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5 Ways Your SEO Investment Could Be Doing More Harm Than Good

Harmful SEOSEO is an extremely competitive game that continuously changes. What used to work years or even months ago may no longer be valid, due to Google's continuously changing algorithm. As such, it comes as no surprise that many SEO experts may have a company's best interest at heart, but inadvertently formulate a strategy that does more harm than good. In this overview we'll take a look at 5 ways your SEO investment could be doing more harm than good.

1) Overusing Keywords

One of the biggest mistakes that many SEO experts make when they initially start out, is the over-usage of keywords, commonly known as keyword stuffing. This terminology refers to the practice of utilizing an abundance of keywords in an attempt to raise a website's ranking.

However, Google itself has proclaimed, that if they detect any instances of "keyword stuffing," within a given set of web pages, this can severely affect a website's ranking and ultimately hamper, your SEO efforts. As such, when it comes to checking if you may be inadvertently inserting too many keyboard targets, ensure that that the overall keyboard density for any page on your website, remains within a 1-3% bracket.

2) Over-Optimized Link Building

Another thing you need to look out for, is the amount of links that you have coming in and the relevance of those links. One good rule of thumb to follow, is that you should focus on the quality of the links that you have coming in as opposed to the amount of links that you have coming in.

For example, a tennis lessons company that has a website with a few high PR inbound links, which emanate from a variety of tennis blogs, will rank higher that a similar website that has several hundred inbound links, that emanate from a variety of cooking blogs.

By failing to recognize the quality and quantity of the links that you have pointing to your website, you will eventually get penalized and your rankings will suffer as an end result. This is always something to ask your SEO company

3) Neglecting Social Media

Another common mistake that many individuals make, that can hamper their SEO efforts, is the failure to utilize social media. While it may be true that Google, may not care if you created a piece of content and shared it on twitter and received over 1,000 retweets, in the same breath this can help your SEO efforts in the sense that an editor of a top website, may notice it, and subsequently decide to link to it, on their site.

4) Only Publishing Content On-site

Google has always proclaimed that valuable content is king. In their eyes, if a website has an abundance of high PR links pointing back to it, this means that the content on the website is relevant and of a certain degree of quality.

Alternatively, if a website does not have an abundance of links pointing back to it, in their eyes, they may regard a website like that, as being spammy, irrelevant and/or offer poor user experience.

As such, besides the fact that you need to execute what's known as on-site SEO (such as maintaining an ideal keyword density ratio of 1-3% and developing a Google-friendly site,) you need to execute off-site SEO as well, such as the creation of quality content on high PR websites such as HubPages, so that you can take advantage of that opportunity to link back to your website.

5) Failing to Leverage Content Marketing

Another investment that you may be making, that could be doing more harm than good, is the execution of your content marketing strategy. Many marketers have proclaimed that they are not seeing the results that they want.

Why? Because they fail to create an efficient content marketing strategy before hand. A good rule of thumb to consider when it comes to developing an effective content marketing strategy entails:

  • Capture Content Ideas From Credible Sources
  • Produce Content Assets
  • Promote Content Assets
  • Analyze Content Performance "Level Of Engagement"
  • Adjust Content Marketing Strategy

Do you feel like your company's SEO investment is not paying off, or perhaps doing more harm than good? Let us know in the comments section below.


What It Takes to Build a Top-Notch SEO Company

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) continues to play a vital role in increasing traffic to business websites and converting traffic into qualified leads. Without a proper SEO strategy in place, it becomes very difficult for online marketers to achieve the set marketing objectives.

Some of the most highly successful SEO companies have managed to come up with the right strategy by quickly identified certain resource attributes that would play a vital role in differentiating their programs to stand out in the crowded SEO marketplace. These highly successful SEO companies pay utmost care in laying out strict benchmarks when it comes to performing such functions.

Recruit SEO Talent

As part of these benchmarks, top SEO companies recruit the right people with carry the skills and expertise. Below are five roles that are vital to building a top-notch SEO company.

Highly Proficient SEO Copywriters

Reputed SEO companies with a proven client base often look for highly skilled and proficient SEO copywriters who have proven themselves to be masters in creating the right sales copy.

1. Ability to create attention grabbing headlines for marketing copies that can lead to increased click through rates. Successful copy writers have the ability to create clickable and attractive headlines.

2. Creating fresh, unique and useful content that are updated on a periodic basis. Google came out with Panda 4.1 update that gave higher rating to the usefulness of the post. As a result of this update many key word stuffed lengthier posts with shallow content were pushed down the Google ranking rating scale.

