Increase Your Rank Unveils "Action" Markup | So What's the Value for SEO?

Schema has been a highly useful mechanism for advanced SEO professionals for almost three years now. In case you're fresh to Schema, it's essentially is a unique form of HTML designed by major search engines to create, support, and implement structured data markup on the content of a site.

In short, adding specific "schemas" to your site's content can better communicate what that content is about to search engines. And recently, has announced an entirely new form of schema named Actions. Actions are a way to communicate specific executions (or actions) that can be done on a website (e.f. filling out a form) and how these actions can be initiated and implemented from a technical standpoint.'s Definition of Action Markup?

An Action from represents an activity that can be performed on a piece of structured data. explains it as basically an action that is performed either by a direct agent or an indirect participant targeted towards a specific direct object that spontaneously and willingly occurs at a specific location with the help of an inactive instrument.

The implementation of an action may create a specific result, which clearly specifies the exact expectation of each role or case. Yes, Action facilitates the description of the potential of the current and past actions related with various kinds of things.

The Value of Action Schemas

With Action from you can better communicate the start and the end date of a particular course of action, the desired consequence, the end result, the location and the specific instrument that is used to implement the action.

For example, Action schemas help to communicate the time it takes to complete a particular task or operation, say to cook a meal found at recipe site or how long a user can expect to complete a registration form. This enables websites to clearly describe the actions they enable and how these actions can be implemented and executed successfully. The three action statuses include:

Action-oriented Rich Snippets

Benefits for SEO:

  • Potential action status to describe an action that is being supported
  • Active action status to depict an action that is in progress
  • Competed action status to notify an action that has already been executed

Action-oriented Rich Snippets

The types of rich snippets action schemas show users on a simple Google search vary. There are multiple types of rich snippet actions that are supported and that can be defined with a similar structured data. Go-to actions: It takes the user to the website where the action can be successfully completed. The in-app actions: They are tackled well within the gmail itself without sending the user to any other website. Further reading: For more elaborate details you have to see handling action requests and securing actions.

Benefits for SEO:

Of course, there are a few benefits of using this markup for SEO. Some of SEO advantages include:

1. It is the only format supported by all four major search engines and helps users find what they are looking for.

2. It increases the efficiency of the search engines and makes web more useful to the world.

3. It displays rich snippets on SERPS and enhances your click-through rate. is on of the most indispensable SEO tools available. Action from represents an expansion of the vocabulary associated with potential actions, which can further help benefit your website.


[Study:] Majority of Local-Mobile Searches Result In Offline Conversions

Local Mobile SearchJust recently, a study was conducted to gather information about the primary cause of most offline purchases. This study was conducted by Neustar Localeze, 15 Miles, and ComScore. The survey is currently in its 7th year, and involves over 5,000 adults living in the United States. The subjects of this study were individuals who had conducted local mobile searches in the last 12 months.

The study also captured behavioral data examining search behavior across popular search engines like Google, local directory websites, portals and yellow pages. A huge amount of data regarding consumer attitudes and behavior was acquired by this study focusing on local mobile search.

Results of the Study

According to the study, almost 96% PC owners regularly conduct local searches. On the other hand, the percentage of mobile owners conducting local searches is 79%, while 81% tablet owners conduct these searches regularly. In the last one year, satisfaction rate across different device categories has declined.

PCs had the highest satisfaction rate, followed by tablets and mobiles. PCs were preferred devices for most users. However, people who wanted information on the go preferred a mobile search.

The primary reason for people to conduct a local search was to find a particular business. The second most common reason for a search was to find a specific business with a desired service or product. Hence, while most local searches have been looking for a particular name in mind, others were considering a specific business.

According to ComScore, more than 50% of restaurant, service and travel searches were focused on a particular business from which customers had purchased before. The advertising and marketing implications of the study’s findings are quite obvious.

Devices across the three categories are used in equal proportions for particular business lookups, service or product comparisons, and even purchases. There’s no surprise that a mobile search is conducted more for specific business lookups than being used for purchases. Moreover, the frequency of using these devices also varies throughout the purchase cycle.

Almost 80% of all local mobile searches were converted into purchases. In fact, about 90% of these purchases were conducted in a physical store (73%) or on the mobile (16%) as compared to only 11$ online. Over three-fourths (76%) of these purchases occurred on the same day. In fact, most of them (63%) were made within a few hours. However, purchasing time varied by degree of consideration and category involved.

