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Basic PPC Campaign Management Tips for AdWords Newbies

PPC campaign management is a tricky subject to handle for even an experienced PPC expert. Things get even more complicated for a person new to PPC campaign management using a campaign management tool such as Google Ad words. If you are one such newbie to Google AdWords, you might feel nervous after reading the first couple of sentences here. But, after going through the tips provided here, you would feel a lot more confident in using Google AdWords for managing PPC campaigns.

 PPC Campaign AdWords

1. Using Ad Extensions in Google AdWords

Ad Extension option is one of the most effective options available for providing a professional look and feel to your Paid Ads. Ad Extensions play a pivotal role in improving the click-through rates achieved. One of the important points to note here is that the Ad Extensions created would be applicable for the entire campaign and hence would apply for all the ad groups. As a new user, you have to be extremely careful in using Ad Extensions for your Ad campaigns. There are two important features in ad extensions that would help in making your ad to be unique in nature. One is Product extension and the other feature available is the Site Link. By using the product Extension feature available in Ad Extension, you would be able to attach an image of the product that is being advertised.

By using product extensions, you can immediately attract the attention of the search engine users. In order to use this feature, you have to set up an account with Google merchant Center and link that account with Google Ad Words account. Site Link feature available within the Ad Extension tab would help you to place a link in the paid ads. The site link would directly lead the incoming customer to the product web site resulting in better conversion rates.

2. Creating tightly coupled Ad Groups

This is extremely important for measuring the performance of different ads within the ad group. By having ads that have related keywords in a group would provide information on ads that are doing extremely well and adds that are not that effective. Based on this information, you can make suitable changes to your campaign as a whole and make all the ads to be high performing ads in that group.

3. Using Modified Broad match option in Keyword bidding

When setting up Keyword bidding, it is more beneficial to use Modified broad match option or the Exact match option than using the Broad match option. The user searching for a particular product has to include a plus sign in front of the search key word for the ad with modified broad match setting to appear. One important benefit of using a modified broad option is the low cost factor. In modified broad search option, Cost per click (CPC) for certain keyword combinations is slightly lesser than the broad search option.

4. Using Ad Scheduling for timing your Ad campaign

By having a look at the conversion data available with Google Analytics, you can very well know the times during which the conversion usually happens. Using this data, you can schedule your ad to run during that particular time period and turn off the ad during other periods of time. Ad Scheduling functionality allows you to schedule the running time of your ads. It would turn out to be extremely cost effective in the longer run.

By using these tips, you would be able to perform PPC campaign management using AdWords in a more professional and productive manner. For information about PPC services and resources continue reading


Tips for Using Google's Disavow Tool

It is about three weeks since Google's Penguin 2.0 went live. Unlike the 1.0 version that was released last year, the Penguin 2.0 looks at more than just the homepage for over-optimized backlinks.

If your website has a backlink portfolio that heavily uses exact phrase match anchor text (of your target keywords,) you may have noticed that you have lost your search engine ranking as a result of Penguin 2.0.


In the event you have been victim of Penguin 2.0 and you need to recover, your best recovery strategy is to use Google's Disavow tool. Below we share some tips for using the Disavow tool and to help you recover your keyword search rankings.

Disavow Tool Tip 1: Link Audit

Start by conducting a link audit. You do not have to use third party backlink tools since Google Webmaster Tools (also known as WMT) will handle the task efficiently. Mary Haynes, a leading authority in SEO, has stated that she only uses WMT links to get manual penalties removed and they work well. Go to Google Webmaster Tools and select your site. Select traffic, then links to your site, go to more and click on 'download latest links' button. Export to Google Docs or CSV.

The Disavow tool will analyze this data to determine the links that you need to Disavow and keep them in a separate file. Get rid of the links that do not conform to Google's guidelines by deleting them from this file. Make sure you have documentation of the whole process. Log into Google Webmaster Tools, go to the Disavow Tool and choose your domain. When you click on Disavow Links, you will be requested for a file containing the links you wish Disavowed. Upload the file you made (of the files you want removed) and you will be done.

Disavow Tool Tip 2: File Format

In most cases, people fail using the Disavow tool effectively because they did not use the right format for Disavow files they upload. The correct format for uploading a file is the text format (*.txt). When you upload your files in any other format such as *.doc or any spreadsheet file format, the system will reject the file meaning your reconsideration request will not be successful.

