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Google AdWords Update: Now See Organic and PPC Query Data Side-by-Side

Google AdWords UpdateThe most recent Google AdWords update has brought about a new angle in search marketing and advertising. As a well-liked update amongst the community of Google AdWords users, this new feature provides side-by-side keyword query data from both organic search and paid search (PPC advertising) exposure.

In short, this update enables search marketers to better perform keyword analysis for ongoing improvements. Additionally, this update allows users to better employ other Google Tools like the Keyword Planner and Traffic Estimator.

This new update in Google AdWords can be best employed by opening a specific ad group. Under the "Dimensions" tab, view the "Paid & organic" option in the drop down list.

This Google AdWords update is also important when it comes to estimating costs and performance based on search exposure. As a result, marketers can aid in preparation of trial budgets before making your final budget. This gives advertisers the ability to see organic and PPC keyword query data (side-by-side) for the purpose of analysis. Another use for this Google AdWords update is that it makes it possible to use imported data in your account without entering it manually from other search tools.

In order to use this keyword analysis, you need to have a Google AdWords account. However, it does not require you to be continually running ads as your organic keyword planning will continue displaying. Organic data is pulled from Google Analytics or Google Webmasters Tools, so a given AdWords campaign needs to be properly linked with one of the latter platforms.

As a result, the non users of Google Analytics can benefit from the keyword planner. To make this active for use, you need to link the Google AdWords update with the accounts of the webmaster tools. This will enable the AdWords to work effectively. It does not matter what your budget is, you can still display ads on Google whereby you only pay when people click on the displayed ads.


Tips to Build a Successful Website Optimization Campaign for Your Company

Website optimization has a much broader scope than simply search engine optimization. This online marketing strategy surpasses SEO in many ways. In essence, website optimization provides greater search engine exposure to your website, as well as enhances the overall functionality and usability of your website performs. One the biggest differences that can be defined is that website optimization focuses on certain aspects of CRO or conversion rate optimization.

Besides search engine optimization, there are a lot of important things that need to be included in your company's website optimization strategy. Some of these include exceptional website usability, an intuitive interface, and smooth website performance (primarily in the back-end.) With a perfect mix of these components, you are able to further maximize the potential and value of your website's traffic.

A complete and comprehensive website optimization strategy allows you to include both CRO and SEO. However, you need to understand that every website optimization strategy is different from another. A team of employees from your company needs to determine the strength and weaknesses of your company's website. This will allow you to come up with a perfect website optimization strategy per your company's specific needs and requirements.

User Interface & Usability

As mentioned earlier, user interface and usability are the most important elements in website optimization strategy. In fact, they lay the foundation for your website's success. When you optimize usability and user interface, your visitors are able to have a memorable and meaningful experience on your website.

User interface includes the complete layout and design of your website. All the elements including graphics, color scheme, images, logo placements and more should be parallel to your company's brand image. Moreover, these elements should also perfectly align with other advertising and marketing campaigns.

On the other hand, optimizing website usability places an emphasis on psychological as well as more logical or intuitive aspects of how visitors interact with a website. Thus, usability is always an on-going project including A/B split testing, multivariate testing and eye-tracking studies.

Calls-to-Action & Conversion Funnels

If you want to convert more traffic, you need to define certain calls-to-action with specific conversion funnels. For instance, if there is a specific page on your website which generates a lot of traffic, you will have to define an appropriate call-to-action and conversion funnel to make sure visitors convert to sales.

Usually, this depends on the nature of your business and type of products or services offered by you. For instance, if you run an ecommerce store, you need to put a ??Buy Now' button with incentives and offers like free shipping, discount and price. On the other hand, if you are offering consulting services, your conversion funnels will include content like articles, case studies and research papers.

Performance of Your Website

Most business organizations tend to overlook this factor while optimizing their websites. It is very important to improve the performance of your website. If your pages load slowly, it leads to high bounce rates and poor usability. Thus, your website may lose potential customers.

Most of the time, slow website speed stems from complex HTML codes and robust media files. Some examples of elements which may slow down your website include robust nestled tables, huge video files and Flash media. An experienced HTML web developer or website optimization company will be able to understand these issues and present viable solutions.

For more tips, strategies, and solutions on how to develop the optimal website optimization strategy for you company, visit the Web Presence Group. They employ some of the leading experts to make-up one of the strongest website optimization companies on the web.


Video SEO: How to Optimize Videos the Right Way

Business serious about search marketing will expound on every aspects of SEO services and strategy to ensure that they get the most out of it. It is then obvious that SEO companies offer these services to clients. The site needs to be ranked as the top most to get more visitors giving it a competitive edge.

Video SEO

It is not a surprise to find out one of the most important tools of implementing an optimize site is being ignored by even renowned SEO companies. This is none other than using Videos as a marketing tool that can improve a site visibility.

