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Momentous Web Presence Optimization Tips for 2013

Web Presence OptimizationThere are various ways you can exploit your company's web presence optimization campaign. In addition to SEO and website optimization, social media marketing and blogging a huge tools to optimize your company's web presence.

Below are a number of powerful tips that you can easily utilize to enter 2013 with the right approach. These tips can significantly help you maximize your company's web presence in many different ways.

* Come up with blog content for your target visitors rather than for yourself. This is very common with startups. They often blog about entrepreneurship and that is awesome, especially if you are targeting entrepreneurs. It is suggested you blog about what your community is interested in.

* If you intend to use the social media for customer service, try to picture your working hours on Twitter in terms of the working hours you have for your own support team. The will help establish a credible web presence.

* Measure the return on investment (ROI) of social media by making an analysis of its performance in comparison to other established advertising methods or channels. You may make comparisons in terms of the traffic quality brought to your website rather than in terms of cost.

* You should blog frequently for web presence optimization. Businesses which blog everyday generate about five times more traffic compared to those who blog weekly.

* Hashtag-stuffing tweets may not work. Research by Argyle Social reveals that tweets having hashtags received 5 percent fewer click-throughs compared to those with no hashtags.

* Do not harm the SEO potential of your Twitter account by following more people than those following you. Search engines have a higher trust for those with a greater Twitter influence and when few people follow you than those you are following, you can easily miss this.

* If you are establishing an online community, let your power users know that you appreciate what they contribute. Some of the ways to do this is to offer them prices, ask them for feedback, and reply by thanking them for their mentions, interactions and great content. This is one of the greatest tips for web presence optimization.

* Take time to blog about the problems solved by your service or product rather than the product or service. People do not yet care about you. They still care about their own problems and want to know if your service or product will assist.

* Consider marketing as storytelling and picture your clients as the characters. Try to imagine what can motivate them and the patterns they portray. Let their wants, actions and needs drive your story.

* Vague tweets, depressing tweets and tweets related to your weight loss are messages you should keep to yourself. Although it is good to display a little personality, you should remain positive and professional. Of course, keep your web presence classy.

* Your social media strategy needs to answer a few easy questions: Who are my audience? What do they expect from me online? How is this strategy going to evolve? It is not about the tools and strategies or something perfect. It is about using these simple ideas to let social media meet your business needs.

* If you are publishing a blog post to your company blog, you should post a number of tweets for the same post and follow the success emanating from the different keywords and times. This is one of the most influential web presence optimization tips

* If you are looking for more tweets, stop talking about yourself. Latest research reveals that tweets that point to one-self often get fewer retweets compared to those with other relevant information. Therefore, stay relevant and share great information.

* The medium is not the main message. Therefore, keep in mind that Facebook, Twitter or the other platform you are utilizing is just the tool for delivering your message and not the strategy. This is key for optimizing your web presence.

* Use geo location that Twitter and Facebook search to help you connect with local prospects. Twitter has an advanced search that allows you to refine your search using the location and keyword.

* Use the data in social media to establish your main influencers, design your media plan and create your messaging. By paying attention to customer conversations, companies can gain a lot of web presence optimization momentum regarding their rivals and industries that will guide them into designing better marketing plans.

* Create a group on Facebook to keep in touch with people you met at past conferences. New groups have options that allow you to email good content, utilize collaborative docs like Google Docs and message all the group members at once.

To learn more tips and strategies for web presence optimization, visit the Web Presence Group for great insights.


What the Heck is Co-Occurrence, and How Will it Impact SEO?

I came across this enlightening video presented by Rand Fishkin of In his Whiteboard Friday segment, Rand makes a very pronounced prediction with respect to linking for SEO and establishing keyword relevancy. 

Rand predicts a steady decline of link anchor text as a means of determining a page’s keyword relevancy, and the increase of “co-occurrence” as a variable influencing keyword relevancy.

Simply put, co-occurrence is content association. That is, mentioning certain keywords and phrases in the content will make contextually relevant on those terms. As a result, any outbound links from that content will carry that keyword relevancy to the page being linked to, regardless of anchor text.