According to the study, the top categories for a local search were consistent across different platforms. Restaurants were the most common or largest search category, except on small-screen tablets. In essence, the study was indicator of the importance of local SEO for small businesses with geographically-relevant target markets.

The study also showed that more younger users are inclined to use smartphones and tablets than older users. The senior demographic of the audience still prefers a desktop over a mobile search. However, the overall picture is a bit different. The total audience has been becoming multi-platform. Around 40% of the subjects in the study used multiple devices for local searches.

When you compare the data, the mobile only audience was 12%, while the PC only audience was 49%. The survey also included many different questions about navigation and mapping. There were also some questions about the kind of content users want to see displayed on maps. The most desirable content was hours of operation. Coupons and reviews were the next in the list.


How to Generate Reviews for Better Local SEO Results

Peoria SEO CompanyReviews are a great tool for local SEO. The significant thing about reviews is that they are not under one’s control, and they should not be. As such, it becomes a bit hard to get the type of reviews you want whenever you want. In this case, a business should use proven stratgies to ensure they generate positive reviews for their reputation and overall SEO efforts.

The first thing to note is that people rarely ever give positive reviews, but they often give negative reviews. Customers find it easier to express dissatisfaction in a company than satisfaction. As such, the only way to get good reviews is to ask for them. This is actually the first tip.

Ask for review

Reviews are good for business but they have to be positive. Negative reviews ruin business by turning away potential and some existing customers. Positive reviews attract more customers and breed loyalty in existing ones. A business should always ask for reviews. To get positive reviews, first ask customers that have been satisfied by your products and services. They most likely definitely give positive reviews.

Also, ask other customers to give you reviews about their experience with your business. For the mere fact that you have asked them kindly, they will definitely give a positive review to help with local SEO. In case of any dissatisfaction, it will be put more mildly. Peoria SEO company OIC Group is highly proficient at doing this and has helped many clients acquire positive reviews using these simple strategies.

Provide feedback

Currently, local SEO is inclined towards providing an interactive platform between customers and businesses. This is different from the initial strategy that was only aimed at pleasing search engines. A business should more often than not, respond to reviews given by customers.

Acknowledge positive reviews with gratitude and invite the customer for another experience. Politely respond to negative reviews and promise to address the source of dissatisfaction for the customer. Questions should be answered effectively.

This interaction gives the business a human feel that customers can trust in. Local SEO is a big fan of interaction, prompt feedback especially. Prompt feedback will generate more reviews since customers are assured of getting a response as soon as possible.

Use review links

Businesses tend to establish a local clientele base with whom they constantly interact with through social media, emails and blogs. These loyal customers and followers are some of the best people to get reviews from.

Email or share a link to them that will direct them to your reviews’ page on your website. Use an attractive and interesting message to ensure the link is not missed.

Attract positive reviews

This tip stays true to the clause of if you can’t beat them, join them. Customers often get attracted to simple offers. You would be surprised at the large following a free samples offer will attract. To get positive reviews, promise a certain offer to your customers. Using an incentive is better than paying for fake reviews. This is because incentives attract real customers and internet users that are legal for local SEO usage.

The most important thing to note about reviews is that they should be real and that feedback is an important factor. With these simple tips, a company will be able to attract more reviews and more customers for its business.


5 Tips to Make Your Ecommerce Product Pages SEO-friendly

Ecommerce SEOPotential customers are using search engines such as Google when they are looking for products and services. For this reason search engines are one of the most important tools to get traffic and have your ecommerce store findable on the Internet. Using SEO on your ecommerce website can be a powerful way in attracting more potential customers via search traffic. Here are 5 tips that can help your ecommerce product pages become more SEO-friendly.

Offer Intuitive Navigational & Usability

One of the first aspects of SEO is to make your product pages user-friendly and your customers’ experience top-notch. You have higher chances to transform your visitors in happy customers if they have a smooth experience on your website. For this reason you need to provide a clear and topic-based navigation that will make it easier for your users to find the product they are looking for.