3. Researching and selecting keywords for SEO and creating content by including long tail keywords in addition to the main keyword phrases across different sections of the post.

4. Creating relevant Meta descriptions for the created blog content in order to properly guide search engines.

5. Ability to arrive at the right keyword density that is acceptable to search engine algorithms and which can ultimately aid in improving search engine rankings.

Technical SEO Specialists

Top SEO companies look for the following technical attributes in a SEO expert.

1. HTML coding capabilities including exposure to different HTML editors and conversant with the HTML syntax and ways to interpret the HTML code

2. Technical capability to choose the right web hosting provider which includes analyzing web site loading speeds and the ease of modifying configuration settings provided by the web host

3. Capability to work with tools like Microsoft Excel by using in built functions like lookup functions, pivot tables and logical functions

4. Having basic PHP programming skills which provides the capability to build dynamic web sites and serve web page content based on the browser type that renders these pages, IP address and date and time of request

5. Basic knowledge of working with server side configuration scripts such as MySQL.

Content Marketers with Creative Instincts

This attribute is extremely vital and some of the highly reputed SEO companies look for the following aspects in a content marketing professionals

1. Capability to devise and design a digital strategy.

2. Professional project management skills that can help in managing a publishing plan and define continuous publishing schedules.

3. Real time experience of using Analytical tools like Google Analytics and Omniture and Optimization approaches such as A/B testing.

4. Capability to combine original content with licensed and syndicated content in a creative and a balanced manner.

Social Media Experts

Proven SEO service providers make sure that they have a social media expert as part of their SEO marketing team. These social media experts come well equipped with the following attributes

1. Data analysis and the ability to run scientific experiments on the collected data to gather meaningful insights.

2. Content curation capability and a keen ear for gathering inputs from diverse social media platform.

3. A strong desire to provide a workable solution to various problems to users through different social media platforms.

4. Capability to connect with different sects of people at various levels and stimulate discussion between the groups in various social media platforms.

Link Building

This function continues to have its relevance even in today's sensitive SEO standards of over-optimization. Highly specialized SEO companies have always focused on recruiting experts with sufficient link building experience that encompasses the following functions.

1. Ability to research different link building sources and methods including local business directories, article submission directories, chamber of commerce listings, press release distribution directories and business association websites.

2. Ability to identify and use tools meant for selecting potential link partners.

3. Ability to connect with the identified link partners and establish a working relationship with them.

4. Continuously monitor the various link building campaigns launched at various points in time.

These five roles play a pivotal role in facilitating a fluid and highly effective search engine optimization company. Do you have any additional players who you'd add to your SEO company's roster? Let us know in the comments section below.


3 Types of Specialists That All SEO Companies Should Have on Staff

SEO Companies HireNo matter how you look at it, the world of SEO is continuously changing. The old tactics that use to work before, are no longer valid. As such, it is imperative that SEO companies stay on top of their game, by ensuring that they have a diverse portfolio of different experts that specialize in a particular field.

In this overview, well take a look at the 3 types of specialists that all SEO companies should have on staff if they intend to remain a viable competitor in this highly competitive and equally lucrative business sector.

Social Media Managers

One of the most essential specialists that every SEO company should have is a social media manager. Social media managers are professionals that specializes in developing a content strategy and developing brand awareness on a variety of social networks, that ultimately generate inbound traffic.

But the benefits that social media managers have to offer aren't just limited to that alone as the whole process of SEO continuously changes, social media authority, has a stronger influence on a website's ranking more so than ever before. To put things in retrospect, lets take a look at how, social media impacts rankings.

Link Potential

Social media activity can help to increase awareness about a website or brand. This increase in familiarity can ultimately lead to an abundance of high PR links. For example, lets say a social media manager develops a strategy that focuses on spreading awareness, via a video of a feature that the brand wishes to promote.

If the video gets repeatably re-tweeted on Twitter, one of those tweets may be seen by a Twitter user, who may decide to write about that feature and ultimately links back to the brand's website and video.

Brand Signals

With the rise in popularity of sites such as Twitter and Facebook, both Bing and Google alike, are starting to take into account the amount of social signals a website has to help when it comes to determining their rankings. Some of these include:

  • Amount of tweets or retweets.
  • Authority of the individuals that are tweeting the specific URL.
  • Amount of Facebook likes and shares a URL has.
  • Amount Of +1s A URL has.

