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Local Web Design Prowess in Peoria IL

Peoria Web Design CompanyLocal Peoria website design company, OIC Group, Inc., has recently release a new website. The new website is centered on OIC Group's portfolio of local website projects and clients. The emphasis of the new website is to showcase the creativity and web design services of the company while providing prospects and new clients a sample of OIC Group's capabilities.

OIC Group is a locally-focused company that offers web design services for both large and small businesses in Peoria, IL. The web design company employs a diverse line-up of talents, and offers professional services spanning from SEO and PPC advertising to mobile marketing and applications development. With its new website, OIC Group hopes to receive new business in its primary local market of central Illinois.

The Peoria web design company offers experience designing, developing, and optimizing websites for a number of clients in various industries. The structure of its new website presents each portfolio piece by industry as well as client. This helps outline the professional web design capabilities of OIC Group in an organized manner.

Also presented on OIC Group's new website is information about the company's website services. As an advocate for search engine friendly web design and development, OIC Group provides many different services in Internet marketing and search engine optimization. OIC Group also boasts its flagship product known as Exponent CMS. Exponent is a free, open-source content management system that the developers of OIC Group have programmed specifically for SEO friendly websites. Exponent CMS is the cornerstone for many of the company's websites.

OIC Group centers its business model on a local approach. Members of the company are strong advocates for local sustainability, even at the online level where location barriers are virtually non-existent. In addition to building attractive, cutting-edge websites, OIC Group offers many other website services to better sustain ongoing success for its client roster, local SEO Peoria IL being one of them. The company offers a wide range for services for web design Peoria IL and delivers cost-efficient website packages meet all sorts of financial restraints and website needs.

You can visit OIC Group's new website by visiting


11 Q&A's about Quality Score and Landing Pages

The landing page, also called the lead capture page, is a webpage where visitors land when they click on ads. These pages usually showcase logical extensions of ads in the form of digital sales copies. Landing pages are linked to email marketing campaigns, social media, and search engine marketing.

Quality Score and Landing PagesTwo of the most common applications for landing pages are Google search advertising and Google display advertising, which are both conducted through AdWords. These channels will both offer a quality score for ads based a number of factors, landing pages being one of them.

This is resulted in a lot of questions and concerns in regards to landing pages and their impact on quality score. Below we highlight 11 of the most common questions and answers with respect to quality score and landing pages.

1. What is a good click-through rate (CTR) and what is a good quality score? A good CTR is one of between 2% and 5% and a good quality score is one of over 7.

2. Ad Copy testing versus landing page development: Which is the most important area to consider if I have a keyword with a low quality score? We advise you to improve your ad copy before anything else. Note that an increase in CTR that is not accompanied by an improvement of the quality score is indicative of a problematic landing page.

3. Should I create different landing pages for different ad groups if I am targeting the same service? It is advisable that you have a dedicated landing page for each ad group if you have the same offer. This is less important for ecommerce sites that utilize product pages and category level pages as their landing pages. Google looks for clear through-line from keywords being bid on.

4. How fast, after making changes to my landing page, does my quality score change? Google states that its AdWords system will visit and evaluate landing pages regularly. Positive changes to the landing page will lead to a higher quality score over time. According to Google, a change in your quality score might be visible in just a few days, but real results take months to be visible.

5. Is it necessary that all the keywords that I am using in my Ad group appear on my landing page if I want a good quality score? The simple answer to this is no. Google does not check for each and every keyword when determining the quality score. It is only recommended that you have a few of your best keywords in the ad group for relevance.

6. Is Google Display Advertising Network worthwhile? The display network is applicable for certain quality ads, or re-marketing campaigns. It's recommended that you explore Google Display Network (GDN) a little more, but after separating your display and search campaigns. To maximize your potential on the GDN, learn how to create Google AdWords Image Ads and learn how to use such tools as the Google AdWords Display Ad Builder, the Google AdWords Placement Tool, and the Google AdWords Contextual Targeting Tool.

7. How do I go about testing to determine the ad position that will give me the best CTR? You have absolutely no control over ad position. Google determines this based on your bid and quality score and the bids and quality scores of competitors. To determine you best ad position and to improve the overall success of your local PPC strategy, you'll need experiment with different bid prices.