For optimal ecommerce SEO, your website's link structure should include clear heading tags such as H1, H2, and H3 etc. Ensure that your product page headers are < H1 > and sub-headers are < H2 >, and try to include at least 50 words of copy. Heading tags are used to give the page structure and through these heading tags the search engines and your visitors can understand what the page is about. You need to optimize titles and headings and include your best keywords.

Using the individual product name in H1 tags, is one simple way to achieve this, and can be easily and quickly programmed by your website developer. These practices of SEO-friendly web design will help improve customer satisfaction as well as boost your ecommerce website ranking in the SERPs.

Leverage the Power of Social Media

Social media has also impact on search engine rankings and any social media link is a signal telling search engines that your content is relevant for a user query. For this reason it is recommended to provide social media plug-ins integration that refer to specific products and to your shop, for better user experience.

Social media brings the personal element into ecommerce and you have to make sure that your online business has an active social media account. Alongside global social media networks such as Google+, Facebook, and Twitter, Facebook you can also include other social media sites such as Instagram, Line, Pinterest, Tumblr, and WeChat. By media buttons on your ecommerce site, you encourage your visitors to share your content.

As advocated by most ecommerce SEO companiesthis social integration can provide you with valuable word-of-mouth advertising. Ecommerce merchants should make sure that those social sharing buttons are in a perfect place on their sites so that potential customers find it easy to share information to boost your brand awareness.

Mindfully Optimize Content

Content optimization is of equal importance for ecommerce as on any other website. Properly crafted content will help your website to become relevant to the product query. It is important to eliminate any duplicate content from your website in order to avoid that Google treats your ecommerce store as a spam site.

On an ecommerce website with many product pages, lack of content as well as duplicate content can be source of problems for organic rankings. Try to use unique product descriptions and avoid copy paste descriptions from the manufacturers. That is essential in order to avoid being banned by Google.

Using rich media on your ecommerce website, such as quality images and video, will help improve your SEO and also capture more customers and increase your conversion rate. When using different images in your ecommerce website, it is important to include an ALT tag within the IMG tag in order to provide a clear text alternative of the picture and show search engine what is the image about.

Use Extremely-targeted Keywords

You can use Bing keywords research tool or Google's keyword planner to find relevant information about the keywords search popularity and the competition in advertising using each of these keywords. You refine results and by searching in the targeting section of the keyword specifically on regional markets by adding your choice of language and country.

Hummingbird algorithm in Google recognizes three types of queries: informational, navigational, and transactional. Make sure you develop content on your ecommerce website that covers each of these three type of queries. In order to achieve this you can use the most common conversational phrases that your clients might use when searching for your products or services.

Integrate Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics to monitoring and track your ecommerce website’s effectiveness. This tool can be helpful because it provides statistics about the visitors on your website and the number of page views. Google analytics is completely free and can work well, no matter if you have a big or a small online business.


5 Benefits of Local Small Business SEO

Peoria SEO CompanyLocal Small Business SEO offers a wealth of benefits beyond the obvious of earning higher rankings and getting more leads and customers. If you're unsure about the value that local SEO has for your small business, here is a list of some benefits of local small business SEO.

1. Local Brand Building/Greater Visibility

When local SEO properly used, can easily attract so many people from various local areas, hence rank very fast and high up the results of search engine for that given area. If you decide to optimize for Washington DC, for instance, then you are definitely competing with the rest of other business in Washington DC in terms of search engine results. Typically, since real estate offered to the local results, especially in Google at the best level, deciding to use traditional PPC and SEO simply means missing this real estate benefits. You can get an amazing traffic to your small business by well placing local rankings.

2. Authenticity

The majority of users view the local listings in Facebook and Google+ pages as very authentic compared to traditional organic results. This is because of the address verification, map, videos, images, and customer reviews, which usually accompany small business pages. In fact, trust comes at a premium online, which is an avenue, where most small businesses fail to make it since it requires a lot of determination, dedication, and patience.

3. Immediate Conversions

This is yet another advantage of local SEO for small businesses. Conversion rates for those prospects searching on the local terms can tend to be much higher than the national terms. The geographic proximity randomly increases the odds, which a local searcher will easily click through to access the business’s site.

