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How Your Business Can Benefit from Content Marketing

Content marketingContent marketing is one of the most popular internet marketing techniques to inbound quality traffic to your website. Content marketing allows your business to make the most out of every opportunity to interact with potential customers.

Content marketing is based on a principle that offers multiple ways to bring out your ideas. In other words, you can create great content in different forms (such as article, video or infographic) and market it in different ways (via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or StumbleUpon).

The best part about this online marketing technique is that it creates a level playing field for any company to boost its web presence, be it a small business or a large business. According to a research by Kapost, a reputable marketing software provider, content marketing techniques (like per dollar) can deliver three times the lead of traditional online marketing techniques (like paid search).

This makes content marketing the ideal option when it comes to marketing your business. Content marketing comes with a lot of benefits but the most notable ones are building brand awareness, driving inbound traffic and generating natural links. Below we go into more detail about these business benefits of content marketing.

Create Brand Awareness

The aim of every content marketing effort on the web is creating brand awareness. The best way for your brand to earn more respect and build a strong relationship with customers is to ensure the audience is engaged. This means that you should create quality, relevant and creative content that reflects the image of the business and connects well with your target audience.

Visually-based content, such as videos, comics, cartoons, infographics and images, has proven to be effective in engaging with the audience as it attracts an incredibly huge audience. If such content incorporates search engine optimization, their marketing potential will dramatically increase.

Driving Inbound Traffic

Content marketing offers a great way to promote a product or business. If you create great content with irresistible calls to action, people who read or view your content will most likely visit your website. This is a unique traffic as it is based on how well your content appeals to users. If you want to drive quality inbound traffic to your website, simply focus on informing and educating your target audience by addressing relevant topics, questions, concerns and issues. For instance, a plumber can create an article about the most common plumbing problems in homes.' This will drive traffic to the plumber's site as people would want to deal with the problems. Additionally, it will help optimize the plumber's overall web presence marketing.

Generating Link Popularity

Any content that goes viral is usually abuzz on social media. A popular content will attract a lot of links, making it have a considerable authority on the internet. SEO is based on the concept that an authority webpage will generate powerful outbound links. Most content marketing efforts use this effective SEO concept, commonly known as "link bait".

You can use your content as SEO link bait. All you have to do is create a great content, whether article, graphic or video, and then include a link to your site. If your content creates a buzz and many internet users link to it, your content's SEO value will become more powerful.


What to Ask an Ecommerce SEO Company Before Making a Pick

There are many companies and individuals with diverse and adept capabilities in providing adequate ecommerce SEO services. For you and your ecommerce company to choose the people with the right SEO qualities, you need to ask them a few key questions.

What Ecommerce SEO tools does the company use?

You need to have the right tools for you to get the job done and the same applies to ecommerce SEO and website optimization. There are tools out there that are essential when it comes to providing sufficient SEO services for ecommerce sites. Here are some of those tools that are good for any company looking to be successful in ecommerce SEO. These include:

  • SEO PowerSuite - It is a suite that comprises of 4 software programs all which handle different aspects of SEO or website optimization.
  • SEM Rush - Important tool that helps in covering many aspects about search engine marketing.
  • Open Site Explorer - Mainly important for link analysis as well as competitive analysis.
  • - A site that provides tools that are important when covering different SEO contexts.
  • SEO Quake - This is the tool for you when you need to get on-the-fly SEO data.

You can also try asking about the tools that firm uses for link or competitive analysis and keyword research. For instance, a good question to ask your ecommerce SEO company would be - what types of platforms are used to market and publish content?

Does your ecommerce SEO company explore social media marketing as an option?

Social media has a big impact on keyword ranking and any good ecommerce SEO company should take advantage of social media marketing. There are a few companies out there which have survived without taking advantage of the social media traffic but they can only do this for so long. Google+ will definitely change how optimizers have been working.

Google is working hard to ensure that it offers more valuable content through their search engine. The top rated ecommerce SEO companies out there are the ones which are able to share exceptional and outstanding content from their clients.

A look at the videos or content posted on social media will give you an idea of how good a ecommerce SEO provider is. Are they able to manage blogs by making sure that the material published stays fresh?

Are there any ecommerce SEO case studies offered by your company?

Talk is cheap so one needs to back it up with some hard evidence. The company you settle on needs to have some proof out there showing how they have been able to improve the search presence of their clients. Have a look at their portfolio and you will get an idea of how good they actually are. Find out about the clients they have helped out there by looking at their websites.

In a case where the company may not have the case studies available on their website, you also have the option of asking them to show you the good work they are doing with their current clients. You can try and gauge how successful they are with their strategies by looking to see how it has worked for other clients like you. Such proof will definitely give you the confidence you need to invest in a particular SEO company.


How Google's Hummingbird Will Soon Resonate With Social Signals

Google HummingbirdThe look of search engine optimization, or SEO, started out being heavily dependent upon keywords and the research of the effectiveness of the keywords. However, the effectiveness of SEO is taking an industry and user-friendly turn for the better (for users, that is.)