Disavow Tool Tip 3: Domain Command

To list sites that you have gotten a lot of bad links from, use the 'Domain:" command. Examples of sites that give a lot of bad links are spammy forums. Avoid trying to list and identify multiple URLs from the same domain. Such a move is ineffective as you are likely to miss out on many links. Remember to use the 'Domain:' command correctly. It should be followed by the domain name, e.g. Domain:

Disavow Tool Tip 4: Separating Files

Avoid describing what is going on in the Disavow links text file. Instead, you should use the reconsideration request report for such a description. Remember to keep both these files separate. If you put in any context in the Disavow links text file, the system may reject it causing your reconsideration request to fail.

To learn more tips and insights about Google's Disavow tool, check out this great post written by Cyrus Shepard. If you're planning to use the Disavow tool, we wish you the best of luck!


Tips for Using Google+ to Magnify Your Company's Web Presence

Google+ Web PresenceIn contemporary times, social media has garnered strong attention from the internet crowd and is now an integral part of the web experience. It's the spot where the entire professional and consumer community gathers to discuss, share ideas, tips so as to enhance their personal skills as well as to stay updated on latest trends.

Among them, Google+ is a distinct social platform built to organize the niche community and ever since its launch, the website continues to attract more popularity with a growing user base. Know how Google+ can ideally boost your company's web presence and create a digital identity for the service or product that you offer.

Encircle Influencers & Engage With Them

Professionals and people who have carved an authoritative niche on Google+ are considered influencers. With time, they would have built a steady audience stream and when they voice their opinion, a great percentage of the users will heed to their words. Find places where influencers are and promote topics which is relevant to your product or service. Share useful content and try to encircle influencers! If found noteworthy, recruited influencers might actually share your content, thus offering you better exposure in front of new audiences.

Be Part of Google+ Communities

Social networking is all about communities. The more active you keep your company's page, the more wider your web presence will become. One of the primary advantages of using such community pages is that they will be filled with people of similar interests. All you have to do is find all relevant areas and start participating in the conversation. Before you expect business growth, be a good contributor because forum pages respect only those who contribute.

Create a Well-Branded Google+ Page

Google+ pages are relatively popular because they offer a new interface and the platform is considered to be more a professional social networking community which is ideal for expanding your business horizons. Use the right cover image, choose your words perfectly and create a page that ideally captures your company's goals to increase your web presence. This is a critical aspect of Google+ local optimization.

Test the Waters with YouTube

Both the services are provided by the search engine company Google and your activity on Google+ will be your first step towards creating a powerful web presence in the video community. YouTube is loved by one and all, thus making it the best way to promote your product or service in an impressive style. You can boost your videos indirectly from here.

Dominate Local Search

By now, if you are using the internet for a long time, you will already know the fact that Google Maps is the one stop source for billions around the globe. In May 2012, Google converted all local listings as Google+ local listings. If your company has a page and profile, your web presence can be much high in your area. Upload photos, run contests and be active to stay ahead.

Increase Your Rank in Google's Search Engine Results

By far, Google is the most widely used search engine around the globe. The updates you post on your Google+ page is most likely to appear easier in results which will pave way for a stronger web presence for your company. It's another prominent benefit to take advantage of.

With a comprehensive list of services under their control, Google+ is becoming the best platform for promoting companies than a social networking website because of the tactical advantage it offers to optimize your company's web presence.


3 Foundational Tips to Make Your Business Blog Successful

Tips for Business BloggingCreating a blog on your business' website is becoming essential for many reasons. A quality blog can help educate your audience and target market, support your company's SEO efforts, and establish your brand as a credible resource for information and insight.

In this short post, we highlight three foundational tips to help make your business blog successful. These tips are essential to help ensure your blog earns the respect (and benefits) it deserves.

Carve a Very, Very Fine Niche

All too often, businesses build a blog around many different topics. Sure, we respect that a business is involved in many different industries and sectors, but when it comes to blogging, you need to be very specific in terms of the topic you cover.

Define the niche in which your business is most adept. Be extremely focal by also defining the target audience and characteristics of your readers. In short, carve a very, very fine niche with your blog. And if you want to cover another niche, then simply build another blog.

