus Your Content Marketing Strategy on User Value

The first thing that you need to know when creating content is that search engines as well as internet users regard content value as an utmost consideration. The whole web is flooded by worthless articles and poorly written blog posts that are basically trash. When you produce content material, you make sure that people will find it informative, entertaining, or in some way share-worthy. Otherwise, using articles of little to no value will not only lead your marketing campaign to shambles but also ruin your site’s reputation.

Think of you consumers first before search engine crawlers. Although content marketing empowers search marketing, when you write with your audience in mind, there is a tendency that you produce content that people can easily relate to and understand. A readable article is a whole lot better than 10 write ups of trash. While search engine crawlers help index a site and determine its ranking in the search engine results pages, when you write for people instead of bots and crawlers, it is like you personally reaching out to them and telling them that you have the solution to any issue that are experiencing or will experience.

Broaden Your Web Presence with Rich Media

Content marketing these days no longer operate within the boundaries of words, articles, and blogs. The advent of social networking sites has created a huge impact on how sites are optimized to get the highest rankings in search engine results pages. Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram offers various platforms with which content marketers can use to launch their content.

The content marketing benefits are empowered by social media. The beauty of social media and networking sites is that they are not limited to words. Many products are now presented via educational and informative videos, excellent snapshots, and audio recordings.

Content marketing is still a huge tool in getting your online presence the visibility it needs to get some leverage. Do it right and you will find significant improvement in your site’s performance as well as a boost in your sales.


Expert Link Building Insights for Organic SEO in 2014

SEO 2014Interested in learning some expert insights about the ways in which link building is changing in 2014? If you're doing any sort of organic SEO, then your answer should definitely be "Yes."

It's no question that currently links are extremely valuable for SEO - however many feel the value of links is more intrinsic because of rumors of a link apocalypse may be near. That is, Google diminishing the value of links as a ranking factor for its search engine results. As a result, a lot of organic SEO experts and search marketers are beginning to lose faith in links.

In short, many professionals in the organic SEO scene are questioning whether they should concentrate on link building in 2014.

Realizing Deeper Values in Link Building

Whether or not we do meet the link apocalypse in 2014, it's not a matter of major concern for smart SEO experts because establishing link building opportunities has greater value than just getting links. Efficient and capable link builders have a lot of skills which can be of use in numerous settings. These skills are networking and creating quality relationships through social media and other menas of communication.

Knowing how to network online and build relationships for SEO is perhaps the greatest asset to any search marketers off-page SEO efforts. These skills can come to use when it comes to battling certain trends that are replacing link building. Thus, they have nothing to fear even if link building does not make it through the year!

Rise in Social Media and Google+

While Google may have been persistent in denying the +1's impact rankings, but there are plenty of studies which show that there are correlations happening between the two. Even though Google may not be admitting it but +1's and Google+ go hand in hand when it comes to the ranking signals. Thus, spammers are taking full advantage of this knowledge and they are trying to manipulate +1's in an unnatural manner in order to get higher rankings by scamming their way to the top instead of engaging in healthy SEO activities!

As an online marketer, you have to be smart and refrain from putting all your eggs in one basket because you never know, link building for organic SEO in Peoria, IL might be gone tomorrow! You should always be on your toes and stay updated about the trending online marketing techniques. Moreover, you should not just count on Google, but also have accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other platforms so that you are not just relying on a single platform because the results would be disastrous once that platform gives way.

Honest Perspective for SEO in 2014

Technically, it is not very likely for links to be replaced by anything in the near future, because when it comes to organic SEO and honest search engine ranking mechanisms, links are almost indispensable.

According to most organic search marketing experts, if at all links are going to be replaced then it is surely not the social media platforms that are going to take its place because these do not seem to be a pliable option. Nevertheless, it is quite apparent that if there is something that would replace links, it would be used and abused drastically by online marketers once they come to know about it!

Thus, the key to dealing with SEO changes in 2014 and trying to stay ahead of the game would be to diversify your resources and and dabble in an array of platforms. So even if links for SEO are replaced, the aftermath won't be so shocking and detrimental.


Why Your Business Needs (Real) Positive Reviews on Local Listings

Local BusinessIn this post, we underscore the considerations local entrepreneurs need to know when running a business and maintaining a good local reputation.

According to a study headed by Research Corp, approximately 83% of online consumers tell that they are likely to purchase a product or hire a service provider if they have read several positive reviews about it online.

In a study conducted by McKinsey Quarterly, around 20% to 50% of consumers base their purchasing decisions on what they hear about a certain product or service. Word of mouth is still a force even in the online world;, an online business directory that features customer-generated reviews, has become an avenue for customers to view a product or service before deciding to complete a purchase or try another business instead.

In a research by Harvard University said that a difference of 1 “star” has boosted or reduced a business’ sales performance by as much as 9%. Stars are gauges used by Yelp to determine the businesses’ reliability as well as trustworthiness based on how previous customers rate them.

The bottom line here is that what people say about a certain brand or service online, potential customers listen. How they deliver their experience as well as views on a particular shampoo or how they fared with the neighborhood’s auto repair center creates a huge impact on how other perceive such products and offerings, both positively and negatively.

Positive reviews from real customers not only act as magnets for local businesses. According to Jay Ehret, founder of The Marketing Spot, affirmative commentaries from actual consumers also bolster a site’s ranking in the local business listings. Search engine crawlers, says Ehret, are gravitated by the volume as well as the quality of customer reviews.