Google’s getting wiser and as a result, yielding better results for websites being mentioned along with keywords on other pages. These websites that are ranking higher in Rand’s video aren’t live-linked (holding keyword-specific anchor text) nor do they mention the keyword phrase in the page title or copy.

This means the classic SEO approaches we’ve come to know - live link association or anchor text - is becoming less of an influence. Co-occurrence is the new bread and butter in Rand’s thoughtful prediction.

Check out Rand’s video here.


This article was produced by blogger, SEO, and web marketer Kyle Blasco. You can connect with Kyle on Google+.


Review of the

The most effective practices of local search engine optimization (SEO) are drastically changing as we near closer to 2013. In a nutshell, local SEO is growing to become more like actual marketing.Traverse City SEO

In a great blog post by Tyler Tafelsky of Top of Mind, a local Traverse City SEO company, he underscores the evolving standards of local SEO, and how small to medium business (well, actually any business) can adjust it's 2013 SEO strategy accordingly.

About the "Local Traverse City SEO Guide for 2013"

The fact of matter is, the changes in the SEO ecosystem are making the practices of search engine optimization less of a technical mystery. In Tafelsky's blog post, he mentions SEO as marketing engagement project that can be done in-house with the proper knowledge, understanding, and direction.

In the "Local Traverse City SEO Guide for 2013," Tyler highlights five primary components that local businesses need to address for optimal results. These include:

1. On-Site Content - focus your copy more on your visitors and less on your SEO keyword targets
2. Content Marketing - producing and publishing compelling content will help build your company's online brand while helping to promote its SEO efforts
3. Content Diversification - to get a one-up on the SEO practices of 2013, start generating new forms of content like video, audio, and imagery
4. Google Plus - although a social network, Google Plus will directly impact the local SEO efforts for all types of companies
5. Establish Local Connection - reaching out to local organizations will open the doors for guest blogging and quality relationships beyond SEO

To engage in the complete article, check out the Local Traverse City SEO Guide to learn more. The potential to capitalize on local SEO, not only in Traverse City, but in all metropolitan areas are wide open. With changes taking place, the SEO playing field is being leveled, and more companies can take advantage of the local SEO benefits.

More About Top of Mind in Traverse City

Top of Mind is more than just a Traverse City SEO and search marketing company. Top of Mind also provides services and consulting for paid search advertising and social media engagement services. The company provides individually tailored solutions for all types of local business. Top of Mind also provide free SEO consultations for Traverse City companies.

Tyler is also the founder of which is now accepting new students for its Online Google Ads Training Online

. continue...

6 Ways Social Media Signals Influence SEO

Social media is an essential part of search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Consider the following six questions to better understand on social medial influences SEO:

What is your definition of social linking?

Social Media Influence Social media is one of the best channels through which you can get maximum traffic through links to your website. This is because there is a huge congregation of raw traffic as well as interested users that you can attract through links. Social linking refers to placing a link in a forum or piece posted in a social website such as Twitter or Facebook. Using social media as a location for placing links is not only a way of attracting a lot of traffic to your site but also a way of improving your search visibility on a focused content.

What are the key social link types that you have identified?

There are various characteristics that social links can have and they are identified depending on their target purpose. Links can be evaluated by how much they can be shared within the social site and whether they pass PageRank. Other links can be evaluated by how much SEO traffic or shares within a particular time especially if they are focused on creating awareness among users. Other links can be defined as temporary or permanent, social links or links within feeds among others. You should choose social links that directly appeal to your situation. For instance, if you use temporary links, it should be for a product or service that is temporarily on offer.

The No-follow attribute is a common feature in many social sites, are you getting any benefits of sharing your information on such sites?

No-follow attribute prevents users in some social media sites from directly accessing your landing pages through links. It is a measure that has been used for both securities as well as controlling the amount of links placed on such sites especially because social media is considered extremely fertile grounds for these. Although you can control SEO policies on no-follow by social media sites, you can invest in this area as the information you are sharing influences users to act on it and find their way to your website.

Are the aims of social linking in impacting on search engine algorithms for non-logged and non-personalized user effective with the links you have made?