The results on the query page for using search engines will now be impacted heavily by social signals. It is not often that technology and the users are completely on the same page; however, when it comes to the impact of the proper social signals on the results of search engine queries, the public will be thrilled with the technological advancements with the use of Google’s hummingbird algorithm.

Social Signals' impact on SEO

Hummingbird is a tool that is going to take social media signals and their positive impact on SEO to the next level. People will be able to benefit greatly from the convenience of more logical results, the better relevance of the items that are populated on the front page of the results from the SEO, and even the time saving effects of not having to sift through irrelevant results based on keyword stuffing.

If you are getting tired of irrelevant results due to keyword stuffing on articles, then you are going to love the way the future looks with the implementation of Google’s hummingbird and its optimization of SEO with social signals. The social signals that people give when sifting through results will help to add points to pages that are populated on the results page of a search engine inquiry.

Now users will be able to view a more logical presentation of results on the page that is populated from performing a search engine inquiry. This means that there will be a complete annihilation of the potential for users to sit and click on each and every link that is presented in an unsure attempt to hopefully find a solution for the inquiry.

Optimizing Search Quality and Searcher Efficiency

This can be an extremely difficult waste of time for people to have to suffer through. Furthermore, while this is an inconvenience for people who are searching on his or her own personal time, it is even more difficult for companies that utilize the search engine results as a part of operations.

Companies can end up wasting a significant amount of money on the time that is spent sifting through the results page of a search engine inquiry. With Google’s Hummingbird solution, the algorithm will help to stop companies and websites from providing poor information and results through the soul use of keyword stuffing, and start leveraging social media for SEO.

Now with Google’s Hummingbird solution, companies and individuals are going to be able to take advantage of the fact that there is convenience of more logical results, the better relevance of the items that are populated on the front page of the results from the SEO, and even the time saving effects of not having to sift through irrelevant results based on keyword stuffing.

The consideration of social signals will help to make the results on the search engine results more streamlined, effective, and efficient for companies and individuals alike.


Increase Your Google Rankings by Leveraging Social Media

Social MediaGoogle has recently made social media essential for businesses today. If you want to increase rankings, keeping up with changes in SEO will help you use social media to your business's benefit. Google's algorithm has placed more value on social signals and valuable content when determining a website's search rankings.

A social signal is any action that would indicate a user as engaged with your content (i.e. a Facebook "Like" or Google "+1"). In simple terms, social signals are actions like users tweeting your link on twitter or liking your website on your facebook profile. Real social signals are indicators that your content is worth consuming and a clear indicator that your target audience finds it relevant and valuable

Today search engines focus mostly on the value of content and reputation of the publisher when ranking websites.

Social media provides many opportunities to business owners, from attracting target customers, advertising products online, reaching new markets among others.

How to use social media to increase Google rankings

  • Keep up with recent trends - Google will rank your website based on the relevancy of your content. The more relevant and recent it is the better for your business. The market is constantly changing and keeping up with the pace will ensure your customers find you relevant.
  • Create valuable content - It's better to have fewer quality pages than many low quality pages. Ensure that your content answers your potential customer's questions and is relevant to your industry. Use the right keywords, proofread your content, and make it enticing to read. Also ensure the content is up-to-date to help you rank higher on Google
  • Website link building - The more popular your website is or the more links that link back to your site, the more likely you are to appear on Google search results. Google robots are more likely to find your site if there are many relevant links linking back to your site. A few ways you can increase your link popularity include article submission, forum or blog commenting, link exchange among others
  • Get active on social media - Use the various platforms including facebook, twitter and linkedin. Social media is a great way to advertise your brand to a larger audience, interact with potential customers, and attract potential customers.
  • Make content more social friendly and sharable - Users are more likely to share valuable content with their peers. Make your content sharable by adding attention grabbing images, using attractive titles, adding sharing buttons and providing quality content

Importance of social media when creating an SEO strategy

Below are some of the marketing benefits of using social media when creating your SEO strategy

  • Social media will help you get to a larger audience to market your brand
  • Helps you stay informed on current trends in the industry. It provides a platform for sharing and discussing various issues. You can keep up by following other market players
  • Helps empower and educate both your current and potential customers about your products. This makes sure your customers are more informed when buying your products
  • Feedback - Customers like airing their views about their experiences using certain products. This information can help a business know whether the products are satisfying target customers needs and what improvements can be done to meet this goal

    The benefits of creating valuable content and sharing it on social media

    • The more people that like and share your content, the more popular your website will become, this will not only help you rank higher in Google but will promote your brand
    • Reputation building - Posting valuable and relevant content will help your reputation online. Customers are more likely to trust in your products if they can trust in you and your reputation.
    • Good content is more likely to be shared on social platforms
    • Brand promotion using social media will help improve rankings on Google giving you a competitive edge

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