“For this reason, it would not hurt for you to encourage your customers to review your business,” states Ehret.

When encouraging customers to review their experiences, Ehret advices not to ask for positive comments. This is a huge mistake in promoting your business and could hamper your business’ reputation in the long run if such practice is continued.

Ehret also advices online businesses not to fear a negative review. While it is understandable that no one wants to receive an adverse report from a customer, such commentaries must be seen as an opportunity to improve one’s business and see what problems that require attention and fixing.

Negative reviews will come, as there is no pleasing everybody. But a negative review can be reversed to something positive, especially by handling it efficiently, properly, and timely. Responding to customers and asking them for feedback is the best route when dealing with negative reviews. However, there’s a plethora of how negative reviews can be addressed and how adverse situations can be fixed.


Desktop vs. Mobile SEO: Shifts and Trends in the SEO Landscape

The advent of mobile search has made serious changes on how all types of organizations execute their SEO strategy on the web. With people nowadays capable of accessing the Internet via their mobile devices, today's SEO firms and search marketing specialists are now creating strategies and tactics aimed at mobile search users.

But are there any difference between conventional, desktop SEO and mobile SEO? Some say there is none. However, quite a few organic SEO experts are commenting on significant disparities between the two. This implies that some SEO strategies might vary depending on a mobile or desktop search market.

Desktop vs. Mobile Usability & SEO Considerations

Desktop internet users can browse, scan, and scroll down and up, read and skim page on a whim. The same cannot be said about mobile internet users. Most desktop SEO strategies rely heavily on keyword-enriched content. Keyword research, link building, and relevant content are among the elements that serve as foundation of any desktop SEO approach.

Mobile users rarely read through a lengthy article on their phones. What matters to the average mobile users is how efficiently the content is delivered and how absorb-able the content is. As a result, SEO experts need to be mindful of the various forms of content that can be optimized and utilized for both destop and mobile users.

Such content and media can from more engaging and visually attractive images and graphics, as well as short videos. The possibilities with rich content extend far beyond on-site usability. Image and video SEO is a practice itself that can greatly improve the overall SEO value of a page, as well as the grander goal for inbound marketing.

SEO Practices Now Shifting To Mobile

In short, mobile SEO is a different ballgame from traditional SEO. One of the best ways to start defining a mobile-specific SEO strategy is by developing a responsive mobile-friendly web design. Speed, ease of navigation, and simplicity are considered to be the top attributes of a mobile web design interface, with the emphasis on speed.

Slow loading time has been the bane and pitfall of many mobile internet pages, which often impedes user experience. Loading time is significantly improved by minimizing the file size of page content.

Dynamic serving is one way of providing access to relevant content for mobile internet users. While the URL structure remains the same between desktop and mobile internet, the content displayed on a mobile interface is totally different from those that appear in a desktop internet page. This tactic is a great way to retain the SEO effort put forth via content creation and link building, but offering an exceptional mobile-friendly experience that generates leads.

Mobile URLs that offer a specific mobile web design is a great way to provide a great experience as well as helping mobile SEO specialists to achieve their goals. Vanessa Fox, creator of Google Webmaster Central, wrote in column that “Google sees different URLs as different pages; you can do several things to ensure that Google understands the relationship between your desktop and mobile pages so that your site is as visible to mobile searchers as it is to desktop searchers.”

Several essential tactics from conventional SEO still apply to mobile SEO according to Bryson Meunier, a content specialist. Keyword research and analysis still works for mobile SEO. But Meunier points out that this analysis should be aimed at a mobile platform and not a desktop.


Top 3 Ways to Build Links for Local SEO

Local Atlanta SEO CompanySEO has greatly influenced the way local businesses approach their marketing efforts. One aspect of local SEO that often gets overlooked is building links. Although many argue on-site SEO and creating citations on local directories is most important, links are still the primary driver to better rankings.

Links can come from many sources, whether from blog posts and articles, directories, advertisements, and various other listings (such as Chamber of Commerce listing.) The following three strategies will help you find link building opportunities which can help empower your local SEO campaign.

1. Guest Blogging for Local SEO Link Building

Blogging is still an effective method in getting links, specificall guest blogging on other relevant sites. Guest blogging for SEO has been an approach used by many local business organizations and rightfully so. Blogging is a good way to create and distribute high quality content about your business, products, and services. Also, blogging is a platform that can encourage users to engage with a business's social media profiles such as Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram to name a few.

2. Business Directories for Local SEO Link Building

Another highly effective local SEO link building strategy to get your business registered in authoritative business directories and local business databses. Some of the sites where you can post your business organization’s profile and offerings are:,,,, and among others. is one of the best resources to find locally-relevant link building opportunities.

Lastly, see if your local chamber of commerce offers a business listing page. Sometimes investing in a membership can be well worth the high-authority link back to your website.

3. Content Aggregators for Local SEO Link Building

Certain types of content aggregators can be utilized to maximize your SEO potential to get local links. By submitting your best content to aggregators your helping to spread your business’s name over the Internet and helping people discover your business. Among the top aggregators used by many businesses are Yelp, Superpages, City Search, Urban Spoon, and Angie’s List to name a few. In addition to links, many of these sites provide a quality citation of your business, which also contributes to local SEO empowerment.

There is a myriad of ways to earn and build links for local SEO. Those mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. Get creative and start explore all possibilities to build relationships and establish your company's web presence in many places throughout the web. The potential to generate link to your site is vast and seemingly endless.


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