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3 Big Questions to Ask Prospective Ecommerce SEO Companies

Ecommerce SEO CompaniesWhen it comes to ecommerce SEO, it's not easy for companies to compete for top search rankings. Product-related keywords are often highly competitive with some of the biggest online brands owning the top spots (e.g.,, and a few others.)

This makes it absolutely critical for online retailers to work with ecommerce SEO companies that know what they're doing. There's a wide spectrum of SEO companies that claim experience in ecommerce, but only a handful of these SEO companies are click centric to the complexities of ecommerce SEO.

If you own or do marketing for an online retailer, then be sure you pinpoint the right ecommerce SEO companies for the work. To help you narrow down your prospects efficiently, without having to jump through a bunch of hoops before learning about each ecommerce SEO provider, there are three quick questions you can ask to help weed-out the weak.

How Does Your Ecommerce SEO Company View & Integrate Social Media?

Search engines have drastically evolved the ranking algorithms over the last year. One emerging ranking factor that's having a huge impact on the search results is social media.

The importance of social media in any ecommerce SEO program must never go overlooked. In most cases, the social media marketing efforts should work parallel to the company's ecommerce SEO objectives. In addition to other social media platforms that help supplement ecommerce SEO success (e.g. Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook,) as more individuals embrace Google+, the social media potential for SEO further ignites.

It's thus very important that you get an idea of how a prospective ecommerce SEO company views and integrates social media into its programs. If they're quick to say the don't handle social media (or don't even communicate with the team that does,) you should be quick to move on to other options.

Does Your SEO Company Have the Capabilities to Product Content?

The top ecommerce SEO companies will understand the importance of producing quality, audience-driven content for their clients. Smaller SEO firms that handle ecommerce sites might outsource content, or work with in-house members of the ecommerce marketing team, to get the quality they need. But all in all, you need to be well aware of how content is acquired, as well as how it's being utilized.

Although few ecommerce SEO companies provide video and audio production services for content development, most proficient firms will staff at least one copywriter to fine-tune and optimize on-site content, as well as make the most of articles/blog posts, press releases, and transcriptions.

When inquiring to prospective ecommerce SEO companies, be sure to a get clear understanding behind the content creation process. This helps signify just how proficient a firm really is at delivering quality ecommerce SEO services.

In Addition to Ecommerce SEO, Does Your Company Provide CRO Services?

It's one thing to drive traffic to a website. But in an ecommerce context, traffic is not enough. Online stores must also be optimized for higher conversion rates. For this reason, CRO, or conversion rate optimization, is often an integral aspect to many ecommerce SEO service providers.

CRO testing is critical to maximize the value of traffic earned via SEO. Ecommerce SEO companies that truly care about their clients' bottom line will typically offer CRO services within, or in addition to the SEO program. Such services focus on developing specific conversion goals while testing various conversion elements, like calls-to-action, promotional images/graphics, product videos, and other forms of content that inspire visitors to add products to their shopping cart.

Content development and utilization, social media marketing, and conversion rate optimization are critical elements to the success of an ecommerce SEO strategy. The latter three questions should help your online store hire the ideal ecommerce SEO company that will provide meaningful services and profitable results.


The Benefits of Effective Link Building

Benefits of SEO Link BuildingThere are many different aspects of positive SEO which all contribute to the overall success of a site. One of the more important aspects of SEO is an effective link building campaign. The reason link building is so important is because when it is done correctly, it can provide great value to a site in a number of different ways.

Effective Link Building

Before you can enjoy or even discuss the benefits of effective link building, you must know how to effectively build links. In order to build powerful and quality links you must take into account what search engines such as Google like. This is because these companies control how the rankings work with their search algorithms. One thing that companies like Google love is relevancy. These search engines want the user experience to be as easy as possible, and as such, want to connect users with sites relevant to what they are looking for.

Along with relevancy, search engines stress quality content. This also goes back to user experience, but producing high quality content will only make it easier to build links as others will be more willing to link to such content. Thus, by linking to relevant niche sites through quality content you will get the most out of your links, which will in turn provide the greatest benefits.

Increased Ranking

The main objective of most link building campaigns is to increase a site's rankings in the search engine results pages or SERPs. The reason that increasing ranking within the SERPs is usually the primary focus of most link building projects is because SERP ranking contributes directly to a website's success. The importance of SERP ranking cannot be overstated as it determines the visibility of the site.

At this point, most webmasters are aware that ranking for keywords relevant to their niche is vital to their site's existence. This is because the reality is that if your site isn't ranking on page one, then your site probably isn't being seen because the majority of users never even scroll past page one of a SERP. If no one can find your site, then certainly nobody will be visiting your site which is bad news for any type of website. By building quality links and improving SERP rankings for significant keywords, website traffic will be increased which is integral to the success of any site. Not only will link building increase overall traffic, but it also drives organic, segmented traffic.

