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Desktop vs. Mobile SEO: Shifts and Trends in the SEO Landscape

The advent of mobile search has made serious changes on how all types of organizations execute their SEO strategy on the web. With people nowadays capable of accessing the Internet via their mobile devices, today's SEO firms and search marketing specialists are now creating strategies and tactics aimed at mobile search users.

But are there any difference between conventional, desktop SEO and mobile SEO? Some say there is none. However, quite a few organic SEO experts are commenting on significant disparities between the two. This implies that some SEO strategies might vary depending on a mobile or desktop search market.

Desktop vs. Mobile Usability & SEO Considerations

Desktop internet users can browse, scan, and scroll down and up, read and skim page on a whim. The same cannot be said about mobile internet users. Most desktop SEO strategies rely heavily on keyword-enriched content. Keyword research, link building, and relevant content are among the elements that serve as foundation of any desktop SEO approach.

Mobile users rarely read through a lengthy article on their phones. What matters to the average mobile users is how efficiently the content is delivered and how absorb-able the content is. As a result, SEO experts need to be mindful of the various forms of content that can be optimized and utilized for both destop and mobile users.

Such content and media can from more engaging and visually attractive images and graphics, as well as short videos. The possibilities with rich content extend far beyond on-site usability. Image and video SEO is a practice itself that can greatly improve the overall SEO value of a page, as well as the grander goal for inbound marketing.

SEO Practices Now Shifting To Mobile

In short, mobile SEO is a different ballgame from traditional SEO. One of the best ways to start defining a mobile-specific SEO strategy is by developing a responsive mobile-friendly web design. Speed, ease of navigation, and simplicity are considered to be the top attributes of a mobile web design interface, with the emphasis on speed.

Slow loading time has been the bane and pitfall of many mobile internet pages, which often impedes user experience. Loading time is significantly improved by minimizing the file size of page content.

Dynamic serving is one way of providing access to relevant content for mobile internet users. While the URL structure remains the same between desktop and mobile internet, the content displayed on a mobile interface is totally different from those that appear in a desktop internet page. This tactic is a great way to retain the SEO effort put forth via content creation and link building, but offering an exceptional mobile-friendly experience that generates leads.

Mobile URLs that offer a specific mobile web design is a great way to provide a great experience as well as helping mobile SEO specialists to achieve their goals. Vanessa Fox, creator of Google Webmaster Central, wrote in column that “Google sees different URLs as different pages; you can do several things to ensure that Google understands the relationship between your desktop and mobile pages so that your site is as visible to mobile searchers as it is to desktop searchers.”

Several essential tactics from conventional SEO still apply to mobile SEO according to Bryson Meunier, a content specialist. Keyword research and analysis still works for mobile SEO. But Meunier points out that this analysis should be aimed at a mobile platform and not a desktop.


Top 3 Ways to Build Links for Local SEO

Local Atlanta SEO CompanySEO has greatly influenced the way local businesses approach their marketing efforts. One aspect of local SEO that often gets overlooked is building links. Although many argue on-site SEO and creating citations on local directories is most important, links are still the primary driver to better rankings.

Links can come from many sources, whether from blog posts and articles, directories, advertisements, and various other listings (such as Chamber of Commerce listing.) The following three strategies will help you find link building opportunities which can help empower your local SEO campaign.

1. Guest Blogging for Local SEO Link Building

Blogging is still an effective method in getting links, specificall guest blogging on other relevant sites. Guest blogging for SEO has been an approach used by many local business organizations and rightfully so. Blogging is a good way to create and distribute high quality content about your business, products, and services. Also, blogging is a platform that can encourage users to engage with a business's social media profiles such as Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram to name a few.

2. Business Directories for Local SEO Link Building

Another highly effective local SEO link building strategy to get your business registered in authoritative business directories and local business databses. Some of the sites where you can post your business organization’s profile and offerings are:,,,, and among others. is one of the best resources to find locally-relevant link building opportunities.

Lastly, see if your local chamber of commerce offers a business listing page. Sometimes investing in a membership can be well worth the high-authority link back to your website.

3. Content Aggregators for Local SEO Link Building

Certain types of content aggregators can be utilized to maximize your SEO potential to get local links. By submitting your best content to aggregators your helping to spread your business’s name over the Internet and helping people discover your business. Among the top aggregators used by many businesses are Yelp, Superpages, City Search, Urban Spoon, and Angie’s List to name a few. In addition to links, many of these sites provide a quality citation of your business, which also contributes to local SEO empowerment.