There are so many social shares that these links receive for search engines to ignore. These links are for interested people to share with other people of interest. If the turnover rates for sharing these links is high, the search engines as well will be able note this. However it is important to remember that it's social media engagement that prompts people to get talking about your product.

Is there a difference between traditional links and social links?

Traditionally, social links were places on blogs and social media forums where bloggers would place the links within their posts. Interested individuals who read the posts follow this links to the landing page of your website. However the speed at which such traditional links spread through various user sharing on the Internet cannot to be compared to the rapid rate at which a Facebook status can be shared. This is because these links involve many more users and the sharing capabilities are much more flexible as compared to blogs.

Are your social links only used for achieving high Internet visibility as in link building or is there a return on investment (ROI)?

The only way to determine this is to review whether your social links are achieving the SEO goals that had been planned for. Social links should not only be limited to a means of achieving higher Internet visibility since there is a lot of underlying value to them. There are many things that social links can do other than creating high visibility including driving direct traffic and creating waves of awareness. There is so much that can be elicited for new content through social linking.

Learn more about the social media influence of SEO by visiting Click Centric SEO, a leading resource for search engine optimization and social media marketing.


Cracking the Code to Web Presence Optimization

Are you starting a business or have had a business but want to spread the word in an effective way? Your work doesn’t get cut out any finer than the ongoing task of getting social and optimizing your web presence.

 Web Presence OptimizationSince the start of this century, the Internet has positioned itself as the center of the modern world — your business belongs among this hub of instant data. Whether you operate a local business or something on a larger scale, effectively building and optimizing a web presence will only further the reach of your business.

What owner wouldn’t want that? With the merge of SEO and social media marketing, the opportunities in web presence optimization offer a lot of potential to market your business. In this article I’ll go over three action items which can change your business's marketing game.

Being Social is FREE

Traditionally, advertising and free rarely are used in the same sentence. But with the breakthrough of Facebook, followed by Twitter and Google Plus, there’s never been a more comprehensive way to reach a group of people. And the best part’s free!

Sure, options for premium service exist, but you don’t need that fancy stuff. Some solid web presence optimization practices will do just fine. So, if you haven’t done so already, create accounts on each of the major platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Google Plus is especially important to get involved with because of its direct impact on search engines. With features like personalized search results based on social media, Google Plus can be vital in getting your businesses’ name out into the vast arrays of the web.

Make sure to thoroughly complete each of your social media profiles so users can learn as much information about your operation as possible. Attention spans diminish with each over-stimulating minute on the web. So make sure each visitor can understand what you’re about easily—you’re businesses’ overall reach depends on it.

Earn Your Links, Don’t Build Them

In the old ways of SEO, marketers simply built links on a variety of web pages (a lot of them empty and worthless) to make their money sites rank higher. With the evolution of search engine algorithms, this is no longer as effective (nor ethical). In fact, your site or page may even be buried or receive the death penalty by Google if you attempt to build links from irrelevant sites (meaning you will never be found in search.)

The solution to this problem is simple in theory, a bit more challenging in practice. The most effective way to rank high in search nowadays is to post quality content on a regular basis. Posting content on your site with a focused target audience will undoubtedly build and expand your reach if done well enough. By staying active and interacting with your desired community or market, people will identify with your business more.

Always Add Some Flavor

If you can add some personality and voice to your content then you’ve just hit for the cycle in terms of branding your business. People will only take the time to read when the content sparks an area of intrigue. This could be witty insights, humorous multimedia, engaging stories, important issues, etc.; it doesn’t really matter what avenue you choose, just make sure to post things you think have a value to your community.

The likes, shares, and +1’s will eventually start pouring in and Google will recognize this when it comes to the ranking of your site in the search engines. Posting dry, uneventful, obvious content won’t win anyone’s loyalty when it comes to following your business. This is the evolution of SEO combined with social media, which is being coined web presence optimization.

These practices don’t cover everything a prospective web marketer needs to know, however they will surely get a successful campaign started. Whether you’re new to social media, the internet marketing scene, or someone who has tried and been unsuccessful time and again — these easy-to-follow methods will help get you results.