4. Use of Mobile App

The most convenient new yellow page currently is the Smartphone. For those businesses who want to be easily located by potential visitors can use local map listings. Ignoring local SEO and then using a traditional SEO services can altogether keep you in the mobile game. As upcoming and small business, paying more attention to the upcoming launch of Apple Maps and having a mobile friendly version of your site, which is more readable on most of small factor gadgets. You can also consider the value of mobile app development has for you business.

5. Ease of Use/ Attracts more Qualified & Potential Visitors

Generally, local SEO is the easiest and cheapest method for small business to use in order to secure their presence on the world of internet. With it, you can begin by claiming it, then verify it and finally, build up your presence in Yahoo, Bing, and Google+.

Also, engage the audience in the social media who are already discussing or searching for your category within your geographical area. Most people really love supporting local business, particularly the small ones and it’s therefore important to capitalize on this great opportunity. Whenever possible, you can direct individuals to your local pages and even ask for customer reviews about it. There are many local small business SEO resources available, so educate yourself on what to look for in a service provider.

Conclusively, several small business owners seem to be intimidated by the internet marketing. However, the online rules changes quickly and rapidly and to some extent, the barriers to your entry may become high as well. Lastly, local SEO is the only option for all small businesses that are looking for an easy and cheap path on the internet.


Revamp Your Google AdWords Account with PPC Campaign Optimization

Google AdWords Account with PPC Campaign OptimizationWhether for a new or existing Google AdWords account, PPC campaign optimization services can provide an invaluable ROI for all types of marketers. It's important to trust honest experts who are highly experienced in Google AdWords PPC advertising, and are adept in improving the overall performance of your online marketing efforts.

As a result of PPC campaign optimization, your business can significantly improve keyword quality scores, lower cost per click, and greater overall efficiency in your PPC advertising account.

Most PPC specialists who are experienced in PPC campaign optimization leverage a number of specific methods and strategies. Some of these focus on:

  • Ad Presentation & Testing: As part of most PPC campaign optimization programs, the provider will integrate Google Ad Extensions (if not already used,) as well as write new ads with varying creatives of ad copy. All of these elements will be tested and refined on an ongoing basis.
  • Keyword Bidding: Any successful PPC campaign will hinge on using keyword bidding techniques. Often times, Google AdWords advertisers fail to use precise bidding strategies (like [exact match], "phrase match" and +modified +broad +match keyword bidding. Instead, broad match bidding is common and often the reason for poor performance.
  • Account Structure & Set-up: The manner in which the entire PPC account is structured is key to its advertising effectiveness. In short, highly segmented campaigns and ad groups that contain very tight, closely-related groupings of keywords is ideal. This is another common fault that demands PPC campaign optimization.
  • PPC Landing Page Optimization: Improving and testing PPC landing pages is a vital element convert visitors. This is highly regarded by most PPC campaign managers, and yet is often overlooked by common advertisers.

Investing in PPC campaign optimization services can help improve your Google AdWords expenditure in many respects. In addition to the key areas mentioned above, some company's that offer PPC campaign optimization services will progressively focus on keyword research, ad group expansion and refinement, creative split-testing (for ads, Ad Extensions, and landing pages) and even Remarketing.

We hope this short article has helped you realize the value and importance of PPC campaign optimization, and what you can expect from a solid expert in the paid search profession.


The Advantages of Ecommerce SEO Services for Online Store Owners

Ecommerce SEO ServicesInvesting in professional ecommerce SEO services can significantly increase the likelihood that your online store website will rank higher in search engines (link Bing, Yahoo and Google). Creative ecommerce SEO strategies are particularly important after implementation of Google hummingbird which has killed many common practices offered by SEO service providers.

How has Google Hummingbird Shaped Ecommerce SEO Services?

Google Hummingbird is essentially tailored to help users easily find exactly what they are looking for by diminishing the rankings of over-optimized websites (that have used ecommerce SEO techniques that have once been quite effective.)

Although many argue that this marks the death of SEO, one only has re-shaped the approach of quality ecommerce SEO services. By using and understanding the rationale behind successful SEO service program, your online store can most definitely thrive by working with a credible ecommerce SEO company.

The Primary Advantages of Ecommerce SEO Services

If you're an online store owner or marketer interested in working with an ecommerce SEO company, you can realize the following advantages of quality services.

