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Tips to Optimize the UI of Your Website

User Interface UIHaving a well-designed and intuitively-organized website is one of the best ways to optimize the user interface (UI) for enhanced interaction. UI centers on the design elements and overall internal navigation and structure of a website. This foundation sets the course for how well a site converts visitors into leads and customers.

There are a few key ways to optimize the UI of your website. Whether you're designing a new website or optimizing an existing site, these tips can help you improve user experience and level of engagement.

Start with an organized, but unique appearance. Before visitors to any website read the text, they notice the design and layout of the site. People tend to make first impressions based on this initial look and will judge a company's brand by the overall appearance of the site. A site that has a professional outlook helps to establish credibility as well as encourage buyers. This does not mean that sites have to be boring or empty. A professional looking site can use bright graphics and "think outside the box." However, it should be built after considering the target audience, their age range, preferences, and other relevant information.

Remember that simpler is better. One of the biggest problems that web designers have today is convincing their clients to always simplify. Browsing through the multiple pages of any website should be easy and obvious.

Simple links that help users understand where each link takes them and how to return to homepage are key parts of creating a solid UI that makes sense. When in doubt, find the least technical savvy person in the office and have that person test the site.

Be open to suggestions. Having a way for site visitors to leave comments, questions, and general feedback is a great way to both improve the site and also keep people interested. Many times a person will leave a comment that will spark a long conversation. Social share buttons are a key to drawing people into the conversations, so ensure that these buttons are easy to see. If conversations are slow in starting, use poll questions or discussion boards to keep people coming back to the site.

Always bring it back to the product. Products which are introduced in new or revolutionary ways tend to draw in more visitors and buyers. Stand behind the product by ensuring that there is a money-back guarantee or a similar promise of quality. Make sure to compare this product to similar ones on the market and give clear and concise points about why this product is better than the others.

Many companies offer a trial version or a free sample. While many people are not willing to take a large step by purchasing a product, almost everyone interested in the product will want to try a free sample. By offering this to site visitors, it encourages increased sales as well as brand credibility.

Remember when building a site, that optimization of the user interface doesn't happen overnight. This process is often one of trial and error and effective methods can depend on the type of business or product. However, no matter the nature of the business, these tips can all be used effectively. Some of the most effective and popular sites today use these key ingredients when building a site, and any business today can benefit from this advice.


Penguin 2.0: What to Expect With Google's Latest Search Update

Google Penguin 2.0Matt Cutts who is the head of Google's Web Spam Team confirmed on his Twitter account that Google's latest version of the Penguin update will be released within the next few weeks.

Penguin 2.0 will continue to devalue link spam and weed out sites that try to match Google's search algorithms with the help of SEO strategies like on and off pages. While the first rollout had an impact on only a handful of search engines, Penguin 2.0 will surely affect a larger audience.

Here are three things we can expect from Google's latest search update.

Smarter Link Spam Detection

The latest Penguin update is significantly more sophisticated than Penguin's first rollout, and it has a better understanding of the context of link spam.

It will be able to trace links between pages that do nothing but rank the page higher in search results since Google has assembled a huge amount of data from the link removal requests submitted by the Google disavow tool.

Depicting the Types of Links

Penguin 2.0 will be able to identify link spam by gauging a number of parameters including links from websites that are built exclusively for SEO, links that use overly-optimized anchor text, links from adult sites and links of sites that are irrelevant to the content of a concerned page.

Relevancy is Key

Penguin 2.0 will also encourage webmasters to acquire backlinks from reputed websites which is a good thing because a single high quality and relevant link from a reputed website is better than a hundred low quality and irrelevant links. Webmasters will thus feel the need to generate quality content so that they can share backlinks with other websites offering quality content.

Each of Google's updates has helped improve the quality of content on the internet and reduce spam as well as information that are either low quality or incorrect. While webmasters might be threatened by Penguin 2.0, the point is it will help users find quality services and information.


SEOmoz WBF Recap: Re-Optimizing Existing Content for Higher Rankings

Today's SEOmoz Whiteboard Friday underscores a major topic that deeply resonates with us here at "How to Move Rankings Up On Older, Existing Content".

Rand presents a number of SEO techniques and strategies to boost the search value of old pages of your website. Here's our recap:

  • Scout for more opportunities to build and earn external links (quality directories, guest blogging, etc.)
  • Increase the page's click-through by leveraging PPC, tweaking the page title and Meta description, and testing rich snippets.
  • Revitalize the content to be more engaging and compelling. In other words, increase the value of the content to promote greater conversions.
  • Send link love to the page internally (also consider re-directing similar, overlapping pages to this key money page.)
  • Be conscious of co-occurance and brand mentions with respect to external linking and other off-page variables

SEOmoz Higher Rankings

The Last Word

Proceed with caution when scouting for external link sources. Google is cracking down hard (especially with the big Penguin 2.0 due in the coming weeks.) Don't risk inquiring for links and listing on questionable directories and blog sites.