8. With regards to quality score, which is more important between Meta tags, titles, and content? Google mostly looks as transparency, relevant content, and navigability when considering your landing page. When it comes to your heading/title, focus on communication of a clear message and relevance to ad copy and keyword. Note that your conversion rate does not influence your quality score and Meta tags are therefore not important when it comes to quality score.

9. How often is quality score updated? Calculations of the quality score take place every time a search that triggers an advert takes place, meaning Google uses statistical history from your account, ads, and keywords in ranking ads and in determining what your PPC is in real time. It is however, important to note that it takes time for quality score to have a significant change.

10. What is the proper ‘load time’ on a landing page? It's recommended that you only take action if Google says that you have a ‘below average’ landing page experience since slow loading time can affect the quality score.

11. I have going through the process of optimizing landing page, ad copy, and ad groups, but I am still struggling with my quality score – what do I do? If this is the case, you either have not given enough time for your quality score to improve or you have not optimized everything.

We hope these insights can help you create more conversion oriented landing pages that respect the factors of quality score as well as what users look for when they land on you site.


The Beginner's Guide to Understanding Google PageRank

‘PageRank’ is a term trademarked by Google and is a popular buzzword in the SEO profession. The Google PageRank (PR) link analysis algorithm is named after Larry Page, one of Google’s founders. It is used by the Google search engine to assign a numerical weight to all webpages which depends on the quality, quantity, and authority of backlinks pointing to the page.

In other words, PageRank independently measures Google’s perception of the authority/quality/credibility of individual webpages.

Determining PR

The PageRank algorithm can be used for any collection of entities with reciprocal references and quotations. The numerical weight assigned to any given element A is called PageRank of A and is denoted as PR (A). If Page B has a higher PageRank than Page D, even though Page B has fewer links, the links from Page B come from more important pages and they therefore have a greater value.

For public consumption, Google reports PR as a number from 0 to 10. If you have a webpage with the same relevance as that of your competitor, the webpage with a higher PageRank will rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), which are organic results. A high ranking is important because it means greater visibility and consequently more hits.

Although the Google algorithm is very sophisticated, it boils down to SERP Ranking = Relevance x PageRank. Note that relevance is based on the content (you will have low relevance if you are a 'eco-friendly solutions' company with webpages all about 'auditing services' on your website). Other factors determining relevance are the title of the webpage, keyword quality, and keyword density.

Depicting PR

The primary factor determining your PageRank is the number and authority of other webpages that are linking to your page. According to Google, the inbound links pointing towards your webpages are a vote of confidence in your website. This is called link popularity. This is major practice of off-page SEO.

It is however important to note that all inbound links are not the same. It is suggested that the inbound links pointing towards your website come from credible sites. To determine this, Google considers the PageRank of the webpages providing the backlinks.

PageRank Categories

Google PageRank Guide for SEO OptimizationNote that a link from a website with a PageRank of 6 is more valuable than several links from websites with PageRank of 1. PageRank can be divided up into four broad categories:

1. 0 to 3: These are new websites or websites that have very few inbound links.

2. 4 to 5: These are popular websites with several inbound links.

3. 6: This is a very popular website that has hundreds of links, with many of them being from quality websites.

4. 7 to 10: These are usually media brands such as or, big companies like Apple Inc. or A-list bloggers.

It is widely accepted that PageRank is calculated on a logarithmic scale. This means the difference between PageRank 4 and PageRank 5 is between 5 and 10 times the difference between PageRank 3 and Page Rank 4. This means there are over 100 times more webpages that have PageRank 2 than there are webpages with PageRank of 4.

To determine your PageRank, download the Google Toolbar and turn the PageRank feature on or use the Website Grader tool, which is free of charge. Understanding PageRank from a Peoria SEO perspective can help you dial in your link building efforts for greater success in the search engines.


How to Organize Your Website for Optimum Keyword Relevancy

Among the first phases of the SEO process (after pinpointing the right keywords to optimize a site for) is determining which pages to build.

Building the blueprints of your website is extremely important for on-site SEO. By blueprints, I am referring to the overall site structure or internal navigation of the core optimized pages.

Build a Cohesive Book

In essence, a website is somewhat like a book. The book can be organized with multiple levels of pages at varying degrees of page depth. When a core optimized page is supported by other related pages (often simply long-tail variations,) the core page will bolster even greater keyword relevancy.

Let me provide an example: is an extremely well optimized website. Notice in the image the layers of pages in the crumb trail.