The biggest challenge will be to keep coming up with interesting content. Once you have an audience, you can’t leave them hanging and go MIA, you will have given up everything you worked to attain.

Kyle Blasco


This blog post was contributed by Internet marketing blogger, Kyle Blasco.


7 Mindful Tips for Optimizing a Mobile Website

Mobile websites are a great way to target a larger group of audiences through mobile phones. It is essential to have an accessible mobile website in addition to the regular web page. This ensures your availability to the users at all times as well as increasing your visibility throughout the Internet. When it comes to mobile websites, there are some factors that you should consider for maximum optimization:

1. Make the mobile website as simple as possible

You cannot fit all the content on your web page into a mobile site. Therefore, you need to simplify your content as much as possible to the key pieces of information that you expect your visitors to be interested in. The steps involved in entry-to-purchase should also be in the shortest and simplest manner. Using technology such as QR codes can help to direct the user to the purchase within the shortest time.

2. Have a good site lay out

In as much as you simplify the information on your mobile website, the site layout will determine how simply this information can be accessed. Another hindering factor is that mobile pages load slower than web pages especially if they have a very complex website design. Keeping in mind that users do not have the time to keep clicking on pages deeper into the website, ensure that your layout is streamlined as much as possible. For this reason, mobile website optimization is key to ensure pages render quickly.

3. Cohesion between the standard site and the mobile site

The same branding elements should be maintained between both sites. This is because the mobile website is one of the areas through which you promote your brand essence. It is also important to maintain a similar feel to your standard site for visitors who have visited your standard site before. This familiarity assures them that they are in the right place. Colour patterns and imagery should be consistent when doing any sort of website optimization for mobile sites.

4. Don't be afraid of white space

Do not try to fit too much information on your mobile website as earlier mentioned in form of simplicity. Allowing for white space in your lay out gives the user the opportunity to enjoy a well laid out mobile page as well as the ease to click on desired buttons. Accuracy in accessing the content one is aiming for is usually a problem in many of the crammed mobile WebPages.

5. Flash players and Java should be avoided on mobile pages

This is because there are some products that do not support Java. Most of such products make up a large percentage of the mobile market and installing Java or Flash players will rule out a large percentage of potential visitors to your site. These types of plug-ins may also cause the website to take longer to load, and make for a choppy, non SEO friendly web design.

6. Minimize text entry requirements

Texting on the phone is a drag for many people. Some people are also not able to comfortably use the keypads on most phones. Therefore, it is better to reduce text entries by introducing drop down menus or checklists. This is one way of tackling the challenges of typing on the phone while improving the conversion optimization of your site. Most webpage users will greatly appreciate this effort.

7. Mobile redirects

You should ensure that your website is able to detect when a user is on a mobile device. This helps in redirecting them faster to a mobile version of your web page. Any individual who enters your website on a mobile device will be directed to the mobile optimized page for your site. Most people will abandon the website if they have to use a standard view on mobile.

Mobile websites are a popular and easy to access option for many users. You may be surprised of how many users access your website through a mobile device. Therefore, creating an easy to use platform with great features will ensure that you maintain your mobile audience as well as webpage audiences who have gone mobile. Using the above tips to optimize your mobile webpage will be a great place to start off and will surely be an integral component to your 2013 SEO strategy.


Tips for Using Ad Extensions to Maximize Your Web Presence

Google AdwordsHave you ever noticed those PPC ads that really standout in the SERPs? You know, the ads that are taking up precious real estate with additional links or business contact information?

Those are known as Ad Extensions, and they are effective tools that you can leverage for your Google AdWords campaigns that allow paid search (PPC) advertisers to improve the overall appearance and click-through rates of their ads.

Ad Extensions are simple enhancements that can improve the overall appearance and click-through rates of their ads. In addition to promoting greater visibility of your PPC ads, certain Ad Extensions can aid your campaign's conversion funnels by steering users to more specific landing pages.

There are four main AdWords Ad Extensions that you can easily implement in your PPC campaigns. This include:

* Sitelinks Extensions

* Social Extensions

* Location Extensions

* Call Extensions

It's crucial to know before implementing Ad Extensions is that they influence an entire campaign, not just an ad group. This is very important to take into consideration, because campaigns often times have many unrelated ad groups, making the Ad Extension irrelevant to certain ads.