Get creative (both on-site and off-site) in how you can establish greater value in your money pages. User engagement (metrics like time on site and bounce rate) is playing a more significant role in determining a page's search engine value and rankings potential. Optimize for your visitors and you'll also be optimizing for the search engines.

Rank on.


8 Common SEO Mistakes Made by Internet Start-Ups

SEO MistakesWhen building an online business, there are countless things that a entreprenuer needs to take care of to be successful. Failing to address the most basic SEO and search marketing needs can lead to lost potential for many online start-ups.

Being visible in Google search is a powerful form of marketing and advertising for online business. To help you head in the right direction, below are some common SEO mistakes (to avoid) that many start-ups make.

Lack of a proper SEO strategy - Having an SEO strategy in place will help you know what you need to do to meet your SEO needs. First, you need to identify the pages you want your visitors to view when they visit your site and then the keyword to use to optimize your pages on for Google search.

No web analytics - Another mistake that many start ups make is not setting up web analytics to help in tracking the sites statistics. If you don't know how many visitors come to your site or how they got there you are unlikely to push your business to the level you would like it to go.

Not allocating enough SEO budget and time - Many start ups make the mistake of looking for cheap SEO services, this will not only hurt your websites reputation due to the low quality content, but will affect your business as a whole. Before you start any SEO campaign, it's good to understand that you will need to put in your time to make the campaign a success, you can't start and abandon it halfway as you might end up worse than you even started.

Putting too many keywords on a page - Too high of a keyword density is actually detrimental to your SEO efforts. This can flag your site for "over-optimization," which can lead to penalization and loss of rankings. Use keywords naturally in your content and only a few times when it makes sense.

Lack of a proper internal and external link strategy - Links makes a website interesting by providing connections to content that will be of benefit to the visitors. Make sure your internal links are properly put and named to allow easy access by users. External links to lead people to your site are also important, look for sites that will provide quality links to your site.

Building a website using technology that is not SEO-friendly - To properly optimize your site for Google search, you need to use the right technology to create a website that is interesting to humans and easily accessible by robots. SEO-friendly websites are critical in many respects, particularly for mobile search.

Lack of knowledge of how search engine works - Search engines work to ensure your site is found by users looking for content related to your keywords. You need to understand how robots, spiders, and crawlers work. To be able to work with search engines, you need to understand how they work and how better to work with them.

Not taking SEO seriously - Some start-ups fail to understand the importance of SEO to their business. To drive more traffic and help users find you, it's important to understand what SEO is and how it will benefit your website.

In SEO, you need to be careful whom you decide to work with as they can either ruin you or take you to unimaginable levels. A quality SEO services provider should provide the insights and honest recommendations to ensure your SEO strategy is sound.


The Evolving Profession of SEO: A New Paradigm and How You Can Benefit

In a dynamically changing world it is only expected that the Internet will change along with it, albeit at a faster pace. Years ago a niche online marketer, commonly known as an SEO expert, simply needed to write quality content, build links, and do other forms keyword optimization.

Nowadays, the role of an SEO specialist has evolved. For better or for worse, we need to understand how the game of organic SEO is changing. From the SEO expert's perspective, new practices should not as daunting as they seem (for it's a similar marketing game, but with some new rules.)

In this article, we will cover some of the key developments of the SEO profession and how you can benefit your SEO practice. These developments center on Google authorship, social media, equivalency score algorithm and link disavow.

Google Authorship

Google is changing the way it ranks your site with a large focus shifting from PageRank to your AuthorRank. In short, AuthorRank and Authorship are changing SEO drastically.

AuthorRank is assigned through a number of variables such as niche experience and domain proficiency. In easy to understand terms, the higher the AuthorRank, the greater chance of being ranked on Google's search engines and having their content shown as premium.

Published content will automatically synchronize with the Author's Google+ account and will be used as a data pool for SEO rankings. The success of your site will depend on your ability and expertise within a certain niche with an emphasis on social media.

Social Media

Social media will be a major catalyst in SEO success driven by social network development and the proper implementation of social media presence. The importance of content syndication across different social media sharing websites will be amplified. For business marketing, the major social networks to consider include LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon and etc.

It is better advised to focus on a specific niche and target that audience with precision through these social media sites. Although not confirmed, it is believed that the weight given to social media derives from the belief that it is a better determinant of your contents relevance. Either way we suggest placing significant emphasis on Google+ for SEO, as this appears to be a step that Google is trying to influence.

Google Equivalency Score Algorithm

This update will be introduced in 2013 and will mirror the effects of Google Adword's quality points in which keywords are assigned different values of importance based on different variables. The endowment of individual keywords will be used in conjunction with the advertisers bid amount that will in turn determine how ads are ranked.

If this update is applied there are several benefits to reap from this for more niche SEO professionals. Dominant sites will be cut down and a more competitive landscape will be introduced where the quality of keywords becomes a major concern. Google may display similar results for a specific search query in varying order as they appear on the results screen.

Link Disavow Tool

This tool will make it increasingly difficult to receive backlinks from sites. The main focus was to limit the backlinks from spam blog and forum posts to ensure that quality links were being used in place of fillers. In conclusion, we hope this article gives you a better idea of the new paradigm to be set in motion, and how you can benefit from it by adjusting your SEO activities and working with the right expert.