Website Organization for SEO Keyword Relevancy

Each page goes deeper on a more specific topic about fitness. All of these wonderful pages (as well as all of the wonderful content each page offers) surrounding the topic of ‘fitness,’ will help to support the keyword relevancy of the site around ‘fitness’ related keywords.

Here is another example:

Below is a website our team put together, We wanted to establish keyword relevancy around the keyword phrase “search engine optimization” (really tough keyword, we know, but our strategy goes far beyond that keyword target ;-)

Page Depth for Keyword Relevancy

 Notice in the top navigation, the pages that expand out under Search Engine Optimization services are all sub-sets of the core practices of SEO, such as Video SEO, Local SEO, and SEO Copywriting.

The idea here is bolster a page optimized for a primary keyword with several pages optimized for related secondary keywords.

The organization of your optimized pages is key. Some website optimization companies will simply build out a ton of new pages without considering the page depth or internal structure. This is often the mark that separates the powerful optimizers from the weak.

Link Pages like a Pro

In addition to organizing your pages for optimum keyword relevancy, it is also crucial to link your pages in a very strategic manner.

Again, keyword relevancy is the name of the game. Here you want to ensure that the pages that are being link together are somewhat related to one another. Furthermore, you will use optimized anchor text in the links that you build.

Here is an example of how we use optimized anchor text in the some of the internal links we have created on Web Presence Group.

Internal linking for Keyword Relevancy

This is a portion of the content on our Search Engine Optimization page. Notice how these two blocks of content focus on a particular sub-set of SEO and each have a keyword optimized link in the copy.

The content is relevant and therefore the optimized internal links and anchor text is relevant. This is known as contextual relevancy.

Putting together your optimized pages is like piecing together the pages of a book. Perhaps you are adding an optimized chapter to that book, or building a completely new website. Whatever your objectives are for SEO, the organization of your site’s content is imperative for keyword relevancy.


4 Creative Ideas for Killer Content Marketing

Content Marketing Creation

Content marketing is an effective way of bringing traffic to your website. Great content can help your website go viral.

It also helps with your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Many people spend a fortune as well as time and effort generating great content, only to be disappointed when it does not help their overall website marketing campaigns. The reason for this is that such content, albeit well written, does not have the extra piece of detail to make it go viral.

There are several ways of ensuring there is ‘virality’ in you content marketing efforts, they include:

Get Expert Opinions

Consider enlisting the services of a professional for your content creation. Experts have the necessary training, experience and tools to generate great content. An expert will be dedicated at giving you the desired results since payment is based on results. This is not the case with an in-house IT team.

Going to an expert is advantageous in that your articles will be shared by a big number of influential figures. This increases the chances of your content getting re-shared among social circles. A good social media presence is a vote of confidence on whatever you are sharing. Contacting professionals is a good way of creating a resource that will come to your aid time after time.

Create Interactive Infographics

As the content is being created, ensure that it is interactive, personal and funny. Personalized content means you are able to adjust it to fit the specific requirements, circumstances and preferences of the intended reader. Do this from the post’s beginning to its end.

Great content is content that is sequentially revealed. This will make the infographic interactive and surprising. Create interesting and funny content so that it captures the attention of the intended reader. With interactive infographics, results will be seen in just a few days.

Have a Controversial Manifesto

Be controversial if you want your content to be read. Having something controversial will attract those who agree with what you say and they will show their support and it will attract those who do not agree with what you have to say and they will show their displeasure.

If somebody influential writes to agree or disagree with your post, you can earn valuable links, meaning greater exposure. This is a particularly effective strategy in blogging. Good conversations are those that spark further debate through other forums.

Contribute to Charity

Contributing to charity is always a great way to ensure you have a successful content marketing campaign. Most people are moved by sorrow and as such, take advantage of such events as earthquakes. Announcing your intentions to give to such organizations as the Red Cross in support of people affected by a particular disaster is a great way promoting yourself.

An article requesting people to give your website ‘a thumbs up!’ and matching what is contributed means greater exposure since people will share your post so that you can pay more. Create comments that help in the generation of even more ‘thumbs ups!’ This is particularly helpful if you would have made the donation anyway.

Well there you have it - 4 creative ideas to get your content marketing juices flowing. Do you have additional ideas of creativity for content? Let us know in the comments section below.


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