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A Local SEO Strategy Briefing for Your Small Business

Local SEO StrategyIf you operate or market a small business, there's a lot local SEO moves that you and your team can make in-house.

Creating and implementing a local SEO strategy is actually fairly simple. Of course there are many intricacies that go into the SEO process, there's big SEO tasks that just about anyone can accomplish.

Below are five items to address for your local SEO strategy. Think of this as short briefing to lead your online marketing efforts in the right direction.

1. Create a Google+ Local Page - Google+ is a social domain that can directly influence local SEO performance for your small business. Creating a Google+ page connects your business directly to the house (Google,) and can influence the Google local search rankings (with factors that depend on amount and quality of reviews, on-page keyword usage, and amount and quality of off-page citations.)

2. Make Your Website Keyword Relevant - It's SEO best practices to include your primary keyword target (and geographic modifier) in URL (with exception of the homepage,) Meta Title, Meta Description, and visible copy of the pages you're optimizing. So if you’re a chiropractor in Atlanta, you'll definitely want to include those keywords in each of these on-page elements.

3. Construct an HTML Site Map - The site map is arguably the second most important page on your website (next to the homepage.) Serving as index of all primary pages of your website, the HTML site map is the road map for search engine spiders. For this reason, make the site map prevalent on the site by linking it on all pages of your website, preferably in a site-wide footer.

4. Build Citations (Business Listings) - Like mentioned above in tip #1, off-page citations are big ranking factor in Google local search (the search results accompanied by the Google map and little red pins.) Citations are simply listings or mentions of your business's name, address, and phone number on other websites - primarily directory listings. You can build citations for your business on sites like Yahoo! Local,, Bing, LinkedIn, Yellowbook, etc.

5. Write Content Regularly, and Share it Socially - Google likes websites that are regularly updated with fresh content. A good way to do this is add a blog or articles section to your website. Whether you publish a piece of content weekly or monthly, such content can serve as a strong asset in building a social community, inbounding direct traffic to your site (content marketing,) and further maximizing the keyword relevancy of you website (when you produce content that is related to your site's keyword targets.)

This blog post was produced by Tyler Tafelsky, local SEO expert and content marketer. For more information, visit on local SEO strategy for small business, check out some of the local SEO blog posts at - many of which have been written by Tyler.


7 SEO-Friendly Insights for Web Designers & Developers

Nowadays, many SEO-focused web designers and developers center their practice on on writing the front-end code. That is, the visual elements and graphics that are central for user interaction and experience.

However what many web designers and developers fail to realize is that front-end web development can significantly influence SEO. This implies that the major role in SEO should be respected by the website designer. However, only a some fully understand SEO and how to ensure a crawler-friendly website.

This written article is intended to provide important insights that will help the average (and even above average) web designers to develop their SEO skills and knowledge.

1. Stray Away from Flash for Navigation

At some point, it is indeed a nice way of getting your user’s attention is through the use of flash for some drop down effects to the site’s navigation, but do NOT attempt to try it. This might results in not following the links used in the navigation since these search engines have trouble reading flash files.

2. Think of a Better and Unique Page Titles

Each title should be unique and differs to each page on your website. It is better and a MUST to use unique page titles, otherwise search engines will think that every page on your site is about the same subject.

3. Tailor the Code to be More Structured than the Design

Make sure to use SEMANTIC code when writing the front end of your site. Use descriptive tags to construct your pages, so that search engines will have the ability to read and have a better knowledge of your content. This will also help you to lessen your burden and clean up the process of styling your site.

4. Never Forget about Optimizing Images

It is important to properly describe images through the use of the ALT attribute as search engines can’t see what an image looks like. In this way, heavy traffic from image searches will be avoided.

5. Use Keywords to Describe Media

Keywords are the words that you're targeting for SEO traffic and should characterize your web content. Making them appears in vital places throughout your page, such as: URL, title tag, Meta description) is important, but what separates the truly SEO-friendly web designers are those who use keywords to label and describe media files, such as videos and images.

6. Avoid Using Generic Anchor Text in Links

Links play a very vital role for search engines. So you have to make sure to use a word that best describes the content when linking to relevant content. For an instant, if you were getting your reader a link to learn more about Filipino Women, use something like “Learn More about Filipino Women” as it conflicts to just “Learn More”.