For more quality and reliable articles like this in the future, be sure to bookmark and visit Increase Your Rank again in the near future.


Key Elements of SEO-Friendly Web Design

SEO-friendly web designThere are a number of attributes that should be kept top of mind to ensure a website's design is SEO-friendly web design.

In this article, we will share with you seven elements that shape SEO-friendly web design.

Calls-to-Action ("CTA") or Points of Contact

It is recommended that you have a call to action on most of the pages on the site as they help to create a feeling that shows it is strong and conversion focused. Most experts who come up with web designs know the importance of CRO (conversion rate optimization) one of the reasons why they are integrated on the websites that they work on.

Verify Google Ownership

It is important to run a Google+ page especially in this SEO era. While setting-up a Google+ page for the brand, you should also think about creating one for the SEO-friendly web design. Be sure to verify the page and link the site properly in a bid to establish Google publication and Authorship.

Optimized HTML Coding Structure

It is important to design a website that loads fast enough which is vital for both SEO as well as usability. The person who is responsible for developing the site should address the back end in such a way that it is well optimized for fast load speed and rendering. Website optimization also helps to drive more traffic to site as people will not waste time on a site that does not load fast enough.

Optimize Robust Media Files

There are a couple of media files that can be quite robust which ends up slowing down the site. You can optimize this while creating the SEO-friendly web design to reduce their size in regards to indexing and rendering. Images as well as other media can be keyword optimized so that they attain better SEO value.

Build Quality Links

Building top notch links can help enhance SEO value as well as expand citations. This is especially beneficial for the sites that have been listed on a number of listing websites as well as directories. The links can be used by Google to determine the legitimacy of the company and it also acts a ranking factor for the local search engines. There are some links that will also link back to your site which is a huge plus towards your SEO efforts for the SEO-friendly web design.

Create a Thorough & Complete HTML Sitemap

Most SEO's consider the HTML sitemap a very important page on the website. Most people don't think that it is a really important page thus most of the time it is overlooked. This acts like the roadmap to the site as it directs the search engine spiders to spot the rich goodness that is found on the site.

Use Keywords in the Right Manner

Keywords should be included in the proper places as you lay out the SEO-friendly web design. Most people fail to do this one of the reasons why their efforts do not pan out the way they would want them to. The most important places include page title, URL, Meta description and respectfully on the page copy.

To learn more about SEO-friendly web design, visit this SEO-friendly blog that offers tips and insights all about search engine optimization and website design.


Tips to Prepare Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

Mobile MarketingMobile marketing has become extremely valuable due to the ever-rising number of mobile users. Additionally, many people are now doing their online shopping and price comparing on mobile phones.

Whether your a local service provider or an enterprise-level ecommerce store, mobile marketing can offer a number of benefits for all types of companies. Below are some tips to help you get started on creating a mobile marketing strategy.

Understand your current mobile presence

Before you even decide to channel your finances into mobile marketing, it is important to find out your current mobile web presence. What does your mobile search traffic look? How well do people engage with your website on a mobile device?

In addition to these elements, you also need to know about the potential traffic that is generated through mobile devices. Having these figures will help you to determine the amount of resources you should invest in the mobile marketing campaign and the kind of returns to expect.

Devise a suitable budget

Secondly, you need to know how much you will allocate to this mobile marketing campaign. As soon as you know your search volume, you can easily prioritize on the most critical aspects of the campaign that need a proper budget. Remember that the kind of money you set aside for mobile marketing should be realistic. Make sure it is in line with the number of mobile users you are targeting.

Come up with a proper campaign structure

You also need to structure your campaign well so that it becomes easier to evaluate performance and control your budget. For instance, you can divide the mobile marketing campaign into different campaigns based on the type of mobile device being used. For instance, you can have different campaigns for tablet users and other smart phone users. When you divide your campaign based on the device used, you will be able to concentrate on the needs of different mobile users.

Integrate the distinct demands of the mobile user

When establishing your mobile marketing campaign, you have to keep in mind that the mobile user has very distinct demands. For instance, the mobile user is always in transit. It can be impossible to capture the zip codes or city names of this user. As a marketer, you must ensure that there are additional features on the site that make it easier to close a sale.

For instance, you can decide to be sending your mobile users some coupons or quotes directly to their phones. These considerations will help you determine the level of mobile website optimization you need to invest in to cater to your users' needs.

Consider the position of ads which appear on mobile devices

Remember that, unlike the desktop or laptop computers, mobile phones have a smaller interface and ads may not appear in the same order. For instance, when performing a Google search on mobile, you will realize that only 5 ads appear. Two of these ads will appear on the first page above the organic results. You must try and bid very important keywords on these two ads.

With the increase in use of mobile devices, you must ensure that you invest in an effective mobile marketing strategy. You should take your time to decide on the amount of resources you need to invest in this campaign. The tips mentioned above will help you to kick start your search and succeed.


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