There is a myriad of ways to earn and build links for local SEO. Those mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. Get creative and start explore all possibilities to build relationships and establish your company's web presence in many places throughout the web. The potential to generate link to your site is vast and seemingly endless.


Google Survey Reveals Intriguing Survey Data About Mobile Search

Google MobileIt is true that PC search behaviors have extended into mobile phones. Google has sponsored research which reveals that 74% of smartphone users are using search engines on their mobile devices. Yet most people find mobile search rather awkward and harder to use as compared to using search online.

These are some of the results that came up as a result of a survey carried out by Search Engine Land and SurveyMonkey.

As to the behavior that most people showed while conducting online results using their smartphones, the following were ascertained.

  • That 52.5% of the people use search engines just like on the desktop.
  • That 21.1% of them used their smartphone totally for online research.
  • That 10.6% of them relied on apps and mobile search equally.
  • That 8.3% of them use search engine only when an app cannot find what they are looking for.
  • That 7.6% of them use mobile apps primarily.

(These figures have been rounded off and thus may not make up a hundred percent.)

The survey revealed that slightly more than half (52.5 percent) of the mobile audience made use of search engine just like desktop. However over 63%, to some extent, engaged with mobile search. 10.6% of the people past the 52% mark, used apps and search equally. The population which had replaced the search with apps appears to be quite small.

As to the experience of the users, the following were ascertained.

  • That 61.4% of the people found carrying out a search using a mobile phone proved to be quite harder as compared to using the PC.
  • That 18.5% of them concluded that searching using a mobile phone is relatively easier because it incorporates the use of voice search.
  • That 10.6% of them preferred using apps as compared to searching the web using their mobile phones.
  • That 9.6% of them do not use search completely on their phones.

(These figures have been rounded off and thus may not make up a hundred percent.)

While the majority of the smartphone users prefer searching using their mobile phones, 61% find it harder compared to using the PC. Less than 20% on the other hand attributed their easy search while using mobile to voice search. Slightly over 10% revealed that they liked using apps more than mobile search engines.

This survey was carried out by Marketing Land and SurveyMonkey, between 21st and 22nd November 2013. These results were arrived at using a confidence interval of 95% and a margin of error of 5% from over four hundred Americans by the use of SurveyMonkey Audience.


The 3 Pillars of Establishing an SEO-friendly Blog

SEO PeoriaIn today's digital world, blogging has become a part of most people's life whether they do it for their own personal pleasure or for monetary interests. If you are a SEO or Internet marketer, you can use your blog to promote your brand by giving insights into your products or services from a personal approach.

However, what most SEO's and general bloggers do not understand is that a blog is typically not intended to be read by the world's entire population. As much as you want to impress everyone, it is important that your blog is narrowed to your specific target audience. Below are some strategies you can use to create an effective, and more SEO-friendly blog which will actually be read by those you intend to reach.

Your blog should be focused on a particular niche topic

One of the reasons why most of today's blogs do not have large royal readerships is because their creators write on topics which are very generic. No one wants to read something which looks like it was copied and pasted from another blog. The one easy way to ensure that your content is unique is by focusing on a specific niche. Try finding something which will be intriguing to your target audience and put a lot of effort in developing it.

For instance, if you intend to start a blog on cooking and recipes, go for a cuisine you like and stick to it. Not everyone who likes cooking blogs will be supportive about your choice but those who like it will remain loyal to you. Just to give an example, a blogger who has a passion for cooking can choose to write about Thai cuisine exclusively. This will help empower your SEO blogging efforts.

Diversify your blog's content

To make a web user who lands on your blog a loyal visitor, you have to engage them first. This will be done by loading the blog with rich media which include well edited images, graphic files and videos. Although it takes time and sometimes money to create rich media, in the long run this can greatly empower your SEO efforts. Statistics show that web users are more likely to read blogs which have an infographics compared to those which just have plain text. However, do not push yourself to uneconomical or harassing limits; just include what you can.

Use social media to promote your blog

Just like your business logo, your blog is one of those things which sell you out to potential customers who are interested in your services or goods. To promote the blog and in so doing also promote your brand, it is important that you be active on social media. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have millions of users and although not all of them will like your blog, those who have a profound interest in what you write about will certainly want to know more about you.

It is also important to note that social signals are used by search engine algorithms and will be important if you want to increase your blog's visibility via SEO. Only some companies who offer SEO services are poficient in using social media to expand their search visibility. But again, with both social media and blogging (and SEO) - content is the bee's knees.


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