7. Use a Consistent URL Naming Convention

The URL is an important element in writing a SEO-friendly page. Keep the URL naming convention consistent and use keywords wisely and conservatively. Avoid using throw-away words (e.g. "the" or "an") - focus your URLs around the core of your keyword targets.

Do you have additional SEO insights for web designers or developers? Let us know your optimization tips in the comments section below.


5 Masterful PPC Optimization Tips for Adwords Advertisers

PPC Optimization TipsAlthough we focus a lot about SEO and social media here on Increase Your Rank, there's always a place for Pay Per Click advertising to increase your brand's online exposure.

In order to get great results from PPC advertising, there are various strategies and PPC optimization tips used to give high performance while using a reasonable budget. Below we share with you five masterful PPC optimization tips to dial-in your AdWords account.

1. Utilize vital data in a search query report: This report gives a detailed list of all the impressions generated by your ads. Whenever you get your search query report, you should keenly go through it and find out what works for you and what does not yield any benefits.

For instance, you may realize in your report that there are a good number of keywords in your website that give the wrong impressions about your ad. This means that, you end up attracting the wrong audience and therefore the clicks do not amount to any sales. When doing PPC optimization, these are the kind of terms you should set as negative keywords. There are other terms, which you will realize have generated into clicks that do convert. Use these terms to add new keywords to your site and even include specific ad text to boost them.

2. Make sure your ads, landing pages and keywords are relevant to the searcher: It is always important to focus on relevant content in your PPC keywords, ads and landing pages. Will all this information address the needs of your searcher?

If you are willing to focus on the requirements of your target audience, then you should be ready to optimize your keywords, ads and landing pages using very relevant content. This is what will give you a high quality score. To attain a high quality score, you must maintain relevancy so that customers click through one page after the other. The higher your click through rate, the higher your quality score, which means you pay less money on PPC campaign.

3. Obtaining plenty of data for analysis: One of the things you should make sure you obtain when doing PPC optimization is sufficient data for analysis. You can use this data to analyze your conversions. You should know how much each conversion costs and the kind of value its bringing in. You can optimize your ads in a bid to increase the rate of conversion. Bear in mind that certain niche markets may have a small search volume so obtaining significant statistical data can be a great challenge.

4. Create many, highly specific ad groups: When it comes to PPC optimization, you should aim to split-up ad groups so that each group can focus on keywords that are very closely related. If you have a number of strong keywords then do not include all of them in one ad group. Form separate ad groups for each keyword and then include other keywords that are tightly related.

5. Focus on the main strategies that work for you: When you go to Google Analytics, you can keep close track of the changes that you made which increased organic traffic. It could have been a change of AdWords that led to spikes in organic traffic. However, you should find a good PPC campaign management solution to keep track of all these changes you make so that you can know their impact. Make use of the comments function within the adwords editor to summarize such changes.

Learn more PPC optimization tips by checking out this PPC optimization blog post by the Web Presence Group. They offer a wealth of insights for search marketers of all calibers.


Why SEO Is Going To Have Massive Changes This Year

Search engine optimisation over the past 2 years has changed drastically. The best practices which people had have completely changed.

2 years ago, anchor text distribution was something that no one had heard of, those that were proactive with there SEO would realise that they are simply putting too much attention towards one keyword, this has become known as over optimisation.

The one thing search engines have not been able to get rid of this year is the many black hat tactics still being implemented by many. 2013 is going to be the year when these tactics simply do not work anymore according to prominent search engine optimisation team GMG SEO. The many tactics still being used today which will hurt businesses include layered link building which the big G will soon find all the foot prints left by companies adopting this SEO strategy.

It is only a matter of time before all those manipulating the search engine to build authority links will get found out.

The best remedy for this is for people to adopt co-citation link building, you may ask what is co-citation link building?

It is basically a technique where by the content surrounding the anchor text is what will give the link more weight rather than the anchor text itself.

Eg- if you are trying to rank for online marketing, all the text around the link (which can be either your brand name or a generic word) is related to online marketing.

This tactic has proven to be quite effective for many SEO’s so I suggest all in the industry to research about this new tactic for 2013.

John Vlasakakis is an SEO specialist in Australia with over 8 years experience in SEO, he can be found on Google+.


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