  • Ecommerce SEO services enables you to strategically position your online store's products niche(s) for long term performance. Once you put in place a well designed and appropriately SEO optimized online store in place, you can better convert organic search traffic.
  • Targeted traffic - if you are looking for a great and cost-efficient way to build a new customer base and increase the number of visitors from your already existing markets, ecommerce SEO services can be the ideal key to success. With good ecommerce SEO practices and strategies, your websites ranks high on the search result page. This means your business is visible to the billions of customers across the globe.
  • Target traffic – well-meditated ecommerce SEO strategies enable you to bring in traffic that is genuinely interested in your products. For example, by incorporating social media optimization strategies, you are able to reach out to millions and millions of people who are actively looking for the products you are offering.
  • Increase your profits – As we have already said, SEO gives way to increased traffic. By using appropriate strategies such as content creations, promotions and contests, you can easily turn these individuals to actual customers. This has a thrilling effect on your ROI.
  • Increased sales – of course, if you are the type of people who get thrilled by making sales; ecommerce SEO is for you. It ensures that your products are visible to the entire global population meaning your will enjoy more sales.

With quality ecommerce SEO services from reputable companies like Click Centric SEO you immediately commence seeing positive results within just a matter of days. However, optimal effect will be witnessed commencing the 3rd month. So, the wait is actually not that long. What more, most organic SEO strategies are behind the scene activities and so, nothing noticeable happens on your existing website.

If you're interested in an ecommerce SEO audit search for certain service providers who offer these great programs. You can then learn the strengths and weaknesses of your online store and how to best construct your company's ecommerce SEO strategy.


Tips to Recruit Gifted SEO Talent for Your Company

Expert SEO TalentOptimizing the company’s web presence is one of the best ways to generate more revenue and boost profits. With respect to the high standards of Google and risks associated with SEO, the task of broadening a website's search engine presence cannot be left to mere amateurs.

An SEO professional needs to be a legit expert who can build an informative search engine friendly website. Below are skills that business owners and marketing managers alike should consider in recruiting gifted SEO talent for hire.


Building a website that resembles many others will never aid a business. The best SEO talent creates a site that has peculiar features to distinguish it from the rest and attract customers. They should be able to manage the website and organize its content in such a way as to be both informative and optimize search results. Ability to devise SEO strategies to create links while avoiding back links to low profile sites that results in spamming is essential.

Understanding of the three SEO levels namely: technical SEO, on-page optimization and off-page optimization is an important as it means the consultant is multidimensional. In recruiting gifted SEO professionals, seek out individuals who are more creative and offer three degrees of success.


Some SEO companies utilize illegal practices (black hat) to improve the ranking of websites. Such candidates only dent a company’s image and never bring benefits to the company. Ideal candidates use legal and acceptable SEO practices which can be readily shared with the customers. This will enable the business to act in a professional manner, share the basic methods and the intended goals transparently.

Excellent Personnel Relation Skills

An SEO expert possesses the ability to communicate his ideas in a clear fashion towards both the company administration and the customers. Recruiting gifted SEO talent cannot work in isolation. To the administration, they have to excellently state why a change in the website layout is necessary and make clear presentations on business progress and prospects.

An organic SEO expert should be able to respond effectively to customers quests and pacify them when they complain about company issues. Hard company decisions also need to be communicated to the clients in a wise way to maintain the good company name.


Search engines introduce new concepts and standards as well as best SEO practices very often. A good consultant should quickly integrate these updates into their work to prevent them from handicapping the company’s site. A passionate person, curious to explore, ready to learn a new tool, willing to master a new technique is the ideal candidate. This is perhaps one of the most effective ways to recruiting gift.

The flexibility to fit into a company’s special culture is also another lookout point. The personality of a candidate should match that of the organization or else it will be hard to integrate them.

Proven SEO background

Experience in the SEO field with practical demonstrations to support it is a key skill. An SEO campaign on different domains for different companies is an added advantage. A business owner should look into at least the last three references to check on the success delivered by the candidate.

A good website will form an intriguing image of the company on the internet, a move that increases traffic flow to the site. In recruiting gifted SEO talent, you can also try incentivizomg recruiting gifts to compell strong candidates, such as employee rewards and bonuses of performance. All in all, hiring an in-house SEO expert can help empower a digital marketing strategy that attracts loads of customers to the company.