For instance, a personal injury attorney may want to have a blog about personal injury law. However, this professional can generate better results by further narrowing the topic of the blog to medical malpractice, wrongful death, or auto accident/injury legal practices. Although this may limit the amount of articles for the given blog, the quality and specificity of each post will generate greater value, both for readers and search engines (for SEO.)

Integrate Social Media

Now more than ever, it's paramount to be active on social media. The three most essential social media platforms are Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. These offer the most widespread and high-volume populations.

Beyond simply being active on Facebook or Twitter is leveraging these social media platforms for blogging and SEO. As more people share, like, +1, or Tweet about your blog post, the greater SEO value your content has in the search engines. The fact of the matter is, these "social signals" are becoming an influential variable in determining valuable content that's worthy of higher rankings.

So reach out, re-tweet, encircle influencers, and make your social presence known. The larger the audience you can build on social media, the greater SEO potential you'll have with your blogging efforts.

Optimize Your Blog Posts

There a couple easy ways you can optimize your blog posts for great SEO potential.

This first technique is write your blog posts around specific keyword targets. For instance, after doing some keyword research, the criminal defense attorney might find huge search volumes for the phrase "how to beat a DUI?". This might inspire an insightful blog post that can be appear in Google search for those keywords.

The second optimization technique is to integrate social sharing icons on your blog and blog posts. These are the little buttons that make it easy for readers to like, share, +1, pin, or Tweet about your content. In essence, this makes earning social signals more effective.

In conclusion, you want to build you business blog around a very focal niche and try drive as much qualified traffic to your blog via social media and search. By employing some of these foundational tips, you'll be well on your way to creating a successful business blog that empowers your brand in more ways than one.

To learn more about business blogging, visit the Here you'll find a wealth of insights to further develop your blogging efforts as well as overall business marketing strategy on the web.


5 Web Design Tips for an SEO & CRO-Friendly Website

While it's essential for a website's design to be clean and easy to navigate for users, now more than ever, a business website should also be properly optimized for SEO. The main purpose of having a website is to promote a brand, and if few people are able to find your site in search, its potential is severely limited.

An SEO-friendly website can rank much higher hire in organic search engine results, helping you dominate your niche and earn a quality influx of website visitors. Equally important is building your website with respect to CRO (conversion rate optimization.) That is, the on-site touch-points that motivate visitors to take desirable action.

Mentioned below are five of the most essential elements of planning and designing an SEO-friendly, conversion-oriented website.

Clean & Consistent Navigation

The navigation of a website is critical to ensure a quality user experience. Visitors should be able to make their way around your website with ease. And although this isn't a direct attribute that contributes to SEO and visiting traffic, this consideration will help you make the most of the traffic you do earn by optimizing your site for greater conversion potential. In short, the user interface and experience you offer can make or break the success of your business website.

Clear Calls-to-Action

It's critical to include clear calls-to-action (CTA's) on the primary pages of your website. Integrating obvious points of contacts on your website (whether in the form of a button, short form, or text-based link,) you can prompt visitors to take desirable action while they browse your website. Like the latter element of having a clean navigation, your CTA's should also respect your overall conversion funnel.

No Flash Nor Frames

Search engine bots do not crawl and index Flash media. If Flash is absolutely necessary, try integrating a textual description for the Flash media file as an SEO-friendly alternative. Additionally, the content inside basic Frames is also not able to be crawled and indexed by search engine bots; however if your website does make use of Frames, apply the ?NOFRAME? tag to enable some of your keyword rich content to be indexed by bots.

Optimize HTML Coding Structures

For both CRO (site speed and load time) and SEO (efficient crawling and indexing,) it's important to develop your website with a seamless HTML coding structure. The web developer (and in many cases, the web designer) should address the website's back-end to ensure the site is properly optimized for fast load speeds and rendering. Website visitors have high expectations. A slow choppy website is huge pitfall for CRO (and call also hinder SEO, too.)

Optimize Robust Media Files

Robust media files, such as hi-res images, infographics, videos, and audio files, can severely slow the load speed of your website. Such media files can be actually optimized by reducing their file size. Additionally, these files can be keyword optimized by including your target phrases in the image properties, prior to uploading them to your business website.

The considerations outlined above are essential to ensure that your website is both SEO and CRO friendly. In today's digital age, this is essential to realize long-term success.


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