Driving Organic Traffic

Another benefit of an effective link building project is that it will drive organic traffic to your site. By placing quality links on relevant niche sites it will direct segmented traffic, specific to your niche, to your site or blog. This type of organic traffic is so valuable because it comes from a relevant niche site which means it will more than likely be your target audience. As you can imagine, conversion rates tend to be higher with this kind of traffic. Linking to relevant niche sites not only provides your site with great links, but it also makes it easier to connect with your target market or audience which is good for both sides.

Building powerful links will increase visibility through improved SERP rankings as well as drive segmented, organic traffic to your site or blog. The positive effects associated with these benefits are why many webmasters are realizing the necessity of pursuing a link building strategy. Link building and SEO as a whole, have become vital portions of establishing a successful website online.

About the Author Andrew Dennis is a writer at the Boise, ID based link building firm Page One Power. When he's not writing about link building and other aspects of SEO, he spends his time perfecting his golf swing (which still has a long way to go).


How Increase a Website's Search Engine Rankings, Naturally

The former techniques of SEO (e.g. relentless link building and on-page keyword optimization) are simply losing their touch. To effectively increase a website's search engine rankings, you need to implement natural strategies that encourage sustainable, top search placements.

In this short post, we share three of the most essential cornerstones to increasing a website's rankings in the most natural, Google-accepted manner.

Respect Keyword Relevancy (but Don't Obsess About It)

Keywords are definitely still important when it comes to SEO (but not as much as they used to be.) You will still want to include keywords on your optimized pages, but in a natural way that makes logical sense.

Be sure to reference your keyword target in the page's title, Meta description, and on the page in header and at least once or twice in the copy. If possible, it also helps to include your keywords in a page's URL. This process of making your page "keyword relevant" sets the stage for better ranking potential to come.

Delve Deeply Into Content Marketing & Blogging

With emerging elements like "Google Authorship" and author "Rich Snippets," being a content marketer is an essential supplement to SEO and increasing a website's search rankings. In addition to learning more about Google Authorship, you should develop a content marketing startegy that centers on a consistent blogging schedule.

Your content marketing strategy should focus on problems and solutions that your target audience faces. However naturally, many of these topics will coincide with your SEO keyword targets. From blog posts, you can link to other pages of your website to generate greater SEO value (in addition to the direct traffic you can earn form these post via social media.)

Build a Trusted Social Media Presence

Have a trusted (and preferably authoritative) social media presence is a must to empower your SEO efforts. Like mentioned above, social sites are a platform to share your content with your audience. Not only can this result in direct traffic to your website, but the "Likes, +1's, Pins, and Shares" (Social Signals) that your content earns will seriously ignite its SEO potential.

Social signals are huge when it comes to increasing a website's search engine rankings. Think of these as votes of credibility and legitimacy that real people have made (not a manually generated mechanism to manipulate search rankings [e.g. link building]).

It's thus important that your content marketing strategy is legit. That is. produce and share awesome content that truly resonates with your audience, and naturally garner social favor as a result. When combined with some respect of keyword relevancy, content marketing and social media can cultivate a successful SEO outcome.


Why Small Businesses Should Take Advantage of Google+ Local

Google+ LocalIn essence, local search marketers should take full advantage of Google+ Local. This socially-integrated search platform can be especially valuable for local small businesses. This is due to the fact that Google+ Local is geared specifically for geo-specific keyword queries (e.g. "dry cleaners in San Francisco") of which certain small businesses can rank for in Google.

The first step to rank highly in local search is to be active on Google+. That is, make consistent posts (like you would on Facebook or Twitter,) and promote your Google+ presence via other means, like in-store business cards (to promote reviews,) a graphic on your website that links to your Google+ page, or use other social media platforms to spread the word.

Local search rankings are based on a number of factors: such as the number of reviews on the Google+ page (as well as the quality of those reviews;) the amount and quality of citations found on other websites; and the number and quality of links pointing to your Google+ page and website.

It's important to maintain a quality Google+ Local page and engage with customers. Your local business can utilize the people in your circles to deliver targeted messages to the desired audience. This marketing strategy can be used to direct traffic to your company's site or a specific page that's promoting an offer.

Like all social media platforms, Google+ offers some incredible opportunities for SEO and search marketing. The difference is Google+ is an asset of Google search, and the work put into building a quality Google+ presence can directly influence a business' website in Google's search rankings.

In a digital era that's continuously shaped by Google's search algorithms and overall results, it would be foolish for any online marketing strategy to discount the value of Google+ Local.

Visit Web Presence Group to learn more about Google+ Local SEO strategy

and small business solutions.



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