To start on activating Ad Extensions, open up the target campaign in the Google AdWords interface. Next, open the tab that says "Ad extensions." Under the "view" drop-down option, you can choose to activate any of the latter mentioned Ad Extensions.

Sitelinks Extensions

Sitelinks extensions provide a number of opportunities for web presence management and optimizing the PPC ad exposure in the search results. By using the Sitelinks extension, PPC advertising can add customized links to be included within the ad. This can not only take up more real estate in the SERPs, but sitelink ad extensions can direct users to a certain landing page.

Social Extensions

Social extensions are growing in importance and effectiveness, as they are tied to a brand's Google Plus page. An ad with social extensions activated will simply display how many individuals have "+1'd" their Google Plus page. Similar to the other types of AdWords ad extensions, social extensions will help make the ad stand-out in the SERPS while making the business or brand appear more trusted and credible from a user perspective.

Location Extensions

Location extensions work the best for locally-focused PPC campaigns. Location extensions will always include an address of the business being advertised directly below the ad's copy. If the advertiser bids high enough so that the ad appears in the top listings in the Google search results, the address information will be displayed in the form of a link in which users can click to expand the address information. This will display a detailed map of the business's location.

Call Extensions

For mobile-targeted paid search campaigns, call extensions are a great tool to facilitate easy points of contacts for immediate conversions. Call extensions will include a phone number in the form of the link, allowing Google users to directly place a call by clicking the link.

If you're doing any sort of PPC optimization for a client, one of the first things you should consider is implementing some solid Ad Extensions that relevant to the client and its target market. For any advertiser, these tools can be momentous is driving better click-through rates and more conversions (for no extra charge!)


5 Tips for Building Your 2013 Local SEO Strategy

2013 Local SEO StrategySEO is constantly evolving. One thing that's for sure is local SEO in 2013 is going to center on real marketing. That is, no longer will automated link building strategies or keyword optimized content win the game.

Instead, your 2013 local SEO strategy will need to focus on legitimate marketing principles of attracting a real audience and establishing real connections. In short, this will center on quality content and social media engagement.

With that said, below we share with you five tips for building your local SEO strategy for 2013.

1. Create and Verify Your Google+ Page

There's no doubt that local social media is going to have an immense impact on your 2013 local SEO strategy. One social networking platform that you must address is Google+. Google+ will (in fact already does) have a direct impact on the organic search results. For this reason, you'll want to create and verify you Google+ page as a start.

2. Get to Know Your True Local Market

Like we mentioned above, SEO is becoming more like traditional marketing in the sense that success will hinge on real relationships and interactions. The best insights you'll gain for your local SEO strategy will hinge on getting to know your true local market and what drives them to take action. What types of social media platforms are they using? What keywords are they searching? Ask yourself a lot of questions and do some market research to reveal everything you can.

3. Assess the Content of Your Website

The content of your website, spanning from the images to the copy, should be assessed when revising you local SEO strategy for 2013. Conjure up a strong sense of empathy and really get a solid idea of the perception and motives of your target market. Ask yourself: what style and tone of content is going to appeal to them the most? Additionally, you may also want to consider the design and layout of your site to ensure it's up-to-date and attractive.

4. Develop a Content Marketing Strategy

Your 2013 local SEO strategy must definitely incorporate content marketing. But what's more than just articles and blog posts for inbound market is rich media content like videos, slideshows, infographics, and podcasts. Get creative with content marketing, and develop a strategy that's best aligned with your target market, as well as your capabilities.

5. Establish Local Connections for Guest Blogging

Local relevancy plays a huge role in generating quality link popularity for local SEO. By establishing local connections for guest blogging, you can add links back to your website that will have incredible SEO value. Reach to local business websites that have blogs, even if their focus is slightly different. The idea is to get creative and find ways to make you content applicable.

You have plenty of time to start building you 2013 local SEO strategy, but it doesn't hurt to start brainstorming now. We hope these insights will give you solid direction to plan and execute a successful SEO campaign for you local business.


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