Technical Experts

It's a well known fact, that proper SEO consists of implement a variety of on-site and off-site factors. Meaning, besides the fact that you need to have an abundance of relevant incoming High PR links, for example, you need to conduct technical SEO as well.

One of the most overlook aspects of a website that get ignored are the technical aspects of it. To put things in retrospect, lets take a look at a few common issues that can make it particularly difficult for each engine spider to crawl through and how a technical expert can help to alleviate those problems.

  • Spiders like Googlebot, have been notoriously known for having strong issues when it comes to crawling links that are embedded in javascript based menus. A technical expert can create navigation elements with search engine friendly CSS code instead.
  • In some instances a website may need to have an abundance of irrelevant outbound links, as a necessity. However, a technical specialist can provide search engines with an XML map list of all the specific URLs that you like to be crawled, as opposed to irrelevant links that can hurt your rankings.

Content Strategists

Google has always proclaimed that content is king. As far as the foreseeable future goes, this will always be the case. Now, more so than ever, Google is taking a close look at the bounce rate that a website has when it comes to determine relevance in retrospect to a specific keyword.

As such, every reputable ecommerce SEO company needs to have a professional, who specializes in providing fresh, informative and engaging content, which which can help to lower the website's bounce rate as well as to raise the level of interaction it receives, which equates to more relevant links as well as social signals.


3 Powerful PPC Optimization Strategies to Boost Conversions

PPC Optimization WinOne the biggest misconceptions that many PPC advertisers believe is that the higher they bid for higher ad positions, the more an ad will convert. As such, they spend an abundance of money on trying to bid higher so they can retain a higher ad placement, believing that they will receive a good ROI (because they're living a fallacy that higher position equates to a higher conversion rate.)

In all actuality, statistics demonstrate that ads in various positions convert just about the same as a higher ad position. Fortunately, there are a few powerful PPC optimization strategies that you can utilize to actually increase your conversation rates and CRO efforts.

1) Write Unique Ads to Standout from the Crowd

Take a step back for a moment and visualize the type of ads that appear for the typical search query such as "payday loans" for example. As you may have already realized, all their ads are basically the same and on top of that, most of them are promoting the same type of offers.

If the keywords that you are targeting contains an abundance of ads that are all similar, this is what you call the Adwords jackpot. The term is coined as a jackpot because this represents a unique opportunity for you to stand above the competition and be different.

How? Simple. By creating click bait ads that trigger specific emotions. For example, lets say that someone searched for the term "payday loans" around Christmas season and all they see are the same boring ads proclaiming that they should click here for fast and simple payday loans.

Imagine how high your conversation and click through rate would be, if you introduced a click bait ad such as" Buy your kids that new Xbox One for Christmas with a payday loan." or "Not able to buy that Xbox One for your child? Maybe you can with a payday loan." Using these strategies is key for better PPC campaign management and performance.

2) Leverage Different Ad Formats

Another ingenious PPC optimization strategy you can utilize, are relatively new innovations that entice people into converting, before they even click the ad. Here are 3 prime examples of how to do just that.

Shopping Ads

If you are doing anything that is remotely close to e-commerce PPC optimization, you can use Google AdWords shopping ads to increase your conversion rates. This is because the image and price information of a shopping ad, is already sowed in the minds of the searchers before they even click it. What this means is that you will essentially weed out, curious clicks, that may click the ad only to find out that they either don't like the image or price of the product itself.

Add Customizers

Even if people intend to make a purchase, in a large variety of cases, they may put it to the side and do it at a later time. However, if you utilize ad customizers, you can tap into your targeted demographic's mind by triggering a fear of missing out on a good deal, by infusing a sense of urgency within your ads, such as a countdown on sales, limited availability or increase in price per sale for example.

Keyword Selection

Another thing you can consider when it comes to creating higher converting ads is your keyword selection. Typically keywords fall under 3 categories. The first of which is navigable, such as "Home Depot" or the name of a specific brand. People who use keywords like these are searching for a specific site.

The second of which is informational, these types of keywords, indicate that the searcher is trying to gain knowledge about a specific subject such as, "golf lessons." The last of which are as transactional keywords. People use transactional keywords when they are ready to buy, such as "laptops free shipping."

3) Use Remarketing Tools As a PPC Ad Optimization Tool

Statistics demonstrated that as much as 70% of all shoppers, abandon their cart and leave the website before they make a purchase. Now imagine if you could send those specific visitors back to your site? Even though many PPC marketers don't consider remarketing as a PPC optimization tool, remarketing is an opportunity for you to turn people who abandoned your site, back into leads, so in essence it is.


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