The Pillars of Integrating Video SEO in Your Search Marketing Strategy

When building an SEO strategy, there are various tools that can be used to your advantage. One of the most effective is video SEO.

Videos are loved by audiences for their entertaining and convenient nature, and they're loved by search marketers by their engaging appeal and immense potential for SEO. When you are creating a video for the purpose of SEO and inbound marketing, there are a few key guidelines you should abide by. Below we describe these pointers in great detail.

Have Quality Content

The content in the website should be really relevant. When someone watches a video on a particular topic, they have some expectations, which if not fulfilled will leave them disappointed, and they will probably not want to hear anything about the product that you are making known to them.

Grab the Attention of the Viewer

You must entice whoever comes across the video SEO to watch it. You can achieve this by using very catchy titles to the video. The title should contain some of the keywords that most of the users will use when looking for content. It also helps to have some screenshots of the most interesting parts of the video, so that it sparks the curiosity of anyone who comes across it.

Use Keywords

The basis of video SEO is keyword usage, so keep this in mind during the making of the videos. Conduct some research and get the words that are mostly used, and try to add these as tags in the video, so that when one is searching for the keywords, they can get a link to your video.

Write a Compelling Description

Give a short description of the video so that whoever wants to watch the video might have a clue on what to expect. If you write a good description, it will entice the user to watch the video.

Leverage the Power of Links

Place some useful links to your website. These will enable the user to access other websites that have related information. And although most video sites make these links NoFollow (which does not pass link juice for SEO) these links can serve as a great inbound marketing avenue.

Consider Length

There is nothing as boring as a long pointless video. Someone will get bored midway and quit watching, and this might end up in them missing the vital parts of the video. Remember, some people will be accessing the video via their handled devices, and if the video is too long, it translates into higher operator data charges, hence they might prefer not to watch the video at all.

Embedding and Sharing

A good video will not serve much use if it is not seen by the world. Do not be really closed off with your video, you should give the users some method of sharing the video with other users. The best way for sharing (which will also help your search marketing efforts) is by use of social networking sites, so ensure you have ensured sharing compatibility through most of the social sites. You should also allow people to embed their videos to their websites.

The right video describing your business will help you to pull in the traffic that you need for your website, as well as allow you to update the world about the services and products that you offer. If you need a hand, contact Peoria SEO company OIC Group, Inc. for a coaching program. With a great video SEO, you will not need to carry out the cumbersome SEO projects anymore.


Getting Outranked by Your Own Content? Use Google's New Scraper Report Tool

Google New Scraper Report ToolWeb scraping and content theft have much in common. Some people use scraping as a way to make money on behalf of those who write unique and original SEO optimized web content. They do this by republishing the content posted initially by others and literally stealing the traffic of the websites that originally hosted the content.

To make things worse, the search engine ranking of the websites containing the copied content is sometimes higher (often due to a higher domain authority. This means that your own content outranks your...own content. It can be very frustrating. Google is developing strategies to solve this problem, as it causes a lot of problems for people who are creative and talented.

The changes are meant to make original content always rank higher than the republished content and put an end to the nightmare that some people who use SEO in their content could be experiencing. For any legitimate business, scrapping is a continuous threat and this must end as soon as possible.

Google's New Scraper Report Tool

The majority of businesses are familiarized with scrapping, knowing that others may have already copied their content. But, they do not know the full extent and implications of this negative practice. Google's new scraper report tool was first announced on Twitter by the head of the web spam team at Google, Matt Cutts.

The tool is actually a form that you can complete in case you notice that some of your content was used elsewhere. You will have to input the URL that corespondents to the involved content along with the search engine results that show the higher rank of the copied content in comparison to the original.

Before this tool was available, the only way you could report stolen content was through Google's DMCA system. This system is difficult to use and consumes a lot of time.

Completing the form does not ensure a removal of the links containing the copies, but Google's spam team is constantly monitoring the reported links for finding better ways to improve the search algorithm, so that the original content can always rank higher. Just removing links may not have the best results in the long run, but Google is trying to overcome this problem in a smart way. The benefits for content creators and their SEO are obvious.

The following domains are affected by republished and copied content: digital publishing, social media, e-commerce, forums, travel companies, airlines and different directories and classifieds. With the Google's new scraper report tool available to content creators, people who use scrapping may have to think twice before trying this strategy again.


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