The Value and Importance of Video SEO

Proven research has clearly established that if an internet user is looking for content in the internet, he/she may find an article or video of the same subject. The reality is that 17% of internet visitors will just peruse the article for 4 seconds while if it was a video, a whooping 2.7 minutes will be allocated to watching it. How does that imply? Video is more captivating than a written document.

A researcher at Forrester Research known as Dr. JamesMcQuivey took the comparison of a picture being worth a thousand words and a minute video to consist of 1.8 million words. Take a look at his findings and the one above. They have some truths in it

As the SEO ideology keeps advancing; there has been an evident of various multimedia results being put across by search engines. This has been referred to as blended search results? and is whereby Giant search engine, Google displays several types of results after processing a search query. It is no longer only the ordinary sentences results but news, images and videos too are included.

Other than just videos helping to increase a site visibility through increasing the ranking, it also the perfect tool to showcase the brand you have to offer. The video is able to give a quick glimpse of your business to a viewer.

How Then Do You Improve Your Video Ranking on Search Engine?

Elements of Video Optimization

Many businesses that do own a site only expect that the site itself needs to be optimized. The video as a marketing tool also needs to get the top most clicks in search engine results

Just like Google, other famous search engines browse common videos websites such as DailyMotion, Vimeo and YouTube for contents that are in video format. The elements that needs to be highlighted (i.e. keyword optimized) are:

  • The real file name of the video
  • The video title on YouTubr or Vimeo
  • The vdieo description
  • The video transcription
  • Any tags associated with the video

Just like the sitemap of contents and links a site, the videos too needs a sitemap. As the search engines spider crawls, it tries to locate the videos by the help of the sitemap. It can easily locate videos that have a sitemap than the others that don"t. This sitemap helps Google by telling it about the meta data that you had already keyword optimized. The advantage of Google is that it has a tool for sitemap generation .You can use it to generate video sitemap and deliver them to webmaster tools. Don"t forget that YouTube and Vimeo do have the same tool also.

You now know why Video SEO is a must have tool when it comes to a solid website optimization and marketing strategy. It is not too late if you don"t one as you can do it too. Explore this massive potential.


Best Directories for Quality SEO-friendly Backlinks

Backlinking is an important and integral part when it comes to matters related to SEO. For your website to be competitive, you need quality backlinks. For this reason, the process of creating good backlinks is not child’s play. There are various limitations and risks involved.

'How do you overcome these hurdles?' The classic solution is to utilize directories. For you to be able to build proper backlinks for your SEO needs, directory submission is definitely the way to go!

You must practice caution when you are submitting your site to different directories. Not all directories are genuine and safe. You do not want Google penalizing your site for being in league with fraudulent directories. You want (and need) to use a credible, reliable, and functional directory.

Below are some of the best directories for quality SEO-friendly backlinks.

The DMOZ Directory

DMOZ is a well-known directory that has been up and running for a long time. This means that they have experience and expertise many new directories do not posses. This particular directory is viewed as the classic SEO directory. When you visit, you will be directed to the directory homepage (with a PageRank 7 rating).

There are numerous categories listed on the DMOZ directory. All you have to do is select which category your website falls under. Once this has been accomplished, you can “submit site” and begin to reap the benefits of being on this directory. As time passes, you will have a backlink for your website that is functional, SEO friendly and simply splendid.

The International Directory

Whether your an ecommerce site or an epic entrepreneur, this is a high PR directory that delivers on all your SEO related needs. has three main forms of submission. They are Basic, Express, and Sponsored. For those who are looking for additional links for their website profiles, the Sponsored submission is the best option.

You can have up to five additional backlinks when you use this option. Nothing good is free, so you have to pay some fess for all three options above. The first thing to do when you go to is to select the category that perfectly suits your website. You will also have to Find and place your website in the right location spot. After this is done, you can now begin journey of building your directory listing. You will be provided with the "Add URL" link to assist you in your backlinking activities.

The Yahoo! Directory

Who does not know Yahoo! Directory? Practically no one. This directory is renowned for being professional and of impeccable high quality. This directory can assist your site when it comes to things like keyword ranking on other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Google.

Jumping on the bandwagon is however not a cheap affair. The cost per annum is $299. If you can manage to wiggle this amount out of your budget, then this directory is the right partner to have. On the directory’s retail section, there is the "suggest a site" option, which you can use to get the services of this directory. Your website will definitely benefit from being included in this directory. Just visit to jump on board.

Now, the decision rests solely on your hands (or the specialties of an SEO expert.) There are many options out there, but practicing caution in your selection is the best way forward. Do not fall victim to sketchy directories. Use the best to get the best backlinks and SEO outcomes.


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